National Security My Arse

Who is Cloning My Computer

Under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) their are 5 types of surveillance the government, police and intelligence agencies can authorise to monitor someone.

  • Interception of Communications
  • Intrusive Surveillance
  • Directed Surveillance
  • Covert Human Intelligence Sources
  • Communications Data

For someone to be subjected to all 5 methods then they have been deemed a threat to national security. 

3 weeks ago I performed a speed check on my computer and noticed that the upload speed was only a fraction of what it should be at 1.0 Mb. It should have been over 6Mb for my area, and I only use an ethernet cable. ( No wireless for me). I phoned plusnet my broadband service provider who ran some checks and they detected dozens of faults. They scheduled a BT Open Reach engineer to visit my property the next day after 1pm.

The next morning at 9am the broadband upload speed was still really slow at 1.0Mb. An hour before the BT engineer arrived I ran another speed test and this time the speed had gone up close to what it should be at 5.8Mb. The engineer arrived, ran his checks, found no problems and left, mystified and confused. I ran another speed test an hour after he left and the upload speed had dropped from 5.8Mb to 1.0Mb, so the next day I phoned plusnet, they ran checks on the phone line and yet again found more faults, and another engineer was scheduled to visit my property.

I have long suspected that my computer was being monitored, its part and parcel of being a whistleblower in a society that is run by psychopaths and exposing the things that I do, I considered it normal, I just didn’t have the time to challenge the surveillance system in what would most likely turn out to be a lot of wasted time with no results. However, over the last few weeks I have been uploading videos and found that it was taking ages, and the snail pace upload was the problem, and I wanted the speed I was paying for, so I challenged plusnet to fix it, or refund me.

On the day the BT Open Reach dude was scheduled to visit my property for a second time, I ran the same checks; speed test first thing in the morning was slow, less than 1.0Mb, but an hour before he came round it went up to 5.7Mb. When he arrived he checked the phone line and the broadband connection with his special tools and again, there was no problems, he then leaves not before telling me unconvincingly that I shouldn’t phone plusnet again because they will keep telling you there are faults on the phone line, but they don’t know what there doing.  I understood what he said as ‘Your under surveillance mate, your broadband line is being monitored and cloned and I am trying to stop you phoning up and making more complaints. Deal with it, live with it, shut your mouth’.  So again, half an hour after the engineer leaves I run a speed check and low and behold, the upload speed has reduced to 1.0Mb.

plusnet engineer leaves

I phone the plusnet technical team and they note that each time the engineer leaves the upload speed drops. (Above email). The technical team suggest that it might be the router although doubtful, so they send me a new one. It arrives a few days later, I swap it over, leave it a few days for it adjust or whatever it had to do, and then ran the speed checks in what was now becoming a familiar routine. Low and bloody behold, the upload speed was yet again low at 1.0Mb, so I phone plusnet, again, and as it took half an hour to get through, my voice might have been slightly raised to the previous time I had called as the scouser on the other end of the phone tells me to ‘calm down, calm down’, to which my anger evaporated and I almost wet my pants. Again they run some checks, a fault is found and they schedule another engineer to come and visit the property. I suggest that maybe a BT engineer should move in with me for a few weeks until the problem is rectified. They pass on my suggestions to BT Open Reach. I make a recommendation for a brunette, blue eyes, athletic with a good sense of humour. The plusnet guy ignores me….

For the third time in 10 days, a BT engineer is scheduled to come round at 1pm. I run speed checks in the morning which are really slow at less than 0.8Mb. I do them again at 12 midday and surprise surprise, the upload speed is back to normal at 5.8Mb. I go outside and drop kick the old router out the backdoor which narrowly misses a guy walking his dog. I hide behind the shed until the engineer rings the door, he’s early. The engineer spends half an hour running checks and NO FAULTS are found yet again.

The BT engineer sends his report to plusnet (and BT Open Reach) and leaves in a rush, his wife is stuck in snow somewhere in Bangor. I email plusnet with my own speed test findings which corroborate the BT engineers speeds. I am now waiting for the speed to drop so I have to go through the whole process all over again.

I suspect what is happening is that when I detect very slow broadband upload speeds and I phone plusnet who carry out a line check and detect a fault, who then arrange for a engineer to come round the next day, whatever device(s) has been fitted to my broadband connection by whichever agency (police, Special Branch …..urrrrrr  KGB?) to clone it (and other possible electronic interference) the device(s) are removed before the engineer comes round to my property to locate the fault. I have found from doing my own checks (speed tests) that this is usually 1 hour before the BT Open Reach engineer arrives. When the BT engineer arrives and there is no fault, he updates plusnet and BT Open Reach via his equipment/mobile that he has left the property, which is the signal the surveillance operators (which must involve BT Open Reach) then use to re-attach the device(s) to my broadband connection which then reduces the speed down to 1.0Mb and enables my computer to be cloned etc.  I have found after the first two visits by BT Open Reach engineers that this is between half an hour and one hour after the engineer leaves my property.

I have had very slow internet speeds since I joined plusnet in November 2017 and the irony is that plusnet won’t refund me anything until the line is running smoothly without faults. I can leave plusnet before the contract expires in 12 months because they are not providing the speeds that were contracted when I joined. When I was with BT I had the same issues with slow upload speeds for 24 months as I knew I was being monitored but I just didn’t have the time or patience to open up another battlefront against this tyrannical psychotic surveillance system which is run by the inbred ruling class. No surprises there….

Another issue which has prompted me to make this challenge is that my emails in the last few weeks to Peter Prendergast, the Chairman of Denbighshire County Council and his emails to me have been intercepted by the agency who are monitoring/cloning my computer. (If you watched Hunted the TV Program on channel 4 they gloat about cloning peoples computers). I contacted Peter last month to arrange a meeting to discuss ironically, the other more intrusive surveillance and harassment issues I experience, but our emails it appears are being intercepted. This is not unusual for me as I have received dozens of invites to do radio interviews and even for mainstream TV but when I reply, I hear nothing back, so I am completely aware that my emails do get intercepted to stop me discussing the severity of the surveillance and harassment I have experienced for over 22 years.

pete prendergast 1

One of the issues I am keen to discuss with Peter Prendergast is why am I still being considered a threat to national security ( for exposing the use of experimental vaccines on British troops in the mid-1990’s) as I can prove that I am being subjected to all of the surveillance methods outlined in the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, which suggests I am a national security risk (as well as many others which are not listed, and as such are possibly illegal) which is a joke to everyone that knows me because I am not a threat to anyone or anything, only the psychopaths who run the police state.

I can prove that I am being subjected to the below surveillance and harassment methods and I wish to discuss these issues with Peter Prendergast, DCC chairman:

  • Interception of Communications
  • Intrusive Surveillance
  • Directed Surveillance
  • Covert Human Intelligence Sources
  • Communications Data

Whoever is monitoring/cloning my computer has the audacity to intercept the chairman of Denbighshire County Council’s emails in an attempt to prevent us from meeting. This is an obvious effort to bypass my fundamental human rights as well as the democratic process. Who has more power, a chairman of a county council who is an elected public servant, or an unelected police chief?


I have wrote this blog to mainly highlight to other targets of electronic surveillance who are also experiencing intrusive or even covert electronic surveillance, interception, and psychological manipulations via online communications that by monitoring the internet speed it should be possible to know whether their computer has been cloned which enables the agency doing the monitoring to have instant access to their computer and they can see everything that their doing, when their doing it as it affects the upload speed. (There are many ways in which electronic communications can be monitored such as malware although I believe this does not affect upload or download speeds).

I will continue checking my upload speeds and reporting if there is a drop in speed as this usually indicates ‘a fault on the line’ in the telecommunications lingo, although in the surveillance world, it means something entirely different.

I doubt I will get much success in exposing the surveillance and discovering who is involved in doing it as there are too many safeguards to protect these companies and agencies but it won’t stop me from trying. I can submit complaints to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal who will assess my complaints although they have been heavily criticised by organisations such as Privacy International and Liberty. If anyone has any advice or comments please leave one as this is a new battlefront for me and I am unaware of the methods in exposing this form of electronic surveillance, monitoring and harassment.

In the meantime, I have made up the spare room for the BT engineer as it looks like they will be spending a hell of a lot of time here…….Although I do hope its a she……..

Who is watching YOU!?

plusnet witness(Slight mistake by plusnet in the above email. I am a witness in the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing Operations 1968 – 2008 which is not controlled by the police as stated in the above email from plusnet).

ripa 1


RIPA Act 2000 –

Snoopers Charter –




The Curious Case of Anthony Forwood

Finally … It’s here at long last.

After what appears to be a considerable length of time (nearly 2 years) I actually have some space in my schedule to start this new blog on targeted individuals. I am also in a position of ever so slight empowerment as the persistent blackmail attempts over the last 12 months, an attempt at kidnapping, and the hundreds of incidents of psychological terrorism has reduced in intensity of late. The stars have aligned and synchronicity is flowing, so I have therefore begun this blog on this clear spring morning, before the cyclical spiral into psychological turmoil begins once again, due to the ever increasing attempts by a tyrannical police state begins in earnest, to inflict their kind of pathological terrorism, as I attempt to get the full truth of my situation into the public domain.


Alas, here I am…

I am not going to claim that anything I have to divulge on the subject of targeted individuals is going to assist anyone or be of any use, but I will give it my insightful best and hopefully I will be able to shine some light on the various different subject matters regarding the monitoring, surveillance, harassment and intimidation system from my 20+ years of being targeted.

I should clarify that I am not going to specifically write about surveillance programs or electronic harassment, or many of the other subjects in relation to targeted individuals as it’s been covered by so many other people, some of which contains elements of truth, and some of it exaggerated and disseminated by purposeful disinformation artists of which we should all be aware by now.

I hope to provide pointers to truths and understandings I have come to learn whilst on this peculiar path of enlightenment which has assisted in helping me to develop a comprehensive view of the ‘Global Stasi Surveillance and Targeting System’. The major theme of these programs I have found consists mainly of community based gang stalking and mind control programs which the infamous East German Secret Police the Stasi are infamously well known for.

I don’t claim to be an accomplished writer, I am just an average guy who got caught up in the net of the psychopath control grid. I hope to give it my best effort so please bear with me and excuse any mistakes and grammatical errors I will surely make as you trudge through my attempts to articulate the perspective I have reached. I have the direct experience of being systematically targeted day in day out for over 20 years by a tyrannical police force who have used well documented tactics which are best described from the Stasi terminology of Zersetzung:

The Stasi used Zersetzung essentially as a means of psychological oppression and persecution. Findings of operational psychology were formulated into method at the Stasi’s College of Law and applied to political opponents in an effort to undermine their self-confidence and self-esteem. Operations were designed to intimidate and destabilise them by subjecting them to repeated disappointment, and to socially alienate them by interfering with and disrupting their relationships with others as in social undermining. The aim was to induce personal crises in victims, leaving them too unnerved and psychologically distressed to have the time and energy for anti-government activism. The Stasi intentionally concealed their role as mastermind of the operations. Author Jürgen Fuchs was a victim of Zersetzung and wrote about his experience, describing the Stasi’s actions as “psychosocial crime”, and “an assault on the human soul”.


My general aim is to venture into the areas of the control system that haven’t been covered to my knowledge by other targeted individuals or writers. In my initial research on targeted individuals blogs I came across so many people who claim to be targets but appear to perpetuate mostly the same old misinformation. I have come across several blogs so far which appear to contain facts which in my view perpetuate misinformation which is fairly common as there are so many disinformation websites that targets seem to obtain their information from. However it is very early days with my research on TI bloggers. There are some legitimate, genuine and well educated targets out there who fully comprehend the subject matter which brings me to my first blog post.

The Curious Case of Anthony K Forwood

Most targeted individuals should have come across the body of work by Anthony Forwood and some may even have come across his book on Gang Stalking and Mind Control. I first came across Anthony in a facebook group for targeted individuals in 2012 when myself and some of my colleagues infiltrated all of the social media groups for targeted individuals in order to monitor if these groups had been infiltrated by intelligence agencies using fake profiles and if the FB groups were being operated by them. Our conclusion was that they had been substantially to the point that we estimated that 75% of profiles were fake and a majority of the groups were being run by intelligence agencies.

Anthony Forwood stood out to us because he was arguing in several of these social media groups with profiles which were obvious fakes and they were attempting to subvert his understanding on mind control technologies and to generally psychologically and emotionally disrupt him. ( From 2010-2012 myself and my colleagues had infiltrated Veterans groups on social media and we had become fairly competent at detecting fake profiles and the psychological methods and the tactics that they employed using similar software that the intellligence agencies used themselves). Anthony was getting heated in the exchanges with these fake profiles and it was amusing to watch but it was obvious to us all that Anthony was someone special, someone who really knew the subject matter and what he was discussing. From that day on, I started to exchange emails with Anthony and I really got to like him as a person, as a researcher and as an investigator. I came to consider him a trusted friend.

Anthony was very analytical which was in contrast to my own approach of understanding a subject matter but we got on really well because of the different ways we analysed the targeting subject. I would intuitively attempt to understand the subjects we discussed but Anthony was extremely meticulous in his research to the finest of details which used to annoy me quite a bit but I learnt so much from his method that I soon valued his input and knowledge immensely.

When my colleagues and I first read his articles back in 2012 his account only had a few hundred views for his articles. He had written what we considered to be the most informative articles we had come across on the subject of gang stalking and targeting and he had written a fantastic book which changed our entire understanding on the subject. We decided to include some of his articles in the targeted individuals website and we added a link to his account because they contained a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. As a result of adding Anthony’s articles to our websites his articles received a wide audience which is what he so rightly deserved.

In 2014 we had been observing for about a year that the hijacking of peoples accounts on facebook and hotmail/messenger had become much more prevalent with the live chat feature being intercepted in real time, private messages and even comments in threads could be hijacked also in real time and therefore be perceived differently by the people in those threads, messages and chats. I believe Edward Snowden has released some information with regards to this NSA/GCHQ methodology although what we experienced was far more intrusive than Snowden and others have divulged to date.

It was at this time that I started to lose contact with Anthony as he would not use skype as he didn’t want his face to appear on a camera and his voice to be recorded which was understandable and it was becoming increasing clear that the emails between us, messages, and comments in our private groups and forums were being MIMA (Man in the Middle Attacks – interception). We therefore could not trust what the other was writing to each other so we kind of lost touch with only infrequent email exchanges every so often. I did though keep up to date with the work he was engaged in, especially his investigation into FFCHS, as I had inadvertently guided him to look into them , in particular Renee Pitman who had written several books on targeted individuals which appear in our view to have been written by psychological warfare specialists at the CIA. Anthony’s investigations into FFCHS we believe were so thorough that he has been disappeared.

What appears suspicious is if one does an internet search for “Anthony Forwood” a Google Ad appears with the URL If you read the contents of the site it appears glaringly obvious that either FFCHS is behind the Google Ad and website or one or more of its members are as the contents of the website aim to portray Anthony Forwood as a government shill/agent. One only has to read Anthony’s articles to become aware that Anthony has a very detailed knowledge on the subject of targeting, the policies, the surveillance programs, mind control technologies and all other topics in relation to targeted individuals which would be threatening to organisations like the FBI and CIA.

So the question is, why have the FFCHS, a front organisation for one of the USA Intel Agencies, (probably the FBI) paid for a Google Ad and set up a website to promote disinformation about Anthony Forwood considering that he has been missing since July 2015??


Is this an attempt to cover their tracks?



anthony forwood33

It is also interesting to note that several Facebook fake profile alias’s have been set up in the last couple of years which FFCHS and other obvious FBI informants have attempted to portray as belonging to Anthony Forwood in a further attempt to discredit him before his disappearance. These fake profiles are currently being used to suggest to other targeted individuals that Anthony Forwood is in fact alive and using these fake profiles, when the evidence points to being the exact opposite.



Like most targets Anthony had been left isolated with members of his family being recruited to work against him as the police/intelligence agencies had portrayed him as being ‘under investigation’ which many targets will all be too familiar with. Anthony does not have many trusted friends if any at all due to a lack of trust he developed as a result of prolonged targeting. The majority of his friends and family had been recruited by the police which he has written about in previous blogs. It is therefore fairly easy for a targeted individual like Anthony Forwood to be ‘disappeared’ without too many people asking too many questions especially someone with such a comprehensive understanding of the subject and a keen investigator of ‘front organisations’ and an obvious threat to the FBI/CIA and other agencies. Anthony has also written some of the most detailed articles on the surveillance and targeting programs. Anthony also did not have too many social media friends due to the efforts of the intelligence agencies fake profiles (and alias’s purportedly set up by him) that were being used to slander him and drive him out of the social media groups because of his intellectual superiority on the subject and his masterful ability to educate other targeted individuals.

I hope Anthony Forwood is still alive and has just been lured into making a mistake and he has lashed out at a police informant or gang stalker, (typical gang stalking) tactics and he has committed a minor offence and is a prison somewhere where he cannot get to a computer terminal and leave a message on his social media account, inform contacts via email of his predicament and update his blogs and scribd account.

However, recent emails with his few trusted contacts have attested to the possibility that someone other than Anthony is using his email account as they have made basic errors when communicating simple facts that Anthony would know. Other targets that Anthony was in contact with prior to his disappearance and his investigation into Myron May and FFCHS have also raised their concerns. He also hasn’t written or published any other articles or blogs since his disappearance. His blog however has published chapters from one of his books which he stated before he disappeared that he would not provide them so they could be published for free in a website. So the question is who is operating his blog and email accounts???

The community of targeted individuals owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Anthony Forwood and the work he has published. I would advise that targets download all of his articles from his account and his blogs for your own pursuit of truth and make them available in which ever way you can.

If anyone has any information on Anthony Forwood’s whereabouts please leave a comment and I will not publish it.

This link below will take you to Anthony’s last confirmed blog post on the 22nd June 2015. In his May 2015 blog he made a reference to his blogs being monitored.


On the 25th May 2015 Anthony Forwood posted a blog, “Who’s Watching Me“.

anthony forwood who watching me


Co-Intelpro 101 Documentary on FBI Targeting from the 1960’s – To present.