“The object of terrorism is terrorism. The object of oppression is oppression. The object of torture is torture. The object of murder is murder. The object of power is power. Now do you begin to understand me?” ― George Orwell -1984

When it comes to the history of vaccination, most people are unaware of how far back in history this method of population control was being used by the Elites of the day which are the same bloodlines that also rule over us in the present. For example, it was recorded in medical history books in Wales (UK) that a Dr Wright referred to vaccines as being an ‘ancient practice’ and that people had contracted smallpox from vaccines:

from the

In Birmingham, England from 1871 to 1874 there were 7,706 cases of smallpox and out of these, 6,795 had been vaccinated against smallpox:

privy council

Beneath Paris there are 6-7 million skeletons and my objective is to provide a thesis in which I will attempt to convince the reader that the adult population of Paris was subject to a mass vaccination program in the 1800’s to inoculate them from smallpox, which kinda backfired for the population, but not for the Elites and their dark agendas who knew exactly what they were doing.

In Scotland last week the first care home to receive the CoVid-19 vaccine developed an outbreak of CoVid-19. Not a surprise to me and it is a fairly simple supposition to conceive that history is repeating itself as what is happening now with CoVid-19 also happened with smallpox and with other diseases in the 1700’s, the 1800’s and the 1900’s.




New Page by Henry Fitz-Simmons (Rtd): http://www.targeted-individuals.com/covid-19/4595107461


“Everybody cursed the Bolsheviks, but nobody was prepared to do anything about them.” ― Orlando Figes. ~ 

The Email to North Wales Police

On the 11th January 2019 in an email to Sgt Judith McCulloch of North Wales Police I warned her that a bio-terrorism incident would occur and it would become mandatory for police officers to be given vaccines, and they would eventually encounter the same side effects that Veterans from the first Iraq War experienced who were also given vaccines to protect them for biological warfare agents.


How Did I know?

How did I know that there would be a bio-terrorism incident 11 months before the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in China which then started to spread globally causing mass panic and hysteria.

The Night Terrors

How I came to be able to predict events months and years before they happened is a story that started in my early childhood years with startling spooky experiences during the dead of night that I would normally very rarely discuss.

From as far back as I can remember, from possibly 2 years old, I would have these dark entities come into my bedroom at night (and I’m not referring to Micheal Jackson here, although on most nights it was a bit of a Thriller:) which sometimes looked like the silhouette of a witch with a pointy hat and a cape, and at other times they would look like a person wearing a cloak or a man in a hat. They would appear in my room uninvited (obviously) on most nights and their presence would wake me up, which would then scare the living shite out of me, and this happened most nights until I was 15 years old.

shadow people

The Djinn

Parents throughout the world over the last few centuries have termed these incidents that their children experience as the ‘night terrors‘ and most parents tell their young children that it was only a dream, which is what my mum told me. However, I knew they were not dreams as I lay each night in my bed with a pillow over my head and fingers in my ears, just hoping to not hear, see or feel these night time invaders who would haunt me each and every night. Whenever I perceived their presence, it would send my heart racing as my adrenal glands would pump adrenaline into my young body, ready to fight or flight, and I would go into a state of hypervigilance and an extremely high level of fear. My entire childhood up until I was 15 was completely predominated by these encounters. (I also think what made it worse was that I never discussed these encounters with anyone because my mum told me that they were dreams, and for quite a while I thought everybody had them).

Shadow People Hatman Documentary – Supernatural Assault Official Trailer (Documentary Trailer).

I really don’t know how I got through the days at school as I would be so tired and I would still be primed with all the adrenaline from the previous nights ‘Thriller episode of the Dark Forces‘, which is probably why my school reports state that I was bit of a day dreamer, always staring out of the window. The reality though was that I was just completely knackered from being buggered every night by the bogeyman (not literally).

I learned many decades later that these entities had been described centuries ago in the Muslin bible, the Koran and they had been termed as the Djinn, and I was not the only person who had these experiences. ( In 2012 I discussed my experiences with Rosemary Ellen Guiley who was considered a leading expert on the djinn for one of her books).

andy-aged-9Me aged 9 with bags under my eyes from lack of sleep after being systematically targeted by the Djinn entities every night. ( I am also very surprised that I still have all my hair with that high hairline…….)

It Was A Normal Childhood, Just Like Most Others….

My childhood was quite normal apart from the night time invaders. I had an imaginary friend, and like most young children, I was able to see dead relatives who would come and talk to me and I would tell my parents that I had been talking to so and so, and my parents would go all white and look slightly startled and say ” Uhhh, don’t be silly, your grandad died years ago.” A typically normal childhood…..

What’s this got to do with Covid-19 you may ask, but bear with me, I will explain….

The slight difference for me was that around 4-5 years old whilst many children start to disengage with the world of spirit when they start in the education system, I continued to be able to talk to spirits, especially my dad who had died from exposure to toxic chemicals whilst working as a chemical processor in Courtaulds when I was only 3 years old.

I can never remember who my imaginary friend was, but I have vivid memories of a white ball of light that would appear and I would communicate with this in many multi-sensory ways. There were also times when this ball of light would appear in my room and I would be sucked into it and I would end up somewhere else, what people may refer to as being similar to out-of-body experience, astral travel or even an astral sight experience. On one of those occasions when I was 6 years old, the experience was so unusual it remained ingrained in my memory for decades after.

The Two Towers

I remember sitting in my room playing with toys and the ball of light appears and it starts to project a scene, like a movie, and in this movie there are 2 tall skyscrapers. I then hear a loud noise and I see an aeroplane flying and then crash into one of the skyscrapers. It was like I was watching a movie, but I was also in the movie in a 3D or even 4D kinda way, or even a hologram, I not 100% certain. The scene then changes to a hospital where there are 3 men in suits standing around a bed where a very old man is lying down and he has been bandaged all over, just like a mummified body apart from the eyes and mouth, and they are telling him to call it off, to stop it, which they keep repeating.

The scene then changes back to the skyscraper and another aeroplane crashes into the other skyscraper, and after some length of time, the scene again switches back to the hospital. One of the three men than asks the Mummy dude to call it off, to which the Mummy says, ” I cant, it’s all being done by remote control”. The scene switches back and the skyscrapers start falling down on top of all the firemen that were standing around the base of the building. I seen all this in 1978 in what I later thought was some kind of movie, and you will be aware that I am referring to the 9/11 attacks on 11th September 2001.


Throughout my childhood this scenario/movie of what I had seen plagued me in a way because it was so ingrained in my memory, that I think it must have created a kind of minor trauma which enabled me to remember it. For years after I kept asking my mum, ‘what was that film that we watched where the planes crashed into the skyscrapers and they fell down‘. I kept asking this up until I was around 16 years old, and for some reason, I had mixed up the ball of light and the projected scene I viewed and I confused myself as I thought I had seen it as a movie on TV.  I couldn’t also approach my mum with the strange experiences I was having with the night time invaders who frightened the living crap out of me, as when I screamed my arse off during the night ” MUM…… MUM……… MUM……….. THERE HERE AGAIN” she would come rushing in and tell me that I was having a bad dream. (Years later she also admitted that she had seen one of them, but she did not have a clue what they were as they frightened the Be-Jesus out of her).

I also couldn’t tell my mum things that I experienced such as when my aunties and uncles who would come and say goodbye to me after they died, which was usually before my mum had found out, so I couldn’t approach my mum and say I seen this ball of light and it showed me this scene of planes crashing into skyscrapers, as I also didn’t really know what I had experienced. I had therefore changed the ball of light showing me a movie in which I appeared to be in it, to telling my mum that it was a movie I thought I had seen on TV, so my mum would not discount my experience and tell me it was a dream and that it did not happen. On this went for many years…….

It All Came True…..

I assume you would then understand my surprise and shock when some 23 years later, when I was 29 years old, I had gone into work at the local Job Centre and a guy comes in for a interview and tells me have you heard ‘ two planes have crashed into 2 skyscrapers in New York’.

The memory that I had since I was 6 years old all came rushing back, I felt terribly ill very quickly, so I left my desk and went straight home to watch it unfold on TV. The entire 9/11 scenario unfolded in a very similar way that I had seen it 23 years previously, (apart from that CNN did not show any footage of the mummified dude in the hospital).  I was in complete shock. I didn’t know what to do, I had no-one I could explain this to, not even my dad was around for a chat, so I went to Flanagan’s Gym as I usually did after tea everyday. When I got there, I went into the gym and the news was on the TV by the counter so I went over and stood there, and the gym manager Tony asked me what I thought had happened. My immediate reply was ” they (the USA) have done it to themselves, and they did it by remote control….the planes were remote control“. I said this purely because that is what I had seen when I was 6 years old, and this is what was ingrained in my memory. I was spouting a conspiracy theory hours after the 9/11 event purely based on my memory.

There have been many theories since 9/11, but one of the main theories is that the passenger jets anti-hijack remote control systems were hacked and they were remotely flown into the buildings.

After the 9/11 attacks, the one thing that I came to realise was that I had become more clairvoyant (clear seeing) and it appeared the attacks had triggered something inside of me, and I then became able to predict where and when terrorist attacks were going to happen which became quite an interesting, but also at times a harrowing and surreal experience. I then went on to predict all of the major terrorist attacks, and in my own understanding, these attacks were not being carried out by goat herders wearing turbans plotting to overthrow America from caves in Afghanistan.

With the passage of time after 9/11 it started to appear to me that if you had extra-sensory abilities, speaking the truth could get you locked up which has gone on to be a frustrating and irritating side effect for having a conscience in the pursuit of knowledge and truth, and living in a society that is controlled by very dark forces… 

MI5 imprison psychic during World War 2 then harass her to death. (Helen Duncan The Blitz Witch Documentary presented by Tony Robinson)
North Wales Police spent over 17 years conspiring (unlawfully) to have me evaluated and detained under the Mental Health Act from 2001 – 2018. (See previous blog – Conspiracy of Silence…)

Psychic Training Group in 1998

In October 1997, almost 4 years before the events of 9/11 I went to my very first spiritualist church in Rhyl which was so much of a mesmerising experience, I started to go along and train in the private groups. I then spent the next few years training with some exceptional psychic mediums and clairvoyants as I had also been told that I could become a good psychic medium and healer.

Since I was a wee boy, I had been able to see, feel and hear the dark bedroom invaders, but when training in these groups I was able to connect to the forces of light more and more and I found the sessions to be literally, ‘out of this world’. It became apparent to me that we can quite easily learn simple techniques to increase our perception, and if one chooses to, we could even learn to talk to people that had died, as well as other beings in different dimensions, and learning many other interesting tricks. My personal preference were the beings of light, rather than the ugly motherfucker demon type entities that had plagued my entire childhood, the same entities that many elite secret societies favour who they worship to the hilt as Gods. ( I shit you not).

For the for first few years I found the training to be very perceptually expansive but I also discovered that when doing readings in ‘training’ I could predict things that happened in the future quite well. Many people may think being clairvoyant is a good ability to have, and it is, but you also cannot choose what you see in the future, because the future is as it is, and it is good and bad, it’s just a question of how you process what you see. But on the other hand, as I later went on to experience years later, if you have bad people running the country, then everything you perceive ahead of time, such as a terrorist attack being carried out by the CIA, then it can be difficult to process in a positive frame of mind.  It is for reasons such as these that I have viewed my own use of clairvoyance as a curse, rather than a gift, especially as for the life of me, I cannot predict the damm lotto numbers so I can go and live in a country that is run by sane people.

I have had only several extremely strong imprinted clairvoyant experiences (premonitions) in my life, and I have come to believe in the old ways of Native American Indians who believed that each person would receive in ceremony a grand vision from the Great Spirit, and this vision would become the purpose for their life, which they would then work towards. As I explained, as a wee boy, I had an experience with a ball of light that showed me planes flying into towers and this impacted my life greatly. The other imprints I experienced also guided me towards my path. After 9/11 occurred, this event became the switch that enabled me to predict when and where terrorist attacks and negative events towards humanity would take place, and its something I have been trying to ‘turn off’ ever since.

I think it is quite clear from what I have described that I am on a path which is very similar to so many millions of people all across the world who at this time of human evolution, we are all on the path of exposing the darkness that has been controlling our societal infrastructure and humanity itself for a very long time, and we each have our own particular path to traverse that has been revealed to us, however uncomfortable or difficult it may be, we are destined to pursue this path, and however much we try,  there is no escaping it, as we cannot morally tolerate the evil that governs us.

The All Seeing Eye

The one thing I have known for certain since I was very young was that there were dark forces that could venture into this world, that also had a negative influence over humanity, but I also knew that there were forces of light, and it appeared that I was connected to the light, but the dark forces have had an eye on me for a very long time.

The Eye of Sauron, Lord of the Ringslord-of-the-rings-mordor-mount-doom-eye-of-sauron-wallpaper-preview

January 2019 – My Email to Sgt Judith McCulloch

So last year, I was experiencing a lot of police harassment and it was being orchestrated from the darkened corridors of power at Gestapo HQ and the psychopathic forces that are entrenched within the police surveillance state, and state intelligence agencies who have a long history with the occult dark forces and secret societies, and the front line police officers were the henchmen carrying out the orders of the Evil Doers at the top of the pyramid.

In my email to Sgt Judith McCulloch I explained that I had been experiencing long term harassment by North Wales Police as I had been a whistleblower and a Iraq War Veterans campaigner. I suggested that it wasn’t individual police officers that had been continually making mistakes by submitting falsified reports since 2008 in which North Wales Police then used in attempts to have me detained, but it was an organisational approach towards me as a whistleblower and an activist. I also mentioned that I had been involved with campaigning for ‘experimental vaccines for bio-warfare‘ that had been used secretly on tens of thousands of soldiers.


As a note, I then added that if their was a bio-terrorism attack, which there will be, it will be mandatory that police officers be vaccinated against such biological warfare virus’s and police officers would encounter the same medical ailments that Gulf War Veterans experienced, (and due to the harassment) I would have difficultly assisting police officers if ever they experienced a similar scenario.

I included this paragraph in the email in an attempt to explain that the police have been involved in a long term harassment campaign against me, but police officers would become casualties if ever a bio-terrorism incident occurred as it would become mandatory for them to have vaccines as they are front line emergency services. As I am one of only a small number of people in the country who has experience on taking the government to task on such issues as a former leading campaigner, it was therefore nonsensical to harass someone the police rank and file may need if ever this type of situation arose. I also knew that a bio-terrorism incident was going to happen…..

The Rush For A Coronavirus Vaccine (Experimental)

Good luck to every police officer, and other front line emergency workers who are forced to have these new untested and therefore, experimental vaccines.( Usual suspects)

Complaints Against North Wales Police

On 19th December 2019 the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) upheld 8 of my complaints against North Wales Police ( I already had several upheld) and the IOPC ordered an investigation into why so many police officers submitted false reports from 2008 – 2018 in which the police attempted to have me evaluated and sectioned under the Mental Health Act, even sending a team of police officers and a psychiatrist to my home in July 2018 based on more than half a dozen falsified reports.


For this IOPC investigation I submitted a 15,000 word report and 35 documents on the 10th February 2020, twice, to Neil McAdam the NWP investigator dealing with the investigation, just to make sure he received it. As I had not received an acknowledgement from the investigator, I requested that the NWP Complaints Department look into whether they received it, as the same investigator LOST a serious complaint I had submitted on 3rd April 2018 against numerous police officers, and then a day later my car was vandalised several times and a brick came through my living room window. My complaint was eventually found 7 weeks later. (See previous blog – Conspiracy of Silence).

You can see in this snippet from my ‘Sent Folder’ that I sent 2 emails to Neil McAdam the NWP Complaints investigator on the 10th February 2020.

ferris 77

On the 19th February 2020 Neil McAdam the NWP investigator emailed me stating that he had not received the emails I sent to him on the 10th February, which he clearly had.


It appears that this is a clear and obvious case of being caught with their pants down lying through their teeth, and this is the Police Complaints Department. I am currently having many difficulties submitting the evidence as the investigator keeps claiming that they cannot open the documents I have sent for the investigation when the admin teams have stated that they can. Clearly, delaying tactics………Is someone hoping I could be dragged off to a quarantine centre with COVID-19 in the next few weeks.

Note: I have not had flu since 1989, not had a cold for over 10 years or anything virus related and I have seen not a doctor for over 4 years. I have a resting heart rate of 44, which for my age is exceptional (I am 48). The only medical condition that I have is that I was born with 5 testicles, and due to having to live my life under repressive conditions living like a Buddhist Monk, I have to tuck my balls into my sock when I get up every morning to prevent carpet burns:)


Capt Eric H May – Founder Of Ghost Troop

In 2010 after the outbreak of the swine flu epidemic Eric got in touch with me (I had known Eric since 2007) and he explained that he had been monitoring government exercises that were being conducted by the USA government to test their preparedness and response to biological attacks and outbreaks of epidemics and pandemics. If you have never heard of Capt Eric May, he was the former Special Forces Officer who was very critical of the CIA over the 9/11 attacks and as the legend goes, he was the guy who prevented a US Government Agency from carrying out a nuclear attack on Texas City in 2006. His organisation Ghost Troop consisted of various ex-military and intelligence personnel whose aim was to monitor government exercises, as in many cases these exercises had gone live such as 9/11. The 7/7 attacks in London were another example, allegedly.

Simulation Exercises

This is an email reply (below) that I received from Capt Eric May in May 2011 after I had requested that he cover a Deep State plot I informed him of to assassinate President Obama for CNBC as an independent journalist. (Capt May).


Capt Eric May explained to me that it appeared that the swine flu pandemic in 2009 had been a co-ordinated exercise between various pharmaceutical organisations, the WHO and the CDC as well as our OUR governments to test the response of an outbreak of the flu in order to brainwash the populace into having a flu vaccine that contained pathogens that would slowly kill off those that had it. Fortunately, the vast majority of the population seen the scam and nobody believed it. ( Hoax ). (The swine flu hoax of 1976).

The concerns that Eric raised were that he thought that the New World Order would run another multi-faceted exercise (like 9/11) to usher in a far more totalitarian police state using a biological weapons attack. After 9/11 our governments implemented draconian surveillance legislation and Eric believed the governments would go “all Bolshevik” and then round up all the activists and dissidents under the guise that they had been infected with a biological agent as well as reducing the overall population. They would then secure them in concentration camps. It sounded interesting, but extremely far fetched, but when I done some research on the swine flu from 2009 it did seem plausible. I wondered though, how easy would it be to brainwash an entire country, or even, an entire planet for the New World Order to get away with such a deception.

Capt Eric May was assassinated in 2014.

It is very easy to induce humiliation in somebody if you can force them to say something that they know is not true. If you want to induce shame into a community, you make everyone in the community say something that everybody in that community knows is not true, and yet they all act if it is true. Humiliation is the end result, submission is the goal” ~ Richard Grannon

This link above keeps disappearing so here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6wx50ZK3jk&t=33s

Communist Propaganda And 1984

(Disinformation Warfare and the $1.4 TRILLION Budget)

I keep An Eye on the WHO

So from 2011 I began to keep an eye on the World Health Organisations (WHO) reports into pandemic preparedness exercises which they co-ordinated with various governments and agencies. ( The Level 4 Bio-Warfare facility in China is a designated WHO research lab). ( The USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the big pharma industry have had their hand in many of the outbreaks of what appear to be weaponized viruses).

One of my facebook cover photo’s from 27th November 2015; a Prophetic Warning of Things to Come?


Another facebook cover photo I posted in July 2016 showing the map from the film 12 Monkeys (1995) which details the locations of the spread of the virus.


In the summer of 2018 I came into possession of one such document from the WHO in which it outlined an ‘simulation exercise’ which involved a leak of a virus from a top security facility in Asia which would then spread and become a pandemic. I sensed then and there that this was an exercise that could then GO LIVE as it had all the hallmarks.

I Prophetically Warn North Wales Police Of Bio-Terrorism Incident To Come

This is why I then warned North Wales Police that there was going to be a bio-terrorism incident in my email dated 19th January 2019 and that the police should not have any vaccines to protect them from bio-warfare agents, as from my experience and knowledge of bio-warfare vaccines, this would be bad for their health.

In 2010, Bill Ryan Spoke To A Whistleblower Who Attended a Meeting In London With Leading Secret Society Members

In 2010 Bill Ryan published a video with Chinese subtitles for people living in China as a warning for them which stated that he had spoken to a whistleblower who told him that “China would catch a cold” which would infect Chinese/Asian people, and spread globally.

(Full Video here) (Back Up)

The Exercise Drill – Wuhan China 18th September 2019

On the 18th September 2019 the Chinese Government ran an exercise at Wuhan airport for airport customs which simulated a response for a coronavirus strain. Out of all the pathogens that could have been used for an exercise drill such as ebola or smallpox, the Chinese authorities selected coronavirus.

Actual photo from the Chinese governments exercise drill at Wuhan airport 18th September 2019

wuhan drill

Translated Chinese document of the actual exercise: (Here)

This customs exercise at Wuhan airport was held 30 days before the Wuhan Military Games that was being held on the 18th October 2019 which was the same day as Event 201 was being held in New York, which was a ‘simulation exercise’ which included various different agencies to test their preparedness and response to effectively deal with a coronavirus pandemic. 

Shortly before the Wuhan incident and people started to drop like flies from 1st December 2019 there were draconian new laws passed in China which decreed that anyone could be jailed for 15 years for spreading rumours in relation to any government narrative of any type of incident, and the death sentence for purposely spreading  disinformation regarding such a disease that was about to inflict the Chinese nation.


The John Hopkins Centre for Health Security is the organisation that was co-ordinating Event 201, a high level pandemic exercise just 6 weeks before the first cases of coronavirus appeared in Wuhan, China.

The John Hopkins Centre has several BSL-3 Facilities ( bio-safety level) which are used to isolate dangerous biological agents in an enclosed laboratory facility and they admit they do dual use. Dual use means, they first develop the offensive biological warfare agent and then they develop the supposed vaccine. Johns Hopkins University is the biggest recipient of research grants from federal agencies, including the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation and Department of Defense. It has also received millions of dollars in research grants from the Gates Foundation. In 2016, Johns Hopkins spent more than $2 billion on research projects, leading all U.S. universities in research spending for the 38th year in a row.

This is a video I published on Youtube on the day the first person reported having coronavirus on 1st December 2019 (reported weeks later) which is a video on government anti-terror drills that went LIVE ( Video here).

Wuhan, China – 1st December 2019

On 1st December 2019, the Chinese Communist Party started a compulsory vaccine program and the region where it was first rolled out was in Hubei province which has a population of 58 million. The virus appears to have then started in the city of Wuhan (which is in Hubei province)  which has a population of 11 million and then spread nationwide. (Video).(Website). ( 1918 flu pandemic that killed over 50 million caused by vaccines).

china vaccine

Was the virus injected into the population via the compulsory vaccine program?

The First Case of COVID-19

What is the date and location that we currently know of when a person became infected with coronavirus in China. It was Wuhan on the 1st December 2019.

coronvirus 1

(Whistleblower Video)


Is it a co-incidence that on the day that the new compulsory mass vaccination program started on 1st December 2019 is the same day that the first case of coronavirus was detected?

Below video keeps getting deleted so here is the link for the full show – https://www.facebook.com/HighWireTalk/videos/191752715426796
Sulphur Dioxide levels above Wuhan –  Video

Scientists Warn About Coronavirus Vaccines

In the above video Del Bigtree outlines the Chinese mandatory vaccination program and how scientists warned that inoculating the populace with coronavirus vaccines would lead to illness and possible deaths from such vaccines.

I think that you would agree that one of the main points Del Bigtree raises is that once the populace has been inoculated with a coronavirus vaccine, if they then came into contact with coronavirus, ( possibly released from a Bio-Weapons Laboratory in Wuhan or another location ) the body would become hypersensitive to the virus and this would make them far more sick than they would of been.

Therefore the questions are:

1). What vaccines were given to the Chinese people and did they have a coronavirus vaccine?

2). Was a virus released in Wuhan where a level 4 Bio-Weapons Laboratory is? ( One of only 2 in all of China).

Various Scientists Discover a HIV Mutation In The Coronavirus With 4 Proteins That Were Altered to Infect Chinese People ONLY

coronavirus 2

Controlling The Narrative

Above Video disappeared off internet completely

Chinese Military Report

On the 26th January the Chinese military published a report on the coronavirus strain (later removed) which stated that the virus had been deliberately modified to effect ethnic chinese people only, and the Chinese military have stated that they were ‘attacked’, or was this part of the exercise that went live similar to Event 201?


Was A Modified Bio-Weapon Released in Wuhan With 4 HIV Inserts To Reduce The Population (China is Overcrowded Theory)

From the outset there has been speculation and rumours that the coronavirus was a bio-weapon virus that was accidentally or deliberately released from the level 4 bio-weapons facility in Wuhan, or from other means. However, as has been acknowledged that the Chinese government introduced mass vaccinations on the Chinese populace, and the first case of coronvirus was around the same day it appears to point directly at the vaccines. However, Indian scientists discovered that the virus had 4 HIV inserts which modified the virus to specifically target ‘ethnic chinese people and asians‘ but this paper was removed quite quickly. If this is true, this potentially paints a very dark picture indeed.

The 58 million populace of Wuhan and Hubei province were vaccinated from the 1st December 2019. Were they all then exposed to a modified coronavirus, or just a few million. 

(Wuhan was also saturated with 5G Technology – (Video)

 Dr Francis Boyle – Bio-Weapons Whistleblower
(Evidence starting to emerge that the coronavirus originated in the USA)

Dr Boyle Keeps Quiet About USA Scientists With Diplomatic Cover Transporting Weapons Grade Bio-Warfare Agents To The Pentagon’s 25 Bio Warfare Laboratories

Dr Francis Boyle has stated in all of his interviews over the last month that the coronavirus was leaked from a level 4 Bio-Weapons facility in Wuhan. However he makes no mention of the work of investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva who exposed the Pentagons Bio-Warfare program in 2018 which has 25 Bio-Weapons Facilities, some of which are close to the Chinese border. No mention has also been made to this recent article which has excellent credibility.

dodFor the article by Dilyana Gaytandzhieva. (See (here).

Dr Francis Boyle also does not mention that USA scientists are using diplomatic cover to transport pathogens around the world for the Pentagons CLASSIFED Bio-Warfare Program.( See Here). Dr Boyle is insisting that the coronavirus was leaked from a Wuhan lab and it was engineered with 4 HIV inserts making it much more lethal than a normal coronavirus. However, the facts appear to show that the coronavirus was engineered to TARGET ethnic Chinese/Asians, which Dr Boyle has not discussed in any of his interviews which is creating a bit of panic. He also does not mention any other probable causes of the virus such as the mandatory Chinese vaccine program or a possible coronavirus vaccine that was given to the Chinese.

If researchers wish to follow the path of any potential spread of the virus or any “mutation(s)”, they may want to start looking at the ‘USA diplomatic plane fleet’, just as researchers were able to track the CIA global cocaine trade by acquiring the routes of CIA rendition planes, and then setting up a website database. ( In Lies We Trust).

Video 4:54 – Here

The Gulf War 1991

I also have experience of the dissemination of bio-warfare agents. During the first Iraq War in 1991, over a million of UK and USA troops were inoculated with various vaccines, some of them to protect against bio-warfare agents (which fortunately for me, I didn’t have any of the known toxic ones).

Incredulously, MoD bio-warfare teams were seen releasing ‘aerosol biological agents‘ upwind from where troops were located which would then flow downwind and infect the troops to test the efficacy of the vaccines. As a national committee member of an Iraq Veterans organisation I actually took statements from soldiers who were involved in this program (infecting the troops) and also soldiers who witnessed this happening and those that were affected which I used towards a High Court legal challenge against the MoD. ( It is estimated that several hundred thousand soldiers later developed various auto-immune related illness with up to 100,000 deaths, mostly Americans).

World War  1 Soldiers Vaccinated with up to 16 vaccines which started the Spanish flu that killed over 50 Million.

Kim Iverson ( 13th March 2020)

Quote by Kim:

For the few of you who say I shouldn’t cover this or “peddle conspiracy theories” let me ask you this, do you think I should censor what three nation’s leaders are claiming? Do you feel it’s better to ignore these leaders and not report what they are saying? I don’t agree with that. If three nations are making a claim, it’s unwise to ignore it and brush it off. Just because you don’t agree with the theory doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be heard. I’m firmly against censorship and expect my audience to be open minded enough to hear someone out no matter how crazy the theory may sound”.

Past Scientific Research Into a Coronavirus Vaccine

It was also known from scientific research in 2006 that a coronavirus vaccine would make people more susceptible to the virus. If the populace were then intentionally exposed to a genetically modified version of the coronavirus with HIV inserts which made it more contagious and deadly, which then specifically targeted the genetic make-up of Chinese/Asian people after the vaccine program, then the results could be what we are seeing in Wuhan, Hubei province and possibly other parts of China, in particular with tens of thousands, and possibly hundreds of thousands of deaths (via the alternative media) and why the main stream media along with the WHO and the CDC are glossing over it.

China is also in complete lock down, with over 700 million people still being forced to stay indoors, or, have they realised that they were under attack by their own government and they are choosing to stay indoors to stay alive, or is there another reason? Whatever the case, very little information is coming out of China with a total population of 1.4 billion. ( A good example of a Totalitarian Police State in lock down).

However, there is still not one mention of the Chinese compulsory vaccine program in the mainstream media. 

One thing is certain, this was not a common cold that mutated from animals.

Wuhan Quarantine

In the 1990’s I spent a week in quarantine where I was given a room to myself where I had to stay put and I was not allowed contact with anyone else. I didn’t have a TV or radio, any magazines or anything and the only reason I had not escaped was because I was in a wheelchair with a severely broken leg. The question therefore is why have the Chinese government been quarantining people in beds right next to each other which would spread contamination.


I am personally in touch with people on the ground in Wuhan and other parts of China and there are lots of reports of disease and death. These residents however are heard shouting ‘fake’ at the government. What this means is not yet fully known. (Video).

This is the opposite of how you are supposed to quarantine people. Quarantine = Isolation. Does this then suggest that the Chinese government had created different categories of quarantine stations and the above station were for people effected by vaccines, which therefore could lend credence to the theory that the compulsory vaccine contained the pathogens that started the disease.

However there have been people being locked up in secure isolation units with many people being forcibly dragged out of their homes into these facilities. China has been carrying out this sort of practice against outspoken journalists and activists for decades which has got far worse in the last 5 years. Were the Chinese Communists using the coronavirus as a cover to lock up and kill activists?

wuhan 1

China’s Economic Meltdown From COVID-19

The coronavirus has had a devastating effect on the Chinese economy, and in particular the Chinese people, (as opposed to the Chinese government) as the Chinese economy consists of 85% of small businesses which employ 80% of China’s population, with most of them expected to run out of cash within three months, and a third expect the cash to be all gone within a month.

china 4

The economic virus has not even started yet, and it appears it is going to effect billions of people. No doubt, the big winners will again be the globalist banksters and corporate fat cats who will swallow up a vast percentage of the small businesses that start to fail in China (and other countries) therefore transferring a substantial percentage of wealth towards the 1%. The big losers will be the Chinese people. The full effect globally is yet to be seen…


FTSE at lowest level since recession in 2008. Will the banksters push the stock markets down to pre-1929 levels
South Korea this week announced that they would be initially spending 25 BILLION to counter COVID-19  (Video)

The Communist Killing Machine

Does Communist China have form when it comes to eliminating their own people. Of course they do…..

Our Respected, Much Loved and Honourable Oligarchical Generational Bloodline Leaders 

Does our western leaders have any form on using bio-warfare to kill more people than even Chairman Mao. Of course they do. Over 100 million Native American Indians were killed using bio-warfare from the late 1700’s. (Video).

Have our leaders continued to use biological germ-warfare against the British, American and European populations, of course they have. 


The above article may now provide clarification for those that have been to Norwich and wondered what a strange bunch of people they are….(link). (Also see below in Additional Information – Pentagon Bio-Warfare Program).

Is The Coronavirus and Vaccine Program Being Used As A Method Of DePopulation 

To understand the present predicament of population control, not only in China, but also over the rest of the world and how the oligarchical 1% Elites, those old generational bloodline families that run the financial system along with our governments with their marxist/capitalist ideology and dark occult practices, can we expect that they would want to reduce the population. (They wouldn’t do that……….would they?).

(This is important)

Will Virus Outbreaks And Compulsory Vaccines Be The New World Orders Method for Population Reduction

From the 13th Century the use of germ warfare to reduce populations has been deployed many times by those that call themselves elites, those that belong to secret societies that worship the dark forces. However, the history books do not tell the complete story of the pandemics that wiped out countless countries and continents. As Napolean said “History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon”

Did you learn about this in school, and before you ask, No, they are NOT Jewish bones, and did vaccines cause this?

The Police State Lockdown

What we are experiencing now with the coronavirus is the beginning of the virus outbreaks which will ultimately lock each country down into complete totalitarian police states similar to China.

(A Must Read on ID-2020)


(ID-2020 and the Gates Foundation – Micro-chipping)

As ISIS has been exposed over the last few years as being a creation of the USA and Israeli governments, it appears quite clear that the new enemy will be virus outbreaks and this old method will be rolled out time and again which will literally plague us (pun intended) until we as a species (the 99%) stand up and collectively decide that enough is enough and we take the appropriate actions. We do not require leaders that are willing to kill and eliminate us in the millions, or even billions in order to secure their lust for power and control over us as a species.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era

The Smoking Gun

Boris Johnson states that 1% of the 80% of the British population that will become infected with coronavirus will die. ( Better hurry up and have that vaccine ready). However, we all know that Bojo the Clown has a complete inability to tell the truth and his words are mere fear mongering. He has also announced that people who wished to stay at home and self isolate could apply for Statuary Sick Pay from day one, which appears to be the ‘smoking gun‘ everyone was looking for.

With the fear programming and hype coming from the mass media surrounding COVID-19, it appears that it’s not only a question of people who in the unlikely event that they contract COVID-19 that will take 2-3 weeks off work to self isolate, but the media driven hysteria and the fear people will feel if they get the normal common cold will give them the opportunity to take a few weeks off work and receive payment for it, without actually having to be tested for COVID-19.

If the Prime Minister is telling the nation that if you get cold-like symptoms, you have permission to take a few weeks off work, and claim payment for it, who wouldn’t do that in this fear driven hyped-up ‘state of emergency‘. Also, with the deathly warnings around contracting COVID-19, people will not want to go to work anyway in case they catch it and ………. DIE. The reality is that people who claim the Statuary Sick Pay will most likely go towards the COVID-19 statistics.

(Swine Flu falsified statistics). (Covid-19 falsified statistics and how the COVID-19 PCR Test Kit does not work).

Does anyone else see the psychological operation here?

Self Isolation Could Collapse The Economy

Has anyone thought of the consequences of several million people taking weeks off work and the effect on the economy, because Bojo the Clown hasn’t ( or is there another agenda at play). And if this same scenario is repeated across Europe and the planet, the global economy will crash, far worse than in 2008, and even the great depression of 1929. Banks will again crash and the New World Order could finally implement the cashless society they have been incrementally working towards achieving over the last couple of decades. Think about it…….if economies again collapse, and their is a recession, wealth is again snatched from the masses into the hands of the 1%. Its the 1% that get richer and more powerful.

Maybe, just maybe, this COVID-19 is all part of a grand illusion to create hysteria and mass panic to achieve a particular set of objectives.

The Fear- (Click)

Holy Shit Batman, The Media is Saying COVID-19 has Mutated (COVID-666??)

As of the 4th March 2020, the media are propagandising with some astounding virology that COVID-19 has mutated. Next week, it will have mutated 27 times and will be 3000% more contagious, I guarantee you.



The Prime Minister Bojo the Clown Authorises A £46 Million Package For NEW FRICKEN VACCINES

I think by now you will be aware where all this was heading…….

President Trump goes much further and allocates $8.3 BILLION.


UK Government (and others) To Introduce NEW LAWS To Counter False Coronavirus Claims – Similar To China (Controlling the Narrative)

The UK government is to also introduce new laws ‘that counter’ the governments FEAR driven narrative surrounding coronavirus, mainly for social media. I suspect then that the Prime Minister and most of his government, the mainstream media, big pharma executives and TV News media personalities will all be in jail by the end of the month. (GREAT NEWS).


If it looks like communist propaganda, smells like communist propaganda, then it is fricken communist propaganda…

The End of Days, Or A New Age

Take a look around you, and imagine in 5 – 10 years that 1 in 3 of the people you know could have been killed by either a disease that was designed and released for population control, (or other nefarious agenda’s) or by a vaccine that you were forced to have because a virus was released during a corporate run EXERCISE. How does that feel to you? How does that sound? Are you happy about that?

Although it sounds far fetched and even fear mongering to a degree, that is allegedly the plan of the New World Order, and they have stated it time and again that is what they are going to do. (Have you not heard of the Georgia Guidestones). (Noahide Laws).

A Bolshevik Revolution On A Global Scale

In 1917, the bolshevik revolution was financed by a very tiny elite group of banksters who wanted control over the Russian people and landmass. It is not only my own opinion, but that of many learned scholars that the same clandestine secret group of people is about to launch their final moves on the Grand Chessboard for total global control of the human race. This group of oligarchs account for less than 1% of the 1% of the global population. They are literally the tiny few…..

alex solz

The Red Terror

The communist bolshevik Red Terror killed over 66 million Russians from 1917. The implementation of Communism over Eastern Europe and Asia by this tiny elite killed over 150 million, and their end game is not yet complete. We are living in the end game scenario, (the next decade) and from my understanding, the tools with which they aim to complete their final moves are the use of virus’s, vaccines, full spectrum surveillance including 5G, economic collapse and wars.

Police Forces Have Been Given Extra Powers To Detain People Who Sneeze and Cough Or Suspected Of Being Near Someone With The Common Cold

In the last month police forces in the UK, Europe the USA and much of the rest of the world have been given extra powers to detain people suspected of having been in contact with someone who has the common cold (COVID-19). ( They should be detaining politicians, banksters and big pharma executives).

That could literally mean anyone can be detained by the government, but I guarantee that if this coronavirus develops to anywhere near as it did in China, (which is very very very doubtful) the people that will be taken away to quarantine camps (more known as concentration camps or internment camps) will be people like me who are critical of the police surveillance state, political activists and journalists and all those that pose a potential threat to the system, all those that have been FLAGGED and identified by Artificial Intelligence algorithms from the mass data collection that the global surveillance apparatus has collated over the last 15-20 years. This is what is being reported that has happened in China, with political dissidents being dragged away into quarantine camps and if they weren’t ill when they got there, they would no doubt end up ill pretty quickly. This is what always happens in a communist style takeover. It happened in Russia after 1917, then across Eastern Europe and Asia from the 1940’s and 1950’s. They round up all those that are critical of the mentally unhinged psychopathic forces that have taken over the governments.

However, these days, governments cannot just take people away and force them into concentration camps in the western world, they require a reason, and what a brilliant reason this coronavirus gives the marxist/capitalists of the New World Order. How long COVID-19 will last is anyone’s guess, but expect it to become an ‘endemic’ problem.

We Have To Fight Back

The only way we as a species can aim for freedom against this tyrannical system of control that has been implemented by the tiny amount of human predators over the masses of humanity is through awareness of the means in which the game is being played, (to psychopaths, it is a game) what is at stake, and that every single person has to raise their game, and fight the fight of their lives, or we will lose, and millions, even billions could eventually die. Those that do not die, those too scared to speak out now will probably wish they had died by the time the communist style totalitarian police state has been ushered in.

They fought back against tyranny in the Ukraine…….and they won.

(The Square)

The Police

Over the last year in France, the French Police have started to side with the yellow vest protesters, which is a very significant development. The French government ( the Banksters) this week banned all indoor gatherings above 5,000 people due to coronavirus.


How long before they ban outdoor gatherings in what is starting to look like a very modern French revolution where the government will be overthrown. Does this development concern the global central bankers and the New Word Order. You bet it does, and the coronavirus will certainly help the government to reduce the yellow vest protests, not ONLY in France, but globally. Even firefighters are now battling with the police……Armies of Nurses are surely next.

There are also huge protests that are still ongoing in Hong Kong against COMMUNIST RULE, despite the coronavirus, and it is very easy to come to the realisation that these protests are a major threat against the NEW WORLD ORDERS implementation of technocratic communism over the rest of the planet.

hong kong

Europe Defender 2020

Last year the USA planned the largest military exercise in over 25 years to prepare and plan for a possible invasion of Europe by the Russian military, or an attack on Russia. This exercise involves 18 European countries and by the time this military exercise begins next month in April 2020, Europe and the USA and around 60% – 80% of the planet will be in lock down due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

It is reasonable to speculate from what we now know about COVID-19 is that China may have been attacked with a bio-weapon on the 1st December 2019. On 2nd January 2020 the USA then killed the head of the Iranian military by dropping a missile on his head. If this hypothesis is correct, then the USA has attacked 2 countries in the space of almost 1 month.(Video).

Since then, COVID-19 started to spread globally from Wuhan but the WHO refused multiple times to adhere to their own procedures by issuing a pandemic alert, which has then resulted in the biggest lock down in the modern era. You have to ask the question, ‘have a small group of people planned this sequence of events?‘.


As previously stated, on the 18th October 2019 the John Hopkins Centre for Health Control commenced a pandemic exercise called Event 201 which simulated a pandemic of coronavirus. 6 weeks later the Wuhan incident occurred, then the attack on Iran’s most senior military commander. Is it all a coincidence? 

I think we will find out next month if any more coincidences fall nicely into place on the Grand Chessboard and there is a full invasion of Iran, and what the response will be from the other major players, Russia and China. Fortunately for the Globalist 1% Elites, all of the Western World will be locked down, with many countries subjected to a state of emergency. Indoor and outdoor gatherings will also be banned for over 1000 people and if such an invasion of Iran was on the cards, we would not be permitted to protest due to the ‘late response’ by the WHO in reacting to the epidemic/pandemic in December last year which could have quite easily been vastly reduced in scale as they did in Taiwan with the correct public safety advice.

Whatever the sequence of events that have led to where we are currently at, we need to be aware of what pieces on the chessboard are being moved into place so we can prepare ourselves, and also, to make others aware of what could potentially develop.


The Hyper-Inflated Super Bubble Of Debt

There are multiple theories surrounding COVID-19. The ‘Iran invasion theory and World War 3‘ is only one of them, and hopefully this theory based on the outlined sequence of events is way off target and is incorrect, and the actual reason behind all of these co-incidences is the theory discussed by Gregory Mannarino, which is a global financial crash and a reset towards a cashless society, or a combination of some or all of the discussed points.

Only Iran Left On That List

However, Iran has been on that George W Bush ‘Axis of Evil‘ list since 2002, and it is the last country left before Israel can implement The Greater Israel Project ( See No:2 in additional information).

The New World Order Police Puppets

There is no doubt that the New World Order is attempting to completely lock down each and every country into communist surveillance police states in order to maintain their hegemony over the rest of us, and we the people are rejecting it, and the police everywhere have a very important role in either the success of a global revolution, of the people, by the people, for the people, or a global criminal lock down, as they will be the puppets that enforce it.

The Police 

Police officers all around the world have sworn an oath to protect the public, NOT the banksters or the New World Order.

In Russia after 1917 the secret police the Cheka rounded up and then set about eliminating tens of millions of people who were considered a threat to the new communist regime. When a virus spreads across the world, (communism) the people that have to deal with forced detainments are the police, and I doubt very much that the police yet realise that they will be one of the first groups of public sector workers that it would be made mandatory that they be given vaccines to protect them from whatever virus that has been released.

From 1996-97 when I was a member of a national committee of an Iraq Veterans organisation we received phone calls everyday from families of Veterans that had died as a result of receiving vaccines that was supposed to protect them for biological warfare virus’s. I went on to campaign for these guys which I have covered in previous blogs where I organised protests and instigated legal proceedings in the High Court against the MoD.

I don’t think that police officers have had the foresight to understand that they too will be guinea pigs in an experiment when a bio-warfare agent reaches these shores.

They do not yet have the understanding that they too are expendable by the New World Order.

The police are at these times more than ever required to adhere to the Oath they swore when they decided to serve the public.

Now is the time for each and every police officer to move away from the darkness……    and towards the Light.


Have You Noticed That The Problem of Jeffrey Epstein and the World Wide Paedophile Club Has Disappeared Since COVID-19

The one thing we will all be aware of is that the FBI investigation into high level paedophile rings possibly involving thousands of people from within governments around the world and from international finance is now not being covered by the media.

Convenient, co-incidence or part of the plan?

Additional Information

  1. 5G and Coronavirus – Dana Ashlie (BANNED)
  2. Av-9 – Pentagon Bio-warfare Program
  3. The Djinn and Greater Israel – The Seat of Power
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What’s Really Going On

Yuri Bezmenov- Subversive Tactics

Nobody Is Looking At This

The End Game

The Final Solution

Marxist Capitalism Coming To A City Near You

The Government Sets Up Home Testing Teams

Around the country COVID-19 testing teams are going to peoples homes to conduct tests. In the below newspaper story, there are no reported cases of COVID-19 in Lanarkshire, but there still sending teams around to test people anyway. The RT-PCR COVID-19 testing kits are less than 25% accurate. In China, the police rounded up dissidents, journalists and activists, possibly with false positives for COVID-19.

testing team

Coronavirus Effective Treatment

Marik’s retrospective before-after clinical study showed that giving patients IV vitamin C with hydrocortisone and vitamin B1 for two days reduced mortality from 40% to 8.5%. The precise protocol used was 200 mg of thiamine every 12 hours, 1,500 mg of ascorbic acid every six hours, and 50 mg of hydrocortisone every six hours. Importantly, the treatment has no side effects and is inexpensive, readily available and simple to administer.
According to Marik, vitamin C and corticosteroids have a synergistic effect which is part of why his combo protocol is so effective. Still, simply using high-dose IV vitamin C exclusively has been shown to improve survival in patients with sepsis and acute respiratory failure, reducing mortality from 46% to 30%. (Cured)

Disclaimer: DOC-CN-09-BN-876-JYD-89 – 29/12/2018(JM)

The Conspiracy of Silence – Parliamentary Candidates For The Vale Of Clwyd General Election – Labour Candidate Chris Ruane and Conservative Candidate Dr James Davies

“What is it about the government and its agents and employees that they can lie to us with impunity, but we risk being sent to jail if we lie to them”
~ Andrew P. Napolitano

The Conspiracy

In September 2012 a conspiracy was uncovered which involved senior ranking police officers from NWP as well as middle and low ranking officers, my local Member of Parliament Chris Ruane MP and my General Practitioner Dr Landon that would have been considered as standard governmental procedures in a totalitarian Communist Police State against people who were outspoken in opposition to the authorities.

From 2013 I attempted to expose this conspiracy with the assistance of Dr James Davies which only created an even bigger monster, that many people were prepared to go to great lengths to prevent it from being exposed.

Here is how it unfolded……

The Discovery of the Conspiracy

In September 2012 I made an appointment to see my GP as I had some damage to the inside of my nose from over 10 years I had spent boxing which later turned out to be a deviated septum that required surgery. My GP called me into his office and he asks me to sit down.

I had got to know the new GP quite well over the previous few months who had in the last year taken over from Dr Landon who had been at the GP surgery at Kings House for over 20 years but he had recently retired as a GP. I had made appointments to see the new GP as I had started getting continuous nasal infections as a result of the deviated septum which had also now started to cause sinus infections. Once I was seated, he looked at me in a manner as if he was going to tell me that I had some serious illness or something that had showed up on the blood test that I had the week before.

I prepare myself for the worst, and my butt cheeks naturally clenched together…..

He then starts to explain to me that as he has got to know me, ‘he had started to question a diagnosis’ that had been put on my medical records by the previous GP Dr Landon in 2001. He tells me that if I had gone to see the GP with a headache, and the GP had deduced that the symptoms could be related to having a brain tumour, he would refer me to the correct department at the hospital to have a scan which would pursue tests in an attempt to get to a diagnosis.

I started to wonder where he is going with this. I have never been to the GP with a headache before, so how the hell can I have a brain tumour? I allow him to continue…….feeling a little confused.

He then states that Dr Landon could not just categorise me as having a brain tumour and include that as a diagnosis in my medical records without further consultation and leave it as that. He would have to refer me to a consultant at the hospital where further tests would be done before he could even enter a diagnosis of a brain tumour onto my medical records. A GP can’t just make a guess which is why there are procedures in place.

This makes perfect sense to me, so I ask the Doc to carry on….( My butt cheeks squeeze together a little tighter)….

He then tells me that because of this diagnosis that has has been put in my medical records, he has gone through my entire medical history and he has discovered some very unusual circumstances. He tells me that he has found that Dr Landon went into my medical records in 2001 when I hadn’t even been to see him for months, and Dr Landon had entered a diagnosis of ‘paranoid schizophrenia‘. He then tells me that as he has got to know me, this diagnosis does not appear to be correct which is why he was bringing it to my attention.

I immediately thought to myself, thank God for that, I haven’t got a brain tumour,  which was a big relief to hear, I only apparently had paranoid schizophrenia……Phew ….. Praise be to baby Jesus …. hallelujah!! 

I think I must of been slightly gobsmacked and unable to speak as I think my chin may have been on the floor, so the GP then explains to me that there is no referral by Dr Landon in 2001 to a psychiatrist which is what he should have done if he suspected a psychiatric illness, and there is also no consultation report either. He then asks me if I was ever referred by Dr Landon for schizophrenia and if I had seen anyone, which I hadn’t. The GP then mentioned that it also seemed very suspicious as there was also nothing in my medical records suggesting that I had even been to see the GP at the time when he had done this, which I also hadn’t.

He then again explains the example of the brain tumour. If the GP suspected a psychiatric illness he would have to refer the patient to the appropriate department for further consultation, which would be a psychiatrist. There were NHS Guidelines in place to prevent abuse like this from happening and Dr Landon had not followed any of them. It appeared that Dr Landon had unlawfully placed an incorrect diagnosis into my medical records which had remained on my records from 2001 – 2012 and by doing this, all NHS guidelines and procedures had not been adhered to. The GP then also stated that he had discovered that Dr Landon had written to ‘other agencies‘ and informed them that ‘I had paranoid schizophrenia’, which was not only highly suspicious, but appeared to be illegal. (Dr Landon had never told me that he had added a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia to my medical file, because he was acting unlawfully).

My chin was still very much firmly on the floor by this point, and my eyebrows  were by now almost touching the ceiling…….but still, that was a close brush with almost having a brain tumour….. I feel my butt cheeks start to r e l a x  and as they do so, a long high pitched squeaky fart came out, which I unconvincingly tried to blame on the wobbly chair….


Once my eyebrows had come back down and I done my best to not flinch from the aroma that was by now wafting around the room, I explained to the GP that I’d been having problems with certain police agencies since I had left military as I had been a whistleblower in 1995 whilst in the military, and then I had started campaigning for Iraq War Veterans like myself when I had left in 1996. The GP then typed a letter for me stating that I did not have paranoid schizophrenia so I could send it to the agencies such as the police which Dr Landon had sent letters to telling them I had this diagnosis. This diagnosis would certainly have assisted the police if they theoretically had plans to attempt to use such a diagnosis to detain me. (It appeared that my whistleblowing activities and voluntary work campaigning for Iraq Veterans may have caused more concerns than I realised).

I Do Not Have Paranoid Schizophrenia( “Yes You Do You Loony” Said The Voice in My Head) ………Doh!

b1I wasn’t wrongly diagnosed, I was UNLAWFULLY labelled. (The Political Abuse of Psychiatry).

The Penny Drops…..

It was at this point that the penny starts to drop regarding a series of incidents from the previous year….

I had been to see Chris Ruane MP the previous year in 2011, as I had done before on many previous occasions to discuss ongoing police harassment which was initially as a result of my campaigning work back in 1996.

In 2011 I had been approached by a group of Iraq War Veterans to commence a legal challenge against the Ministry of Defence (MoD).  I had then started looking at ways in which I could pursue legal proceedings in the High Court against the MoD on behalf of over 10,000 Iraq Veterans (potentially over 20,000 plus) who had been given a concoction of up to 28 experimental vaccines before the first Iraq War in 1991. I had considered myself to be one of the lucky ones as I had only been forced to have a couple of the vaccines, but I was very willing to help other Veterans in any way that I could.

I had spoken to different legal firms and as there were so many claimants who could theoretically receive compensation from the MoD, the cost to settle the court action could run into billions of pounds. (Any person pursing such excessively large compensation claims especially for ex-soldiers one may expect the Police State would have some kind of malevolent interest in).


My High Court Legal Challenge

I had been speaking to legal firms from 2011 and I eventually managed to recruit the UK’s leading human rights solicitor Phil Shiner from Public Interest Lawyers who was a former solicitor of the year, who at the time had an exceptional record against the MoD. From the beginning of 2012 I briefed him on how we could bring a legal challenge ( I was involved with the first legal case between 1996-97) and we worked together to commence complex High Court legal proceedings against the MoD. ( I blogged about this last year – When Injustice Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty).


The above letter is the first page { 1 of 29 } of the initial legal advice for the Gulf War Veterans legal case. Public Interest Lawyers went on to be vigorously pursued by the MoD and eventually they closed down in 2016, although at the time they were also pursuing legal claims against the MoD for a vast, large scale cover up of illegal assassination programs by the military in Iraq and Afghanistan involving Special Forces that had been sanctioned at the highest levels of the MoD. Public Interest Lawyers (PIL) were pursuing legal claims against the MoD on behalf of the victims of the assassination programs. They then also ended up taking claims on behalf of civilians that had been killed by British soldiers (not part of the assassination program).

sas black ops jails

These Black Op’s Sites were run by British Special Forces (SAS) with CIA involvement.

It was the latter legal action that led to the Iraq Historical Allegations Team (IHAT) being established in 2010 by the government to investigate these claims. However, it was this government inquiry that eventually led to Phil Shiner being disbarred for bringing false claims.

The IHAT investigations team which consisted of over 100 detectives was then closed down by the government in 2017 as the MoD had stated that of the 3,500 allegations of abuse that had been recorded, many did not have any credible evidence which had resulted in soldiers being investigated suffering from unacceptable stress. Many people considered that this was part of a cover up by the MoD in order to close down ALL investigations as senior officers from the highest levels in the MoD could have been prosecuted for sanctioning the illegal assassination programs

On the 18th November 2019 the BBC investigative program Panorama aired a program War Crimes Scandal Exposed which detailed how unarmed Iraq and Afghanistan civilians were killed (assassinated) by British troops. Former detectives from the Iraq Historical Allegations Team (IHAT) and Operation Northmoor (Afghanistan Historical Investigation Team) who were dismayed by the governments decision to close down the IHAT investigations then turned whistleblowers, and they have stated that Phil Shiner’s actions (misconduct) was used as an excuse to close down ALL of the criminal investigations. (Full program here).

If the legal case had not been pursued against the MoD for the illegal assassination programs by Phil Shiner which would have involved the prosecution of senior MoD officers, the IHAT investigations into British soldiers would never have closed down and soldiers would have been prosecuted. It was therefore in the interest of the MoD to close down ALL INVESTIGATIONS and pursue Public Interest Lawyers and Phil Shiner which they were successful at achieving.

( My only involvement with Public Interest Lawyers was instigating the legal challenge against the MoD on behalf of ALL Iraq Veterans for vaccine damage in 2011-12). 

The International Criminal Court (ICC) are currently considering investigating the MoD as a result of the BBC Panorama program.

What many people have been unaware of is that Public Interest Lawyers were pursuing the multi-party legal action against the MoD from 2012 for potentially over 10,000 Iraq War Veterans with possible settlements running into billions of pounds, which I had single-handedly instigated.

The MoD has never admitted that any of the 53,5000 Iraq Veterans from the 1990-1991 conflict were effected as a result of the experimental vaccine program. NO TREATMENT has ever been offered by the MoD or the NHS.

b60This is the Legal challenge I instigated with Phil Shiner. It firstly involved pursuing a a High Court legal case for over a thousand soldiers who had the vaccines, but they were NEVER sent to the Gulf War, but they still got ill. (Article here) The second stage involved the rest of the Gulf War Veterans 10,000 plus (possibly over 20,000). Third stage involved Iraq Veterans from 2003 on wards….

Iraq Veterans from 2003 -2011

There was also the possibility of bringing multi-party claims against the MoD on behalf of Veterans who had served in Iraq from 2003 – 2011 as a result of having the anthrax vaccine which had been scientifically been proven to have caused various auto-immune diseases. (Cover up). (The MoD has also not admitted liability for the anthrax vaccine that was given to troops from 2003 onwards).


We should be mindful that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was an illegal war that 2 million people demonstrated against in London, with millions of others demonstrating worldwide. Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George Bush should have been prosecuted, as should have been senior military leaders who faked the evidence as justification for war (WMD’s), NOT the soldiers who were sent to war under-equipped and undermanned which was the primary reason behind many of the war crimes.

The Ineffective Chris Ruane MP

Chris Ruane MP had in my opinion been very ineffective with dealing with the police harassment concerns that I had been bringing to his attention since November 2000, and I was not very happy about the way he had been handling it and his overall conduct. ( I had originally informed Chris of the police harassment back in 1997 and I had kept him up to date since July 2000, meeting with him quite regularly).

So in May 2011 I had been to see Chris Ruane MP again to discuss police harassment. I then received a visit off a police officer who came to my home who I spoke to briefly for around 5 minutes. Then a few days later I had then received a letter from the Community Mental Health Team that requested that I attend an appointment at my GP practice. I phoned my solicitor in Liverpool for advice who is now a well known high profile barrister who told me under no circumstances was I to attend the appointment (which was voluntary) as they could attempt to detain me for psychiatric evaluation for up to 28 days, where I could end up being given a false diagnosis and forced to take medication which could cause serious harm. I could then be unlawfully detained for months, even years. My solicitor was my go to person who had been giving me advice on police harassment since 2001 and I was aware that the police could attempt to detain me if I kept reporting police harassment, and especially if I continued to pursue attempting to make North Wales Police accountable for their actions and that they should be investigated, but this revelation of the false diagnosis by my GP now began to make much more sense.

I did not attend the appointment but I did put the GP Practice under surveillance at the time of the appointment that they wanted me to attend and a psychiatrist and mental health nurse were observed going into the GP Surgery 10 minutes prior to the appointment. If I had attended the appointment which would have been with a psychiatrist, a mental health nurse and Dr ‘fooking’ Landon who had given me the unlawful diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia in the first place, and if I had then mentioned anything at all about police harassment, I would have been detained without a doubt.

sectionI did not realise how close I had come to being unlawfully detained in a psychiatric hospital because of the actions of Chris Ruane MP and a senior police officer, which I will come to shortly.

What my new GP had told me about the paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis also started to make sense in relation to all of the police harassment I had been reporting since 2001. I had caught loads of uniformed police and also plains clothes police officers harassing me dozens of times which was caught on CCTV cameras and on my own equipment which was the only reason that I reported it to the police as there was evidence available. However, the police would always refuse to investigate and any CCTV evidence would always go missing if I attempted to obtain copies of it. I would also then experience excessive harassment just for reporting it. ( From 1996 – 2017 I had logged over 15,000 incidents of police harassment).

An example: My email to PC J Wynne in 2009 requesting an answer to why he was not able to investigate any of the police harassment incidents that I reported from 1996 -2009:


PC J Wynne confirms that NWP are unable to pursue my claims of harassment.


PC Wynne I would later learn (see further down) had stated in a police report in 2009 that I obtained a copy of in 2013 that he had sought information from my medical records at my GP Practice ( which was without a court order and therefore may have not been legal ) and the information he received came from Dr Landon who told him I had paranoid schizophrenia since 2001.

North Wales Police were using the unlawful false diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia to refuse to investigate any of the incidents I reported, and I did not know anything about the false diagnosis. If I hadn’t sought advice from my solicitor from Liverpool in 2001 who explicitly stated that I should never say anything about being followed or harassed by plain clothes police, I would probably not be writing this blog as I would of been detained. Those in authority would have had me locked up without even passing go.

(From 2001 – 2012 North Wales Police also refused to even create an event/incident numbers on the majority of occasions I reported police harassment which had been caught on CCTV or my own cameras as one senior police officer stated {below email further down dated 2011} that I was well known among local police officers, which was stated in a derogatory manner, i.e. I had paranoid schizophrenia).

The Political Abuse of Psychiatry

In the Soviet Union from the 1960’s the Communist Secret Police categorised and defined people who spoke out against the State, those who demonstrated for reform, people who wrote books criticising the authorities and other forms of political activism as being criminal acts and any person undertaking such forms of opposition to government authority must be suffering from psychiatric illnesses.


From the 1960’s ‘millions’ of people were dragged off the streets and from their homes and detained by the Communist Police in psychiatric hospitals all across the Soviet Bloc. The leaders of the Soviet Union Communist Party were heavily criticised by the United Nations from the 1970’s for using such methods against its population which became generally known as the political abuse of psychiatry.

soviet 2

Soviet Psychiatric Hospitals

I have explained in previous blogs how in 1995 whilst I was in the British Army I passed information to national newspapers on the experimental vaccines that soldiers had been forced to have before the first war in Iraq in 1991. In 1996 I left the military and I had campaigned for Iraq Veterans where I had been elected onto the national committee of a leading charity for Iraq Veterans. I was given the role as a regional adviser and as the national publicist and I organised a protest amongst other things against the government that MI5 got wind of, and they didn’t necessarily approve of such a protest, so they done their damm best to make sure that it didn’t happen. (The protest would have involved hundreds of thousands of soldiers protesting outside the Houses of Parliament on election day, 2nd May 1997, with the possibility that we would also occupy the Houses of Parliament). ( Blog – When Injustice Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty).

bike into the fray

In October 1997 I resigned from the national committee as the MoD was never going to admit negligence by forcing 53,500 soldiers to have a concoction of experimental vaccines, and the government was never going to provide treatment for the tens of thousands of soldiers that complained of being effected, which they have never done to date.  There were also concerns that the national committee I was on had been infiltrated by Special Branch in order to cover up the true figures of how many Veterans had died as a result of the vaccines which I have covered in a previous blog ….When Injustice becomes Law…..…(In 2014 I applied to give evidence at the Public Inquiry into Special Branch Undercover Policing Operations who had infiltrated over a 1000 groups from 1968 -2008 -see below).

Getting On With Life….

I had decided to get on with my life and I went to college with the intent of going to university and then moving to Bangor a couple of years later, settling down and having children as I had been married since 1993.

After I had resigned from the national committee who I had been working with for 18 months where I had experienced excessive harassment throughout for campaigning, my wife and I had noticed that the strategy of harassment started to change. We had expected it to stop and eventually thought that it would once they realised I wasn’t campaigning any longer.

Whilst I was campaigning it was very noticeable that Special Branch operatives were doing the harassment, following us around using the psychological harassment theory and model that long term overt stalking (which is the opposite to covert surveillance) causes stress, and long term prolonged stress eventually causes anxiety disorders. Once anxiety gains a grip on an individual, this then reduces the self esteem of the individual and thereby eliminates their ability to be politically active if the individual is predominantly focused on the symptoms of stress and anxiety. It is effectively a method that is defined as being a psychological take down. (The East German Secret Police the Stasi developed and refined these strategies over decades from the 1950’s as did the FBI with COINTELPRO as well as Special Branch and MI5).

However, after I resigned it became very noticeable that we were experiencing a form of psychological harassment that resembled an organised stalking program that was now using civilians, not Special Branch. ( All of the stalking ceased immediately after the unlawful diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia was uncovered by my new GP in 2012).

Nazi Stalking Programs During The 1930’s

In Nazi Germany during the 1930’s the Nazi Party had lists of Jews that they wanted taken off the streets and interred in concentration camps. The Nazi Gestapo would use tactics of organised stalking which involved small groups of people who would overtly stalk the Target everywhere they went, every day, for weeks, months and even years in an attempt to get them to violently react from the emotional and psychological dysregulation that comes from being stalked day in – day out where they would then be sentenced and interred in a concentration camp. This strategy was called Jew-baiting.

The psychological effects on someone who experiences being stalked 24/7 can be devastating and has been well documented. The methodology of organised stalking has been defined as:

Predatory Gangstalking is a phenomenon referring to a group of people who in an organised and systematic manner, relentlessly invade all areas of an individual’s life on a continuing basis, as part of their lifestyle, with the collective intent to do harm.

When someone is being stalked over a period of time they begin to feel like prey, like they are being hunted which activates the most primitive parts of the brain that we required as hunter-gatherers, as well as the flight or fight response. This then leads to varying degrees of stress and paranoia, and the long term stress leads to anxiety. Anxiety in its more severe forms is a condition that can be psychologically and physically debilitating.

Organised Stalking Programs That Are Run By The Police

Organised stalking is not a new phenomena as there are many examples of it being used by the christian church as far back as the 1700’s to keep disruptive members of the congregation in line. It was even used by the Klu Klux Klan in America at the turn of the 1900’s against African Americans. It only became a more widespread prominent tactic when it was used by the communist secret police units from the 1960’s that has spread far and wide over much of the Western world because of its ability to remain a covert program that the public knows very little about, which is also very difficult to prove and its effectiveness at destroying the lives of those that are targeted.

After I Had Resigned From Campaigning

After I resigned from the national committee the change in strategy that we noticed was that we were being followed by these small groups of 5 or so people everyday, everywhere we went. My wife was training to be a mental health nurse at the time and we developed quite simple NLP techniques to prevent the emotional and psychological dysregulation that the stalking could inflict upon one’s psyche so it wasn’t really bothersome at all. We also had friends and contacts who were well qualified to assist if we ever required their support. However, after 3 years of these tactics as well as having our car stolen, another vandalised, constant sleep deprivation from noisey and abusive neighbours, vandalism and dozens of other different tactics, we had become psychologically and emotionally worn out.

b65Car on left Rover Metro Sport was stolen in 1997. Car on right MR2 Twin Turbo was vandalised and brake pipes cut. Police investigation initially blamed Special Branch/MI5, which is how it was reported in 1997. (See further down for recent acts of vandalism to car and property AFTER I submitted complaint against the police which I will also be taking legal action against  NWP).

I learn’t many years later that what we had experienced was not so dissimilar to the tactics the FBI used in America from the 1950’s and what people also experienced in the former communist country of East Germany. The East German Secret Police the Stasi had termed these type of psychological operations as “Zersetzung”. (link here).

Zersetzung Operational Procedures:


I Inform Chris Ruane MP In July 2001

In July 2000 I went to see Chris Ruane MP where I explained that we were continuing to experience psychological harassment. I had originally briefed Chris in 1996. I had also briefed the Secretary of State for Defence and Chris in 1997 who had came up from London to discuss the harassment I was experiencing and the campaign I was orchestrating. The meeting was broadcast on the national television main evening news program in 1997.

Chris Ruane MP appeared to be appalled by what I was experiencing and he wrote to me stating that he would do anything he could to stop the harassment that we were experiencing.


From July 2000 to October 2000 I provided Chris Ruane MP with various incidents that had occurred and informing him that I had recorded over 1000 INCIDENTS from 1998 – 2000, which was AFTER I had resigned and I was not involved in any campaigning.


Chris Ruane MP writes to the Home Secretary Jack Straw

Charles Clarke MP from the Home Office replies on 23rd Nov 2000.


The Home Secretary Advises to Take Up Harassment With North Wales Police

Charles Clarke MP states that I have to take my concerns of harassment to North Wales Police who were conducting the organised harassment as this was the procedure. The only option then was to pursue complaints against NWP which I had to send to NWP to investigate themselves.

Armed Bastards in Rhyl Town Centre

I had made complaints to NWP in July 2000 which involved 3 men who were dressed in black who were armed with handguns who had chased me around the town centre and had been caught on over a dozen CCTV cameras. What was so distinctive about this incident is that they had also cloned number plates (E701 NFF) from another vehicle in Birmingham which Rhyl CID had discovered in their initial investigation after I reported it. I did not agree with Rhyl CID’s overall investigation report so I therefore submitted a complaint. NWP Complaints Department never EVER sent me a copy of their report into this incident and it has never been released, despite my best efforts for over 10 years. The NWP Data Protection Team informed me that it was apparently given an exemption preventing its release which my solicitor indicated that it could therefore have been a special branch/MI5 team.

The one thing I learnt from this is that North Wales Police are incapable of investigating themselves.

Marriage Break-Up

Within days of receiving the letter from the Home Office my wife and decided to break up due to the intolerable stress that had been placed on us. I suggested that it would be best for her to move to Bangor where she had not that long ago passed her degree in nursing and she had started working in the Hergest Mental Health Unit 6 months prior. I explained to the wifey that I needed a year to sort out the harassment problem that was intent on ruining our lives since I had left the military and I had started campaigning for Iraq Veterans, then STOPPED campaigning, but the harassment had continued. In the meantime to keep myself preoccupied and fit I decided to do a college course in personal fitness training and I went to see Chris Ruane MP for a reference.

b5I had not campaigned with Chris for 5 years, only 18 months but I believe he was referring to how long he had known me,

North Wales Police Self Defence Strategy

In 2011 Peter Francis the former Special Branch undercover whistleblower stated that Special Branch and the police would spy on families who were taking action AGAINST the police, and they would orchestrate campaigns against them to prevent the police from being held accountable.

I was about to find this out.

Dr Landon Does The Dirty On Me

Within 6-8 weeks of Chris Ruane MP receiving the letter from the Home Office stating that I should submit my concerns of harassment by NWP to NWP, Dr Landon my GP went into my medical records without me having been to see him and he entered a false diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia into my medical records.


Harassment Continues….

I started the personal training course at college but the harassment continued. Thankfully, the harassment to my wife had come to a stop and she was able to live her life in Bangor harassment free although it took her a long while to be able to lead a normal life. It appeared apparent that I was being targeted because I had been a high level campaigner for Iraq Veterans, but I was also now attempting to expose all of the harassment by pursuing complaints, so the targeting became much more interesting, but now, as I was no longer confined by the need to be protective of my wife, I was able to become unleashed, unchained……… unplugged (after I had watched The Matrix) and the enjoyment and vigour that I enjoyed from being an activist from 1996-97 swiftly returned.

North Wales Police Refuse To Even Record Incidents

From around April 2001 I started to contact the police to report harassment incidents but NWP would just not record them, or even send any officers to speak to me. After about 6 months I stopped contacting the police to report any incidents and just went about my day as usual being very much accustomed to being harassed and adopting NLP techniques in which I was able to psychologically condition myself to enjoy the harassment, which I went on to educate thousands of other activists on these simple techniques.

North Wales Police Try To Recruit Me

Also around this time I came into contact with a old school friend who was a police officer in NWP who spent the next 18 months coming around every so often bringing me application forms to join NWP, which did not interest me at all considering what I had experienced, and the fact that I was still experiencing harassment. NWP must have thought they could corner me into a position where joining NWP would be more favourable than being harassed and suffering the stress from attempting to expose the harassment.

From 2002 I attempted to report incidents of harassment but NWP would not record them which I later found out was because of Dr Landon’s false diagnosis on my medical records as he had also written to the police to inform them of it, which of course I did not have, and did not know about.

Bangor University

In September 2002 I moved to Bangor to attend University to do a degree in Business which had been my original plan after I had resigned from campaigning but we had decided to wait until my wife had finished her nursing training in April 2000, but as the harassment was a constant issue, I decided to tackle the harassment first before moving to Bangor which didn’t work out too well for us as the stress from harassment got the upper hand.

I wasn’t in Bangor too long before I also started to experience harassment from NWP. They even obtained permission from the university to enter my accommodation and place a covert listening device which I found and reported to NWP in Bangor, but they too would not take a statement from me. It also turned out that there had been too much trauma inflicted upon the wife to rekindle any hopes for my marriage.

2003- Back In Rhyl

By the following year I had returned to Rhyl and the harassment again continued sporadically, but when incidents of harassment were caught and I reported it, NWP still wouldn’t record them as incidents. Eventually, some 2 years later I started to put some pressure on NWP by contacting the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) when incidents were caught on camera in which I requested that the IPCC also contact NWP, who were then obliged to record incidents such as the following:



I had been keeping Chris Ruane MP informed of the harassment and because NWP had only been recording as few incidents as possible because Dr Landon had informed them that I had paranoid schizophrenia, I didn’t have many incident numbers to provide to Chris, although Chris was very aware of the methods against political activists as we had discussed the special branch monitoring of the likes of Labour MP’s such as Tony Blair and Peter Hain which had been detailed in the press. My solicitor in Liverpool had also stated to me under no circumstances was I to provide details to ANYONE such as being followed/stalked by plain clothes officers in any written format as the police could attempt to have me evaluated (or even detained) which of course would have happened as I had the false diagnosis on my records and on the police database. (This diagnosis was still on the NWP database in 2018 – even after I had made a complaint to NWP Complaints Department in 2014 as a Police Officer referred to it in a false report in May 2018).

Throughout 2005 I was reporting incidents whenever there was evidence which NWP would fail to record. I also went to see Chris Ruane MP to keep him up to date. What had been concerning me about Chris Ruane MP is that I had briefed him many times on overt psychological policing tactics such as Jew-baiting and Stasi tactics and that it was difficult to collect evidence on this type of tactic. If you had ONE person stalking you, you can take photo’s all day long of where the person is in relation to where you are and you can quite easily prove that you are being stalked. But with 5 people stalking you in an organised and efficient manner, it is very difficult to prove which is why the police use these tactics, as it would appear to be just random people. ( It may be able for the reader to deduce why I was unlawfully given the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, and not given a diagnosis such as depression, considering the covert/overt tactics that were being deployed).

{ The East German Stasi were the masters of these type of stalking programs which the FBI have also made a name for themselves since the Church Committee hearings in the 1970’s. There is currently a Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing Operations against political activists in the UK that was established in 2014 which is yet to call any witnesses as the police keep getting caught destroying evidence. I applied to give evidence at this inquiry in 2014 via Chris Ruane MP. In the years following this inquiry, Special Branch will also be exposed as being the orchestrators and masters of this type of psychological warfare just as the East German Stasi and FBI have been }.

Chris Ruane MP Wants Me To Provide Detailed Information 

Chris Ruane MP however had made it clear especially after 2001 which he even stated in writing many times that he needed details of what harassment I was experiencing even if it wasn’t police incident numbers which troubled me somewhat, as I had already briefed him numerous times over the previous 7 years that if I provided these details to him, and he passed them to the police, they could demand that I be psychologically evaluated ……...especially with that false diagnosis on my records.

I started to lose trust in Chris Ruane by this time.

2006 – Severe Hip Fracture From Cycling, Accident ???

In 2006 I again put pressure on NWP to take a statement from me regarding police harassment which was taken by SGT Helen Madeley. She came round to my house on 30th January 2005 for me to sign it. 5 days later on the 4th February 2006 I cycled down the H-Bridge and skidded on a grease/oil substance that had been put at the bottom of the bridge and I came off my bike and I snapped my hip. I spent the next 5 weeks in hospital, I was told that I would never be able to walk properly again, (the second time I had been told that after I had multiple fractures in my other leg after the first Iraq war  in 1991)  and I also had to spend 6 months in a wheelchair, and the next 10 or more years on and off crutches. Sgt Helen Madely or NWP never followed up on the statement I had given on police harassment.

2008 – Recovery

It took me a couple of years to recover from the hip injury but the harassment continued throughout  2007 and 2008 so I made another appointment to see Chris Ruane MP in July 2008. A few days after I had made the appointment I was threatened by an undercover police officer which I reported to the police as it was caught on CCTV as I was now only reported incidents where there was evidence.

Plain Clothes Police Officer Makes Threats


What was interesting about this incident was that up until the appointment with Chris Ruane MP,  I got hammered with harassment and when I met with Chris, he tried to box me into a corner to provide him with details on the recent increased harassment, which was mainly all overt stalking. I assumed that some Gestapo officer thought they could stress me out so much I would be too overwhelmed and I would not be thinking straight, and I would then provide written details to Chris which he would give to the police, and they would attempt to have me evaluated or even detained for a free holiday at the psych ward for 28 days or more with an endless supply of drugs, especially as I had that false diagnosis on my records, which I still didn’t know about.

With hindsight, I was literally hanging on my the skin of my teeth as it appeared that the police were becoming desperate to detain me.

The incident I reported was one of many that was caught on CCTV but NWP would not investigate, and if I attempted to obtain the CCTV, they would state that it had been lost or destroyed.

The below Occurrence Report from NWP is the same incident (as above) and this is the  first time that a NWP senior officer made a reference to me having mental health problems.


As A Result Of This Incident I request That Chris Ruane MP Contacts NWP To Arrange That I Speak To Them

I attended a meeting at Rhyl Police Station to discuss this incident which was arranged by Chris Ruane MP.   It is important to note here that the Inspector states that PC Jim Wynne has made inquiries on the same day and discovered that ‘Mr Lewis has been referred to mental health services 6-7 years ago but would not engage with them. THIS WAS BLATANTLY NOT TRUE and the police officer has lied which can be very easily proved.


I should also clarify that the main reasons that I was meeting with Chris Ruane MP was in order that he could submit complaints on my behalf against North Wales Police as I could not trust the NWP Complaints Department. As a citizen, you have 3 ways in which you can submit a complaint:

  • NWP Complaints Department
  • The IPCC
  • Local member of parliament

Chris Ruane MP never ONCE submitted a complaint on my behalf from the time I first reported harassment to him in 1997 through to 2013.

The police officer PC Jim Wynne who lied in the above report also on the same day submitted a false report (CID 16) to the local psychiatric unit, simply because North Wales Police were NOT going to investigate the complaint which had been recorded on CCTV. They were hoping to have me evaluated instead, and if like the Soviet Union, the Police State had psychiatrists working with them, they could have evaluated me and detained me….especially with that false diagnosis already on my records.


After this report was submitted to the local community psychiatric unit my contacts within mental health services advised me about it so I knew what NWP were up to. ( In 2014 NWP began an investigation as I was being provided with copies of these false reports and the police wanted to know who they were).

One thing is very clear, Chris Ruane MP knew about the harassment, and he also knew NWP were covering it up and failing to investigate, but Chris Ruane never once made a complaint to NWP, the IPCC or the Home Office. 

In July 2009 I contacted Chris Ruane MP by email (below) and arranged an appointment to see him where I requested that he set up a meeting with a senior police officer as I wanted Chris to mediate with me on my behalf as I was one individual against a vast organisation (NWP) as I basically wanted peace, not war. ( NWP had also blacklisted me without my knowledge).

I never got to see a senior police officer as they sent the lying toe rag who had submitted the false reports the previous year, PC Jim Wynne, who was not that far off from retiring.

(If I had caught PC J Wynne out with his false reports, once retired he couldn’t have been charged with any offence, so he could basically write all sorts of bullshit in his reports. In 2017 the Police Reform Act changed this so police officers could still be charged and prosecuted once retired or resigned).

I Inform Chris Ruane Of My Discontent Regarding How He Has Represented Me

On the 1st July 2009 I emailed Chris Ruane MP and what is interesting is that I document that I am not happy at all in the manner in which he has been representing me. In his letter in July 2000 he stated that he would do everything he could to stop the harassment, but around January 2001 from when Dr Landon had put the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia on my medical records, he had done nothing, not even attempting to submit ONE complaint. I obviously still didn’t know about the diagnosis at this stage, but I did state my frustration that he hadn’t really done anything to assist me, which he hadn’t.

chris ruane mp 2

At the bottom of the email (which is a copy of the email that was provided to me by Janet Burgess who was Chris Ruane’s secretary) it is clearly visible that Chris in his own handwriting states:

If you give me specifics on times, dates descriptions of any harassment he will take it up with the relevant authorities, but I will need this level of detail.

I was not going to hang myself by providing details on any overt jew-baiting tactics and he already knew that if I provided details like this I could end up being evaluated (possibly detained) because I had already briefed him. He knew I couldn’t do that, but he still kept asking.

As he kept asking for these details, I later came to the realisation that maybe because he hadn’t done anything that assisted me in any way whatsoever, maybe he already knew about the false paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis, but he never said anything. However, nothing was added on ANY of his case notes stating that he had been informed that I had a mental illness, false or otherwise, or he suspected anything, which obviously would have been untrue.

The following year I would be shocked to my core by what I discovered…

The response I got from Chris was what he had hand written on my email that was printed off by his staff and given to me:


I was not going to hang myself by providing specifics of overt stalking which what Chris wanted me to do so I engaged PC Jim Wynne in some mediation that I requested that Chris had set up for me.

PC Jim Wynne Makes a Monumental Mistake in Police Report CID 16 July 2009

In July 2009 I went to Rhyl Police Station to meet a senior police officer that I had requested Chris would arrange because pursuing the complaints process didn’t appear to be an option for Chris. I was attempting to engage the police in dialogue in order that I could live my life free from State interference. Submitting complaints was not an option and legal action against the police would have costs thousands of pounds and because I had been blacklisted, I couldn’t get well paid work such as caravan sales which is what I had previously done. When I got to the police station PC Jim Wynne was waiting for me. He walked me around the station and I then realised that I would not be meeting any senior police officer, so much for mediation.

PC Jim Wynne was a slimy toad who also tried to get me to provide details on overt stalking and harassment ( so he could submit a false report) but I only provided details of where I had been harassed which was caught on CCTV, which the police had destroyed or lost the evidence which I informed him of. Fortunately, after this so called mediation, the harassment did start to decrease a lot, not as a result of any mediation, but mainly because I had been speaking to investigative reporters and political activists who were looking into covert policing tactics with the aim of exposing it, and I was being considered as being very knowledgeable on the subject.

( From 2012 I had met and spoke to film directors from Los Angeles and the UK, documentary film makers from the UK, producers from CH4, the BBC, VICE and ITV. Several film production companies were serious about making a film/documentary on my experiences and political policing in the UK but they could never get over the final hurdle and receive funding).

Thats a Big Mistake Jim ………DOH!

On the 18th July 2009 whilst I was supposed to be in the mediation process with NWP, PC Jim Wynne made a big mistake. He submitted a CID 16 form to psychiatric services stating quite clearly elements of the false diagnosis by Dr Landon by referring to ‘my continuing thoughts of paranoia‘. He then states that ‘he was concerned that I was becoming increasingly frustrated by my illness’ (paranoid schizophrenia) … and he was going to pass this information to mental health services with a view to having my GP, Dr Landon come to visit me with mental health professionals. In other words, he was stating that I should be evaluated by a sectioning team of 3.

Note: By 2002 I had pretty much mastered the most effective ways in which to deal with police harassment which I have gone on to educate tens of thousands of people worldwide.

b22I didn’t obtain a copy of this report until 2013.

2009 – Political Activism to Expose Political Policing

In October 2009, I was disillusioned with the non-action of Chris Ruane MP so I bought myself a new laptop and I started to contact other ex-military personnel, ex-MI5 operatives and disgruntled former intelligence personnel who were politically active as I had ideas for projects on how to expose the extent of political policing in the UK. I worked on various projects……

undercoverThis book was published in 2013

Does Chris Ruane MP Want Legitimate Incidents of Police Harassment?

By the November 2009 the harassment was still ongoing so I got back in touch with Chris and suggested that rather than a list of specific incidents with dates and times etc of stalking incidents which he had asked for, I recommended that I provide a chronological list of incidents over a 13 year period where there was evidence available rather than what Chris had asked for which would have most likely got me evaluated and/or (detained).


Janet Burgress Chris Ruane’s secretary emailed Chris stating the obvious:

‘Not that they would probably admit to anything’.


Janet Burgess in the above email is probably the only member of Chris Ruane’s staff that spoke any resemblance of sense during the entire time I was in contact with Chris Ruane MP and his team over a 22 year period. North Wales Police were never going hold their hands up and admit to carrying out any harassment campaigns, and Janet pointed this out to Chris Ruane.

In December 2009 I informed Janet Burgess that I would forward a report on the different types of harassment which has been reported for decades by thousands of  different activist groups by the end of January 2010 which I did. I had already briefed Chris years ago and he was very aware of them.


June 2010 – Plain Clothes Police Officer Sgt Bob Welch Caught Making Threats on CCTV

The next time I went to see Chris Ruane MP was on the 25th June 2010 as a plain clothes police officer (or a police officer in plain clothes) had been caught on more than 6 CCTV cameras in the town centre threatening me which I reported to the police. Chris had been asking for specific incidents when they occurred which was now not so frequent after I had previously reported these types of incidents to NWP in the past, so they changed strategy. When the evidence was available to provide the details, I gave them to Chris and this incident was fresh as a daisy which he could have requested that NWP investigate, or even contacted the IPCC or the Home Office.

A note is made of this in Chris Ruane’s Constituent Surgery Notes on page 2. Bob Walsh caught on 6 x cameras.



Bob Welch was a North Wales Police officer  (Sgt) who was questioned on paedophile offences in 2017 but then killed himself. It appears that the name Bob Welch was written as Bob Walsh by Chris Ruane MP’s staff who were taking the notes. So a Bob Welch did exist who had worked for NWP.
welch2From 2010 – 2016 I had some minor involvement on regional projects to investigate and expose paedophile rings operating across North Wales. (Google ‘bob welch north wales police).

What is indisputable is that Chris Ruane MP was given a specific incident and the name of a police officer that he could take up with NWP (and other) and request that they investigate, so you would think that’s what he would do, right.

Chris Writes to Chief Super Humpreys And Fails To Provide Details Of Incident

Chris Ruane wrote to Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys NWP a week later on the 2nd July 2010 where you would think that he would raise the above incident that I had given him. Not only does he not make any mention of this incident, the name of Bob Welch, but he also does not include that I was a former leading campaigner for Iraq Veterans who the Secretary of State for Defence had requested to meet me, and I had also been invited to meet the Prime Minister, that I had been reporting police harassment, criminal damage, car theft and vandalism to name a few to NWP since 1997 in which I had logged thousands of incidents. He could of informed the Chief Superintendent with so much information, but this is what he wrote:

b25That’s right, “resolve his fears”

It appears that in this letter Chris Ruane MP was singing off the same song sheet as PC Jim Wynne and NWP by suggesting that I had fears that needed resolving. There is no mention of any of the details I had provided to him that I had been threatened which had been caught on 6 x cameras by a known police officer. It was normally NWP’s stance to not investigate allegations of harassment, now it was clear in black and white,  Chris Ruane MP appeared to be doing the same.

Simon Humphreys Reply


Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys also starts to spill the beans in his letter as he states that I am well known among local police officers. In other words, he is stating that I am well known as the local paranoid schizophrenic who has made claims of being harassed by the police. Again, there is no mention that I am a former leading campaigner for Iraq War Veterans. He also states that I was given a tour of Rhyl Police Station to “resolve my fears”. What Simon Humpreys is referring to is the mediation that Chris Ruane MP arranged on my behalf with NWP which I attended Rhyl Police Station in 2009 to meet with a senior police officer, but I was greeted by the slimy toad PC Jim Wynne, who walked me around the police station to the canteen where we sat down to chat about harassment, in which he was offensive, aggressive and rude. This is when PC Jim Wynne then submitted the CID 16 where he mentions that I had paranoia and I was frustrated by my illness.

Chris Ruane MP Refuses to Provide ME With The Above 2 Letters

In August 2010 I was requesting that Chris Ruane MP provide me with a copy of the letter that he sent on the 2nd July 2010 to Chief Superintendent Humphreys in which he stated that “would it be possible to arrange mediation to resolve his fears“, of which, I didn’t actually have any.

There was only one reason why Chris Ruane MP would not give me a copy of this letter, that is because he did not reference the incident involving the plain clothes police officer Bob Welch which I had reported to the police –  caught on 6 x cameras. He only referred to resolving my fears.

On the 21st July 2010 (above letter) Chief Superintendent Simon Humpreys replied to his letter but Chris told me he hadn’t replied during a telephone call on the 26th August 2010, so I emailed Chris to clarify what we discussed on the phone which is the email below:


What is also important to note here is that I was never given copies of these letters after the surgery appointment with Chris. When you went to see Chris at one of his constituent surgeries, you would be sent copies of the letters that he had written on your behalf. Chris did not send me the above 2 letters, the one he sent to the Chief Super and the reply he received, as I would of surely then submitted a complaint to the Parliamentary Standards Committee as Chris was referring to me as having some kind of mental illness which was fear related, which incidentally is what paranoid schizophrenia is.


The following year on the 12th April 2011 as Chris Ruane MP had still not supplied copies of the letters he had sent to Simon Humpreys and the reply he received, I emailed him again and stated that as Simon Humphreys had not replied to his letters ( I was told he had wrote another as there was no reply from the first letter) I requested his opinion on now writing to the Home Office again as Simon Humpreys (NWP) were refusing to address the concerns of police harassment that Chris was raising with them.

The problem obviously was that Chris had received a reply, but Chris and Simon were referring to ‘resolving my fears …… which of course was in relation to the false diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia that Dr Landon had unlawfully placed on my medical records in 2001.


From 2009 -2011 I had been busy working on projects to expose covert policing operations against campaigners as there was no point in making complaints against NWP or going to see Chris Ruane MP as I was getting stonewalled. I was also working on a lot of other projects.

( I had also by this stage been approached by the group of Iraq War Veterans who requested my assistance in commencing the High Court legal challenge which I started in 2011 but it took another year to recruit a legal firm (Public Interest Lawyers) and a while after before we could commence proceedings).

After I had requested Chris Ruane MP’s opinion on contacting the Home Office I was sent an appointment. I gave Chris Ruane MP some details regarding harassment and he wrote to Chief Superintendent Simon Humpreys again. ( I was told that Simon Humpreys had not replied the previous year which he had. Chris had concealed it from me).


It is very clear in this above letter that Chris did receive a reply from Simon Humphreys in 2010 as he states that he did, he just wasn’t telling me about it. He would also not provide me with a copy of the above letter which I eventually received in February 2013, and I then submitted a complaint on the 4th May 2013.


In the below email Chris Ruane MP states to Simon Humpreys that he is awaiting a response from his recent letter dated 19th April 2011.


Chief Superintendent Simon Humpreys Drops A Clanger ….Ooops!

Simon Humpreys in his email reply (below) to Chris Ruane MP he states very clearly:

“Perhaps you could talk him towards further treatment/counselling?”


To be clear, I have never had treatment or counselling for paranoid schizophrenia or any mental illness. I have never been referred to any mental health professional or psychiatrist for a mental illness. I have also never taken any medication ever for any mental health condition. My mental health medical records are as clean as a whistle apart from the unlawful diagnosis that have been entered on them. Have I ever experienced any mental health wobbles throughout the last 20+ years, yes I have, but it was only ever short term bouts of stress that I experienced that I valued as a very important part of my development that was integral to my growth. I actually learnt to appreciate stress as it forces me out of my comfort zone. I seek out stressful experiences, projects and challenges in order to grow and stretch my mind as a human being. Staying static is not an option for me.


It therefore appears quite clear that PC Jim Wynne, Chief Superintendent Simon Humpreys and Chris Ruane MP appear to have all been singing off the same song sheet since Dr Landon gave me the unlawful diagnosis in 2001. It seemed that they had all been using the unlawful diagnosis to refuse to address the issues of police harassment that I had brought to their attention as tax payer funded public servants which was their public duty to pursue.

It took 11 years for the truth to emerge about what they had been doing, but it has come out in the end, but only just….

The day after Chief Superintendent Simon Humpreys emailed Chris Ruane on the 11th May 2011 suggesting that Chris should talk me towards further treatment, I received a visit at my home by PC Steven Thomas. I wouldn’t let him in, it was nice and sunny and some neighbours were outside and I wanted witnesses. I chatted with PC Thomas for around 5 minutes and then he left and he submitted a report which he sent to the community mental health team.


PC Thomas to be fair to him doesn’t exaggerate too much although he did write up a report for psychiatric services.

However, he did state in his report that:

  • I had a history of making allegations
  • I had been in contact with MP for 15 years
  • The house seems exceptionally well ordered
  • I appeared neat and well presented
  • I was exceptionally well briefed on political policing operations (i.e. – harassment)
  • He observed that I was acting perfectly normal in conversation
  • That I was well presented, sincere and very articulate

It appears that because of what I said in a 5 minute conversation regarding experiencing harassment by NWP seemed to be outrageous to PC Thomas, that is why he submitted a report to psychiatric services, despite there being no obvious mental health markers. (This is currently subject to complaint with the IOPC, see below).

The multi-billion pound legal cases I was instigating against the MoD were not an issue it appears….

Just over a week later I received a letter from the Community Mental Health Team dated the 20th May 2011 requesting that I attend an appointment with them at my GP Surgery which also would have been with Dr Landon. This was the attempt to evaluate me I referred to earlier.

Attempt To Evaluate Me Based On Falsified Reports By NWP


The psychiatric team asked me to attend the appointment on the 31st May 2011.

Chris Ruane MP Requests Details On Specific Incidents- Email 23rd May 2011

On the 23rd May 2011 Chris Ruane MP emailed me (below) and asked me to provide specific incident details, which I had provided details that he still had from the previous year, NWP Officer Bob Welch caught on 6 x CCTV cameras, but it appeared that Chris wasn’t interested in this incident, or ones like this, he never was, it appeared that he only wanted the vague details of overt stalking/harassment as this would have fitted very well with the false diagnosis of paranoid schizophrena that Dr Landon had given me. Chris Ruane MP and Chief Super Simon Humpreys it appears were not interested in legitimate incidents of harassment that had evidence to back it up.

If I had provided any details of being overtly stalked/harassed that Chris Ruane MP wanted me to provide prior to the appointment that I was sent, and if I would then have turned up at the appointment, I would have obviously been quizzed on these details by the sectioning team of 3 at my GP Surgery including Dr Fooking Landon.

This appears to have been an obvious conspiracy to have me sectioned under the Mental Health Act…


As soon as I was sent the appointment for the psychiatric evaluation I contacted my solicitor which is when I put the GP Surgery under surveillance which determined that an attempt to evaluate and detain me was in process, which I didn’t attend.

I Make Complaints to Psychiatric Team Regarding NWP Falsified Reports

I was then in contact with the Community Psychiatric Team for the next month or so where I raised various concerns and eventually made complaints regarding NWP submitting falsified police reports because I was reporting harassment. I was then advised by my solicitor to keep away from Chris Ruane MP.

Life Continues ……

Over the next few years I worked with political campaigners on various projects to expose the extent of political policing in this country.

In September 2012, I went to see my GP and he told me the example of the brain tumour before disclosing that Dr Landon had given me a wrong diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, which was actually unlawful, not wrong.


I was UNLAWFULLY DIAGNOSED, not wrongly.

Now It All Made Sense…

As I walked out the GP Surgery that day, the entire last 12 years started to make complete sense to me. 6 months later I asked the GP to again look into the false diagnosis and carry out an investigation.


Dr Arora my new GP concluded that there had been an error with the read coding of my patient records. I complained about the above conclusions as there was evidence which suggested his findings were incorrect.  I had been given copies from my medical records which clearly showed that Dr Landon had contacted other agencies informing them that I had paranoid schizophrenia which he had done in his own handwriting, and I had the copies, therefore, there could not have been any errors with any read coding. Dr Arora informed me to contact a solicitor, and I subsequently made a complaint to the General Medical Council.

June 2013- Complaint Against Chris Ruane MP

It was only in February 2013 that I managed to get copies of the letters that Chris had written to Simon Humpreys in 2010 as he just would not provide them, which was quite obvious why as he only referred to my fears in relation to police harassment, and he failed to provide the incident of harassment that was caught on CCTV involving police officer Bob Welch that I had given him. It was only because of the conscience of one of his staff that I actually received copies at all, and when I did, I submitted the following complaint, and another the following year.


Dr James Davies

Dr James Davies – July 2013

By July 2013 I had lost complete trust and faith in Chris Ruane MP. I eventually sent a complaint to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards in relation to Chris Ruane MP but I discovered months later that they never received it. I sent another complaint 10 months later and then also discovered that they also never received that one either.

On the 9th July 2013 I arranged to meet Dr James Davies at Costa Coffee in Prestatyn where I briefed him for over 2 hours on the false diagnosis by Dr Landon, ongoing police harassment and the problems that I had been having with Chris Ruane MP. (All of the above).



Application to Give Evidence at the Public Inquiry Into Undercover Policing Operations 1968 – 2008

In 2014 I emailed Chris Ruane MP and requested that he contact the Public Inquiry Team in order that I could make an application to give evidence against special branch and the police. The Home Secretary Theresa May had ordered a Public Inquiry after the initial investigation into undercover operations Operation Herne had concluded that the police had unjustifiably infiltrated and undermined protest and campaign groups for decades.

As I have previously eluded to, the national committee for Iraq War Veterans that I was working for from 1996-97 was infiltrated by special branch in order to conceal the true number of soldiers deaths from experimental vaccines, of which, I was of a small number of Veterans that had the proof. As it has turned out, I am the only Iraq Veteran that has applied to give evidence to expose the cover up of how many actually died.

I approached Chris Ruane MP in July 2000 requesting his assistance as the democratically elected representative for the Vale of Clwyd, which as you have learn’t was a long drawn out process in which I was close to losing my freedom on many occasions without me ever knowing about it. When the Public Inquiry was announced, I like many others was excited as it appeared that I had an avenue to pursue in order to give evidence on the harassment that I had experienced as I could not count on Chris Ruane MP to do his job, so I requested that Chris contact the inquiry team on my behalf.


The Home Office reply:


It appeared that I would be finally able to give evidence against the Police State, but little was I to know that as of the present ( November 2019) NOT ONE WITNESS has been called to give evidence as the police have used every delaying tactic. The inquiry started in 2014 and was supposed to be complete by 2019. The problem that many witnesses have complained about is that witnesses are still under surveillance and still being harassed, and they may have to continue being harassed for another 5 years or more until they are called to give evidence, if they are in any fit state to do so of course.

Dr James Davies Continued…..

Dr James Davies was very willing to assist me throughout 2014. I still kept in touch with Chris Ruane MP’s office staff but I was not going to meet with him considering his past conduct.

davies 2014

On the 9th July 2014 Dr James Davies wrote to the Wales Office and informed them of my predicament. They again advised that I take up any issues with the relevant authorities, i.e. any harassment complaints had to be submitted to NWP.



The Police Commissionaire Winston Roddick 2014

In May 2014 I requested that Chris Ruane MP contact the Police Commissionaire Winston Roddick in order that I could meet with him to brief him on the all of the above which I assumed he would then order an investigation into North Wales Police, Chris Ruane MP and my former GP Dr Landon.

Winston Roddick is high profile multi-millionaire barrister who was the former Attorney General for Wales. He was also a leading 33 degree Freemason. He became the North Wales Police Commissionaire in 2012 amidst a lot of controversy. I was sent an appointment to meet him at NWP HQ on 22nd August 2014.


The commissionaire was a very likeable and charismatic old chap, and I really enjoyed the meeting with him at Gestapo HQ, being very careful not to throw out my right arm, whilst using my left forefinger as a pretend moustache whilst shouting seig heil when I was introduced to him.  I thought the meeting went quite well but due to his legal expertise, he was able to tie me up in knots without me even knowing it. I did notice though that he gulped a few times when I briefed him on the above, showing him all the documentation I have included above, (and much more that I haven’t included for this blog). The meeting lasted 2 hours in which he arranged to see me again, but then refused to do so when I requested an appointment. I was then left to pursue complaints via the appropriate bodies or pursue legal action which would have cost thousands of pounds.

I was left twiddling my thumbs until the next election….hoping for a DR James victory.

Dr James Davies WINS The Election For The Vale Of Clwyd

On 7th May 2015 Dr James Davies was elected as the Member of Parliament for the Vale of Clwyd. As you can see from the above emails, Dr James appeared to be very helpful from the outset that I was meeting with him from 2013.

I was waiting for the Public Inquiry to start so I didn’t really feel that it was necessary to pursue complaints through James Davies MP to the Home Office on any past harassment or through NWP, and anyway, by now, any harassment against me was water off a ducks crack.

I had already submitted my initial application to the Public Inquiry Team in which I had been put on a list of possible witnesses that could be called to give evidence. On the advice of my solicitor I had only submitted very brief details on our Iraq Veterans committee being infiltrated by special branch, as I was waiting for the inquiry to start hearing evidence before instructing my solicitor to contact the inquiry team and revealing the full scope of the evidence I wished to give. I had to conceal what evidence I actually had as I could have then been theoretically bombarded with harassment and who knows the extent the government authorities would do to prevent witnesses from giving evidence.


I had already started the multi-party compensation claim to include over 10,000 Iraq Veterans with Public Interest Lawyers in 2012, and my strategy was to give evidence at the Public Inquiry from 2014 which hopefully the Judge would have then have ordered another inquiry into why special branch covered up the true number of soldiers deaths from the experimental vaccines that Veterans had in 1990-91. This would then have of course assisted in the multi-party legal challenge.

It appeared to be a good strategy which was endorsed by people who were far more intelligent than I was. However, if successful, it could cost the Ministry of Defence BILLIONS, and I was yet to discover the lengths that certain agencies would go to….

Meeting Dr James Davies-  The New Member of Parliament

After James Davies MP was elected for one reason or another I was unable to meet him until 20th November 2015. b42

I discussed with James that I had been experiencing increased police harassment since I had applied to give evidence at the Public Inquiry so he stated that he would write to the Chairman of the Public Inquiry Lord Pitchford. (See below).

Lord Pitchford Informed by Dr James Davies Of Increased Harassment


Dr James Davies Writes to Police Commissioner For A Meeting To Discuss Nearly TWO Decades Of Harassment

I also discussed with James Davies MP that Winston Roddick had refused to meet me after my initial meeting in August 2014. James agreed that he would write to the commissionaire and that he would come with me to meet Winston as I was still hoping that he would instigate an investigation into NWP for the harassment I had experienced, as well as the actions of senior, middle and low ranking police officers who it appeared had spent years labelling me as suffering from the unlawful diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, which the police used as reason to refuse to not only investigate my complaints of harassment for over 10 years, but to also use it in attempts to get me psychologically evaluated, and possibly sectioned. I also wanted to discuss the role of Chris Ruane and any possible involvement which James was keenly aware of.

So James Davies MP wrote to the police commissionaire.


Winston Roddick was requesting a copy of a hand written letter that I had submitted to NWP regarding a complaint I had made in 1997 against NWP which I did not have a copy of,( it was hand written) so his reason for not meeting was rightly questioned by Dr James Davies.

Winston Roddick Does Not Reply To Dr James Davies MP Letters

James Davies MP did not receive a reply from Winston Roddick in December 2015 so he wrote to him again in January 2016 requesting an immediate appointment. Winston Roddick also didn’t reply to that letter so I made another appointment to see James Davies MP.

James’s secretary Rachael Astle confirmed in her email to me on the 3rd March 2016 that she HAD NOT received any response from their letters to the police commissionaire. I therefore made another appointment to see James Davies MP for the 4th March 2016.


Meeting 4th March 2016 at 4pm

During the meeting on the 4th March 2016 James Davies MP suggested that he would write to the Police Commissionaire a third time which I thought was futile as he had failed to reply to the previous letters. If he failed to respond again we discussed that James would take my concerns to the Home Office and the Police and Crime Panel which oversaw the role of the Police Commissionaire.

After the meeting with James I posted this on Facebook:

b55That’s me on the left with the big honker, and James on the right who was born with a silver ……butt plug in his anus.

However, before I had the meeting with James Davies MP on the 4th March 2016 I had phoned several journalists from 1400hrs and I briefed them on my experiences with the Police Commissionaire, and what I was attempting to get the commissionaire to investigate and his refusal to meet me. They were very interested…..

I then phoned the Police and Crime Panel at 1500hrs Friday 4th March 2016, (one hour before the meeting with James) and I informed them that the Police Commissionaire was refusing to reply to James Davies MP letters requesting a meeting and I outlined what I was going to discuss with the commissionaire. I then informed them that if no action is taken against the Police Commissionaire I would be proceeding and giving interviews to the press, possibly with Dr James Davies MP who I was meeting later that afternoon.

On the following Monday morning the Police Commissionaire Winston Roddick informed the Police and Crime Panel that he would not be standing for re-election in the May elections. On the Wednesday I posted this comical post on facebook:


On the 9th March 2016 I believed that the Police Commissionaire had acted immorally so I wished to pursue a complaint before he stood down as Commissionaire which I had discussed with James Davies MP who I had assumed would also be complaining. I requested in an email that James should follow up with a complaint considering that the commissionaire was not replying to his emails requesting a meeting.

I had also spoken to journalists and I was waiting for James Davies MP to give me an answer on whether he will be speaking to the press with me regarding the Police Commissionaire. This would have been a big story….


The response from James Davies MP was that he would not be making a complaint but he would send a third letter to the Police Commissionaire, which was not replied to.


Dr James Davies MP Goes AWOL On Me And Now Refuses To Meet Me

On the 16th March 2016 I requested a meeting with James to discuss the political abuse of psychiatry which I had discussed with James before he was elected, and after, which was the unlawful diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia that was put on my records. I also wanted to speak to him as I still had journalists on hold regarding speaking to the press concerning the Police Commissionaire, which would have also exposed the actions of NWP and Chris Ruane.


I was not sent any details regarding an appointment. James had a very large waiting list so you had to make appointments quickly as there was a 3 month waiting list to see him, and this is what I was doing.

James was also not giving me an answer regarding making any time available to speak to the journalists. I began to sense that he was reluctant to speak to the press, but I didn’t know why…


I briefed James in Costa Coffee in 2013 on the false diagnosis, Chris Ruane and NWP and I sent him the correspondence.

I never received the usual swift response from James Davies MP’s secretary as I still had the journalists on hold and I wanted to pursue this which James had originally backed. So the following week I phoned his office and I spoke to his office manager Matt Wright who was extraordinarily rude and offensive who would not give me any answers on whether James would come and speak to the journalists.

I then contacted one of the journalists I had been speaking to and he informed me that Matt Wright, James Davies MP office manager, friend and campaign manager had been selected to become the conservative party candidate for the Police Commissionaire elections. I think I may have fainted when I heard this…….

In this email below dated 23rd March 2016 I raised my concerns with James Davies MP regarding going to the press concerning the current police commissionaire as well as NWP, psychiatric abuse and police misconduct, and his friends nomination to stand in the forthcoming Police Commissionaire elections as a possible conflict of interest.


It started to make a little sense why James Davies MP would now not meet me or pursue a complaint against the current Police Commissionaire Winston Roddick. It was also apparent why he would also not support me by speaking to the press. His friend, campaign manager and employee was now standing as a candidate for the Police Commissionaire elections.

The privately educated Dr James Davies MP may have been putting his friendship and the possible election of his close friend Matt Wright to the role of Police Commissionaire before the needs of his constituent, and his overall constituents by not speaking to the press on police misconduct, the conduct of Chris Ruane and the unlawful psychiatric diagnosis I had experienced which I was now prepared to speak to the press about with the support of DOCTOR James Davies MP. 

  James Davies MP had a public duty to pursue what I had brought to him, but he not only refused to do it, he even refused to meet or speak to me again.

Matt Wright The Conservative Candidate for Police Commissionaire 2016 – (Article Here)

I never heard off James Davies again so I made a complaint …. and I have never heard off him since.


The Wilderness Years

From 2016-2018 I attempted to engage local councillors to inform them of my circumstances for some support but they were worse than Chris Ruane and Dr James Davies. They initially replied to my emails but then they suddenly stopped before I even met them. It appeared that I had come up against a wall of morally and ethically corrupted tax payer funded public servants.

I started to give politicians a wide berth.

I started publishing more material online anonymously regarding political policing operations and I hooked up with former MI5 agents, special branch operatives, ex-police, ex-military and political activists who were exposing the extraordinary level of police surveillance and harassment against people who were seeking justice and campaigning for various political reforms, who were then being routinely targeted by the police.

Chris Ruane Ousts James Davies in 2017 Election

In 2017 Chris Ruane MP won the Vale of Clwyd election which ousted Dr James Davies. I waited a long while but in 2018 I arranged to see Chris Ruane MP to speak to him to discuss his conduct during 2001 -2013. I had arranged to covertly record the meeting with _________________. The meeting was scheduled for the 4th May 2019 at CAB Rhyl.


In 2019 I was given a court order which gagged me from using social media to discuss some aspects of what then occurred in relation to Chris Ruane MP. I will do my utmost to prevent a court appearance.  (There is a current Police investigation taking place that took me well over 6 months to instigate as NWP initially refused to commence an investigation).

I went along to the meeting with Chris which was at 1800hrs at the CAB in Rhyl. I had arrived 8 minutes-ish before the meeting when a plain clothes police officer came into the building moments after I had arrived. He then speaks to Chris’s assistant who is about 3 foot away from me and the police officer states quite loudly that there had been a threat made against Chris Ruane MP which was why he was there. I was the only person there waiting, so I assumed that it must be me.

Chris’s assistant went in to speak to Chris, then I was called in to the meeting room listening device set at record. I attempted to get Chris to discuss his actions as I went through each year and each piece of correspondence (above) showing him each letter and why it appeared that he never really represented my interests as his constituent. He also was requesting details on vague stalking, rather than presenting the police incident numbers I had given to him which appeared to be slightly suspicious. I also asked him why he was discussing that I required further treatment for a condition (paranoid schizophrenia) that I never had with senior police officer Simon Humphreys in his email exchange.  I attempted to get him to discuss all the relevant points but he could not be drawn to discuss them, veering off at every opportunity just as you would expect a professional politician to do.

When I had left the building I was later informed that plain clothes armed police had also been parked near to the CAB building.

I also learn’t some 6 months later that the police had submitted an intelligence report before I had gone to the appointment stating that I had threatened to kill an MP.  (This was untrue, I am a pacifist and I don’t have a violent bone in my body).  (This is now under investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct).

It appeared quite clear that NWP had been attempting to intimidate me by turning up at the appointment to quiz Chris Ruane MP and his involvement in appearing to have me evaluated and possibly detained from 2001-2012.

NWP Continue To Submit False Police Reports

From May 2018 until July 2019 NWP officers continued to submit false police reports and send them to the local psychiatric unit stating that I was paranoid in relation to a blog that I had published which contained a disclaimer stating that the blog was fictional, and that I had a mental illness, which was referring to the paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis that was REMOVED by my GP in 2012, which should also have been removed from the NWP database in 2012.

(In 2014 I submitted a complaint to NWP Complaints department who investigated another false report where a police officer had stated in a report that I had PTSD which I have never had. I met with NWP Professional Standards and their action was to remove ALL of the falsified details on their database, which it appears that they didn’t do. This is also under investigation by the IOPC).


Police Officers then also submitted several more false reports stating that I was mentally ill including one false report in which police officers stated that they had come to my home and they had raised concerns regarding my mental health. The problem with this report is that no police officers came to my home which turned out was quite easily proved.

sar 1 a

The above report contains incorrect information as the person the police officers are referring to CANNOT be me as I am not a father, which the report states. The mobile number was also not mine.

NWP have already apologised for this falsified report.

The same Occurrence Log was also accessed several days later where an officer also falsely added that ” I believed I was working for special branch in London“.


To be clear, I have never worked for Special Branch.

NWP Still Use Aggressive Tactics AFTER The False Report and Try To Have Me Evaluated And Possibly Detained

I was used to North Wales Police submitting false reports and attempting to get me evaluated and hopefully detained, coming to my home then making up shit and submitting false reports, but this recent surge in false reporting resulted in more improper conduct as the local psychiatric team came to my home in an attempt to evaluate me. It appeared that as they were unable to get me to voluntary commit myself for evaluation from 2009 on wards, NWP decided to have a crack at sending them to my home instead.

psych teamI photographed the psychiatric detention team leaving.

I obviously then submitted a series of complaints to the police and the local psychiatric unit as when the psych team arrived, they realised that I was in fact perfectly fine and I did not require evaluation. They are then photographed leaving.

I have previously stated on social media that when they arrived, I opened the front door butt naked, broke into a soprano rendition of ” Don’t cry for me Argentina” and I then slapped the psychiatrist around the face multiple times with my penis, before closing the door. This was a joke, and it did not happen.

Since I met Chris Ruane MP on the 4th May 2018 I have had to make an extraordinary amount of complaints against North Wales Police, most likely because I was attempting to expose how I was given a unlawful diagnosis which NWP attempted to use to evaluate and detain me, including the involvement it appears of Chris Ruane MP, all because I had campaigned for recognition and justice for Iraq War Veterans.

bike protest 2In this newspaper article from 1997 I was quoted as saying that I wanted 1% of £9 million pounds that was donated by the public to set up an independent foundation as Special Branch/MI5 had infiltrated our National Committee in order to cover up the true amount of deaths. We were being hampered in our efforts to get the truth out.

Police National Computer Goes Tits Up

If the Police would have inputted the correct data from intelligence reports in the 1990’s when they completed their psychological profiling reports on me, the police computer would have set off flashing blue lights with a red warning sign on the screen stating:




But apparently, the police had a problem with the read coding on their computer….

Malicious Prosecution 

In July 2018 NWP brought a malicious prosecution against me in which I ended up representing myself at Crown Court and I was granted an acquittal by the CPS, although it came with a gagging order.

After the court case I then made complaints against NWP for bringing a malicious prosecution against me in which they lost the complaint for almost 2 months, and within days of the complaint being submitted, I was then subjected to various acts of criminal damage which it appears in some peoples opinions to have been instigated in order that I drop the complaint and do not pursue legal action against NWP.


Some of the acts of “terrorism” I experienced…..

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC)

In October 2019 I submitted over a dozen appeals to the IOPC as I was advised to not provide evidence to NWP in relation to over 2 dozen complaints I had originally submitted to NWP Complaints Department from May 2018 as I could then provide evidence direct to the IOPC via the appeals process.

The IOPC are now investigating these complaints including why NWP continued to submit false reports regarding mental health conditions that I have never had over a 18 year period, which should be determined as long term harassment, which was related to my campaigning for Iraq War Veterans.


North Wales Police Professional Standards are also investigating half a dozen complaints. I also have many more complaints to submit in relation to numerous other police officers and NWP. I currently have only a handful of complaints that have been UPHELD.

In Conclusion

This conclusion could be a long one, but I will keep it simple….

For over 3 decades from the 1960’s the communist countries of the Soviet Bloc detained millions of people in psychiatric hospitals because many of them disagreed with the oppression that they lived under in a one party totalitarian police state. It was only with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the resulting fall of communism in 1989 that change began to occur, and the people of these countries were granted by their ‘leaders’ to live their lives with a little more freedom than they had previously been permitted to do so.

It is my own personal view that what we are witnessing now in Great Britain is a similar loss of freedoms to what the people who lived during the emergence of the Soviet Bloc also experienced as communism took a grip of their societies. It appears that the Police State have weaponised psychiatry just as they did in communist countries, which is being used to detain people who pursue activities such as campaigning for justice, whistleblowing, protesting and political reform. Many people would even suggest it has been this way for decades, but it has remained hidden from view.

In the Soviet Union the State was able to drag people literally off the streets and detain them in hospitals and gulags just for speaking out and criticising public officials. I was very close to experiencing the same treatment earlier this year when a team of police officers, a psychiatrist and a social worker came to my home based on falsified police reports attempting to evaluate me with the aim of detaining me. I was fortunately aware of the law surrounding these evaluations and I would not co-operate. The Police have over the last year attempted to portray me as being a threat to the public by submitting falsified police reports stating that I am a violent person. Then another agency attempted to categorise me as being a threat to myself, all with the aim of having me evaluated and detained in order to prevent me from exposing what I have experienced since I campaigned for justice for Iraq War Veterans in 1996.

It appears that the use of psychiatry to detain people is being used on a much bigger scale than most people realise. In Russia, they could just drag people off the streets, but in the UK, USA and Europe there are thankfully laws which prevent this. However, from my own experiences and that tens of thousands of others, the Police State are getting around these laws by using stalking programs to harass individuals and ‘psychologically break them down over time’ and if they then report it, State agencies can then request that they be evaluated, detained then diagnosed, which is what is unfortunately occurring, which is not being reported in the media.

And this is happening all over the country….

We should be mindful however that the people in positions of authority are the tax payer funded employee’s of our societal infrastructure that we collectively pay them via taxation to manage our institutions on our behalf. The main concerns that have been identified from research data is that approximately 4% of the population are born psychopathic, and in a country with 65 million people, that’s a lot of psychopaths.

It is said that we will come into contact with 60 psychopaths in our lifetimes. If you add the percentage of sociopaths, the narcissists and people with other personality disorders, then the statistics state that between 17 – 19% of the population are suffering from mild to severe mental disorders, who in most cases act like normal people. (Just take a look at the Tory Party candidates).

Therein lies the problem……

There is no screening to identify who in positions of authority have these disorders when the research and technology is already available, but as so many people are aware, the psychopaths and sociopaths who are drawn to positions of power and authority who end up working for the police and the government would not authorise such testing protocols.

This is the realisation that John Lennon came to in the 1970’s:

We have been veering into a full blown Technocratic Police Surveillance State for the last 2 decades. If we are to prevent the vast scale of abuses and genocides by the psychopathic self proclaimed elites that occurred under communism, action is required NOW, not later….(Over 150 million people were killed as a result of the implementation of communist ideology across the world since 1917).

We may not be able to see the walls being built around us as they did in East Germany when communism took hold, but make no mistake about it, the invisible walls of the surveillance state with cameras everywhere to smart phones to 5G and facial recognition, the walls have been built, and their getting thicker and bigger with each passing year.

If we then also take into the equation that we have a very corrupted political class and those that are in positions of power and authority who are running the surveillance state may appear to be suffering from personality disorders such as sociopathy, narcissism to psychopathy, we are heading into a nightmare of a surveillance society in which the former communist states of the Soviet Bloc will look like a ‘fairy tale land of the free’ in the not so distant future.

We as free citizens have a duty to pursue directives that make it past the legislative process that all persons seeking positions of public duty have to undergo extensive psychological profiling to determine that they are in a mentally fit state to serve the public. This is obviously easier said than done, as any person seeking to do this will be targeted by the Psychopath Brigade who are already entrenched within all government institutions. It will of course be a battle, but it is a battle that has to be fought if we are to remain free.

The first step to achieving this is via education, education, education and informing the public of the solutions to the deranged psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists who have taken control of our societal infrastructure and institutions.

In the meantime, be careful what you say out loud if you intend on criticising public servants, what you post on social media or even say in front of Alexa, because one day soon, if no action is taken by each and every one of us, you may one day be dragged off the streets or out of your home and detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure, for campaigning for political reforms for a better society, or even for just criticising any one of the public officials who you are unable to identify as a psychopath, a sociopath or a narcissist.

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The Day I Was BIGFOOT’s Body Guard, And I was Forced to Sign The Official Secrets Act

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organised, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

Woodrow Wilson ( American President 1913-1921)

Just another day….

There are times in our lives when we get out of bed in the morning and we expect that today is just going to be another normal day, just like every other day not knowing that by the end of the day, our lives would be forever changed. The 21st April 1994 was just such a day in my life when something so profound happened to me, that it would take decades to unravel itself, and I would finally begin to understand the magnitude of what I had experienced.

The Day I Met Bigfoot 

On the 21st April 1994 I got out of bed like every other day at 6am. I was a serving soldier in the British Army and today I was on body guarding duties which I had been doing 1-2 days a week for the last 5 months. After breakfast I dropped the wife off at work at a GP practice in Gremmendorf in Munster, Germany where she was a nurse. I drove over the road to the main army camp York Barracks and met up with the body guarding teams for the days briefing at 0730hrs. Me and my partner Kev were briefed to pick up a MoD Whitehall Major General from a headquarters building at Joint Head Quarters (JHQ) Rheindahlen and drop him off at Dusseldorf airport.

We picked up a couple of coffee’s for the trip ahead and off we trotted like well trained soldiers that one fine spring morning. We spent the next few hours providing close protection duties for the Major General, picking him up from the headquarters meeting where we then had to listen to his upper class drivel, and his complete disconnection from working class people like me and Kev as he asked us when was the last time we had been to the opera. Me and Kev had looked at each other, both of us with one eyebrow raised, and we knew what we were both thinking at the same time ” What a twat”. We drove him to Dusseldorf airport and dropped him off so he could catch his flight back to London, and then we headed back to camp.

When we had arrived back at the barracks we were expecting the rest of the day off. Kev drove up to the barrier covering the main gate entrance into camp where 2 soldiers were on duty. The barracks had been the location of an IRA drive-by the year before when an IRA 4 man team had driven slowly past the camp and opened up with a machine gun spraying the camp front gate with a full magazine of 30 rounds, miraculously only managing to hit the walls and gate which still beared the hallmark holes of multiple gunshots. Kev pulled out his Army ID card and briskly whisked it past the face of the infantry grunt who was on front gate barrier duty, and as he done so he growled at him to hurry up and open the barrier.

Abzug der britischen Streitkräfte aus Gremmendorf (York Kaserne) und Gievenbeck (Oxford Kaserne)York Barracks, Munster Germany

Kev had a right strop on all the way back from the airport as the Major General had made him carry his briefcase all the way through departures which Kev had insisted was not part of his close protection duties, but the Major General, who was probably the poshest snotty nosed moron I had ever come across insisted, in his high pitched squeaky voice that sounded a lot like Joe Pasquale, ” young man you will carry my briefcase and I will be contacting your Officer in command when I return to London”. So Kev was not a happy bunny. He had been ranting all the way back from the airport in his thick Scottish accent, and as the vehicle we were using did not have a radio, I had to listen to him rambling on, and I did not understand a fricken word of it.

Kev was a Sergeant in the Coldstream Guards and he had only recently returned back to his unit after being kicked out of the SAS. He had been with the SAS for 3 years and he was given the option of leaving the Army altogether, or returning to his unit, but as Kev was army through-and-through, joining up at 16 and being a Army cadet since he was 11, he only ever wanted to be a soldier, so he stayed in and decided to go back to his old unit and soldier on.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Picture of Kev on BG Duty:


I had been working with Kev on close protection for the last 3 months when I wasn’t at my parent unit doing my main job whilst I waited for my transfer to go through. I had been nominated by the Officer Commanding my unit the year before to do a body guarding course as he had allegedly been put on a IRA assassination list for something he had done in Northern Ireland, and he required a driver/chauffeur to take him to and from work. Some of the lads thought he just needed a driver because he was a piss head alcoholic and he didn’t want to get caught out drink driving, but who was I to argue, I got a free body guarding course out of it.

I had completed the 4 week body guarding course that was run by a team of Special Forces and the Military Police with flying colours. For a long while after the course, mostly at inappropriate locations when shopping, such as Aldi, in an attempt to impress zee German vife, I would occasionally run, jump and slide over the bonnet of my car from the passenger side with my hands in the shape of a pretend gun like Starsky and Hutch, until I landed once too often on my head instead of my feet.

andy 1994Picture of me taken in June 1994 when I was 22 years old.

On the first day back to work after the course, I was now a newly qualified body guard and it was now my job to pick up the Officer Commanding our unit from his home and I was looking forward to finding out if he was a piss head or a real target of the IRA. I had already planned to take an inconspicuous route for the 14km drive to work which involved 11km of narrow and winding country roads as there was less likely chance of an ambush on this route.

I had been driving for about 10 minutes and we were about 4 km into the journey and we had just entered into the country road segment when a car came speeding up behind us and stuck to my bumper driving very aggressively. The car had 3 men in it and they were trying to overtake at every opportunity, even on parts of the road that common sense dictated that they shouldn’t have been trying to in an attempt to get ahead of us. I assumed at first that they must be some Germans who were late for work. I started to speed up a little to prevent them overtaking and then I also noticed from the rear view mirror that one of the men had also wound down his rear window and it looked like he had something in his hand. All of this had happened within seconds. As a newly qualified body guard on my first day on the job, I was probably a bit over zealous to say the least, but my training kicked in as this situation indicated that this was a scenario that I needed to get out of quickly, it was what I had been trained to do.

bmw sportThe BMW 325 Coupe – Tuned to Perfection

I could not let them drive past us in case they had weapons and if it was the IRA that had come to kill my OC, the best option was to move sharpish, so I put my foot down in my BMW 325 6 cylinder sport that had been tuned to perfection attempting to lose them on the winding and narrow country lanes. I was also an experienced driver as I had also done numerous driving courses with the Military Police, and even though it may have appeared that I was driving like Michael Schumacker at speeds of over 100mph around narrow country roads, overtaking at will when I could, in an attempt to lose these dipshits, and at times it may have also sounded like I was breaking the sound barrier when the exhaust popped as I dropped down the gears to take hairpin bends at high speeds as the engine backfired, it was professional driving of the highest order, or so I thought.

However, when I looked over to the Officer Commanding, he was holding on for dear life with one hand on the handle above the passenger door, and his feet on the dashboard to keep himself in his seat as we were flying through the country lanes. For the next 10 minutes until we got to our camp, I was hammering it through narrow country lanes, having to do handbrake turns on hair pin bends and all sorts. It must of been one hell of a white knuckle roller coaster ride for the OC, but to me, it was kinda how I used to drive anyway when I was on my own, as I sometimes believed I should of been RAF fighter pilot, not a soldier.

The car following us attempted to stay with us throughout the chase which to me only confirmed my decision to continue to drive at high speeds to get out of the situation, but they really struggled to keep up with my driving.  They only eventually peeled off when we had reached traffic lights when we had got to a junction near to the camp, and they turned right instead of going towards the camp, and the guy in the back seat attempted to throw an empty can of coke at us, not quite a machine gun, but it could of been. I looked at the OC and he thankfully had his eyes closed, so he didn’t see that the threat was not actually a threat at all, and he had endured the ride of his life for nothing.

I was assured in myself that I had taken all the correct measures to protect the OC in this situation, even if it was just some dipshit Germans who had probably targeted us as they recognised that we were soldiers, which did occasionally happen, as we were occupying their country after all. When we arrived inside the camp, the OC still had his legs on the dashboard, and he was still holding on for dear life. I was a little worried about what he would say, so I got out of the car and walked round to the passenger side to open the door for him,  and I said ” Got you to work all safe and sound, Sir” and for good measure, I threw in a salute, for good luck, for me, not for him. I thought I had done a damm good job ensuring his safety, but the poor guy had tears coming out of his eyes, he was speechless, couldn’t put two words together, and I could of swore I heard him whimpering as he exited the vehicle. He then walked into the HQ building wobbling a wee bit from side to side like a penguin. I thought to myself, I knew it, he’s a piss head, and I couldn’t wait to tell the lads.

I parked the car and went into my work office and I had only just made myself a coffee when I heard the Sergeant Major screaming down the corridor ” Lewis, where are you you fucking lunatic, get in my office, NOW”.

It didn’t take a genius to work out what this could be about….

The OC had phoned up the Sergeant Major after he had composed himself and told him that from now on, he will drive himself to and from work, and he would rather be assassinated by the IRA than get in a car with me ever again. So from that point on, I was unemployed as a bodyguard for the next couple of months until I managed to get the gig with the HQ Munster Army Garrison that was assigned to do close protection picking up and driving senior Army Officers to meetings across Western Germany, and that’s how I met Kev and eventually got partnered with him. A mad crazy Scotsman and a loony sheepshagger. We made a cracking team, most of the time.

Once the grunt had opened the barrier Kev wheel spinned away from the front gate and he drove straight to the armory so we could sign in our weapons. I was already thinking about picking up some dinner and going down the outdoor pool to spend the afternoon swimming, sunbathing and oggling topless German girls until the wife finished work, and we would then walk the dog along the canal like we did every evening after work. Kev then drove to our office to hand in the car keys but as we drove towards the office we could see our Officer Commanding Major Lipton standing outside waiting for us. We got out of the car and Kev is thinking that Officer Twat-face has already phoned up and complained, but he hadn’t. Major Lipton informs us that we have one more pick up and drop off to do. Me and Kev looked at each other and he starts ffff’ing and blinding under his breath trying to be careful that Lipton doesn’t hear him, but he fails miserably.

We go into the briefing room.

Major Lipton’s Brief:  A plane had had to make an emergency landing in a airport 30 minutes south of Munster and we had to pick up a British Army Officer and drive him to his destination in Holland. Major Lipton had already laid out the map and told us that it shouldn’t take too long. There was a 30 minute drive to the airport, and only another 45 minute drive to the drop off destination in Holland, and all going well, we would be back to have a early knock off by 3pm. This curve ball had seriously disrupted my plans but I could still get back for a couple of hours by the pool, but it made Kev even worse. On the way back to the armory he sounded more Swahili than Scottish, cursing non-stop. We signed out our 9mm browning pistols with 2 magazines each and Kev decided that we shouldn’t take any assault rifles. I hoped we wouldn’t need them.

Kev decided to drive there and I would drive back. We got there pretty fast as Kev was still fuming but he had managed to calm down a wee bit after we stopped for petrol and I bought him an ice cream which stopped him from moaning,  ‘fucking this – fucking that’ for all of 3 minutes.

Me and the other guys in the close protection duties team had a little competition going on who could get Kev to talk about why he had got kicked out of the SAS, but it was impossible to get anything out of him. I did mention the once, jokingly, in front all of the  BG teams, and it was only the once before we all done some sparring sessions and close-quarter-combat that Kev was in charge of, ‘ that he had been seen once too often in the showers where he had kept bending down to pick up his soap‘. A couple of black eyes and several bruised ribs later, I decided it was not a good idea to wind him up about his homosexual tendencies. 

So today I tried to quiz him on why he got booted from the SAS, probably more of an attempt to shut him up than anything else. I explained how I had been recruited to join the SAS after the Gulf War in 1991 when I was stationed in Paderborn, Germany.  I was asked to look after a Regimental Sergeant Major from the SAS who was this short fat scary looking bloke about 55 years old with a big belly that did not look anything like what you would imagine an SAS soldier to look like. I spent 2 weeks driving him where he needed to go, eating lunch and dinner with him and even hanging out having beers in the evening. In 1991, the SAS were not that well known at all, that only came many years later with the publicity hype from ex-members who wrote a number of books. He would go into detail with me about what the SAS did, what you had to do to get in and the type of work he had been involved with over his 25 year career. I was 19 years old, I was the youngest in my unit of 60 guys and I did not have much confidence in myself, so when he said to me after a week discussing all things SAS after dinner one night, so Andy, why do you think I am telling you all of this, do you want to join the SAS or what, I nearly fell off my chair. Not only was I the youngest in my unit, I was also probably the skinniest, and I did not think for one moment that I had the prerequisite skills to join the SAS, unless they wanted to use me as a lock pick.

What he had said stunned me completely, and I think I muttered ” okay then” not quite believing that he had asked me to join the SAS. He told me that the type of work I would be selected for would most likely be involved in carrying out terrorist attacks and assassinations against the IRA who we were currently in a war with over in Ireland, and this sounded fantastic to my 19 year old self. He told me that the SAS would carry out a terrorist attack, and it would be blamed on someone else, or the SAS would go and do a drive-by or assassinate someone and the IRA or UVF would get blamed for it, it was all part of the dirty war in Ireland and it had all sounded terrific. I spent a lot of time with this fat SAS dude being indoctrinated into Special Forces methods and tactics and I was so excited about being involved in this type of work. Since we had come back from the Gulf War, day-to-day work life had become really boring and monotonous with no real soldiering. I had been in the Army 18 months by this time and I longed to be involved in exciting and dangerous operations so this opportunity was almost unbelievable for me. Before he left to go back to the UK, he gave me a detailed plan of what training I needed to do before I started the 6 month course for the SAS.

andy gulfAge 19 – Somewhere southwest of Iraq -March 1991

After 3 months where I had been doing all the extra training on top of the normal day-to-day army training, on 11th September 1991 I went on a pub crawl and after only 2 small bottles of beer, just after leaving the first pub, I jumped off a wall going from the bar to another which was about 4 foot high, and my right leg snapped in 5 places and my ankle was severely dislocated. A case of really bad luck at the worst time that it could have come as it ended all hope that I had of joining the SAS, and as I am telling all this to Kev, I am hoping he would open up on what he had done to get thrown out of the SAS, but he was not having any of it, but it most definitely had something to do with his anger issues as he told me to shut up you nosey welsh sheep shagging bastard more than once.

When we arrived at the airfield we were directed to small terminal at the far end of one of the runways. Kev pulls up outside the terminal building and I go in looking for our passenger. The building is empty apart from the reception area and I go over and say in my best German ” Urrrr, I am zee here, to pick up zeee British army officer” to which the receptionist said in exceptional English, ” No, problem, he is in the waiting area, one moment”.

IBR-1648311 - © - Hans Blossey/imageBROKERDortmund Airport:

I go and stand by the doors of the building in which I had entered feeling a little sheepish to wait for our pick up. After a few minutes, I see this person, or to put it correctly, this giant of a figure is walking over. He must have been well over 7 feet tall, he is dressed in black trousers, black shoes, black jumper, black gloves and a long black mack, and he is also wearing a big black hat with a rim around it. As he gets closer, I couldn’t help notice the size of his feet which were enormous. In an effort to not look at them, I couldn’t stop fricken staring at them until he came much closer, because I then noticed that his face was extremely white, like an albino I think I had seen on  the X-Files, and he also had incredibly piercing green eyes. I was expecting to meet an army officer, and this guy was nothing like any army officer I had ever seen. I must have been stood there gawping at him, chin probably bouncing off the floor, because as he walks up to me he says ‘you must be Sgt Kevin McClean’, then walks right past me. I kept eye contact and I turned and pointed outside towards the car where Kev was, and he trundled off outside with his big fuck off clown feet.

One thing was very clear, this was the strangest looking Army Officer that I had ever seen…

A week earlier I had bumped into Jack Brennan in Munster city centre. Jack was 71 years old and had been in 11 Commando during World War 2. After the war his entire unit had been recruited by the American Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner of the CIA where he had spent 5 years fighting in Cambodia and Vietnam, some 20 odd years before the Vietnam war which was one of the many secret wars the Americans had fought that had been unknown to the public at the time. In 1947 the OSS became the CIA and Jack had then worked for the CIA for over 40 years.

I had met Jack when I went into an Army hospital at BMH Iserlohn on the 8th February 1993, a day before my 21st birthday. I had gone into hospital to have the 18 inches of plates and 20 screws removed from my right leg that had been put in to secure it together after I broke it in 1991. An orthopedic surgeon had told me that all the extra training I had been doing to join the SAS, running an extra 15 miles in the evening with a 55lb rucksack, on top of the 10 mile runs we did as normal PT in the mornings had most likely created tiny little stress fractures in the fibula and tibia of my right leg, then when I jumped off a 4 foot wall, the tiny stress fractures under the impact of the jump had caused my fibula and tibia to snap in multiple places.


After 18 months the plates and screws had to come out so I went into hospital to have them removed. When I got to the hospital I was given an officers 2 man room to myself, but after about an hour this old guy is ushered into the room and he is given the other bed, he had apparently had a small stroke. We have dinner and we start chatting where he tells me that he was in 11 Commando during the war which fascinated me completely, so I quizzed on the war and what he had done. We chatted for ages and it started getting late into the night, just before lights off, and I asked him what he done after the war. He tells me about being recruited into the OSS and then working for the CIA. I hear him say CIA, and I’m thinking, seriously.  So I ask him what his job had been, to which he tells me that he had rose to become a Divisional Intelligence Officer with the CIA, a senior position, but he mostly spent his career managing large scale assassination teams. I ask how large, thinking, 4 – 6, 8 – 10, to which he replies “oh, there must have been well over a thousand”. At that point, a nurse comes in and says its lights off now gentleman, goodnight, and she switches off the light.

I’m lying opposite a guy who I have not long met who has just told me he ran assassination teams for the CIA. Its gone very dark in our room and I start to rack my brain thinking if I have ever done anything to upset any Americans. I can’t think of any, and then I hear him say in a sinister voice ” Good night, Andy”. I think to myself, I really hope he is taking the piss. I go to sleep regardless.

The next morning I go in for the operation and the plates and screws are removed. I then spend the next 2 days with Jack in our room and I am picking his brain on everything that he has done, and this guy had done all sorts of amazing things. He was involved in the coup d’tat in Iran in 1953 in which the CIA and MI6 had overthrown the Iranian government, where he had ran the assassination teams, and many other coup’s. He had led an amazing life and after spending 2 days with him, he said to me, Andy, we could do with someone like yourself in the Agency. I thought, hmmm, déjà vu , I’ve had this before.

I explain to Jack that I’ve just had plates removed from my leg and it would take a while to recover, and he said we can wait for you to go through rehab and you can think about joining in around a years time. He explains to me the training program to become a CIA operative and it is 6 months with continuation training on top of that, but as he is telling me this, my inner voice, my intuition is screaming ” Do not join the CIA“. However much he tried to talk me into joining at no point did I become interested. I would have had to leave the Army and then move to America. I was planning on getting married in a few months time to someone I completely and utterly loved with every atom of my being, and my future was with her, not moving to America to become a James fricken Bond. All I could see in my future at that time was my wife and me, being in the Army and having children, a lifestyple I had come to really enjoy, however glamorous Jack made out the CIA to appear, it was just not in my plans, so I thanked Jack for the offer and I left hospital with his card and numbers that he gave me if I ever changed my mind.

My mind didn’t change as once I had left hospital, I told the future wife about Jack and we never discussed him again, until that is he started to turn up every few months or so in random places when I was on my own. I didn’t realise it so much back then but these random coincidences weren’t actually coincidences at all. The CIA were monitoring me for recruitment, which I would only realise many years later the techniques he used when I watched the film The Spy Game with Robert Redford. Jack would just appear here and there in random places and we would go for a coffee and he would ask me how my rehab was going, how work was, and he would be constantly building rapport with me, being very friendly, despite me insisting that I was not interested in joining the CIA.

munster tcMunster City Centre, Germany.

So a week before Bigfoot, I am mooching along in Munster city centre and I bump into Jack. We mooch along chatting, Jack stating that it was a ‘great surprise to see me‘ and he invites me for a coffee. We find a nice posh German coffee shop just off the main high street where I used to walk the dog on Saturday mornings to collect bread rolls for breakfast until a few weeks previously, I had been walking poochy, and for a joke, I had shaved a big Nazi swastika on his head the previous evening (after I had promoted him to Sergeant by shaving 3 stripes on his arm) not knowing that it was actually illegal in Germany to display the swastika, even on a dog’s head, and as I was walking him through the High Street, it was like Moses parting the red sea as shoppers gasped in astonishment with everyone it appeared pointing right at me. I hadn’t shown my face in that part of town since.

Jack ordered some coffee’s and we sat down near the window. We soon got through the small talk and Jack diverted the conversation to what he had come to talk about. He mentioned that if I did not fancy becoming a CIA Field Operative, as he could perceive my hesitation in joining, that I could always become a desk bound CIA Analyst if my leg injury prevented me from joining. (I had at this point almost returned to full training but I didn’t tell Jack about this). He explained how important these analyst roles were and what type of work I could be involved with. It all sounded really interesting but I still had that inner voice speaking to me ” Not the CIA Andy, not the CIA” so I never once gave the impression that I was interested in joining, probably the opposite, but this did not deter Jack as I went on to have random coincidences with him for many years after in several different countries.

Before I left the coffee shop Jack had instigated small talk whilst we were waiting for the bill to arrive and he had told me that he had flew into an airport south of Munster, and he had been to see one of his sons who was also in the British Army in Germany, and then he had gone to Holland for a few days. This came to the forefront of my mind as I walked behind Bigfoot. As we got to the car Kev ushered Bigfoot into the back of the car for the journey to Holland, and I started to wonder if this has got anything to do with Jack. Was this a test of some sort, and would I pass it.

As Kev starts the car Bigfoot gives me a piece of paper with directions for the drop off and the size of his fingers were huge beneath his black gloves which gave me the jeepers creepers. Kev drives out of the airport and we stop at some traffic lights which are on red. Kev reaches down and attempts to pull up the handbrake, but as he is doing so, Bigfoot says ” Do you mind, that’s my foot” in an accent that was definitely not British. Bigfoot was so tall with long dangly legs that he couldn’t sit straight on the back seat of the car so he had had to put one of his clown feet between the front seats, and because his feet were about twice the size of normal feet, when Kev reached down to grab the handbrake he had mistakenly grabbed his foot. I looked at Kev and he catches my glance and we started to crack up, until Bigfoot bellowed from the backseat “DRIVE” as the traffic light had turned green.

We drove in silence for the next 30 minutes or so, with me only speaking to give Kev directions. We drove out into the countryside in Holland which was well away from any built up areas. The last instruction on the map was to turn down a dirt road and Bigfoot then decided to provide the directions. We drove for a couple of miles more which was through a national park and we reached a line of trees with a 5ft hedge in front. Bigfoot instructed Kev to stop for one moment. He pulled out some device and pressed a button and the hedge starting moving from left to right, parallel from the ground. This was weird, I had never seen a remote controlled hedge before that was also some kind of gate. Kev glanced at me, with his eyebrows almost touching the roof of the car, with a ‘what the feck is going on here’ kinda look. Once the hedge was fully open, Bigfoot guided Kev to follow the road on the other side of the hedge, which he did for about 2 miles until we reached this huge estate which was surrounded by huge pine tree’s, where there was an old castle with amazing gothic architecture, nothing like I had seen before with turrets all along the front of it. It must of been at least 50 feet high and the entire building was obscured by trees at the front, sides and to the rear. There was also a huge wooden front door, about 15 feet high. When we arrived at the front entrance, Kev slows down and stops the car. We exit the vehicle to help Clownfeet out. I open the door and he gets out, all 7 feet plus of him, and he stands up straight to stretch, and then at that moment, a big gust of wind came out of nowhere and blew his hat clean off his head and onto the steps leading up to the big front door.

Me and Kev look at Bigfoot at exactly the same time and it was impossible not to notice that Bigfoot was bald, completely white skinned and he had a badly deformed head which was at least twice the normal size, or even bigger. I look at Kev who was looking right at me, and I knew that he was thinking the exact same thing as me ” What the fuck is that?”.

        The shape of Bigfoot’s head:
skull 7

Bigfoot looked at both of us with a long, leering look that seemed to last much longer than it did with his piercing green eyes, and I sensed that Bigfoot was really angry. He then turned and started to walk over to pick up his hat, taking huge strides as he done so. Kev looked at me as if he was going to say something, when Bigfoot turned towards us whilst he was walking and said ” Gentlemen, why don’t you both come inside“. Kev looked at me, and glanced with his eyes towards the car, then back to me, then back to the car. I knew what he was thinking, but I couldn’t move, my feet were glued to the ground. I look to see where Bigfoot is and he has almost reached his hat. Kev now starts glancing at me, then the car, his eyes darting back and forth 3 to 4 times in quick succession, but now he has a contorted facial expression, and he is also bending his head towards the car as well. I still couldn’t move. Bigfoot has by now reached his hat and starts to bend down and Kev says in a not so subtle manner, “Lewy, get in the fucking car” so that’s what I did. I start to get into the car, trying to not make it so obvious that I was at this point shitting a brick with the sight of his huge looking slaphead, when Kev shouts over to Bigfoot in a really calm and clear voice ‘Ok Sir, that’s us all done here, were late for our next job, see you now‘ and with that, his foot was on the accelerator and we were outta there.

We had got about 50 yards with Kev’s foot firmly on the gas and I looked behind us and I notice that Kev has drawn his 9mm pistol from his underarm holster with his right hand and rested it on his lap. I think about drawing mine, but I had to concentrate really hard on an anxious fart that had suddenly started to brew, hoping that I didn’t follow through.  Bigfoot remained stood there on the steps of his castle, arms folded, looking at us with his big bald deformed head with his pale white skin and his big fuck off clown feet and long fingers. Kev is also now in a bit of a panic, he’s looking very rattled as he says, ‘did you see that, what was that, what the fuuuuuuuck, I do not like this Lewy’. He keeps driving, constantly checking the mirror as if expecting Bigfoot to come hurdling after us. I start to think ahead and hope the gate/hedge thing opens as I was not certain at all what the hell was going on. I relayed my concern to Kev and he agreed, the hedge better open or were driving through it. We got to the hedge and it opened remotely without any bother. Kev keeps driving for another mile or so and we stop when we reach a T-junction. We get out to check that nobody is following us and Kev gets into a standing shooting stance with 2 hands on his pistol using the roof of the car as leverage aiming in the direction where we had come from. I go to the boot of the car looking for the emergency bog roll, but luckily, I don’t need it. We stick around for a few minutes, nothing happens, so we decide to just get the feck out of there. Kev reholsters his pistol and I get in the drivers seat as it was my turn to drive back to camp. I am aware that my adrenaline is still pumping on overdrive, my heart is racing and my senses are on full alert. I could of literally heard a flea fart from 100 meters away. That thing had set off my flight or fight response in a very unexpected manner….

On the way back, once we had started to clam down a bit from our little shock, we attempted to make sense of what had just happened. It was like something from the X-Files. There was Bigfoot’s big deformed head, his pale white skin, big clown feet and his giant size. We were in some sort of befuddlement, still not quite believing what we had just experienced, when Kev came out and said in his thick Glaswegian accent “That wee fucker, is one deformed spastic, man“. ( 1994 was not a time of political correctness).

We had so many questions running through our heads. We couldn’t work out how Bigfoot was supposed to be a British Army Officer which is what we had been told. We discussed this and then came to the conclusion that he might have been a dutch officer, but it was still the strangest looking dude we had both seen. We chatted for a while and then I drove the rest of the way back to camp in silence as we both contemplated what had happened. I thought to myself, if this was Jack’s idea of a test, I didn’t care if I had passed or not, I was just glad that I had not shit my pants….

When we got back to camp we signed in our weapons and I drove to the office where Major Lipton was pacing around outside. I parked up and he asked us to come into his office. Once inside, he introduces us to a Captain from legal services who wants to speak to us. Lipton leaves the room. The Captain who never gave his name informed us that the last 3 hours of our lives were now to be considered TOP SECRET. He informed us that we had to sign The Official Secrets Act and we were to never mention picking up the Army Officer, we had never met him, we had never been to Holland, seen the castle, the drop off location, and that we must erase the last 3 hours. If we ever discussed or spoke of this, we WOULD be jailed for up to 20 years. He stated that we had been assigned the job by mistake, and that it should have been allocated to another unit.  Me and Kev looked at each other, and Kev just shrugged his shoulders, as if to say, what else could we do. He showed us where to sign and reiterated not to discuss anything from the last 3 hours. Kev signed first and I then followed suit, then we left. We go outside and Major Lipton is standing in the doorway and he says, see you tomorrow lads. I got into my own car, waved to Kev with my middle finger, then drove to the garage, picked up a sandwich then went to the local outdoor pool wondering what a weird day I had. I then spent the next 2 hours down the pool as planned, until it was time to go home when the wife finished work.

I was dying to tell the wife when I got in, but I had just signed the Official Secrets Act. I could tell the wife everything, but what could I do. I went home after swimming some lengths and we had some tea, all the while I was dying to tell her what had happened. After tea we took poochy for his walk down towards the canal and we had been walking along for a while and I must of been distracted by the days events, and I was also thinking repetitively, should I tell her/shouldn’t I tell her, and at the precise moment that I had decided that I should tell her, a shiny silver ovoid egg shaped UFO appeared out of nowhere about 200 feet away. We stopped walking and we looked up at it, and after about 20 seconds it just disappeared into thin air, like a ghost. I looked at the missus and thought to myself, Christ Almighty, I think I was just given a message to keep my mouth shut. Instead of talking about Bigfoot, we discussed what had happened, amazed that we had just seen a UFO, however sinister and malevolent it appeared to me.

That evening I lay in bed going through the days events and how this day had been one of the strangest days of my life. I knew from that moment onwards, I would perceive life and the universe in all together different way from what I had done only 18 hours earlier…


The wife never found out about Bigfoot, or the UFO connection to that days events, as what I had experienced that day troubled me enough, that I did not consider it necessary to burden another person with what was a disturbing series of events. Over the next 2 decades the same looking UFO appeared many times which always reminded me that it would probably be best not to discuss Bigfoot, until I reached a point in time when I realised that keeping quiet was not the solution.

The day after I met Bigfoot I went to work for another day of close protection work and Major Lipton told me I was not needed that day. I did not see or hear off Kev again until 20 years later when he contacted me out of the blue on facebook. A week after the incident, I discovered that Kev had been posted back to the UK with some urgency where he spent the next 4 years training recruits.

In 1995 I became a whistleblower where I passed sensitive and classified information to UK national newspapers concerning the experimental vaccines that was effecting thousands of soldiers that had served in the Gulf War, and the ensuing cover up by the MoD. ( I covered this in a previous blog ‘When Injustice Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty’). I think I may have took this course of action after I had been forced to sign the Official Secrets Act, and I was not going to be gagged again.

In 1996 I left the military and worked for a Veterans charity campaigning for Gulf War Veterans. However, the short time I spent with Bigfoot would play on my mind for years afterwards. With the passage of time I developed an urge to work it all out, like a mathematical equation, to make sense of what I had actually experienced. I was in desperate need of some rational answers for a long time. I also discovered some 20 years later, that Kev too had also been on a similar journey, as it had also plagued him as much as it had plagued me.

gulfThe black urine I had lasted 4 weeks, not 4 years which was a mistake made by the journalist and there was no blood and other symptoms were representative of what many other Gulf Veterans were experiencing in order to inform the public.  The black urine I had incidentally may have been associated to an experience I had with a UFO several months after meeting Bigfoot. We was however intent on taking control of parliament with tens of thousands of soldiers, possibly over a million (see previous blog – when Injustice Becomes Law ….)

The Search For Truth

The truth can never be told to people, you can never tell someone the truth, people will not believe you, real truth cannot be told, it must be realised ~ Max Igan

After I left the military I gained in interest in alternative and revisionist history, Egyptology, earth mysteries, spiritualism and many other esoteric subjects as I searched for some meaning of the unforgettable day I met Bigfoot. I started college in 1998 and I spent hours upon hours in the libraries but there was never any relevant information there that I was looking for. The books on history were meaningless as I had worked out by then that so much of our history had been mostly fabricated. The only relevant information that I came across was either by authors who published books on alternative history or on the internet, but at that time there wasn’t that much information online.

In 2002 I made a remarkable discovery that started to pave the way in solving the puzzle when I came across the subject matter of elongated skulls. There were pictures on the internet which looked very similar to Bigfoot with the elongated skull, or deformed spastic head as Kev had called him. It was being suggested that these Beings with large elongated skulls had existed all over Europe, and well known historians and archaeologists were starting to publish their research online.

skulls 1

skulls 2Elongated skulls discovered in Bavaria. I couldn’t help but think of the Bavarian Illuminati of the 1770’s…

skulls 3


The more I studied the subject, the more I started to come to the conclusion that another species similar to humans had indeed existed all over Europe, and also over much of the rest of the planet. (Skulls)


In 2003 I had started a degree course at Bangor University and a puzzling concern that I came across was that none of the university professors or lecturers that I met knew anything about elongated skulls. If they didn’t know anything about it, then there appeared that there must be a cover up in place, and if so, why was it being hidden by our governments and not included in any college and university educational institutions.

From what I later learnt, there were people in governments who did know the truth, and they had known about their existence for centuries, but why was there such a monumental cover up? I kept digging, not literally….

Other countries in Europe where elongated skulls had been found so far:skulls 4

The Egyptian Bloodline Of Elongated Skulls

In 2005 my research led me to Akhenaten the Egyptian Pharaoh and the Egyptian bloodlines who also had elongated skulls which had been depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphs in Egypt.

It then wasn’t such a big leap of faith due to my experience of Bigfoot, to think the unimaginable. Had these people survived, were they existing in secret, and were they all like Bigfoot living in castles miles away from towns or cities, well away from the public gaze, and they could had been living in the shadows for centuries.

It was also quite possible I theorised that what if they had also bred with humans at some point in our history. What would the result be?

Note: From 1996 since I had left the military as a whistleblower I had experienced excessive day-to-day police harassment and it was no different during the period that I was researching Bigfoot. During the Egyptian research phase which lasted about 2 years, I bought myself an Indiana Jones hat to suit the scene of being harassed by Nazi’s as I also went in search of the Arc of the Covenant, the Holy Grail and Hitler’s moustache. 

Jesus Christ’s Bloodline – The Da Vinci Code

In 2006 I read The Da Vinci Code which was about how the Vatican had been hunting down and killing the descendants of Jesus Christ who had children. ( Film synopsis in 2 mins here)

In his book Dan Brown had theorised that Jesus Christ had a number of children and his bloodline had survived, and the Vatican had spent centuries hunting down and attempting to eliminate Jesus’s bloodline. (This theory had first been introduced in 1982 in the book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail).  I then started to connect the obvious dots:  What if Bigfoot’s bloodline had also survived, and was there evidence of other species of hominids that had also survived. I started to look into this as a possible research viability.

The Giants 

Over the next couple of years evidence started to emerge online about a species of human looking hominids who were giant in proportion to us humans, they were literally – giants.

Again and again it appeared that there was a large scale cover up which appeared to have started with the Smithsonian Institute in the late 1800’s to deceive the public about the existence of these giants and other species of hominids that were also being found all over the planet.  (here).

The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history. ~ George Orwell

A Working Hypothesis 

At this stage a number of common questions had started to emerge that formed a working hypothesis:

  1. Had there been a battle of the species going on for a number of centuries between varying hominid species, a kind of Darwinian ‘survival of the fittest’ which was being kept secret as there was clearly evidence of other species.
  2. Did we, homo sapiens win this battle.
  3. If we didn’t win, then who did, and which species was it.
  4. Where is this other species because there is supposed to be only one left, us.

Was it plausible to think that we were being deceived about the existence of these other species because human beings had lost the battle of the hominids, and we were being controlled by this hidden race.

History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon. ~ Napolean Bonaparte

The Great Deception

The research that was being unearthed clearly pointed to a colossus deception, and I had so many questions that needed answering:

What if the governments had decided to include the historical and archaeological evidence, i.e. skeletons of these other species in our educational institutions 100 years ago, that have been hidden away by organisations such as the Smithsonian Institute. We would have obviously as inquiring intelligent human beings began to question all there was to know about all the other species whose skeletons have been found, their cultures and their history. This would then invariably lead to us collectively question the historical record, and we would have asked the question;

  • ‘Had another race of beings survived, and were they the race that had won some war for domination in the past,  and we lost that battle.
  •  Was this the reason the evidence of giants and elongated skulls had been concealed.

As the evidence and knowledge of the other species that have lived on this planet, and possibly still living here [Bigfoot] has been hidden away and concealed, we have never really had the opportunity to question the historical narratives we have been presented with over the last century. The same old historical paradigms are presented via the educational systems and on TV programs which only contain a fraction of the truth.

Therefore, as it is only very recently that information has emerged into the public domain about other species of hominids who had elongated skulls that were not human in origin, as well as other species such as giants that existed at the same time, we have therefore not had the opportunity to question the historical narratives and records because the evidence of other species has been hidden away and concealed for so long.

We are only now beginning to question if  humans were the only survivors of the hominid wars, which is what we have been made to believe for centuries.

History is written by the victors. ~ Winston Churchill

homo 1

Elongated Skulls by Brien Foerster

A Warning By A Former American President

At the beginning of this blog there is a quote by Woodrow Wilson, a former American President between 1913 – 1921.

woodrow wilson

The Crazy Scotsman

In 2014 Kev got in contact with me via Facebook and it was great to hear off him. The first thing we discussed was obviously Bigfoot. We talked and talked about what the last 20 years had been like for us both. I brought him up to date on my research on Bigfoot, and my attempt to understand what had happened to us, where I had got to with it, and he did likewise, and unbelievably, we had pretty much reached the same conclusions. He told me that he had also experienced regular appearances of an ovoid shape UFO over the last 20 years as well which had really freaked him out, so much so, that he had gone for counselling sessions,  and he had almost ended up strangling the psychologist, which didn’t surprise me at all.

Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past~ George Orwell

The World Bank Whistleblower

Kev’s research had recently led him to a whistleblower Karen Hudes who had worked at the World Bank who had started to speak out in 2014 about a species of hominids with elongated skulls who she said were in control of the banks and governments, and she called them – homo capensis, and this was the reason why Kev had set up a facebook account to look for me.

(Edit 9th August 2021: Original below video was somehow removed from this blog, as have other videos. The below video was added today 09/08/21)

I started to now think the unthinkable, it wasn’t just a hypothesis anymore was it, were we being controlled and manipulated by the victors of the battle of the hominid wars, and according to this whistleblower, they had been hiding in the shadows for a long time….

We had come a big step closer to solving the puzzle, and I wondered if more of Bigfoot’s relatives would be discovered alive any time soon.

Then Kev sent me this photo with the caption:

borisHiding in plain sight.

World Leading Expert On Elongated Skulls

Brien Foester states that it is very concerning that we do not get taught anything about the history of humanity in our educational institutions. The first few elongated skulls were found in the 1920’s (then concealed) which contradicted the Darwinian model of evolution which if this had been taught, we would have a very different understanding of evolution. The Darwinian model is still unfortunately taught in the educational systems.

DNA Test on Elongated Skulls – Non-Human DNA

Earlier this year in 2019 Brien Foerster conducted DNA tests on skulls from Peru in which he concluded that they were not homo sapiens at all, they were another kind of hominoid that was genetically different to us.

Were they of an alien origin or inter-dimensional beings….

The evidence that started to be revealed this year began to look like we may have found the victor of the battle of the species, and they were not human at all, which we assumed could also have been related to Bigfoot.

We felt that we were getting much closer to the truth, and more and more experts were now researching this subject, which was also being broadcast on TV:

DNA TESTS Proves These Elongated Skulls ARE NOT HUMAN

It was now impossible to ignore the DNA evidence and what the experts were saying. Aliens or inter-dimensional beings had been living amongst humans, but from our experience with Bigfoot, they were also still around. What we couldn’t understand was how the whole of humanity had been deceived, and for so long, and why more people were not talking about it.

The Descendants Of The Elongated Skulls And The Vatican

After I had seen Bigfoot in 1994, and if I hadn’t of signed the Official Secrets Act, and if I would of had a beer with my mates back then 25 years ago when I got home that day, and I had told them that I had seen an alien looking human with a big massive elongated head, they would have laughed at me and thought that I was joking or I had been smoking some wacky backy. If I then had explained after doing some research that these beings had been described in various religious documents, in many different recorded histories and cultures from every continent on the planet, and that they had been termed as the ‘nephilim‘ (1) and that they had inter-bred with human beings which had produced a hybrid hominoid, part alien/part human, they would have probably thought that the Mad Welshman had gone completely bonkers.

If I could have then somehow managed to keep their attention for long enough, and they hadn’t phoned for the men in white coats, and I suggested that I had met people from the intelligence community and from different secret societies who believed that a race of elongated skull beings existed in secret, as well as a half nephilim/half human hybrids were in command of the Vatican, and that the elongated skulls of previous Pope’s of this nephilim (2) race had been found buried underneath the Vatican, my christian friends would have most likely nailed me to a cross.

Fortunately for me I didn’t have that conversation, although it has all turned out to be true…

So much information has been revealed in the last 6 months that I can now recount my version of events and tell my story with some confidence without being dragged off by the men in white coats, although I doubt that will stop North Wales Police from attempting to do so, again. ( Tut tut).

The Nephilim 

The nephilim have been invariably described in ancient texts from around the world as being the offspring of the “sons of God” (elongated skulls) and the “daughters of men” (homo sapiens) which literally translates to mean that they are the hybrid offspring of the fallen angels (elongated skull beings) and that of homo sapiens (us).

The elongated skull pure bloods are described in the bible as being fallen angels (The Watchers) and also as the sons of god, and we homo sapiens are described as the sons of man and daughters of men.

Bible Verses from Genesis:

Genesis 6:4: The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.

Genesis 6:1-6: Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God (bene Elohim) saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose.

I have come to the understanding that the direct experience that Kev and I had was not with a hybrid nephilim, but possibly one of the pure bloods that still survive as it still had all the physical characteristics and features; i.e. big fuck off head, clown feet, pale skin, long fingers and was a right ugly mother fucker….(There is estimated to be over 10,000 elongated skull beings living on this planet, and from my experience, they are not beings of ‘love’ who have developed Christ Consciousness, quite the opposite, which is why I nearly shit my pants.

The One Ruling Bloodline

The elongated skull beings produced offspring, and this offspring, the nephilim have been interbreeding for centuries to keep their bloodlines intact, which is what we know that royal families and the aristocracy across Europe and much of the rest of the world have been doing for centuries. (That’s why they are so damm fricken ugly, and bat shit crazy). (Psychopathic families).

Over the last millennia the shape of the skull of the nephilim hybrids which was once elongated and up to 50% bigger than our (homo sapiens) normal skulls has vastly reduced in size, most likely as a result of breeding with specific human bloodlines, although it does have some significant differences to the homo sapien skull shape which we will come to later. The nephilim hybrid interbreeding within their own bloodlines was based on instructions that were passed down from biblical texts, and the mythological story of the 200 fallen Watchers. (See herehere)

The Royal Families of Europe are direct descendants from Egypt (Elongated Skulls)

More facts on the ancient British royal Egyptian bloodline:

How The Media Portrays Non-human Elongated Skulls That have Belonged to Royal Bloodlines and The Aristocracy

We now know that many of the skulls from particular royal families and the aristocracy that have been unearthed all across the world show that these ‘people‘ have had large elongated skulls. However, what invariably happens when an old elongated skull of a royal family member or aristocracy is found, (if it is not hidden away) is that the media always claims that it has been deformed artificially, when we now know from DNA testing that has been done this year that another species of hominids that was not human did actually exist that had elongated skulls.

mail skullI bet this aristocrat regrets inbreeding – Not much of a looker is she:

Where’s The Evidence That They Live Amongst US

Is there any evidence of any aristocratic bloodlines, royal families, bankers and world leaders who have skull shape’s which appear different from homo sapiens that could have evolved from the race of the nephilim.

This is only one very SMALL aspect to the hypothesis of surviving bloodlines of the nephilim that we will present in this blog, and it is not an area we have extensively researched so far, although there are now a lot of people including many scientists who are investigating this, but they will not publicly speak out or publish their research for obvious reasons.

One of the oldest and most powerful Secret Societies the ‘Skull & Bones’ have been harbouring secrets for a very long time:skull and cross boes

The theory of the surviving bloodlines of the elongated skulls which are not human can be easily dismissed as a conspiracy theory, as the picture below cannot in itself prove anything. What is required is the DNA from these people which would provide the proof of a connection to the race of the elongated skulls, the nephilim, and it is doubtful they would co-operate. Could you imagine the sensational news headlines if they did:

“Aliens Have Taken Over The World…. They Have Been Behind All Wars….”

We should note that it was only this year that the DNA of elongated skulls was tested, and in time, geneticists will conduct further tests and studies on the global population and it is this evidence which will eventually prove the hypothesis, hopefully in the next decade or so. Until that time, the below picture will present a hypothesis only, NOT a conspiracy theory, although as Mulder & Skully would say:

” The Truth is Out There”

skulls blog picShimon Peres is a former Prime Minister. Jacob Rothchild belongs to the worlds most wealthiest family.

An rather excellent analysis …..

Gaia TV Broadcast – Mysterious Elongated Skull Race & The Purpose of The Pyramids – 26th September 2019

I started writing this blog on the 23rd September 2019, writing for a couple of hours per day. Today is the 28th September.

I had breakfast this morning and I switch on the computer and the youtube channel ‘universe inside you‘ has a  notification from yesterday titled – Mysterious Elongated Skull Race & The Purpose of The Pyramids.  I watch the program in eager anticipation and unbelievably, they cover a lot of the same research that I have included in this blog which is mind boggling. I have even copied a couple of their gaia video clips earlier this week from previous clips they published and edited them to condense the information into under 4 minute clips for this blog. But yesterday, they went full throttle…..

Universe Inside You program aired on youtube 27th September 2019:

This program covers some of the main points that I have already included so far, but the direction that I was taking this blog is completely different….

In the program experts such as David ‘shill’ Wilcock state this elongated skull race came from another planet such as Mars. Myself, Kev and many other people we have spoken to, as well as the documented evidence suggests that these elongated skull races came from another dimension(s), just as is stated in many biblical texts and historical accounts from many different cultures across the planet spanning millennia, although were not discounting it 100%. Just as millions of people have seen ghosts that appear, then disappear, it’s clearly possible that ‘spiritual beings’ can therefore manifest into the physical realm from other dimensions, then unmanifest.

It should also be taken into account that the above video clip ignores the many ancient texts which suggest that the nephilim and The Watchers who are described in The Book of Enoch as being fallen angels, or the ‘sons of God’. ( A cautionary tale of dark forces, Lucifer).

The term the sons of God I believe should not be confused with Jesus Christ and other higher vibrational avatars or beings of love and compassion, evolved spiritual beings. In many ancient texts, the nephilim have been described as spiritual beings who reside in lower vibrational dimensions, and only through the application of black magic rituals were they able to manifest into physical bodies in the physical realm.

It is believed and understood that knowledge that was applied after the year 1580AD as a result of the work done by Sir John Dee and Edward Kelly into the occult sciences and black magik texts such as The Keys of Solomon, resulted in black magic rituals being conducted by the British aristocracy to assist and manifest into this dimension lower vibrational spiritual beings who would be considered as demonic, of being dark forces, but also having human looking appearances.

From 4 minutes 50 seconds….

The Media Spin

The possibility exists that these elongated skull beings could have come from Mars, but we should also consider that they have come from another dimension. The media spin that the likes of David Wilcock are now promulgating is designed it appears to make the average person perceive these beings as coming from another planet, so we may then perceive them as being the “Sons of God”, and we may then put them on a pedestal.

The Fake Invasion Theory

It was Ronald Reagan who stated in 1987:

“I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”

There have been many whistleblowers who have stated that there would be a fake alien invasion, or that UFO’s would land on the Whitehouse lawn or at the Vatican. We would suggest that people be weary as the aim of the nephilim would be to be worshipped by the human race as they are master manipulators. They would also roll out all their high tech UFO’s that weren’t built on other planets, but in Area 51 and other military underground bases.

Trey Smith Documentary on the Nephilim Is Very Enlightening And Also Entertaining

Over the last quarter of a century Kev and I have engaged ourselves in a monumental search for truth from the day we met Bigfoot, and in 2015 I found a lot of the relevant information on the nephilim from Trey Smith, who looks like Ed Sheeran’s long lost American half brother. The below documentary by Trey on the nephilim is very interesting as he covers most aspects of the history as well as the occult, and also the demonic side of where fallen angels may have come from. Its also a very entertaining watch.

The Nephilim Oligarchs – The Controllers

For over a thousand years there have existed fables, myths and legends of the descendants of Jesus Christ, an actual bloodline of noble families that existed on this earth that were born to serve humanity. This is what Dan Brown wrote about in The Da Vinci Code and what other writers such as Sir Laurence Gardner covers in Bloodline of the Holy Grail and Genesis of the Grail Kings, and also Micheal Baigent in The Holy Blood Holy Grail.

These were times when humanity (homo sapiens) thrived and these noble families held sway in this physical realm. What most people do not realise is that these families existed on earth until the late 1800’s. The reason we do not know about them, is the same reason we don’t know about elongated skull beings and the giants. History was re-written to tell a different story, and the people behind this mass deception were the victors that re-wrote history in their favour.

In our current era of evolution, it appears we have a Satanic Luciferian bloodline that has fought and gained control over the rest of humanity since the 18th century. Over the next decade, they will most likely be rolled out as a heroic alien hybrid race that has existed on this planet for millennia (via an alien invasion/visitation scenario) but has had to remain hidden because of some unbelievable untruths which will engross those that fall for the deception. The Externalisation of the Heirarchy has been in the planning for over a century.

But this of course, is all just my perspective….

For 1000 Years Homo Sapiens Thrived 

We can see the monumental achievement of homo sapiens from the great cities that homo sapiens designed and built in the last 1000 years around the world, especially in Europe. Until the last century, homo sapiens erected some of the finest cities with the most astonishing buildings with magnificent architecture, which modern day architects could not replicate even if their lives depended on it. You don’t see elongated skull statues anywhere, only that of homo sapiens.

For one reason or another, we have completely lost the ability to build cities and structures like these.  Evidence is also coming to light that these cities had free atmospheric energy and were far more advanced than what was decided we should understand about our history, from those that took control of them in the 19th century.  One only has look at these cities with a new perspective, with ‘new eyes’ to begin to see that they were far more advanced than what we have been made to believe when our history was re-written and fabricated.


History clearly shows us that evidence of our past advanced culture has been expunged from established history. There was an advanced world wide civilisation of homo sapiens which appears to have originated in modern day Russia, which was formerly known as Tartaria, or Grand Tartary, that existed up until the late 1800’s, and even into the 1900’s. What is remarkable about Tartaria is that its entire history has been completely removed from all of the history books, and knowledge of it only came about when the Russian President Vladimir Putin was photographed with a map of Grand Tartary.

tartaria 1

An on-going hypothesis we are working on is to attempt to establish why Tartaria was expunged from the history books. It is being theorised that there was a mud flood in the 19th century, and there were also orchestrated plagues that wiped out large numbers of the population that has not been documented in the history books either which enabled the victors to re-write history in their favour, and re-educate our ancestors.

The war of the hominids is still ongoing and it appears that homo sapiens are losing this war….


A Presentation On How The Masses Could Have Been Deceived For Centuries Via The Education System

Earlier this year Robert from the youtube channel Observation Deck broadcast an exceptional show in which he provides a very interesting hypothesis on how a worldwide deception could have been manufactured way before our great-ancestors had been born to conceal that more than one species had existed on this planet, and how we had been turned into the slave race of the victors of the battle of the hominids.

Observation Deck – One World; Two Species; Tartarian DNA …We Were Never Alone

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How Deep is the Lie – Max Igan

Disclaimer: 29th Dec 2018 J.M

The Multi-Agency Covert Operation to Prevent a Witness From Giving Evidence At The Public Inquiry Into Special Branch Undercover Policing Operations 1968 – 2008

“It is the manner of death that reveals the importance of a man. Ordinary people are murdered, while extraordinary people are assassinated.” ~Ashwin Sanghi


In March 2014 I applied to give evidence at the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing Operations 1968 – 2008 against Special Branch, who are a specialised police unit that has historically operated outside of the law, that primarily deals with matters of political subversion and threats to national security. Little did I know that Special Branch would conduct a major operation to prevent me from giving evidence at the Public Inquiry which involved multiple agencies and dozens of people. This is an expose of one part of that operation……..


The Public Inquiry Into Undercover Policing Operations

On the 25th June 2013 a television program was aired on Channel 4 – The Police’s Dirty Secret in which former Special Branch undercover officer Peter Francis provided details on the various methods that were being deployed by a secretive unit of Special Branch, the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS).

The unit was established by Special Branch in March 1968. The purpose of the SDS was to infiltrate “left-wing direct-action groups” using undercover police officers who would liaise with MI5.

The following day, the book Undercover – The True Story of Britain’s Secret Police was published. The book detailed the actions of the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) whose motto was  ‘By Any Means Necessary’. They continuously broke the law and they were answerable to no one, and were therefore a completely unaccountable clandestine undercover police unit. (I watched the documentary with eager anticipation and I already had the book on pre-order).


The Documentary And The Book Lead to Various Inquiries

As a result of the allegations made in the documentary and the book the Home Office launched an inquiry, ‘Operation Herne’ which was to investigate the allegations made by former Special Branch undercover officer Peter Francis. There were also around a dozen separate ‘behind closed inquiries’ by regional police forces into undercover policing operations.



My First Book Involvement Into Covert Policing Operations

In 2011 I was a researcher and an adviser to Anthony K Forwood for a book he was writing on the methods and tactics of the East German Secret Police the Stasi. From our observations, these East German Stasi methods and tactics had been introduced into western policing policies across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and much of Western Europe during the early 1990’s. The book Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control – The Destruction of Society Through Community Spying Networks was published in 2011.

Anthony K Forwood was ‘disappeared‘ in 2015 as a result of his knowledge of covert and overt policing policies and his expertise on the subject. I published my first blog for Targeted Individuals –  ‘The Curious Case of Anthony Forwood’ in 2016 which described his disappearance.

Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control - book

If an internet search is done for – “andy lewis stasi uk” this will result in a link to a website which contains a free copy of the above book which is a must read on covert policing operations that is destroying our societies by creating dystopian police states.



I will Be Giving Evidence

I had been waiting for an inquiry into Special Branch undercover policing operations for over 18 years as I had been aggressively targeted by Special Branch ever since I had campaigned for Gulf War Veterans between 1996-97.  After the Channel 4  TV Program was aired I contacted my Member of Parliament Chris Ruane MP to discuss how Operation Herne would proceed and how I would be able to give evidence. It was expected that once Operation Herne was completed the Home Office would launch a full inquiry, and in March 2014, that’s exactly what happened. The Home Secretary Theresa May launched a Public Inquiry in March 2014 into Special Branch Undercover Policing Operations 1968 – 2008.

This was my opportunity to give evidence against Special Branch for the 18 years of severe and aggressive surveillance, harassment, intimidation and the ‘arranged accidents’ I had experienced which had almost cost me my life on numerous occasions. Or so I thought it would be…….


Special Branch Whistleblower Peter Francis – Former Undercover Officer

Special Branch Managers Authorise the Use Of Violence by Undercover Agents – No Surprise There Then

Below is a statement that was made by former Special Branch undercover officer Peter Francis during a hearing at the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing in 2017 in which he indicates that Special Branch Managers ‘authorised the use of violence’ by Special Branch officers.

francis 1


My Application to Give Evidence Against Special Branch

In March 2014 I contacted Chris Ruane MP in order that I could apply to give evidence at the Public Inquiry. Chris Ruane MP wrote to the Home Secretary and I proceeded to submit an application to become a witness to the Public Inquiry.

chris ruane public inquiry letter 2


Mr Lewis, Maybe You Should Leave The Country For A While…

When the Home Secretary Theresa May announced the Public Inquiry the start date was 2014, and the end date was 2018. I contacted one of the leading legal firms that was representing witnesses to the Public inquiry in April 2014 and I discussed with them the evidence that I had, and my experiences of Special Branch infiltration of the Gulf War Veterans protest movement, and the harassment, intimidation and violence that I had experienced ever since (18 years).  They immediately stated that it would be far more suitable for my longevity if I went to live in another country until I was called to give evidence. There advice did set alarm bells ringing, but I generally didn’t have a habit of running away from trouble, I usually ran towards it, so I decided to stay where I was and deal with whatever that was thrown at me, which with hindsight, was probably a mistake.

I knew I had a reasonable amount of damming evidence as I had logged every incident since 1996 which amounted to over 15,000 incidents, which was a time consuming effort in itself.  However,  I did not realise that I would eventually be ‘covertly targeted in a manner which was designed to kill me.  I did not expect that Special Branch would continue to subject me to their kind of pathological terrorism once I had become a witness. How wrong I was…..

The Suburban War Zone

I had assumed that I would be called to give evidence by 2016, by the latest 2018, and I therefore knew that I would have to continue to live in a ‘war zone’ for another few years as Special Branch subjected me to their various methods of Covert Black Op’s – physical, psychological, psychic and mental destruction.

I had managed to survive up until that point by the skin of my teeth, albeit with numerous broken bones, several poisonings, and numerous other injuries. ( I had developed my own self hypnosis programming techniques in 2012 which had worked wonders on me, and at one point, I did consider changing my name by deed poll to Jason Bourne, but I quickly came to my senses, and I decided to go with ‘Benny Hill’ instead).


Targeted Individuals

In 2012 as a result of the continuous Special Branch targeting, I had co-founded a website targeted-individuals.com which detailed the majority of the Special Branch methods myself and other ex-soldiers had experienced, which went on to become a resounding internet success which had revolutionised the subject matter of ‘targeted individuals‘ which gave credibility for all of the victims of state sponsored surveillance and targeting, which would not have been out of place in former communist countries such as East Germany, and the methods that were used by the Secret Police The Stasi.


All Good Things Come To those That Wait – Or So The Saying Goes

To this present day, not ONE witness has been called to give evidence at the Public Inquiry. Every dirty trick in the book to delay the inquiry has been used. The expected final date of the inquiry is now 2023, although that date looks optimistic.

ucpi 3


Many campaigners expect the inquiry to be completed by no later than 2025. In March this year, all of the witnesses present at the Public Inquiry and their legal teams walked out in disgust:


Special Branch Are Targeting Witnesses Who Are Giving Evidence Against Them

I had expected to give evidence 2 years ago, but now I may have to wait another 5 years, possibly even 8 years. Last year a question was asked in the House of Lords by Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb to determine if Special Branch were still spying on the witnesses who are giving evidence against them at the Public Inquiry.

The more appropriate question should have been: Are Special Branch intimidating witnesses and even, are they trying to prevent them from giving evidence, and are they trying to covertly kill them?

The June 2018 National Campaign by Cosmetics Firm ‘Lush’

This month cosmetics firm Lush launched a national campaign to highlight how Special Branch undercover officers infiltrated the lives of female activists from 1968 – 2008, and not only formed relationships with them, but also had children with them.

All of these targeted women have stated that they have been raped by ‘The State’.

lush 1

Statement by Lush

Our campaign is to highlight this small and secretive subset of undercover policing that undermines and threatens the very idea of democracy. There is an age old understanding that our government and public institutions are there to protect and preserve the rights and safety of the public. In the case of these secretive undercover units, their work went well beyond the boundaries of acceptable police tactics and is now the subject of an ongoing public inquiry, which was instigated by Theresa May during her time as Home Secretary when the scale and scope of the breaches of protocols started to become clear. 
This public inquiry needs help from the public to keep it on track and ensure that this one opportunity for full honesty and disclosure is not lost or squandered.  All citizens should be concerned when human rights are abandoned by those in power.  The police themselves have admitted in their public apology to seven of the females deceived into long-term relationships with police spies, that these actions were “a violation of the women’s human rights, an abuse of police power and caused significant trauma”. In a recent court case the police admitted the actions amounted to “inhumane and degrading treatment” breaching Article 3 of the European Declaration of Human Rights. Those victims are now asking that the public inquiry demands that the undercover units release a full list of the undercover names used by their operatives, release a list of which campaign groups were targeted, and also that they release the information and data entries they hold on individuals whose lives and homes were infiltrated during these operations.  Without this full disclosure there is no way of knowing the full extent of what happened during the dark years of this renegade secret policing operation – and that full disclosure might not happen unless the public demand it. 


The  Exposé Part 1


The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.  ~ Albert Einstein


The Mystery Hacker

On the 21st April 2018 I received an email from the Microsoft Account Team which stated that my email account had unusual sign in activity. I checked the details and I discovered that someone had successfully signed in to my account from Czechia near Prague.

email hack 55

My email account has never been hacked in the 10 years that I have had the account so it was a little surprising. There is nothing of significance in this account that hackers would be searching for, or so I thought. I use the account mainly for correspondence although it does contain bank details to several accounts that I have. I checked the sign-in activity for that day and for previous days and I discovered that the email account had also been successfully hacked the previous day twice and also another time on the 21st April. I checked the entire email account to see if there was anything hackers could use to access bank accounts, personal details etc and there wasn’t anything, but as a precaution, I contacted my banks and changed the passwords anyway.

My email account had been hacked 4 times in 2 days and I would not figure out why it had been hacked until after I had been interviewed under caution by North Wales Police some 3 weeks later, on the 14th May 2018. 


The Covert Black Op

On the 29th April 2018 I published a blog entitled ‘Plausible Deniability‘ in which I speculated on how it was possible that in 2014 Denbighshire County Council officers, along with North Wales Police may have conspired to house tenants within close proximity to my property who were possibly assisting the police and therefore could have been police informants. The objective of housing police informants near to me I speculated was part of a ‘Covert Special Branch Operation’ to prevent me giving evidence against Special Branch at the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing Operations 1968 – 2008. I had applied to give evidence via Chris Ruane MP in 2014 and had been designated as a witness by the Public Inquiry in 2014.

This is an email from the Home Office which states that as a witness, I am protected by Judicial Rights.

pitchford inquiry 1

I am a witness to the Public Inquiry. Anyone attempting to prevent me from giving evidence can be jailed for up to 5 years. This also includes police officers as well as council officers, police informants etc….. It is a serious criminal offence. Any persons involved in the harassment and intimidation of a witness to a Public Inquiry can also receive a prison sentence of up to 5 years. 


The Special Branch Covert Operation that appeared to be orchestrated against me is what is termed as Covert Black Ops. I had speculated in the ‘Plausible Deniability’  blog that this Covert Black Op had deployed the use of electromagnetic microwave weapons (Directed Energy Weapons) and that my property was being saturated with extremely high levels of electrical frequencies in what is generally termed as ‘electronic harassment’. I had been recording these very high electrical frequencies on equipment that had been recommended by experienced former MI5 microwave weapons experts. I had video recorded hundreds of these high electrical frequency incidents since 2014. I hypothesised that the aim of saturating a property with extremely high levels of electrical frequencies would cause ill health. If this was the case, this would obviously prevent me from giving evidence at the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing Operations, which was more than likely the intended outcome.

It is a scientific fact that prolonged targeting with electromagnetic weapons technology over a period of time can cause eventual death, which is why they have been categorised as ‘Soft Kill’ weapons. (This weapons technology has been used since the 1950’s to target all manner of people and was first used by intelligence agencies such as the CIA, MI5 and the Russian KGB. It is widely understood that this weapons technology is vastly on the increase and is used today by all intelligence agencies including Special Branch).


 Filmed Interview by Channel 4 – July 2014

I had first contacted Denbighshire County Council in 2014 in relation to the Special Branch Covert Black Ops a few weeks before I was filmed by Channel 4 for a documentary, co-incidentally on Covert Special Branch Operations. As electronic harassment is not listed as a criminal offence, Denbighshire County Council would not investigate the concerns that I raised. Considering the seriousness of what was occurring, I did expect to be visited by a housing officer from DCC to discuss my concerns, but no contact was ever made with me.

A photo of me which was taken in-between being interviewed on camera by Channel 4 for over 7 hours in July 2014, hence the exhausted look on my face………either that, or I was holding in a massive fart.

channel 4-this one

I Reported Electronic Harassment to North Wales Police in June 2014

I had also reported to North Wales Police in June 2014 that my property was being saturated with very high levels of electromagnetic microwave radiation which I had been video recording on fairly sophisticated equipment, in which police officers had witnessed and reported on, but NWP would also not investigate as ‘electronic harassment’ was not listed as a criminal offence, which can be viewed from the report from NWP Professional Standards Department, after I had made a complaint as they would not investigate the matter. (Below).

eh 1

Electronic Harassment

Electronic Harassment is a weapons technology which provides a means in which government law enforcement agencies can legally target people without fear of prosecution, (under the guise of plausible deniability’) which is what tens of thousands of people are not only complaining about, but they are taking to the streets to protest and campaign for being targeted with these weapons technologies, with the hope of enacting a change in the law.

This is not just happening in the UK, but in every European country as well as across the United States, Canada and the Asian pacific countries, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. Until enough people demand a change in the law, this insidious form of targeting will continue to effect hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, possibly millions.

elec harassment

elec 4

elec 2

People from All Over The World Are Being Targeted With Covert Electromagnetic Weapons Technologies

The red dots on the below maps of Europe and North America show the geo-visit locations of where people have accessed the website targeted-individuals.com who consider themselves to be under intrusive government surveillance/intimidation and are being targeted with electronic harassment over the ‘last 9 months alone’.

These figures are extraordinary………

target stats 1

This Video Clip Is from A Documentary On Electromagnetic Weapons That Was Televised in the 1990’s

 To add your support for a change in the law to electronic harassment please use your democratic rights to write to your Member of Parliament and ask them to raise the issue of electronic harassment.


Boo Hoo……My Blog Upsets Police Informants

The ‘Plausible Deniability‘ blog that I published upset the possible police informants who were not only possibly involved in the Special Branch Covert Black Op, but they more than likely had a significant role in it. The blog upset them as it gave away that they were using police issue electromagnetic weapons technologies to saturate my property with extremely high levels of microwave radiation 24/7 with the aim of causing ill health which would prevent me from giving evidence against North Wales Police Special Branch (WECTU) at the Public Inquiry.

Only a few hours after I published the blog, an attempt was made to intimidate me. I had anticipated an incident of this sort (being a Veteran of over 20+ years of Special Branch harassment) as this person had resorted to being aggressive many times before which I had reported to Denbighshire County Council, who had continuously refused to take any appropriate action. Therefore, the only option that I was left with was to report the incident to North Wales Police in order that I would have a criminal incident number to forward to my legal team and the Home Office, as I did not expect North Wales Police to investigate the incident, which was their usual response.

The next morning a police officer PC Lloyd from NWP contacted me over the telephone and asked me to describe what had happened. I explained what had occurred and he suggested that it appeared to be a serious incident and he would go and speak to the person. ( I was surprised more than anyone that NWP actually decided to investigate the incident, although it did result in a significant twist).

The day after, PC Lloyd telephones me and tells me that over a dozen allegations have been made ‘against me‘ by the said person(s) and I was required to attend Rhyl Police Station to be interviewed a couple of weeks later on the 14th May 2018. ( That was the twist in the tail).

Note: Before this blog was published I submitted a copy to my legal advisers due to some of the content I was intending on publishing which included video and audio surveillance of several police informants including phone wiretap evidence to support a number of the allegations I would have been making. However, due to an ongoing police investigation, another pending police investigation, a NWP Professional Standards investigation and the evidence I will be giving to the Public Inquiry into Special Branch Undercover Operations,  including witness intimidation, and the attempts to prevent me from giving evidence at the Public Inquiry, I have had to remove this footage on the advice of legal counsel.


Below email from PC Lloyd requesting that I attend a police interview on the 14th May 2018 at Rhyl Gestapo Station
lloyd 1After I received this ‘invitation’ to be interviewed at Rhyl police station there was a serious cause for concern for me to make several complaints against PC Lloyd, and one after the interview that he conducted.  I am yet to be interviewed by NWP Professional Standards Department regarding my complaints. (In total, 7 complaints were submitted).

prof stand blog 1


The Meeting With Chris Ruane MP in Rhyl on the 4th May 2018 That A Plain Clothes Police Officer attempted To Distrupt, Harass and Intimidate With Armed Police Outside The Building

On the 4th May 2018, the same day that PC Lloyd emailed me (above email) to inform me of my police interview on the 14th May 2018, I had already arranged a meeting with Chris Ruane MP a few weeks earlier to discuss my concerns of long term Special Branch harassment, of which he has been aware about for over 18 years. I had scheduled this meeting for 1800hrs to keep him updated on current developments. I had mistakenly mentioned this meeting to PC Lloyd earlier in the afternoon during a telephone call. 

I arrived at the Citizens Advice Bureau in Water Street at 1751hrs, 9 minutes before the meeting was due to begin. Shortly after I arrived a plain clothes police officer strides into the building looking all Mr Bean and he approaches Chris Ruane’s assistant John, and I hear him say to John ‘that a serious threat was posed to Chris Ruane MP‘.  I was the only person in the building so I assumed this was yet another attempt at police intimidation to prevent me meeting Chris Ruane MP, as this had happened many times before. Chris Ruane MP ignored the police officers threat assessment and the meeting went ahead as normal.

This is a police report from 2008 in which I had reported threats from an undercover Special Branch officer who warned me ‘not’ to go and see Chris Ruane MP.

police report mp 2008

The meeting with Chris Ruane MP went really well and I did not feel intimidated by the actions of the police officer. In all honestly, the police officer looked like he would of needed help tying up his shoe laces in the morning, such has been the drop in standards for police recruitment over recent years.

Not long after I had left the building I was informed that an unmarked police car had been parked outside the Citizens Advice Bureau with armed police officers inside whilst I was discussing police/Special Branch harassment with Chris Ruane MP inside.

After the meeting I went home and filed a formal complaint against PC Lloyd who had obviously passed on the information I had told him concerning the meeting I had with Chris Ruane MP to discuss police/Special Branch harassment. I had also informed PC Lloyd that I was a witness and giving evidence against North Wales Police Special Branch at the Public Inquiry. ( Is this is not a case of witness intimidation by PC Lloyd and his superior officers, I don’t know what is).

This is the reply from NWP Professional Complaints Department detailing my complaint against PC Lloyd and his superior officers that I received a couple of weeks later.

prof stand 2



My Investigation into Government Agency Responses Into Electronic Harassment

Prior to being interviewed by North Wales Police on the 14th May 2018, I contacted Denbighshire County Council on the 8th May 2018 to discuss not only my concerns of the very high levels of electrical frequencies I had been detecting throughout my property, but also to investigate the response of government agencies when these types of concerns are raised with them for a book that I am writing on Covert Policing Operations.  I received a reply on the 8th May 2018 from Nia Edwards – (Below).

nia eh

The reply from Nia Edwards the Housing Manager at DCC states that the Environmental Health Department would be responsible for investigating electronic harassment. However, I had already been informed in 2014 that as electronic harassment was not covered by the Statutory Nuisance legislation, DCC would not be able to investigate.

Email from Sean Awberry DCC Environmental Health Department who states that they cannot investigate electronic harassment

sean blog

My Investigations Into Electronic Harassment

From my investigations into electronic harassment for my book there isn’t one council in the UK that is able to investigate complaints of electronic harassment. It is imperative to highlight that organisations that resort to deploying ‘electronic harassment’ against individuals are mostly law enforcement agencies, which will target individuals using Covert Black Op’s so the targeted person is not aware that they are being targeted at all.

From the thousands of testimonies that I have received from whistleblowers, activists, protesters and campaigners who have been targeted with electronic harassment, over 95% did not know the cause of their ill health was caused by electronic harassment via Covert Black Op’s. They were only able to reach the conclusions that they did due to the use of electromagnetic testing equipment.  This suggests that the vast majority of people who are being targeted with electronic harassment will not be aware of the cause of their ill health and mental health).

The true figure of how many people are being targeted is not known, but estimated to be in the millions worldwide, which is why many experts on the subject are referring to this vast criminal conspiracy as the “New Holocaust”.

It is no longer being termed as a  conspiracy theory……but a conspiracy fact.


The Police Interview Under Caution at Rhyl Police Station

I was questioned by PC Lloyd at Rhyl Police Station on the 14th May 2018 regarding all of the allegations that had been made against me by the person(s) I had initially reported to the police for harassment and intimidation. The interview lasted over 2 hours.  The last time I had experienced such questioning was under fairly harsh conditions, which involved interrogation and prolonged torture by a sadistic bunch of Coldstream Guards whilst I was in the military during an escape and evasion exercise, which did bring back some fond memories, although they weren’t at the time. (I have not been able to look at a banana without wincing ever since).

The majority of the allegations that PC Lloyd put to me were all mostly made up lies which can be very easily disproved. The remaining allegations were exaggerations of actual everyday occurrences that made no sense at all. (I cannot provide details of these allegations just yet as they are currently being investigated by NWP, but I will once the police investigation has been completed.

Are You Sure You Have The Right Person

During the police interview I suggested to PC Lloyd that he should be questioning the person(s) who had made the false allegations against me. I had submitted dozens of complaints against them since 2014 to Denbighshire County Council for aggravated harassment and intimidation, and as I was a designated witness to a Public Inquiry, this was a serious criminal offence. The police informants could receive a prison sentence of up to 5 years.(These are all very serious allegations that should be investigated).  If it could also be proved that North Wales Police Special Branch were instigating the harassment, this would involve a major police investigation. (However, you would more than likely see the Pope riding Shergar, naked, in the Grand National, and winning it, than North Wales Police finding themselves guilty of witness intimidation).

It was agreed with PC Lloyd that I would provide copies of all the emails that I had sent to Denbighshire County Council since 2014 in relation to the suspected police informants in order that he could fully investigate my concerns of aggravated harassment and witness intimidation.


The Dodgy Solicitor from Gamlins, Rhyl

Prior to the police interview on the 14th May I had arranged my own solicitor Chris Jesse from Gamlins solicitors to represent me. Chris Jesse was called into an interview room by PC Lloyd by himself and he was given all of the allegations that had been made against me. Chris Jesse then called me into the room, and for reasons only he would know, he only disclosed around half of the allegations to me, which was a breach of the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) code of practice. During the police interview, allegations were then put to me by PC Lloyd that had not been disclosed to me which I immediately stated on tape during the interview. It appeared that by being surprised by allegations that had not been disclosed to me, this gave the interviewing police officer an unfair advantage, and this appeared to be an act of deception by my own solicitor. I answered all of the allegations regardless. This has resulted in complaints against the interviewing police officer PC Lloyd and the solicitor Chris Jesse.

Chris Jesse – Gamlins Solicitors Rhyl

chris jesse

Below is the reply from Gamlins Law in Rhyl in relation to my complaint against Chris Jesse.



Where Had My Emails Gone?

The next day (15th May 2018) I logged into my email account and I searched for all of the emails that I had sent to Denbighshire County Council since 2014 so I could forward them to PC Lloyd so he could investigate my allegations of aggravated harassment and possible witness intimidation. I could not find the emails at all. They had been there weeks earlier as I had to refer to them to write up a report for the Home Office. Now, they had all gone……they had all completely vanished.


The Hacker

On the 20th April 2018, after years of refusals by DCC to fully investigate my concerns of harassment and intimidation I had hastily emailed Denbighshire County Council in a moment of frustration in which I had leveled various accusations against them. It then dawned on me that my email account was first hacked into only a few hours after I had emailed this complaint (below) to Denbighshire County Council.

This is the email I sent to DCC on the 20th April 2018 in which I leveled various accusations:

nia 2

I sent the above email at 10:18 hrs  to DCC- In the above email  I raise concerns that DCC and NWP have conspired to house police informants near to me since 2011 in order that they engage in intimidation and harassment. I also highlight to DCC the method that NWP have used in order to involve DCC in a conspiracy to house the police informants, which is that NWP falsified intelligence reports to categorise me as a ‘domestic extremist’ under MAPPA legislation. North Wales Police had therefore intentionally misinformed DCC officials by NOT informing them I was giving evidence against NWP Special Branch.In Paragraph 3 I refer to NWP had in the past refused to investigate allegations of harassment. This was due to my former GP who falsified my medical records in 2001 to give me an incorrect mental health diagnosis  (unbeknownst to me) which was eventually investigated by the GMC, and my new GP who removed the unlawful diagnosis upon investigation.


The Hacker Was On to Me like A Flash of Lightening

Four hours and 1 minute (14.19hrs) after I emailed the above complaint to Denbighshire County Council on the 20th April 2018, my email account was hacked into, then again 3 minutes later, then twice the next day, which is when all of my emails to Denbighshire County Council were deleted by whoever hacked into my email account.

Copies of the Successful Hacked Email Sign-ins Into My Email Account

email blog 1

email blog 66

email blog 2

email blog 3

What A Very Peculiar Co-incidence

Was it a ‘coincidence’ that my email account was hacked into 4 hours after I had emailed a complaint to Denbighshire County Council in which I had made accusations against them, and all my complaints that I had sent by email to DCC since 2014 regarding aggravated harassment and intimidation, by tenants that DCC had housed near to me, had been deleted. ( Note: I have not received ‘any’ complaints against me from these tenants at all, until a statement was made to North Wales Police by said person(s) of which I was interviewed under caution by NWP, described above). 

My email account had never been hacked in 10 years, but within hours of my complaint against DCC, it had been hacked twice and also twice the next day. Bank details that were contained in emails were not used to attempt to hack into bank accounts. If I hadn’t attended the interview at Rhyl Police Station on the 14th May 2018 and I had been requested to supply copies of the emails I had sent to DCC since 2014 to PC Lloyd, it would have took me a lot longer to realise what had occurred. As a result of this discovery, I emailed North Wales Police to report that my email account had been hacked.

My email to North Wales Police reporting that my email account had been hacked.

lloyd email 1

The next day 2 police officers were dispatched to my address and told me that they would not be able to locate the hacker, which is standard procedure for this type of crime.


My Accusations Against Denbighshire County Council

In my hastily compiled complaint that was written out of sheer frustration after years of refusals by Denbighshire County Council to acknowledge and address my concerns, the accusations that I leveled towards DCC in my email were:

  • Denbighshire County Council had been provided with falsified intelligence reports from North Wales Police which suggested that I was a danger to the public, and under MAPPA legislation, Denbighshire County Council was being requested to co-operate with North Wales Police by housing informants near to me to conduct various ‘covert policing operations‘.
  • The falsified intelligence that North Wales Police had provided to DCC suggested that I had been categorised as a ” domestic extremist” and I was a danger to the public. The actual reality was that I was a designated witness that was giving evidence against North Wales Police Special Branch at the Public Inquiry into Undercover policing Operations in London.
  • I had been submitting complaints against the possible police informants that DCC had housed near to me since 2014 who it appeared were being instructed by North Wales Police to engage in a campaign of intimidation and harassment which had been continually ignored by DCC, and therefore, permitted to continue unabated.
  • That Denbighshire County Council Housing officers were complicit in the intimidation and harassment due to their continual refusal to take any appropriate action against the tenants, and therefore, they should be prosecuted under the Inquiries Act 2005 where they could receive a custodial sentence of up to 5 years.
Was it a surprise after I made these accusations and the evidence that I had, all of the emails that I had sent to DCC Housing Department since 2014 were deleted by the hacker who assessed by email account??


Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA)

Before I continue, it is imperative that I provide an explanation of MAPPA. It appears that North Wales Police have categorised me as a “Domestic Extremist” in order to coerce Denbighshire County Council (and other agencies) into housing possible police informants near to me in order to conduct ‘Covert Surveillance‘ where the police informants would be in a position to provide intelligence to the police, and also to be able to conduct more sinister  ‘Covert Black Operations’ to prevent me from giving evidence at the Public Inquiry into Special Branch Undercover Operations.


My Investigation And Analysis

From my own investigations, it appears that North Wales Police may have possibly informed Denbighshire County Council that I was a ‘Domestic Extremist‘ which was based on ‘falsified intelligence’ which was submitted onto the police national computer (and other databases) by Special Branch officers who did not want me to give evidence at the Public Inquiry against them.

NWP then ‘failed‘ to inform DCC that I was giving evidence against NWP Special Branch (WECTU). The police informants were then not just monitoring me as a Level 3 Category threat under MAPPA legislation which was based on falsified intelligence, but they were also involved in other sinister Covert Black Op’s.

The police informants were also engaged in a basic campaign of harassment and intimidation, which under the Inquiries Act 2005, the Special Branch officers, the police officers who were handling the informants, the council officers and the police informants can all be jailed for up to 5 years.

police corruption. 1 a


Basic Definition of MAPPA

The Criminal Justice Act 2003 (“CJA 2003”) provides for the establishment of Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (“MAPPA”) in each of the 42 criminal justice areas in England and Wales. These are designed to protect the public, including previous victims of crime, from serious harm by sexual and violent offenders. They require the local criminal justice agencies and other bodies dealing with offenders to
work together in partnership in dealing with these offenders.

Levels of Management 
MAPPA offenders are managed at one of three levels according to the extent of agency involvement needed and the number of different agencies involved. The great majority are managed at level 1 (ordinary agency management). This involves the sharing of information but does not require multi-agency meetings.
The others are managed at level 2 if an active multi-agency approach is required (MAPP meetings), and at level 3 if senior representatives of the relevant agencies with the authority to commit resources are also needed.

MAPPA is basically ‘Risk Management’  legislation where a person who is deemed to be a risk to the public is categorised between Level 1 -3. Risk Management Plans are then devised to manage the risk that an individual poses to the community.


Seriously, How Can A Witness Be A Domestic Extremist?

MAPPA is also used to manage the risk that “Domestic Extremists” pose to the community and society at large. There is no actual legal definition of a domestic extremist although this is the working definition:

“Domestic Extremism relates to the activity of groups or individuals who commit or plan serious criminal activity motivated by a political or ideological viewpoint”

As I am a witness to the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing Operations, it is rather simple to understand that Special Branch have created a falsified label for me as a ‘Domestic Extremist’ in order to obtain the assistance of various other government agencies to coordinate a multi-agency operation to harass and intimidate me in order to prevent me giving evidence against them.

I am not involved in animal rights extremism,, environmental rights, far right or far left political extremism or any other emerging trends. However, I could be labeled as an ‘extremist’ if my persistence to give evidence against Special Branch could be referred to as such, as I am ‘extremely insistent’ on giving evidence.


MAPPA Guidance on Domestic Extremism.

mappa 3

The MAPPA legislation is used to co-ordinate ‘multiple agencies’ to work together to manage the risk that a “Domestic Extremist” poses to the community.


My Previous Blog Summary

In my previous blog When Injustice Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty I explain how in 1996-97 I organised a protest march on parliament involving tens of thousands of ex-soldiers who were being denied medical treatment, as well as a cycle tour of the UK to raise awareness of their plight, as well as involving other ex-military organisations and personnel who had grievances with the government. The campaign was derailed by Special Branch and I eventually resigned from the Gulf War Veterans national committee in October 1997.

After I resigned, I had hoped of leading a normal existence, going to university to do a business degree, an eventual career in business and having a family as I had been married since 1993. However, Special Branch had other plans as they continually subjected me and my wife to overt targeting (psyops) which mainly involved multiple stalkers which was a daily occurrence, and all manner of interference in our social, professional and private lives, which eventually disintegrated our marriage. I continued to experience a vast amount of harassment and intimidation even though I was NOT politically active which would be mind boggling for most people to understand that this could occur in the UK. In 2010 I decided enough was enough and I started to expose the covert harassment, which eventually led to me applying to give evidence at the Public Inquiry in 2014. 


The Vanished Emails and Why Denbighshire County Council Will NOT Provide Copies Of My Emails to Them

I was aware that even though my email account had been hacked and all of my emails to DCC in which I was reporting the harassment and intimidation had been deleted, Denbighshire County Council would have a copy of all of my emails. I emailed the housing manager Nia Edwards on the 17th May 2018 and I explained to her that I had been interviewed by North Wales Police on the 14th May 2018, and PC Lloyd had requested copies of ALL of the complaints I had made of harassment and intimidation to DCC since 2014 in order that he could investigate, as well as the more serious offense of witness intimidation.

I also explained to Nia Edwards that my email account had been hacked a few hours after I had emailed her on the 20th April 2018 in which I had leveled the various accusations against her department and DCC, and that all my emails to DCC had been deleted by the hacker. She stated in an email to me on the 17th May 2018 that she would provide a Chronological Report of all of the emails that I have sent to DCC.


nia 2a

Please Nia, Send Me the Chronological Report!

As I hadn’t received a copy of the Chronological Report that Nia Edwards was compiling for me by the 24th May 2018, I emailed her again in which she sent me the below email in which she states that the Access to Information Officer was happy to release all of the emails I have sent to DCC and she would forward them to me the next day, the 25th May 2018.

nia chrono report

Denbighshire County Council Shit A Brick

The next day, on the morning of the 25th May 2018, the day in which I expected Nia Edwards to email me the Chronological Report in which she had stated in her email, I forwarded a copy of an email to Nia Edwards that was sent to me from the Home Office, the Undercover Policing Inquiry Team  (UCPI) in which they clearly state that:

“it is a criminal offence contrary to section 35(2)(b) of the Inquiries Act 2005 for anyone to do anything that is intended to have the effect of preventing any evidence being given to the Inquiry Panel”

ucpi 22

Once Nia Edwards receives the forwarded email from the Home Office that I sent to her, it appears that the ‘penny drops‘ and she possibly realises that she herself, her department, housing officers and Denbighshire County Council may have been involved in a conspiracy to harass a witness to a Public Inquiry, whether she and others were informed of the full facts or not from the outset, which is a serious criminal offence, which carries a sentence of up to 5 years imprisonment. Up until she received a copy of the email, from the Home Office, she may have been only aware of the falsified information that was provided by North Wales Police/Special Branch.

I have NOT received a copy of the Chronological Report that Nia Edwards was compiling for me….



It appears that up until Nia Edwards received the email from me from the Home Office on the 25th May 2018 she may have been aware that DCC Housing Department was co-operating with North Wales Police in a coordinated multi-agency operation (MAPPA) since at least 2014, (possibly 2011) which would explain the refusal of DCC Housing Department to acknowledge and address any of my concerns of harassment and intimidation I raised since 2014.

Again, this is speculation on my part, the (MAPPA) multi-agency operation would have involved covert monitoring/intelligence gathering which is a recommended procedure under MAPPA legislation for Level 3 offenders. One can only speculate whether the DCC Housing Officers were aware or not that the harassment and intimidation that I had been reporting to DCC was linked to my role as a witness to the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing Operations, although I did notify them in various emails I had sent to them, the same emails that have since been deleted by the hacker who accessed my email account. Their continued refusal to acknowledge and act on my complaints for over 4 years though is rather telling.

Nia Edwards had stated in emails to me that she was going to provide copies of all of my emails that I had sent to DCC since 2014 in a Chronological Report, but as soon as I provided clarification from the Home Office of my witness status to the Public Inquiry she has ceased all contact with me. This could be for a variety of reasons. If one was to speculate, it could be reasoned that once Nia Edwards received the email from the Home Office which indicated that I was in fact a witness who was protected by judicial rights, the gravity of the situation would surely have started to sink in, and the seriousness of the situation would surely have alerted everyone involved at DCC who allowed the harassment and intimidation to continue unabated since 2014.

Nia Edwards is also aware that I intend on making a complaint against DCC and I had arranged meetings with my legal team, and that I was in regular contact with the Home Office. I required all of those “deleted emails’ in the Chronological Report for the meetings, which Nia Edwards has decided to not provide. This is obviously clear obstruction. As I am also unable to provide copies of the emails to North Wales Police in order that they can fully investigate my allegations of harassment and intimidation, as well as possible witness intimidation, she is obstructing a police investigation. However, this situation would suit North Wales Police down to a tee.

I will be making a complaint against DCC Housing Department once I have received copies of all of my emails which I will now be required to access via a Subject Access Request (SAR) under the Data Protection Act 1998 which will take around 4 weeks, which is going to provide a significant delay for me, but an advantage for certain other agencies.

I believed in 2014 that by applying to become a witness to give evidence against Special Branch, this would provide me with the Judicial Rights I would require to prevent a continuation of the harassment and intimidation that I first started to experience when I left the military and began campaigning for medical treatment for ex-military personnel. I could not have been more wrong. I have actually experienced a far greater intensity and severity of harassment that could have been far more detrimental for my physical and mental health if I had not met a former MI5 covert operations officer in 2014 who briefed me of the potential hazards that being a witness against Special Branch could entail. I consider myself one of the lucky ones, so far.

The real concern that I have is how many other witnesses are being covertly targeted with covert weapons technology that will be causing ill health to a degree that may prevent witnesses from giving evidence, and they will know nothing about it, because it is meant to be ‘covert’.

I believe only time will tell, with the persistence of other witnesses, investigators and investigative journalists who will be monitoring the situation and to see how it unravels. How many witnesses will end up giving evidence from all those that had applied by the end of the Public Inquiry will be a very interesting subject discussion at some point in the distant future.

The Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing Operations has been delayed so far by at least 5 years, although it could increase even further. Will these delays allow for more witnesses to be targeted in order that the inquiry is completely whitewashed, which is what Special Branch is obviously aiming for.

The battle for social justice for all those that were targeted by Special Branch since 1968 has really only just begun…….


I Have Not heard From DCC Housing Manager Nia Edwards since her email on the 24th May 2018 in which she stated that she would provide a Chronological Report containing all of my emails that I had sent to DCC since 2014.


My last Email to Nia Edwards 4th June 2018.

nia last email


The ‘Covert Black Op’ to prevent me from giving evidence is still an ongoing covert operation. My home is still being saturated with extremely high levels of electrical frequencies. I am considering applying for political asylum in Switzerland until I am called to give evidence at the Public Inquiry, or maybe, just maybe, I will endure the war zone of my home, and my home town for a few years longer…..until it is no longer safe to do so.


Note: I should state that I do not have a criminal record, I only have a basic driving conviction. I have never been arrested for anything. I am by all accounts a law abiding citizen. I left the military with an exemplary military record. I have previously declined numerous employment opportunities with various British and American government agencies from 1991 – 2003. I have a conscience, and a sense of morality……



End of Expose Part 1




spycops 1


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When Injustice Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty


“Societies in decline have no use for visionaries.”  ~ Anais Nin


After the Gulf War in 1991, thousands of British soldiers started complaining of illnesses in the years following their return. In America, the problem was far worse with hundreds of thousands of soldiers being effected.

In 2011, 20 years after the Gulf War, statistics showed that over 9,700 British Gulf War Veterans were in receipt of a War Disablement Pension for their service in that theatre of operations.  The Ministry of Defence (MoD) published a mortality data report in 2011 that claimed only 1193 Gulf War Veterans had died. (Overall 53,500 UK service personnel served in the 1991 Gulf War).

I started to choke on my scrambled eggs when I read that one morning in 2011 in a national newspaper. From 1996 to 1997 I was an elected member of the Gulf Veterans Association national committee, and we had over 1,500 recorded Gulf War Veterans deaths in just 5 years since the end of the Gulf War in 1991. And that’s only what we had recorded as not all Gulf War Veterans had registered with us, only approximately 15%.

The MoD were claiming that ONLY 1,193 Gulf War Veterans had died in 20 years. After I stopped choking, I picked up the phone and I attempted to recruit the best humans right lawyer in the country, which took some time to convince, but which I eventually managed to do in 2012. For 3 months during 2012 I worked with a former solicitor of the year who had accumulated numerous prestigious awards to commence legal proceedings against the Ministry of Defence on behalf of the 9,700 Gulf War Veterans who were awarded War Pensions, and for all those that had died and their families.

In 1995, whilst I was still serving in the military I observed a monumental cover up which involved MoD medical staff who were visiting Army Medical Centres and they were removing all of the medical notes of Gulf War Veterans who had visited their Doctor complaining of illnesses. I was concerned by this as I had a period of 2 weeks in 1994 where I was urinating black pee which my Army doctor had initially sent me for tests, but then withdrew them. The black pee cleared up within a couple of weeks but I was still slightly concerned so I had tests done in a German medical practice. When the results came back the tests showed that my liver had been severely damaged and further tests were required. (It wasn’t alcohol related as I only drank occasionally).  I took the results to the Army medical doctors and they steadfastly refused to carry out any further tests. I complained several times and I was then eventually brought in front of the most senior officer in my unit, the Officer Commanding, where I was bluntly told that if I continued to pursue this, it would effect my career in the military. I was effectively being gagged. I was expected to live with a dodgy liver (and later on some other minor symptoms) without asking any questions.  I wondered, why are they preventing me from pursuing this. It was surreal.  I managed to keep quiet for a while, but my conscience would not allow me to continue without saying or doing something. The following year I would inevitably become the Gulf War ‘Deep Throat’ as I resorted to secret squirrel negotiations with the British national press.

In 1994 and 1995 national newspapers such as The News of the World were printing regular double page spreads on an illness which was being termed as ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ that was effecting thousands of Gulf War Veterans and that hundreds had died. One of the major concerns was that Gulf War Veterans had been given a vast cocktail of experimental vaccines and this was probably the most likely cause of all the illnesses and deaths. It appeared that almost every Sunday morning when I used to go to the NAAFI to buy a newspaper there was a story about the illnesses effecting Gulf War Veterans. Each week, I got angrier as it was impossible to plan for the future with a liver that I had been told had been severely effected without knowing what the actual prognosis was. If someone, anyone would have told me that the liver regenerates itself every 3 years, I wouldn’t have ever embarked on the path that I did,  but it appears destiny had a role for me that I did not expect, or really want, but its kind of turned out to have been a really interesting journey.


Each week with every story I read about Gulf War Veterans dying my angry levels increased until one day whilst on my dinner break at an Army camp in Munster, Germany, I decided to phone the News of the World. I told them about the Ministry of Defence staff who were visiting Army Medical Centres and they were removing medical notes of the illnesses that Gulf War Veterans were reporting. I was interviewed over the phone and the following week a double page spread was published. I must have been slightly petrified back then of putting so much on the line as I didn’t tell anyone what I had done, as I was aware it was a career ending move, and if caught, a lengthy spell in a military prison. At the end of the phone call the journalist asked me to phone back if I came across any more information. This is where my journey as the Gulf War Deep Throat began. ( Deep Throat refers to the Watergate Whistleblower, not the porn movie).


Over the next year any information I came across on the Gulf War Veterans cover up I used my secret squirrel methods (the payphone on the military base) to phone my contact at the News of the World, which on most occasions did produce a published story or was part of an article they were already working on. By 1996, after numerous published articles in the press, my ‘Deep Throat’ days were coming to an end as I had decided to leave the military for a short time to pursue medical treatment, and I hoped to then re-join the Army but in a different corps, the Intelligence Corps, who had accepted my transfer request the previous year.


I left the Army and returned to the UK in February 1996. My first point of call was to register with a GP and pursue a medical prognosis and any possible treatment so I could continue with what plans I had made prior to the dodgy liver episode, and continue with my life. As it turned out, the British medical authorities were exactly the same as the Army. They also refused to pursue any medical testing for Gulf War Veterans. This was due to scientific reports by the Ministry of Defence which was stating that there was nothing wrong with Gulf War Veterans. Not only was there no medical tests available, there was certainly no treatment options. Over the next 2 years the only offer of treatment that was given to me by the NHS was acupuncture.

In March 1996 I had been offered a very well paid job, but I felt I was in the same situation I was in when I was in the Army without a real prognosis. The one NHS consultant I did see had mentioned a liver transplant in the future, which only fanned the flames which were by now at volcanic level, so I decided to turn down the job offer and join the campaign with the thousands of other Gulf War Veterans.


I contacted the Gulf Veterans Association and I was offered various types of work to do for them which eventually led to working full time on the campaign. Within a few months I had been elected onto the national committee. My initial role was a Regional Adviser for North Wales and not long after I was selected to become the national publicist. My time as the Gulf War ‘Deep Throat’ would prove to have done me well……..


My role as the national publicist was to create as much publicity as I could to embarrass the government as the MoD were obviously not providing any adequate medical testing or treatment programs, which was in stark contrast to the Americans who were investing tens of millions of dollars into discovering what was making their troops ill. Millions of dollars were also being spent on various different treatment options.  The UK MoD budget for medical testing and treatment was £0.00.

bike protest 3

Using my past experience as ‘Deep Throat’ I developed contacts in all of the national newspapers where I initially made good progress in having articles published about Gulf War Veterans illnesses and pouring as much scorn on the Establishment as was necessary, but after a few months the MoD issued a D-Notice against me, the Gulf Veterans Association and the publicity I was creating.

( A D-Notice is an official request to news editors not to publish or broadcast items on specified subjects for reasons of national security. In the UK the original D-Notice system was introduced in 1912 and run as a voluntary system by a joint committee headed by an Assistant Secretary of the War Office and a representative of the Press Association. Any D-Notices or DA-notices are only advisory requests, and so are not legally enforceable; hence, news editors can choose not to abide by them. However, they are generally complied with by the media).

I was being gagged, again. As it turned out, it was lucky that I had ever discovered the D-Notice, otherwise I would have never known, as a local journalist I had been working with to develop an article had told me a press release I had submitted to the local newspaper had received a D-Notice from the MoD, which he shouldn’t have told me about. The MoD had stated that the article would compromise national security as it provided details on how the vaccines had made Gulf War Veterans ill. ( I later discovered during a meeting with the Secretary of State for Defence in February 1997 that any subject matter to do with how so many Gulf War Veteran’s had become ill and had died was being regarded as national security).

I was absolutely livid. How could the government give experimental vaccines to tens of thousands of soldiers, knowing that they would cause illnesses (later proved at the Gulf War Veterans Public Inquiry in 2004) and then deny them medical tests and then treatment. It was outrageous, criminal even. Government departments were using national security to not only cover up their crimes, but I was also regarded as a threat to national security. I felt like my future was being ripped away from me by some evil dictatorial psychopaths, so I decided to organise something big, much bigger than I had previously ever dreamed of.

That night I went to bed and I wrote on a notepad, ‘How can I make the government give me and all the other Gulf War Veterans the medical testing and treatment we all so rightly deserved’.

The next morning when I woke up, I had the answer……….


Viva La Revolution

The idea that came to me was to march tens of thousands of Gulf War Veterans to the Houses of Parliament on election day, 1st May 1997. I would also recruit all other ex-military personnel who had a grievance with the government to march and protest with us. If necessary, we would peacefully occupy the Houses of Parliament on election day until the government agreed to the medical tests that Gulf Veterans were demanding that should have been made mandatory from the outset. To me, it was simple. I lived in a democracy, and I will use my democratic rights.

bike protest

An unlikely revolutionary leader: I purposely gave a low figure of only 2,500 Veterans that would be marching on Parliament as if I had stated 250,000 or more, the consensus was I might get shot or have an unfortunate accident.


The Snakes in Suits

Little did I know, when I announced this publicity campaign in the local and regional press, which also involved a 6 week city to city cycle tour which involved mostly former members of the SAS, the snakes in suits at MI5 Headquarters thought they had a potential revolution on their hands.


With this sole idea, I had obtained the label as a radical revolutionary which would always be associated to me…..


The Cycle Tour

The idea for the cycle tour started after I had a conversation with several ex-members of the Special Forces regiment the SAS. Some of these guys had left the SAS prior to the Gulf War but were then called up to serve as medics, and they too were given the vast cocktail of vaccines. (All of the soldiers who served in the Special Forces Group for the Gulf War 1991 were not given the experimental vaccines. You can imagine the conversation at the MoD, “ If we give the vaccines to the SAS and the SBS and we screw them all up, I think they may hunt us down and it will be off with our heads”. So the SAS, SBS and other Special Forces never had the vaccines).

The idea I developed involved recruiting a 10 man ex-SAS cycle team who would cycle on average 50 miles a day between them, which was 5 miles each, not a herculean task for ex-special forces members you would think, but some of these guys had serious medical issues as a result of the vaccines which later killed several of them. We would cycle from one city to the next starting exactly 6 weeks before the general election on the 1st May 1997. We would start and end the cycle tour from the MoD building in Whitehall, London, to create maximum publicity.

A part of the media strategy I devised was that when we cycled into each city, my publicity team would have arranged radio interviews with all of the main radio stations as well as the local and regional newspapers. (This idea came about after the MoD gagged my articles in the national press, so I decided to use the local and regional press outlets and avoid using information which could be deemed to be of ‘national security’). All of the interviews would have been done by the ex-SAS members who would have been highly critical of the government, and the manner in which the MoD had deserted thousands of troops that were being left to suffer and die without treatment which was due to the MoD’s negligence.

After the Gulf War there was a lot of public furore over the SAS due to their legendary exploits during the 1991 conflict, and the books that were written and published by the likes of ex-SAS members Andy McNab and Chris Ryan. I was going to use the furore surrounding the SAS to create another one, which was the despicable way that Gulf War Veterans were being treated, as it was also happening to ex-SAS members. We knew this strategy would create a huge wave of publicity.

Another aspect of the media strategy was for the ex-SAS members who would be giving the interviews to the media everyday involved giving a shout out to ‘all’ ex-forces who had been mistreated by the government over the last few decades to join us on our protest march on parliament on election day, because enough was enough, and I knew that figure was in the millions. I wanted as many ex-forces to march with us to the Houses of Parliament to make it a complete success, and I knew a shout out from the SAS to all ex-forces would have achieved that.

I had also contacted and spoken to all the ex-military charities across the whole country and I requested that their membership should be notified of the protest plan, to which they all mostly agreed, such was the revulsion most ex-forces organisations and members held against the Ruling Class, as they had been continually mistreating ex-military personnel, mainly from the working classes who had fought there wars for them for decades, if not centuries. I was requesting the assistance of the military charities to march on London, and I had it.

I was also granted funding from service charities as well as obtaining funding from various other sources. I also contacted National Express the coach company and I explained the plans for the cycle tour involving ex-SAS members and they sponsored us immediately. They offered to supply us a coach for the cycling aspect to the tour and a back up vehicle as well as some financial assistance. They also allocated their entire fleet of coaches to transport tens of thousands of ex-military to London for the march on the Houses of Parliament on election day.

Everything was going smoothly like cogs in a well oiled machine up until February 1997, around 5 weeks before the cycle tour was due to start, when strange things started to occur, and the cogs started to come flying off, one by one, very quickly……

I had been under surveillance since I had left the military as I had been asking too many questions in relation to Gulf War illnesses and I had probably already been tagged as a potential ‘trouble maker’. I am not aware that the Security Services MI5 were aware of my ‘Deep Throat’ secret squirrel contacts with the national press whilst I was in the Army, so I assumed it was due to the Gulf War Illnesses cover up that the government was intent on keeping a secret, by misusing national security legislation to cover up their crimes. When I had become the Regional Adviser with the Gulf Veterans Association and I had begun campaigning for Gulf War Veterans it was very obvious that I was under surveillance. Initially, it had been covert, but as I had a habit of pointing them all out, they switched to overt, which is surveillance which you are meant to notice as its supposed to induce stress and anxiety, as who enjoys being followed and monitored 24/7 by a large team of ugly surveillance operatives. Fortunately for me, I kind of enjoyed the attention. I felt like I was in a film, and I was the starring role, writing my own script.

When I announced the march on parliament and the cycle tour in the press the surveillance operatives that appeared on the scene were meaner looking brutes, with a penchant for intimidation and being menacing, and even more uglier than the last crew,  which we termed as the Special Branch Psycho Squad.

bike protest 2

The first big cog to break off was national express coaches. One of the executive directors phoned me and said that he thought that it was not in the best interests of his company to sponsor us, then abruptly hung up. It was easy to conceive that the Snakes in Suits at MI5 had visited the executives with a few heavies citing national security.  Then the funding started to get pulled by the military charities. We had been allocated funding which I had been assured of. Suddenly, without explanation, all the major financial backers of the campaign pulled out. At the same time, all of the lads had family members under surveillance and they were all experiencing harassment and intimidation with the hope that they would pull out of the cycle tour. None did, but several family members of some of the lads were beaten up, including wives and children, which made them seriously consider their involvement. There were break in’s, cars stolen, pets poisoned, all of the usual scare and intimidation tactics to prevent us from proceeding.

Within 4 weeks our campaign had been railroaded. I hate to admit it, but they done it with such ease and efficiency that it was awe inspiring to watch the wheels come off my own campaign. Emotionally, it was devastating. I had invested so much time and effort, and we were so close to achieving the impossible. If they could rip our campaign and protest apart with such ease, we had no hope of achieving medical testing and treatment, and that’s what hit me and the rest of the guys the hardest. I had always believed that good overcame evil, but this time, the evil doers were going to win, and win they did.


Gulf War Syndrome has never been acknowledged by the Ministry of Defence. Thousands have died, the exact number is still not known. Over 9,700 Gulf Veterans receive a War Disablement Pension. There has never been any significant medical testing or treatment.

Six months after the campaign and protest was derailed, I resigned from the national committee of the Gulf Veterans Association. I couldn’t ever envision that Gulf War Veterans would ever receive medical treatment. My liver did eventually regenerate itself with no lasting damage.

The surveillance and intimidation that I had noticed which started after I left the military has continued to this day. My efforts of attempting to initially obtain medical treatment for myself, then other Veterans, has left me with an unfortunate label as a radical revolutionary:

A revolutionary person fearlessly advocates radical change. Revolutionary people and ideas challenge the status quo and might be violent or willing to upset the natural order to achieve their goals.

 I have been designated as a threat, blacklisted by the Ruling Class, who funnily enough, do not like working class people upsetting their natural order of wealth and privilege. I have experienced excessive, brutal and savage acts of terrorism from the Police State continuously since I resigned from the Gulf War Veterans campaign.


From 1997 to 2010 I witnessed and observed all of the harassment the Police State could throw at me without reacting to any of it, because I thought that if they could understand that in 1996, all I wanted was medical treatment. I was desperate, and desperate people do desperate things, and that’s how I viewed the campaign I organised. I thought that over time they would realise this, but by 2010, my patience had run thin, so I decided to expose all of the Police State/Special Branch harassment that I was experiencing. ( In 2014 I applied to give evidence against Special Branch at the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing Operations). I also decided to become politically involved in anything I could get my teeth into.

In 2011 I was approached by a group of Gulf War Veterans who had heard of my exploits in 1996-1997 and they requested my assistance to start a fresh legal challenge against the MoD. I was reluctant to get involved because I knew it was not a winnable fight, but I still had an urge in me to have another crack at obtaining justice.  I thought that if the Establishment could destroy a campaign and protest with ease, what would they do if I launched a legal challenge.

So in 2012, I had finally managed to recruit the best human rights lawyer in the land and we worked together for 3 months to set up what could eventually have been one of the biggest multiparty legal challenges in the UK,  set up on behalf of all the deceased Gulf War Veterans and the 9,700 who were left with illnesses. I could go into all the details, but its rather predictable to guess the outcome. The lawyer was stitched up, he lost his licence to practice law, and his once very successful law firm was closed down, his life in ruins.

I am apparently still a radical revolutionary that must be continuously monitored, surveilled, terrorised and never be allowed in a position where I can inspire other people to use their democratic rights to do something outrageous, such as, storming the Houses Of Parliament, peacefully of course……..


My name is Andy Lewis, I am a Targeted Individual.

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bike into the fray




The 3 Amigo’s

This is an update to my previous blog ‘National Security My Arse‘  where I described how my broadband upload speed is being hijacked by a government agency who is cloning my computer in order that they can see everything that I am doing, as I am doing it, so they can intercept emails, messages and comments to disrupt the political activity, human rights campaigns and the counter terrorism investigations I am involved with. 

The 3 Amigo’s

“If you’re not going to use your free speech to criticize your own government, then what the hell is the point of having it?” ~ Michelle Templet

Recap – For the last several months I have had painfully slow broadband upload speeds at less than 1.0Mb. The speed should be between 6.9Mb – 10.Mb for the area where I live. It’s also the speed which is in the contractual obligation I signed with plusnet when I joined in November 2017.  I am therefore receiving speeds which are much less than I should be, so I keep making complaints to plusnet. The complaints also provide me with evidence of computer surveillance that I can use to submit at the Public Inquiry into Special Branch Undercover Policing Operations 1968 -2008 which I will be giving evidence at,  if I haven’t been worn down by continual surveillance, harassment and intimidation.

(In some countries it’s actually illegal to harass witnesses, but it appears to be a regular past time for British police forces).

james davies witness protection

I described in my previous blog that when I phone plusnet when my upload speed is really low at around 1.0Mb, they run a line test and they always detect a fault. They then send out a BT Open Reach engineer the next day to fix it. I described that if I ran broadband speed checks on the morning before the BT Open Reach engineer arrives the upload speed miraculously returns to what is considered average at 5.7Mb one hour before the BT engineer arrives. Once they have arrived, they run a line test and find no faults whatsoever. When they leave, usually one hour after, the upload speed drops again, usually down to around 1.0Mb and a ‘fault appears on the line’. This is how the problem has persisted for the few months I have been making complaints until today, when the 3 amigo’s turned up.

How to Spot a Bunch of Retarded BT Engineers Who Are Working For The Gestapo

I ran a broadband speed test at 1000am this morning (Monday 26th March 2018) and it was better than normal at 3.5Mb, but still less than half of what it should be and when your uploading videos and pages to websites etc it can take forever which is so god damm annoying. On Friday (23rd March 2018) I had phoned plusnet to report that my upload speed was snail pace slow yet again. They detected an external phone line fault outside of my property and they notified BT Open Reach and told me that the BT engineer did not need to visit the property as the issue was external.

At 10:15am the phone rings and it’s a BT engineer. He wants to visit the property. I suggest that he should give me one hour whilst I finish my yoga routine. He duly arrives at 11:15am and I notice that he looks like a overweight Michael Ball with a scouse accent. I am dying to say something but decide to keep tight lipped. He runs a broadband speed test which took some effort for him to get up and down as the socket was on the skirting board. The upload speed had returned to normal at over 6.5Mb and there was no fault on the line at all. This is what I expected.

In a surprise twist, when he manages to get upright and tuck his t-shirt into the crack of his arse, he starts to tell me that the entire side of the estate where I live is being effected by slow broadband speeds, and the BT engineers think that someone, somewhere in my area has a dodgy fridge which could be effecting all of the broadband speeds. I try not to laugh. I have heard of fridges exploding into flames and causing fires, but seriously, effecting broadband speeds, this was a new one for me. My thoughts wander off into conspiracy theory territory and I imagine that the Russians have planted doctored electronic circuit boards into fridges to disrupt broadband speeds. I know those Russians are bad people, the media keep telling us, there all McMafia. I think maybe the KGB are out for vengeance after Seb Coe got them kicked out of the Olympics. I think about phoning the Russian embassy and giving them what for, but my thoughts are disrupted when Michael Ball gets a phone call. He comes off the phone and tells me in a serious voice, that the ‘Rain Man’ is on his way.

Michael fills me in on ‘Rain Man’….

He tells me that he thinks Rain Man’s real name is Carlos, but apparently, no one really knows, such is his mystique, only that his nickname is derived from the electronic device he uses which should be able to detect which of the fridges (maybe the KGB ones) and other household devices is causing my side of the estate to have slow broadband speeds. We go outside and we wait for him. I start to wonder if Rain Man could have been named after the film and character played by Dustin Hoffman, a genius autistic bloke with a thing for numbers and gambling when my train of thought is again interrupted by Mr Ball who is looking around the estate. He points at a 15 meter pole in a caravan park 150 meters away and says “do you know what, it could be that pole that’s disrupting your broadband”.  He keeps looking around and points to what looks like a fence and says “it could be that” My first thought was how much LSD do these BT engineers have for breakfast. He keeps looking around, quite wildly, and at one point it looked like he was going to burst into song, but he pointed upwards to a seagull that was flying overhead. I thought surely not, a seagull, a god damm seagull cannot be effecting my broadband speeds. I’m flabbergasted; who is this guy, what is he on, and does he need help.

Moments later he gets a phone call off a different engineer which distracts his gaze away from the seagull, who informs him that he is just down the road and he is now coming along too. He arrives as Michael is eyeing up the seagull that is now perched on a lamp post. (I try not to think about what he is thinking about, for the sake of my sanity). Amigo 2 arrives wearing mirrored aviators looking all Tom Cruise without the good looks, even though its quite cloudy. I think for a second, if he’s playing the Tom Cruise character, I cant wait to see Rain Man. They start chatting about the pole in the caravan park, Tom Cruise agree’s, it could be the pole. I start to think to myself, am I getting punked, am I on a hidden camera show. I start to look around waiting for Jermey Beedle to jump out of a bush, but it dawns on me that he died years ago. I begin to think, surely, this shit cant be real.  I look down the road and another BT van is rocking up the street. Tom and Michael punch the air and start to sing in harmony ” Here comes the Rain Man, here comes the Rain Maaaaaaan”. ( I still don’t know if that really happened, or my imagination had begun to run excessively wild at that point).

Rain Man rocks up, gets out of the van and looks surprisingly like a camp Mexican WWE wrestler with a handlebar moustache, nothing like Dustin Hoffman, which is a little disappointing as I had already retrieved a pack of playing cards from the living room.

Michael and Tom tell me that the device Rain Man has is a R.E.I.N. device that detects for devices (KGB fridges) which effect broadband speeds, hence the nickname. Rain Man, who has by now put on a big sombrero and starts wondering around the front garden with his device with a big aerial on it, one step at a time as if he’s on a treasure hunt waiting to hear a beep, slowly taking his time, and at one point, he looked up just as a seagull flew past, and he started very slowly to raise the R.E.I.N. device towards the seagull, to which I thought, “un-fucking-believable” but he then diverted his hand to itch his nose, to my obvious sigh of relief.

He spends the next 15 minutes on his treasure hunt but finds nothing. The BT engineers discuss the pole in the caravan park and other objects which could affect my side of the estates broadband. I listen with incredulous delight to what I am hearing. I wonder if these guys have had a visit from the gestapo this morning and then sat around the office making up shit in an attempt to divert my attention to the obvious fact that I am under electronic surveillance and my computer is being cloned.

Maybe my previous blog on electronic surveillance where I suggest that BT engineers are involved with the Gestapo in wire tapping everyone is reason enough for an elaborate attempt by BT Open Reach to involve 3 engineers to hoodwink me into believing anything but electronic surveillance as the reason for months and years of slow broadband speeds. Who knows, but it has been a very interesting morning, so far.

As Rain Man is unable to locate a KGB fridge in my street, Michael Ball and Tom Cruise make there way to their vans. Michael, with the extra weight is struggling to pull himself up and get into his van, so Tom shuffles over to help him by putting his hands on Michael’s arse and pushing as hard as he can to heave him up, but as he is doing so, his left foot slips on some gravel and he face plants Michael’s arse and his nose lands right in Michael Ball’s ass crack, whose trousers had slipped down his fat arse with the effort of getting into his van.

At this point, I thought I was on LSD. 

I looked at Rain Man, and he is looking at me, as well as looking at Tom and Michael and the unfolding situation, both of us with our mouths agape. The most amazing thing is, Tom Cruise just carried on pushing and pushing. I dont know for certainty, if this actually happened, but when Michael eventually got into his van and Tom’s nose had dislodged itself from Michael’s ass crack, I could have swore I heard a pop, the sound you hear when you remove a plunger from the sink or the shower when it’s been blocked.

Tom Cruise then tries his best to compose himself. You can see the internal cogs moving as its sinking in what has just happened and he’s wondering if anybody noticed. He then turns square on to face us, trying to act completely normal as if what has just happened is an everyday occurrence, but he fails to realise that he has one of Michael Ball’s ass pubes on his nose. He walks over to his van doing a little dance trying to look super cool with his mirrored aviators, but being anything butt.

Rain Man, by now his chin only a few inches off the floor wanders over to his van and gets in. The 3 amigo’s start to drive off with Rain Man holding his device out of the window, he shouts in a Mexican accent, “hey gringo, I drive round the estate, and I vill locate that fridge, (or words to that effect) and we 3 amigos’s will be back later”.

I haven’t seen them since…….

Two Decades Under Surveillance by a Retarded Police State will be published by Penguin books in October 2018 priced £8.99.

Article quote:   

Although the modems themselves are manufactured by hardware companies like Huawei and ECI, BT is resposible for the ‘firmware’ that controls the devices. According to the report: “This clearly demonstrates that the UK Government, US Government, US Military and BT are co-operating together to secretly wiretap all Internet users in their own homes.”


plusnet 26 march

A video has emerged which purportedly shows Tom Cruise back at Rhyl Telecoms Exchange after he has washed the skid mark off his nose, looking cool, calm and collected, doing a jiggy dance 😉

Dozens of Witnesses Walk out of Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/mar/21/campaigners-stage-walkout-of-secretive-police-spying-inquiry


The Curious Case of Anthony Forwood

Finally … It’s here at long last.

After what appears to be a considerable length of time (nearly 2 years) I actually have some space in my schedule to start this new blog on targeted individuals. I am also in a position of ever so slight empowerment as the persistent blackmail attempts over the last 12 months, an attempt at kidnapping, and the hundreds of incidents of psychological terrorism has reduced in intensity of late. The stars have aligned and synchronicity is flowing, so I have therefore begun this blog on this clear spring morning, before the cyclical spiral into psychological turmoil begins once again, due to the ever increasing attempts by a tyrannical police state begins in earnest, to inflict their kind of pathological terrorism, as I attempt to get the full truth of my situation into the public domain.


Alas, here I am…

I am not going to claim that anything I have to divulge on the subject of targeted individuals is going to assist anyone or be of any use, but I will give it my insightful best and hopefully I will be able to shine some light on the various different subject matters regarding the monitoring, surveillance, harassment and intimidation system from my 20+ years of being targeted.

I should clarify that I am not going to specifically write about surveillance programs or electronic harassment, or many of the other subjects in relation to targeted individuals as it’s been covered by so many other people, some of which contains elements of truth, and some of it exaggerated and disseminated by purposeful disinformation artists of which we should all be aware by now.

I hope to provide pointers to truths and understandings I have come to learn whilst on this peculiar path of enlightenment which has assisted in helping me to develop a comprehensive view of the ‘Global Stasi Surveillance and Targeting System’. The major theme of these programs I have found consists mainly of community based gang stalking and mind control programs which the infamous East German Secret Police the Stasi are infamously well known for.

I don’t claim to be an accomplished writer, I am just an average guy who got caught up in the net of the psychopath control grid. I hope to give it my best effort so please bear with me and excuse any mistakes and grammatical errors I will surely make as you trudge through my attempts to articulate the perspective I have reached. I have the direct experience of being systematically targeted day in day out for over 20 years by a tyrannical police force who have used well documented tactics which are best described from the Stasi terminology of Zersetzung:

The Stasi used Zersetzung essentially as a means of psychological oppression and persecution. Findings of operational psychology were formulated into method at the Stasi’s College of Law and applied to political opponents in an effort to undermine their self-confidence and self-esteem. Operations were designed to intimidate and destabilise them by subjecting them to repeated disappointment, and to socially alienate them by interfering with and disrupting their relationships with others as in social undermining. The aim was to induce personal crises in victims, leaving them too unnerved and psychologically distressed to have the time and energy for anti-government activism. The Stasi intentionally concealed their role as mastermind of the operations. Author Jürgen Fuchs was a victim of Zersetzung and wrote about his experience, describing the Stasi’s actions as “psychosocial crime”, and “an assault on the human soul”.


My general aim is to venture into the areas of the control system that haven’t been covered to my knowledge by other targeted individuals or writers. In my initial research on targeted individuals blogs I came across so many people who claim to be targets but appear to perpetuate mostly the same old misinformation. I have come across several blogs so far which appear to contain facts which in my view perpetuate misinformation which is fairly common as there are so many disinformation websites that targets seem to obtain their information from. However it is very early days with my research on TI bloggers. There are some legitimate, genuine and well educated targets out there who fully comprehend the subject matter which brings me to my first blog post.

The Curious Case of Anthony K Forwood

Most targeted individuals should have come across the body of work by Anthony Forwood and some may even have come across his book on Gang Stalking and Mind Control. I first came across Anthony in a facebook group for targeted individuals in 2011 when myself and some of my colleagues infiltrated all of the social media groups for targeted individuals in order to monitor if these groups had been infiltrated by intelligence agencies using fake profiles and if the FB groups were being operated by them. Our conclusion was that they had been substantially to the point that we estimated that 75% of profiles were fake and a majority of the groups were being run by intelligence agencies.

Anthony Forwood stood out to us because he was arguing in several of these social media groups with profiles which were obvious fakes and they were attempting to subvert his understanding on mind control technologies and to generally psychologically and emotionally disrupt him. ( From 2010-2012 myself and my colleagues had infiltrated Veterans groups on social media and we had become fairly competent at detecting fake profiles and the psychological methods and tactics that they employed using similar software that the intelligence agencies used themselves ). Anthony was getting annoyed in the exchanges with these fake profiles and it was amusing to watch but it was obvious to us all that Anthony was someone special, someone who really knew the subject matter and what he was discussing. From that day on, I started to exchange emails with Anthony and I really got to like him as a person, as a researcher and as an investigator. I came to consider him a trusted friend.

Anthony was very analytical which was in contrast to my own approach of understanding a subject matter but we got on really well because of the different ways we analysed the targeting subject. I would intuitively attempt to understand the subjects we discussed but Anthony was extremely meticulous in his research to the finest of details which used to irritate me quite a bit but I learnt so much from his method that I soon immensely valued his input and knowledge.

When my colleagues and I first read his articles back in 2011 his scribd.com account only had a few hundred views for his articles. He had written what we considered to be the most informative articles we had come across on the subject of gang stalking and targeting and he had written a fantastic book (which I had acted as a researcher and an adviser) which changed the entire understanding of the subject matter for the targeted individual community.

We decided to include some of his articles in the targeted individuals website and we added a link to his scribd.com account because they contained a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. As a result of adding Anthony’s articles to our websites they received a wide audience which is what he so rightly deserved.

In 2014 we had been observing for about a year that the hijacking of peoples accounts on facebook and hotmail/messenger had become much more prevalent with the live chat feature being intercepted in real time, private messages and even comments in threads could be hijacked also in real time (Man in the Middle Attacks) and therefore be perceived differently by the people in those threads, messages and chats. I believe Edward Snowden has released some information with regards to this NSA/GCHQ methodology although what we experienced was far more intrusive than Snowden and others have divulged to date.

It was at this time that I started to lose contact with Anthony as he would not use skype as he didn’t want his face to appear on a camera and his voice to be recorded which was understandable and it was becoming increasing clear that the emails between us, messages, and comments in our private groups and forums were being MIMA (Man in the Middle Attacks – interception). We therefore could not trust what the other was writing to each other so we kind of lost touch with only infrequent email exchanges every so often. I did though keep up to date with the work he was engaged in, especially his investigation into FFCHS, as I had inadvertently guided him to look into them , in particular Renee Pitman who had written several books on targeted individuals which appear in our view to have been written by psychological warfare specialists at the CIA. Anthony’s investigations into FFCHS we believe were so thorough that he has been disappeared.

What appears suspicious if one does an internet search for “Anthony Forwood” a Google Ad appears with the URL anthonyforwoodfraud.com. If you read the contents of the site it appears glaringly obvious that either FFCHS is behind the Google Ad and website or one or more of its members are as the contents of the website aim to portray Anthony Forwood as a government shill/agent. One only has to read Anthony’s articles to become aware that Anthony has a very detailed knowledge on the subject of targeting, the policies, the surveillance programs, mind control technologies and all other topics in relation to targeted individuals which would be threatening to organisations like the FBI the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

So the question is, why have the FFCHS, a front organisation for one of the USA Intel Agencies, (probably the FBI) paid for a Google Ad and set up a website to promote disinformation about Anthony Forwood considering that he has been missing since July 2015??


Is this an attempt to cover their tracks?



anthony forwood33

It is also interesting to note that several Facebook fake profile alias’s have been set up in the last couple of years which FFCHS and other obvious FBI informants have attempted to portray as belonging to Anthony Forwood in a further attempt to discredit him before his disappearance. These fake profiles are currently being used to suggest to other targeted individuals that Anthony Forwood is in fact alive and using these fake profiles, when the evidence points to being the exact opposite.



Like most targets Anthony had been left isolated with members of his family being recruited to work against him as the police/intelligence agencies had portrayed him as being ‘under investigation’ which many targets will all be too familiar with. Anthony does not have many trusted friends if any at all due to a lack of trust he developed as a result of prolonged targeting. The majority of his friends and family had been recruited by the police which he has written about in previous blogs. It is therefore fairly easy for a targeted individual like Anthony Forwood to be ‘disappeared’ without too many people asking too many questions, especially someone with such a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Anthony has also written some of the most detailed articles on the surveillance and targeting programs. Anthony also did not have too many social media friends due to the efforts of the intelligence agencies fake profiles (and alias’s purportedly set up by him) that were being used to slander him and drive him out of the social media groups because of his intellectual superiority on the subject and his masterful ability to educate other targeted individuals.

I hope Anthony Forwood is still alive and has just been lured into making a mistake and he has lashed out at a police informant or gang stalker, (typical gang stalking tactics) and he has committed a minor offence and is a prison somewhere where he cannot get to a computer terminal and leave a message on his social media account, inform contacts via email of his predicament and update his blogs and scribd account.

However, recent emails with his few trusted contacts have attested to the possibility that someone other than Anthony is using his email account as they have made basic errors when communicating simple facts that Anthony would know. Other targets that Anthony was in contact with prior to his disappearance and his investigation into Myron May and FFCHS have also raised their concerns. He also hasn’t written or published any other articles or blogs since his disappearance. His blog however has published chapters from one of his books which he stated before he disappeared that he would not provide them so they could be published for free in a website. So the question is who is operating his blog and email accounts???

The community of targeted individuals owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Anthony Forwood and the work he has published. I would advise that targets download all of his articles from his scribd.com account and his blogs for your own pursuit of truth and make them available in which ever way you can.

If anyone has any information on Anthony Forwood’s whereabouts please leave a comment and I will not publish it.

This link below will take you to Anthony’s last confirmed blog post on the 22nd June 2015. In his May 2015 blog he made a reference to his blogs being monitored.



On the 25th May 2015 Anthony Forwood posted a blog, “Who’s Watching Me“.

All of Anthony’s Blogs after the date of his disappearance are not his….

anthony forwood who watching me


Co-Intelpro 101 Documentary on FBI Targeting from the 1960’s – To present.