The Multi-Agency Covert Operation to Prevent a Witness From Giving Evidence At The Public Inquiry Into Special Branch Undercover Policing Operations 1968 – 2008

“It is the manner of death that reveals the importance of a man. Ordinary people are murdered, while extraordinary people are assassinated.” ~Ashwin Sanghi


In March 2014 I applied to give evidence at the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing Operations 1968 – 2008 against Special Branch, who are a specialised police unit that has historically operated outside of the law, that primarily deals with matters of political subversion and threats to national security. Little did I know that Special Branch would conduct a major operation to prevent me from giving evidence at the Public Inquiry which involved multiple agencies and dozens of people. This is an expose of one part of that operation……..


The Public Inquiry Into Undercover Policing Operations

On the 25th June 2013 a television program was aired on Channel 4 – The Police’s Dirty Secret in which former Special Branch undercover officer Peter Francis provided details on the various methods that were being deployed by a secretive unit of Special Branch, the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS).

The unit was established by Special Branch in March 1968. The purpose of the SDS was to infiltrate “left-wing direct-action groups” using undercover police officers who would liaise with MI5.

The following day, the book Undercover – The True Story of Britain’s Secret Police was published. The book detailed the actions of the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) whose motto was  ‘By Any Means Necessary’. They continuously broke the law and they were answerable to no one, and were therefore a completely unaccountable clandestine undercover police unit. (I watched the documentary with eager anticipation and I already had the book on pre-order).


The Documentary And The Book Lead to Various Inquiries

As a result of the allegations made in the documentary and the book the Home Office launched an inquiry, ‘Operation Herne’ which was to investigate the allegations made by former Special Branch undercover officer Peter Francis. There were also around a dozen separate ‘behind closed inquiries’ by regional police forces into undercover policing operations.



My First Book Involvement Into Covert Policing Operations

In 2011 I was a researcher and an adviser to Anthony K Forwood for a book he was writing on the methods and tactics of the East German Secret Police the Stasi. From our observations, these East German Stasi methods and tactics had been introduced into western policing policies across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and much of Western Europe during the early 1990’s. The book Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control – The Destruction of Society Through Community Spying Networks was published in 2011.

Anthony K Forwood was ‘disappeared‘ in 2015 as a result of his knowledge of covert and overt policing policies and his expertise on the subject. I published my first blog for Targeted Individuals –  ‘The Curious Case of Anthony Forwood’ in 2016 which described his disappearance.

Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control - book

If an internet search is done for – “andy lewis stasi uk” this will result in a link to a website which contains a free copy of the above book which is a must read on covert policing operations that is destroying our societies by creating dystopian police states.



I will Be Giving Evidence

I had been waiting for an inquiry into Special Branch undercover policing operations for over 18 years as I had been aggressively targeted by Special Branch ever since I had campaigned for Gulf War Veterans between 1996-97.  After the Channel 4  TV Program was aired I contacted my Member of Parliament Chris Ruane MP to discuss how Operation Herne would proceed and how I would be able to give evidence. It was expected that once Operation Herne was completed the Home Office would launch a full inquiry, and in March 2014, that’s exactly what happened. The Home Secretary Theresa May launched a Public Inquiry in March 2014 into Special Branch Undercover Policing Operations 1968 – 2008.

This was my opportunity to give evidence against Special Branch for the 18 years of severe and aggressive surveillance, harassment, intimidation and the ‘arranged accidents’ I had experienced which had almost cost me my life on numerous occasions. Or so I thought it would be…….


Special Branch Whistleblower Peter Francis – Former Undercover Officer

Special Branch Managers Authorise the Use Of Violence by Undercover Agents – No Surprise There Then

Below is a statement that was made by former Special Branch undercover officer Peter Francis during a hearing at the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing in 2017 in which he indicates that Special Branch Managers ‘authorised the use of violence’ by Special Branch officers.

francis 1


My Application to Give Evidence Against Special Branch

In March 2014 I contacted Chris Ruane MP in order that I could apply to give evidence at the Public Inquiry. Chris Ruane MP wrote to the Home Secretary and I proceeded to submit an application to become a witness to the Public Inquiry.

chris ruane public inquiry letter 2


Mr Lewis, Maybe You Should Leave The Country For A While…

When the Home Secretary Theresa May announced the Public Inquiry the start date was 2014, and the end date was 2018. I contacted one of the leading legal firms that was representing witnesses to the Public inquiry in April 2014 and I discussed with them the evidence that I had, and my experiences of Special Branch infiltration of the Gulf War Veterans protest movement, and the harassment, intimidation and violence that I had experienced ever since (18 years).  They immediately stated that it would be far more suitable for my longevity if I went to live in another country until I was called to give evidence. There advice did set alarm bells ringing, but I generally didn’t have a habit of running away from trouble, I usually ran towards it, so I decided to stay where I was and deal with whatever that was thrown at me, which with hindsight, was probably a mistake.

I knew I had a reasonable amount of damming evidence as I had logged every incident since 1996 which amounted to over 15,000 incidents, which was a time consuming effort in itself.  However,  I did not realise that I would eventually be ‘covertly targeted in a manner which was designed to kill me.  I did not expect that Special Branch would continue to subject me to their kind of pathological terrorism once I had become a witness. How wrong I was…..

The Suburban War Zone

I had assumed that I would be called to give evidence by 2016, by the latest 2018, and I therefore knew that I would have to continue to live in a ‘war zone’ for another few years as Special Branch subjected me to their various methods of Covert Black Op’s – physical, psychological, psychic and mental destruction.

I had managed to survive up until that point by the skin of my teeth, albeit with numerous broken bones, several poisonings, and numerous other injuries. ( I had developed my own self hypnosis programming techniques in 2012 which had worked wonders on me, and at one point, I did consider changing my name by deed poll to Jason Bourne, but I quickly came to my senses, and I decided to go with ‘Benny Hill’ instead).


Targeted Individuals

In 2012 as a result of the continuous Special Branch targeting, I had co-founded a website which detailed the majority of the Special Branch methods myself and other ex-soldiers had experienced, which went on to become a resounding internet success which had revolutionised the subject matter of ‘targeted individuals‘ which gave credibility for all of the victims of state sponsored surveillance and targeting, which would not have been out of place in former communist countries such as East Germany, and the methods that were used by the Secret Police The Stasi.


All Good Things Come To those That Wait – Or So The Saying Goes

To this present day, not ONE witness has been called to give evidence at the Public Inquiry. Every dirty trick in the book to delay the inquiry has been used. The expected final date of the inquiry is now 2023, although that date looks optimistic.

ucpi 3


Many campaigners expect the inquiry to be completed by no later than 2025. In March this year, all of the witnesses present at the Public Inquiry and their legal teams walked out in disgust:


Special Branch Are Targeting Witnesses Who Are Giving Evidence Against Them

I had expected to give evidence 2 years ago, but now I may have to wait another 5 years, possibly even 8 years. Last year a question was asked in the House of Lords by Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb to determine if Special Branch were still spying on the witnesses who are giving evidence against them at the Public Inquiry.

The more appropriate question should have been: Are Special Branch intimidating witnesses and even, are they trying to prevent them from giving evidence, and are they trying to covertly kill them?

The June 2018 National Campaign by Cosmetics Firm ‘Lush’

This month cosmetics firm Lush launched a national campaign to highlight how Special Branch undercover officers infiltrated the lives of female activists from 1968 – 2008, and not only formed relationships with them, but also had children with them.

All of these targeted women have stated that they have been raped by ‘The State’.

lush 1

Statement by Lush

Our campaign is to highlight this small and secretive subset of undercover policing that undermines and threatens the very idea of democracy. There is an age old understanding that our government and public institutions are there to protect and preserve the rights and safety of the public. In the case of these secretive undercover units, their work went well beyond the boundaries of acceptable police tactics and is now the subject of an ongoing public inquiry, which was instigated by Theresa May during her time as Home Secretary when the scale and scope of the breaches of protocols started to become clear. 
This public inquiry needs help from the public to keep it on track and ensure that this one opportunity for full honesty and disclosure is not lost or squandered.  All citizens should be concerned when human rights are abandoned by those in power.  The police themselves have admitted in their public apology to seven of the females deceived into long-term relationships with police spies, that these actions were “a violation of the women’s human rights, an abuse of police power and caused significant trauma”. In a recent court case the police admitted the actions amounted to “inhumane and degrading treatment” breaching Article 3 of the European Declaration of Human Rights. Those victims are now asking that the public inquiry demands that the undercover units release a full list of the undercover names used by their operatives, release a list of which campaign groups were targeted, and also that they release the information and data entries they hold on individuals whose lives and homes were infiltrated during these operations.  Without this full disclosure there is no way of knowing the full extent of what happened during the dark years of this renegade secret policing operation – and that full disclosure might not happen unless the public demand it. 


The  Exposé Part 1


The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.  ~ Albert Einstein


The Mystery Hacker

On the 21st April 2018 I received an email from the Microsoft Account Team which stated that my email account had unusual sign in activity. I checked the details and I discovered that someone had successfully signed in to my account from Czechia near Prague.

email hack 55

My email account has never been hacked in the 10 years that I have had the account so it was a little surprising. There is nothing of significance in this account that hackers would be searching for, or so I thought. I use the account mainly for correspondence although it does contain bank details to several accounts that I have. I checked the sign-in activity for that day and for previous days and I discovered that the email account had also been successfully hacked the previous day twice and also another time on the 21st April. I checked the entire email account to see if there was anything hackers could use to access bank accounts, personal details etc and there wasn’t anything, but as a precaution, I contacted my banks and changed the passwords anyway.

My email account had been hacked 4 times in 2 days and I would not figure out why it had been hacked until after I had been interviewed under caution by North Wales Police some 3 weeks later, on the 14th May 2018. 


The Covert Black Op

On the 29th April 2018 I published a blog entitled ‘Plausible Deniability‘ in which I speculated on how it was possible that in 2014 Denbighshire County Council officers, along with North Wales Police may have conspired to house tenants within close proximity to my property who were possibly assisting the police and therefore could have been police informants. The objective of housing police informants near to me I speculated was part of a ‘Covert Special Branch Operation’ to prevent me giving evidence against Special Branch at the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing Operations 1968 – 2008. I had applied to give evidence via Chris Ruane MP in 2014 and had been designated as a witness by the Public Inquiry in 2014.

This is an email from the Home Office which states that as a witness, I am protected by Judicial Rights.

pitchford inquiry 1

I am a witness to the Public Inquiry. Anyone attempting to prevent me from giving evidence can be jailed for up to 5 years. This also includes police officers as well as council officers, police informants etc….. It is a serious criminal offence. Any persons involved in the harassment and intimidation of a witness to a Public Inquiry can also receive a prison sentence of up to 5 years. 


The Special Branch Covert Operation that appeared to be orchestrated against me is what is termed as Covert Black Ops. I had speculated in the ‘Plausible Deniability’  blog that this Covert Black Op had deployed the use of electromagnetic microwave weapons (Directed Energy Weapons) and that my property was being saturated with extremely high levels of electrical frequencies in what is generally termed as ‘electronic harassment’. I had been recording these very high electrical frequencies on equipment that had been recommended by experienced former MI5 microwave weapons experts. I had video recorded hundreds of these high electrical frequency incidents since 2014. I hypothesised that the aim of saturating a property with extremely high levels of electrical frequencies would cause ill health. If this was the case, this would obviously prevent me from giving evidence at the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing Operations, which was more than likely the intended outcome.

It is a scientific fact that prolonged targeting with electromagnetic weapons technology over a period of time can cause eventual death, which is why they have been categorised as ‘Soft Kill’ weapons. (This weapons technology has been used since the 1950’s to target all manner of people and was first used by intelligence agencies such as the CIA, MI5 and the Russian KGB. It is widely understood that this weapons technology is vastly on the increase and is used today by all intelligence agencies including Special Branch).


 Filmed Interview by Channel 4 – July 2014

I had first contacted Denbighshire County Council in 2014 in relation to the Special Branch Covert Black Ops a few weeks before I was filmed by Channel 4 for a documentary, co-incidentally on Covert Special Branch Operations. As electronic harassment is not listed as a criminal offence, Denbighshire County Council would not investigate the concerns that I raised. Considering the seriousness of what was occurring, I did expect to be visited by a housing officer from DCC to discuss my concerns, but no contact was ever made with me.

A photo of me which was taken in-between being interviewed on camera by Channel 4 for over 7 hours in July 2014, hence the exhausted look on my face………either that, or I was holding in a massive fart.

channel 4-this one

I Reported Electronic Harassment to North Wales Police in June 2014

I had also reported to North Wales Police in June 2014 that my property was being saturated with very high levels of electromagnetic microwave radiation which I had been video recording on fairly sophisticated equipment, in which police officers had witnessed and reported on, but NWP would also not investigate as ‘electronic harassment’ was not listed as a criminal offence, which can be viewed from the report from NWP Professional Standards Department, after I had made a complaint as they would not investigate the matter. (Below).

eh 1

Electronic Harassment

Electronic Harassment is a weapons technology which provides a means in which government law enforcement agencies can legally target people without fear of prosecution, (under the guise of plausible deniability’) which is what tens of thousands of people are not only complaining about, but they are taking to the streets to protest and campaign for being targeted with these weapons technologies, with the hope of enacting a change in the law.

This is not just happening in the UK, but in every European country as well as across the United States, Canada and the Asian pacific countries, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. Until enough people demand a change in the law, this insidious form of targeting will continue to effect hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, possibly millions.

elec harassment

elec 4

elec 2

People from All Over The World Are Being Targeted With Covert Electromagnetic Weapons Technologies

The red dots on the below maps of Europe and North America show the geo-visit locations of where people have accessed the website who consider themselves to be under intrusive government surveillance/intimidation and are being targeted with electronic harassment over the ‘last 9 months alone’.

These figures are extraordinary………

target stats 1

This Video Clip Is from A Documentary On Electromagnetic Weapons That Was Televised in the 1990’s

 To add your support for a change in the law to electronic harassment please use your democratic rights to write to your Member of Parliament and ask them to raise the issue of electronic harassment.


Boo Hoo……My Blog Upsets Police Informants

The ‘Plausible Deniability‘ blog that I published upset the possible police informants who were not only possibly involved in the Special Branch Covert Black Op, but they more than likely had a significant role in it. The blog upset them as it gave away that they were using police issue electromagnetic weapons technologies to saturate my property with extremely high levels of microwave radiation 24/7 with the aim of causing ill health which would prevent me from giving evidence against North Wales Police Special Branch (WECTU) at the Public Inquiry.

Only a few hours after I published the blog, an attempt was made to intimidate me. I had anticipated an incident of this sort (being a Veteran of over 20+ years of Special Branch harassment) as this person had resorted to being aggressive many times before which I had reported to Denbighshire County Council, who had continuously refused to take any appropriate action. Therefore, the only option that I was left with was to report the incident to North Wales Police in order that I would have a criminal incident number to forward to my legal team and the Home Office, as I did not expect North Wales Police to investigate the incident, which was their usual response.

The next morning a police officer PC Lloyd from NWP contacted me over the telephone and asked me to describe what had happened. I explained what had occurred and he suggested that it appeared to be a serious incident and he would go and speak to the person. ( I was surprised more than anyone that NWP actually decided to investigate the incident, although it did result in a significant twist).

The day after, PC Lloyd telephones me and tells me that over a dozen allegations have been made ‘against me‘ by the said person(s) and I was required to attend Rhyl Police Station to be interviewed a couple of weeks later on the 14th May 2018. ( That was the twist in the tail).

Note: Before this blog was published I submitted a copy to my legal advisers due to some of the content I was intending on publishing which included video and audio surveillance of several police informants including phone wiretap evidence to support a number of the allegations I would have been making. However, due to an ongoing police investigation, another pending police investigation, a NWP Professional Standards investigation and the evidence I will be giving to the Public Inquiry into Special Branch Undercover Operations,  including witness intimidation, and the attempts to prevent me from giving evidence at the Public Inquiry, I have had to remove this footage on the advice of legal counsel.


Below email from PC Lloyd requesting that I attend a police interview on the 14th May 2018 at Rhyl Gestapo Station
lloyd 1After I received this ‘invitation’ to be interviewed at Rhyl police station there was a serious cause for concern for me to make several complaints against PC Lloyd, and one after the interview that he conducted.  I am yet to be interviewed by NWP Professional Standards Department regarding my complaints. (In total, 7 complaints were submitted).

prof stand blog 1


The Meeting With Chris Ruane MP in Rhyl on the 4th May 2018 That A Plain Clothes Police Officer attempted To Distrupt, Harass and Intimidate With Armed Police Outside The Building

On the 4th May 2018, the same day that PC Lloyd emailed me (above email) to inform me of my police interview on the 14th May 2018, I had already arranged a meeting with Chris Ruane MP a few weeks earlier to discuss my concerns of long term Special Branch harassment, of which he has been aware about for over 18 years. I had scheduled this meeting for 1800hrs to keep him updated on current developments. I had mistakenly mentioned this meeting to PC Lloyd earlier in the afternoon during a telephone call. 

I arrived at the Citizens Advice Bureau in Water Street at 1751hrs, 9 minutes before the meeting was due to begin. Shortly after I arrived a plain clothes police officer strides into the building looking all Mr Bean and he approaches Chris Ruane’s assistant John, and I hear him say to John ‘that a serious threat was posed to Chris Ruane MP‘.  I was the only person in the building so I assumed this was yet another attempt at police intimidation to prevent me meeting Chris Ruane MP, as this had happened many times before. Chris Ruane MP ignored the police officers threat assessment and the meeting went ahead as normal.

This is a police report from 2008 in which I had reported threats from an undercover Special Branch officer who warned me ‘not’ to go and see Chris Ruane MP.

police report mp 2008

The meeting with Chris Ruane MP went really well and I did not feel intimidated by the actions of the police officer. In all honestly, the police officer looked like he would of needed help tying up his shoe laces in the morning, such has been the drop in standards for police recruitment over recent years.

Not long after I had left the building I was informed that an unmarked police car had been parked outside the Citizens Advice Bureau with armed police officers inside whilst I was discussing police/Special Branch harassment with Chris Ruane MP inside.

After the meeting I went home and filed a formal complaint against PC Lloyd who had obviously passed on the information I had told him concerning the meeting I had with Chris Ruane MP to discuss police/Special Branch harassment. I had also informed PC Lloyd that I was a witness and giving evidence against North Wales Police Special Branch at the Public Inquiry. ( Is this is not a case of witness intimidation by PC Lloyd and his superior officers, I don’t know what is).

This is the reply from NWP Professional Complaints Department detailing my complaint against PC Lloyd and his superior officers that I received a couple of weeks later.

prof stand 2



My Investigation into Government Agency Responses Into Electronic Harassment

Prior to being interviewed by North Wales Police on the 14th May 2018, I contacted Denbighshire County Council on the 8th May 2018 to discuss not only my concerns of the very high levels of electrical frequencies I had been detecting throughout my property, but also to investigate the response of government agencies when these types of concerns are raised with them for a book that I am writing on Covert Policing Operations.  I received a reply on the 8th May 2018 from Nia Edwards – (Below).

nia eh

The reply from Nia Edwards the Housing Manager at DCC states that the Environmental Health Department would be responsible for investigating electronic harassment. However, I had already been informed in 2014 that as electronic harassment was not covered by the Statutory Nuisance legislation, DCC would not be able to investigate.

Email from Sean Awberry DCC Environmental Health Department who states that they cannot investigate electronic harassment

sean blog

My Investigations Into Electronic Harassment

From my investigations into electronic harassment for my book there isn’t one council in the UK that is able to investigate complaints of electronic harassment. It is imperative to highlight that organisations that resort to deploying ‘electronic harassment’ against individuals are mostly law enforcement agencies, which will target individuals using Covert Black Op’s so the targeted person is not aware that they are being targeted at all.

From the thousands of testimonies that I have received from whistleblowers, activists, protesters and campaigners who have been targeted with electronic harassment, over 95% did not know the cause of their ill health was caused by electronic harassment via Covert Black Op’s. They were only able to reach the conclusions that they did due to the use of electromagnetic testing equipment.  This suggests that the vast majority of people who are being targeted with electronic harassment will not be aware of the cause of their ill health and mental health).

The true figure of how many people are being targeted is not known, but estimated to be in the millions worldwide, which is why many experts on the subject are referring to this vast criminal conspiracy as the “New Holocaust”.

It is no longer being termed as a  conspiracy theory……but a conspiracy fact.


The Police Interview Under Caution at Rhyl Police Station

I was questioned by PC Lloyd at Rhyl Police Station on the 14th May 2018 regarding all of the allegations that had been made against me by the person(s) I had initially reported to the police for harassment and intimidation. The interview lasted over 2 hours.  The last time I had experienced such questioning was under fairly harsh conditions, which involved interrogation and prolonged torture by a sadistic bunch of Coldstream Guards whilst I was in the military during an escape and evasion exercise, which did bring back some fond memories, although they weren’t at the time. (I have not been able to look at a banana without wincing ever since).

The majority of the allegations that PC Lloyd put to me were all mostly made up lies which can be very easily disproved. The remaining allegations were exaggerations of actual everyday occurrences that made no sense at all. (I cannot provide details of these allegations just yet as they are currently being investigated by NWP, but I will once the police investigation has been completed.

Are You Sure You Have The Right Person

During the police interview I suggested to PC Lloyd that he should be questioning the person(s) who had made the false allegations against me. I had submitted dozens of complaints against them since 2014 to Denbighshire County Council for aggravated harassment and intimidation, and as I was a designated witness to a Public Inquiry, this was a serious criminal offence. The police informants could receive a prison sentence of up to 5 years.(These are all very serious allegations that should be investigated).  If it could also be proved that North Wales Police Special Branch were instigating the harassment, this would involve a major police investigation. (However, you would more than likely see the Pope riding Shergar, naked, in the Grand National, and winning it, than North Wales Police finding themselves guilty of witness intimidation).

It was agreed with PC Lloyd that I would provide copies of all the emails that I had sent to Denbighshire County Council since 2014 in relation to the suspected police informants in order that he could fully investigate my concerns of aggravated harassment and witness intimidation.


The Dodgy Solicitor from Gamlins, Rhyl

Prior to the police interview on the 14th May I had arranged my own solicitor Chris Jesse from Gamlins solicitors to represent me. Chris Jesse was called into an interview room by PC Lloyd by himself and he was given all of the allegations that had been made against me. Chris Jesse then called me into the room, and for reasons only he would know, he only disclosed around half of the allegations to me, which was a breach of the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) code of practice. During the police interview, allegations were then put to me by PC Lloyd that had not been disclosed to me which I immediately stated on tape during the interview. It appeared that by being surprised by allegations that had not been disclosed to me, this gave the interviewing police officer an unfair advantage, and this appeared to be an act of deception by my own solicitor. I answered all of the allegations regardless. This has resulted in complaints against the interviewing police officer PC Lloyd and the solicitor Chris Jesse.

Chris Jesse – Gamlins Solicitors Rhyl

chris jesse

Below is the reply from Gamlins Law in Rhyl in relation to my complaint against Chris Jesse.



Where Had My Emails Gone?

The next day (15th May 2018) I logged into my email account and I searched for all of the emails that I had sent to Denbighshire County Council since 2014 so I could forward them to PC Lloyd so he could investigate my allegations of aggravated harassment and possible witness intimidation. I could not find the emails at all. They had been there weeks earlier as I had to refer to them to write up a report for the Home Office. Now, they had all gone……they had all completely vanished.


The Hacker

On the 20th April 2018, after years of refusals by DCC to fully investigate my concerns of harassment and intimidation I had hastily emailed Denbighshire County Council in a moment of frustration in which I had leveled various accusations against them. It then dawned on me that my email account was first hacked into only a few hours after I had emailed this complaint (below) to Denbighshire County Council.

This is the email I sent to DCC on the 20th April 2018 in which I leveled various accusations:

nia 2

I sent the above email at 10:18 hrs  to DCC- In the above email  I raise concerns that DCC and NWP have conspired to house police informants near to me since 2011 in order that they engage in intimidation and harassment. I also highlight to DCC the method that NWP have used in order to involve DCC in a conspiracy to house the police informants, which is that NWP falsified intelligence reports to categorise me as a ‘domestic extremist’ under MAPPA legislation. North Wales Police had therefore intentionally misinformed DCC officials by NOT informing them I was giving evidence against NWP Special Branch.In Paragraph 3 I refer to NWP had in the past refused to investigate allegations of harassment. This was due to my former GP who falsified my medical records in 2001 to give me an incorrect mental health diagnosis  (unbeknownst to me) which was eventually investigated by the GMC, and my new GP who removed the unlawful diagnosis upon investigation.


The Hacker Was On to Me like A Flash of Lightening

Four hours and 1 minute (14.19hrs) after I emailed the above complaint to Denbighshire County Council on the 20th April 2018, my email account was hacked into, then again 3 minutes later, then twice the next day, which is when all of my emails to Denbighshire County Council were deleted by whoever hacked into my email account.

Copies of the Successful Hacked Email Sign-ins Into My Email Account

email blog 1

email blog 66

email blog 2

email blog 3

What A Very Peculiar Co-incidence

Was it a ‘coincidence’ that my email account was hacked into 4 hours after I had emailed a complaint to Denbighshire County Council in which I had made accusations against them, and all my complaints that I had sent by email to DCC since 2014 regarding aggravated harassment and intimidation, by tenants that DCC had housed near to me, had been deleted. ( Note: I have not received ‘any’ complaints against me from these tenants at all, until a statement was made to North Wales Police by said person(s) of which I was interviewed under caution by NWP, described above). 

My email account had never been hacked in 10 years, but within hours of my complaint against DCC, it had been hacked twice and also twice the next day. Bank details that were contained in emails were not used to attempt to hack into bank accounts. If I hadn’t attended the interview at Rhyl Police Station on the 14th May 2018 and I had been requested to supply copies of the emails I had sent to DCC since 2014 to PC Lloyd, it would have took me a lot longer to realise what had occurred. As a result of this discovery, I emailed North Wales Police to report that my email account had been hacked.

My email to North Wales Police reporting that my email account had been hacked.

lloyd email 1

The next day 2 police officers were dispatched to my address and told me that they would not be able to locate the hacker, which is standard procedure for this type of crime.


My Accusations Against Denbighshire County Council

In my hastily compiled complaint that was written out of sheer frustration after years of refusals by Denbighshire County Council to acknowledge and address my concerns, the accusations that I leveled towards DCC in my email were:

  • Denbighshire County Council had been provided with falsified intelligence reports from North Wales Police which suggested that I was a danger to the public, and under MAPPA legislation, Denbighshire County Council was being requested to co-operate with North Wales Police by housing informants near to me to conduct various ‘covert policing operations‘.
  • The falsified intelligence that North Wales Police had provided to DCC suggested that I had been categorised as a ” domestic extremist” and I was a danger to the public. The actual reality was that I was a designated witness that was giving evidence against North Wales Police Special Branch at the Public Inquiry into Undercover policing Operations in London.
  • I had been submitting complaints against the possible police informants that DCC had housed near to me since 2014 who it appeared were being instructed by North Wales Police to engage in a campaign of intimidation and harassment which had been continually ignored by DCC, and therefore, permitted to continue unabated.
  • That Denbighshire County Council Housing officers were complicit in the intimidation and harassment due to their continual refusal to take any appropriate action against the tenants, and therefore, they should be prosecuted under the Inquiries Act 2005 where they could receive a custodial sentence of up to 5 years.
Was it a surprise after I made these accusations and the evidence that I had, all of the emails that I had sent to DCC Housing Department since 2014 were deleted by the hacker who assessed by email account??


Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA)

Before I continue, it is imperative that I provide an explanation of MAPPA. It appears that North Wales Police have categorised me as a “Domestic Extremist” in order to coerce Denbighshire County Council (and other agencies) into housing possible police informants near to me in order to conduct ‘Covert Surveillance‘ where the police informants would be in a position to provide intelligence to the police, and also to be able to conduct more sinister  ‘Covert Black Operations’ to prevent me from giving evidence at the Public Inquiry into Special Branch Undercover Operations.


My Investigation And Analysis

From my own investigations, it appears that North Wales Police may have possibly informed Denbighshire County Council that I was a ‘Domestic Extremist‘ which was based on ‘falsified intelligence’ which was submitted onto the police national computer (and other databases) by Special Branch officers who did not want me to give evidence at the Public Inquiry against them.

NWP then ‘failed‘ to inform DCC that I was giving evidence against NWP Special Branch (WECTU). The police informants were then not just monitoring me as a Level 3 Category threat under MAPPA legislation which was based on falsified intelligence, but they were also involved in other sinister Covert Black Op’s.

The police informants were also engaged in a basic campaign of harassment and intimidation, which under the Inquiries Act 2005, the Special Branch officers, the police officers who were handling the informants, the council officers and the police informants can all be jailed for up to 5 years.

police corruption. 1 a


Basic Definition of MAPPA

The Criminal Justice Act 2003 (“CJA 2003”) provides for the establishment of Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (“MAPPA”) in each of the 42 criminal justice areas in England and Wales. These are designed to protect the public, including previous victims of crime, from serious harm by sexual and violent offenders. They require the local criminal justice agencies and other bodies dealing with offenders to
work together in partnership in dealing with these offenders.

Levels of Management 
MAPPA offenders are managed at one of three levels according to the extent of agency involvement needed and the number of different agencies involved. The great majority are managed at level 1 (ordinary agency management). This involves the sharing of information but does not require multi-agency meetings.
The others are managed at level 2 if an active multi-agency approach is required (MAPP meetings), and at level 3 if senior representatives of the relevant agencies with the authority to commit resources are also needed.

MAPPA is basically ‘Risk Management’  legislation where a person who is deemed to be a risk to the public is categorised between Level 1 -3. Risk Management Plans are then devised to manage the risk that an individual poses to the community.


Seriously, How Can A Witness Be A Domestic Extremist?

MAPPA is also used to manage the risk that “Domestic Extremists” pose to the community and society at large. There is no actual legal definition of a domestic extremist although this is the working definition:

“Domestic Extremism relates to the activity of groups or individuals who commit or plan serious criminal activity motivated by a political or ideological viewpoint”

As I am a witness to the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing Operations, it is rather simple to understand that Special Branch have created a falsified label for me as a ‘Domestic Extremist’ in order to obtain the assistance of various other government agencies to coordinate a multi-agency operation to harass and intimidate me in order to prevent me giving evidence against them.

I am not involved in animal rights extremism,, environmental rights, far right or far left political extremism or any other emerging trends. However, I could be labeled as an ‘extremist’ if my persistence to give evidence against Special Branch could be referred to as such, as I am ‘extremely insistent’ on giving evidence.


MAPPA Guidance on Domestic Extremism.

mappa 3

The MAPPA legislation is used to co-ordinate ‘multiple agencies’ to work together to manage the risk that a “Domestic Extremist” poses to the community.


My Previous Blog Summary

In my previous blog When Injustice Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty I explain how in 1996-97 I organised a protest march on parliament involving tens of thousands of ex-soldiers who were being denied medical treatment, as well as a cycle tour of the UK to raise awareness of their plight, as well as involving other ex-military organisations and personnel who had grievances with the government. The campaign was derailed by Special Branch and I eventually resigned from the Gulf War Veterans national committee in October 1997.

After I resigned, I had hoped of leading a normal existence, going to university to do a business degree, an eventual career in business and having a family as I had been married since 1993. However, Special Branch had other plans as they continually subjected me and my wife to overt targeting (psyops) which mainly involved multiple stalkers which was a daily occurrence, and all manner of interference in our social, professional and private lives, which eventually disintegrated our marriage. I continued to experience a vast amount of harassment and intimidation even though I was NOT politically active which would be mind boggling for most people to understand that this could occur in the UK. In 2010 I decided enough was enough and I started to expose the covert harassment, which eventually led to me applying to give evidence at the Public Inquiry in 2014. 


The Vanished Emails and Why Denbighshire County Council Will NOT Provide Copies Of My Emails to Them

I was aware that even though my email account had been hacked and all of my emails to DCC in which I was reporting the harassment and intimidation had been deleted, Denbighshire County Council would have a copy of all of my emails. I emailed the housing manager Nia Edwards on the 17th May 2018 and I explained to her that I had been interviewed by North Wales Police on the 14th May 2018, and PC Lloyd had requested copies of ALL of the complaints I had made of harassment and intimidation to DCC since 2014 in order that he could investigate, as well as the more serious offense of witness intimidation.

I also explained to Nia Edwards that my email account had been hacked a few hours after I had emailed her on the 20th April 2018 in which I had leveled the various accusations against her department and DCC, and that all my emails to DCC had been deleted by the hacker. She stated in an email to me on the 17th May 2018 that she would provide a Chronological Report of all of the emails that I have sent to DCC.


nia 2a

Please Nia, Send Me the Chronological Report!

As I hadn’t received a copy of the Chronological Report that Nia Edwards was compiling for me by the 24th May 2018, I emailed her again in which she sent me the below email in which she states that the Access to Information Officer was happy to release all of the emails I have sent to DCC and she would forward them to me the next day, the 25th May 2018.

nia chrono report

Denbighshire County Council Shit A Brick

The next day, on the morning of the 25th May 2018, the day in which I expected Nia Edwards to email me the Chronological Report in which she had stated in her email, I forwarded a copy of an email to Nia Edwards that was sent to me from the Home Office, the Undercover Policing Inquiry Team  (UCPI) in which they clearly state that:

“it is a criminal offence contrary to section 35(2)(b) of the Inquiries Act 2005 for anyone to do anything that is intended to have the effect of preventing any evidence being given to the Inquiry Panel”

ucpi 22

Once Nia Edwards receives the forwarded email from the Home Office that I sent to her, it appears that the ‘penny drops‘ and she possibly realises that she herself, her department, housing officers and Denbighshire County Council may have been involved in a conspiracy to harass a witness to a Public Inquiry, whether she and others were informed of the full facts or not from the outset, which is a serious criminal offence, which carries a sentence of up to 5 years imprisonment. Up until she received a copy of the email, from the Home Office, she may have been only aware of the falsified information that was provided by North Wales Police/Special Branch.

I have NOT received a copy of the Chronological Report that Nia Edwards was compiling for me….



It appears that up until Nia Edwards received the email from me from the Home Office on the 25th May 2018 she may have been aware that DCC Housing Department was co-operating with North Wales Police in a coordinated multi-agency operation (MAPPA) since at least 2014, (possibly 2011) which would explain the refusal of DCC Housing Department to acknowledge and address any of my concerns of harassment and intimidation I raised since 2014.

Again, this is speculation on my part, the (MAPPA) multi-agency operation would have involved covert monitoring/intelligence gathering which is a recommended procedure under MAPPA legislation for Level 3 offenders. One can only speculate whether the DCC Housing Officers were aware or not that the harassment and intimidation that I had been reporting to DCC was linked to my role as a witness to the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing Operations, although I did notify them in various emails I had sent to them, the same emails that have since been deleted by the hacker who accessed my email account. Their continued refusal to acknowledge and act on my complaints for over 4 years though is rather telling.

Nia Edwards had stated in emails to me that she was going to provide copies of all of my emails that I had sent to DCC since 2014 in a Chronological Report, but as soon as I provided clarification from the Home Office of my witness status to the Public Inquiry she has ceased all contact with me. This could be for a variety of reasons. If one was to speculate, it could be reasoned that once Nia Edwards received the email from the Home Office which indicated that I was in fact a witness who was protected by judicial rights, the gravity of the situation would surely have started to sink in, and the seriousness of the situation would surely have alerted everyone involved at DCC who allowed the harassment and intimidation to continue unabated since 2014.

Nia Edwards is also aware that I intend on making a complaint against DCC and I had arranged meetings with my legal team, and that I was in regular contact with the Home Office. I required all of those “deleted emails’ in the Chronological Report for the meetings, which Nia Edwards has decided to not provide. This is obviously clear obstruction. As I am also unable to provide copies of the emails to North Wales Police in order that they can fully investigate my allegations of harassment and intimidation, as well as possible witness intimidation, she is obstructing a police investigation. However, this situation would suit North Wales Police down to a tee.

I will be making a complaint against DCC Housing Department once I have received copies of all of my emails which I will now be required to access via a Subject Access Request (SAR) under the Data Protection Act 1998 which will take around 4 weeks, which is going to provide a significant delay for me, but an advantage for certain other agencies.

I believed in 2014 that by applying to become a witness to give evidence against Special Branch, this would provide me with the Judicial Rights I would require to prevent a continuation of the harassment and intimidation that I first started to experience when I left the military and began campaigning for medical treatment for ex-military personnel. I could not have been more wrong. I have actually experienced a far greater intensity and severity of harassment that could have been far more detrimental for my physical and mental health if I had not met a former MI5 covert operations officer in 2014 who briefed me of the potential hazards that being a witness against Special Branch could entail. I consider myself one of the lucky ones, so far.

The real concern that I have is how many other witnesses are being covertly targeted with covert weapons technology that will be causing ill health to a degree that may prevent witnesses from giving evidence, and they will know nothing about it, because it is meant to be ‘covert’.

I believe only time will tell, with the persistence of other witnesses, investigators and investigative journalists who will be monitoring the situation and to see how it unravels. How many witnesses will end up giving evidence from all those that had applied by the end of the Public Inquiry will be a very interesting subject discussion at some point in the distant future.

The Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing Operations has been delayed so far by at least 5 years, although it could increase even further. Will these delays allow for more witnesses to be targeted in order that the inquiry is completely whitewashed, which is what Special Branch is obviously aiming for.

The battle for social justice for all those that were targeted by Special Branch since 1968 has really only just begun…….


I Have Not heard From DCC Housing Manager Nia Edwards since her email on the 24th May 2018 in which she stated that she would provide a Chronological Report containing all of my emails that I had sent to DCC since 2014.


My last Email to Nia Edwards 4th June 2018.

nia last email


The ‘Covert Black Op’ to prevent me from giving evidence is still an ongoing covert operation. My home is still being saturated with extremely high levels of electrical frequencies. I am considering applying for political asylum in Switzerland until I am called to give evidence at the Public Inquiry, or maybe, just maybe, I will endure the war zone of my home, and my home town for a few years longer…..until it is no longer safe to do so.


Note: I should state that I do not have a criminal record, I only have a basic driving conviction. I have never been arrested for anything. I am by all accounts a law abiding citizen. I left the military with an exemplary military record. I have previously declined numerous employment opportunities with various British and American government agencies from 1991 – 2003. I have a conscience, and a sense of morality……


End of Expose Part 1




spycops 1


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