“Everybody cursed the Bolsheviks, but nobody was prepared to do anything about them.” ― Orlando Figes. ~ 

The Email to North Wales Police

On the 11th January 2019 in an email to Sgt Judith McCulloch of North Wales Police I warned her that a bio-terrorism incident would occur and it would become mandatory for police officers to be given vaccines, and they would eventually encounter the same side effects that Veterans from the first Iraq War experienced who were also given vaccines to protect them for biological warfare agents.


How Did I know?

How did I know that there would be a bio-terrorism incident 11 months before the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in China which then started to spread globally causing mass panic and hysteria.

The Night Terrors

How I came to be able to predict events months and years before they happened is a story that started in my early childhood years with startling spooky experiences during the dead of night that I would normally very rarely discuss.

From as far back as I can remember, from possibly 2 years old, I would have these dark entities come into my bedroom at night (and I’m not referring to Micheal Jackson here, although on most nights it was a bit of a Thriller:) which sometimes looked like the silhouette of a witch with a pointy hat and a cape, and at other times they would look like a person wearing a cloak or a man in a hat. They would appear in my room uninvited (obviously) on most nights and their presence would wake me up, which would then scare the living shite out of me, and this happened most nights until I was 15 years old.

shadow people

The Djinn

Parents throughout the world over the last few centuries have termed these incidents that their children experience as the ‘night terrors‘ and most parents tell their young children that it was only a dream, which is what my mum told me. However, I knew they were not dreams as I lay each night in my bed with a pillow over my head and fingers in my ears, just hoping to not hear, see or feel these night time invaders who would haunt me each and every night. Whenever I perceived their presence, it would send my heart racing as my adrenal glands would pump adrenaline into my young body, ready to fight or flight, and I would go into a state of hypervigilance and an extremely high level of fear. My entire childhood up until I was 15 was completely predominated by these encounters. (I also think what made it worse was that I never discussed these encounters with anyone because my mum told me that they were dreams, and for quite a while I thought everybody had them).

Shadow People Hatman Documentary – Supernatural Assault Official Trailer (Documentary Trailer).

I really don’t know how I got through the days at school as I would be so tired and I would still be primed with all the adrenaline from the previous nights ‘Thriller episode of the Dark Forces‘, which is probably why my school reports state that I was bit of a day dreamer, always staring out of the window. The reality though was that I was just completely knackered from being buggered every night by the bogeyman (not literally).

I learned many decades later that these entities had been described centuries ago in the Muslin bible, the Koran and they had been termed as the Djinn, and I was not the only person who had these experiences. ( In 2012 I discussed my experiences with Rosemary Ellen Guiley who was considered a leading expert on the djinn for one of her books).

andy-aged-9Me aged 9 with bags under my eyes from lack of sleep after being systematically targeted by the Djinn entities every night. ( I am also very surprised that I still have all my hair with that high hairline…….)

It Was A Normal Childhood, Just Like Most Others….

My childhood was quite normal apart from the night time invaders. I had an imaginary friend, and like most young children, I was able to see dead relatives who would come and talk to me and I would tell my parents that I had been talking to so and so, and my parents would go all white and look slightly startled and say ” Uhhh, don’t be silly, your grandad died years ago.” A typically normal childhood…..

What’s this got to do with Covid-19 you may ask, but bear with me, I will explain….

The slight difference for me was that around 4-5 years old whilst many children start to disengage with the world of spirit when they start in the education system, I continued to be able to talk to spirits, especially my dad who had died from exposure to toxic chemicals whilst working as a chemical processor in Courtaulds when I was only 3 years old.

I can never remember who my imaginary friend was, but I have vivid memories of a white ball of light that would appear and I would communicate with this in many multi-sensory ways. There were also times when this ball of light would appear in my room and I would be sucked into it and I would end up somewhere else, what people may refer to as being similar to out-of-body experience, astral travel or even an astral sight experience. On one of those occasions when I was 6 years old, the experience was so unusual it remained ingrained in my memory for decades after.

The Two Towers

I remember sitting in my room playing with toys and the ball of light appears and it starts to project a scene, like a movie, and in this movie there are 2 tall skyscrapers. I then hear a loud noise and I see an aeroplane flying and then crash into one of the skyscrapers. It was like I was watching a movie, but I was also in the movie in a 3D or even 4D kinda way, or even a hologram, I not 100% certain. The scene then changes to a hospital where there are 3 men in suits standing around a bed where a very old man is lying down and he has been bandaged all over, just like a mummified body apart from the eyes and mouth, and they are telling him to call it off, to stop it, which they keep repeating.

The scene then changes back to the skyscraper and another aeroplane crashes into the other skyscraper, and after some length of time, the scene again switches back to the hospital. One of the three men than asks the Mummy dude to call it off, to which the Mummy says, ” I cant, it’s all being done by remote control”. The scene switches back and the skyscrapers start falling down on top of all the firemen that were standing around the base of the building. I seen all this in 1978 in what I later thought was some kind of movie, and you will be aware that I am referring to the 9/11 attacks on 11th September 2001.


Throughout my childhood this scenario/movie of what I had seen plagued me in a way because it was so ingrained in my memory, that I think it must have created a kind of minor trauma which enabled me to remember it. For years after I kept asking my mum, ‘what was that film that we watched where the planes crashed into the skyscrapers and they fell down‘. I kept asking this up until I was around 16 years old, and for some reason, I had mixed up the ball of light and the projected scene I viewed and I confused myself as I thought I had seen it as a movie on TV.  I couldn’t also approach my mum with the strange experiences I was having with the night time invaders who frightened the living crap out of me, as when I screamed my arse off during the night ” MUM…… MUM……… MUM……….. THERE HERE AGAIN” she would come rushing in and tell me that I was having a bad dream. (Years later she also admitted that she had seen one of them, but she did not have a clue what they were as they frightened the Be-Jesus out of her).

I also couldn’t tell my mum things that I experienced such as when my aunties and uncles who would come and say goodbye to me after they died, which was usually before my mum had found out, so I couldn’t approach my mum and say I seen this ball of light and it showed me this scene of planes crashing into skyscrapers, as I also didn’t really know what I had experienced. I had therefore changed the ball of light showing me a movie in which I appeared to be in it, to telling my mum that it was a movie I thought I had seen on TV, so my mum would not discount my experience and tell me it was a dream and that it did not happen. On this went for many years…….

It All Came True…..

I assume you would then understand my surprise and shock when some 23 years later, when I was 29 years old, I had gone into work at the local Job Centre and a guy comes in for a interview and tells me have you heard ‘ two planes have crashed into 2 skyscrapers in New York’.

The memory that I had since I was 6 years old all came rushing back, I felt terribly ill very quickly, so I left my desk and went straight home to watch it unfold on TV. The entire 9/11 scenario unfolded in a very similar way that I had seen it 23 years previously, (apart from that CNN did not show any footage of the mummified dude in the hospital).  I was in complete shock. I didn’t know what to do, I had no-one I could explain this to, not even my dad was around for a chat, so I went to Flanagan’s Gym as I usually did after tea everyday. When I got there, I went into the gym and the news was on the TV by the counter so I went over and stood there, and the gym manager Tony asked me what I thought had happened. My immediate reply was ” they (the USA) have done it to themselves, and they did it by remote control….the planes were remote control“. I said this purely because that is what I had seen when I was 6 years old, and this is what was ingrained in my memory. I was spouting a conspiracy theory hours after the 9/11 event purely based on my memory.

There have been many theories since 9/11, but one of the main theories is that the passenger jets anti-hijack remote control systems were hacked and they were remotely flown into the buildings.

After the 9/11 attacks, the one thing that I came to realise was that I had become more clairvoyant (clear seeing) and it appeared the attacks had triggered something inside of me, and I then became able to predict where and when terrorist attacks were going to happen which became quite an interesting, but also at times a harrowing and surreal experience. I then went on to predict all of the major terrorist attacks, and in my own understanding, these attacks were not being carried out by goat herders wearing turbans plotting to overthrow America from caves in Afghanistan.

With the passage of time after 9/11 it started to appear to me that if you had extra-sensory abilities, speaking the truth could get you locked up which has gone on to be a frustrating and irritating side effect for having a conscience in the pursuit of knowledge and truth, and living in a society that is controlled by very dark forces… 

MI5 imprison psychic during World War 2 then harass her to death. (Helen Duncan The Blitz Witch Documentary presented by Tony Robinson)
North Wales Police spent over 17 years conspiring (unlawfully) to have me evaluated and detained under the Mental Health Act from 2001 – 2018. (See previous blog – Conspiracy of Silence…)

Psychic Training Group in 1998

In October 1997, almost 4 years before the events of 9/11 I went to my very first spiritualist church in Rhyl which was so much of a mesmerising experience, I started to go along and train in the private groups. I then spent the next few years training with some exceptional psychic mediums and clairvoyants as I had also been told that I could become a good psychic medium and healer.

Since I was a wee boy, I had been able to see, feel and hear the dark bedroom invaders, but when training in these groups I was able to connect to the forces of light more and more and I found the sessions to be literally, ‘out of this world’. It became apparent to me that we can quite easily learn simple techniques to increase our perception, and if one chooses to, we could even learn to talk to people that had died, as well as other beings in different dimensions, and learning many other interesting tricks. My personal preference were the beings of light, rather than the ugly motherfucker demon type entities that had plagued my entire childhood, the same entities that many elite secret societies favour who they worship to the hilt as Gods. ( I shit you not).

For the for first few years I found the training to be very perceptually expansive but I also discovered that when doing readings in ‘training’ I could predict things that happened in the future quite well. Many people may think being clairvoyant is a good ability to have, and it is, but you also cannot choose what you see in the future, because the future is as it is, and it is good and bad, it’s just a question of how you process what you see. But on the other hand, as I later went on to experience years later, if you have bad people running the country, then everything you perceive ahead of time, such as a terrorist attack being carried out by the CIA, then it can be difficult to process in a positive frame of mind.  It is for reasons such as these that I have viewed my own use of clairvoyance as a curse, rather than a gift, especially as for the life of me, I cannot predict the damm lotto numbers so I can go and live in a country that is run by sane people.

I have had only several extremely strong imprinted clairvoyant experiences (premonitions) in my life, and I have come to believe in the old ways of Native American Indians who believed that each person would receive in ceremony a grand vision from the Great Spirit, and this vision would become the purpose for their life, which they would then work towards. As I explained, as a wee boy, I had an experience with a ball of light that showed me planes flying into towers and this impacted my life greatly. The other imprints I experienced also guided me towards my path. After 9/11 occurred, this event became the switch that enabled me to predict when and where terrorist attacks and negative events towards humanity would take place, and its something I have been trying to ‘turn off’ ever since.

I think it is quite clear from what I have described that I am on a path which is very similar to so many millions of people all across the world who at this time of human evolution, we are all on the path of exposing the darkness that has been controlling our societal infrastructure and humanity itself for a very long time, and we each have our own particular path to traverse that has been revealed to us, however uncomfortable or difficult it may be, we are destined to pursue this path, and however much we try,  there is no escaping it, as we cannot morally tolerate the evil that governs us.

The All Seeing Eye

The one thing I have known for certain since I was very young was that there were dark forces that could venture into this world, that also had a negative influence over humanity, but I also knew that there were forces of light, and it appeared that I was connected to the light, but the dark forces have had an eye on me for a very long time.

The Eye of Sauron, Lord of the Ringslord-of-the-rings-mordor-mount-doom-eye-of-sauron-wallpaper-preview

January 2019 – My Email to Sgt Judith McCulloch

So last year, I was experiencing a lot of police harassment and it was being orchestrated from the darkened corridors of power at Gestapo HQ and the psychopathic forces that are entrenched within the police surveillance state, and state intelligence agencies who have a long history with the occult dark forces and secret societies, and the front line police officers were the henchmen carrying out the orders of the Evil Doers at the top of the pyramid.

In my email to Sgt Judith McCulloch I explained that I had been experiencing long term harassment by North Wales Police as I had been a whistleblower and a Iraq War Veterans campaigner. I suggested that it wasn’t individual police officers that had been continually making mistakes by submitting falsified reports since 2008 in which North Wales Police then used in attempts to have me detained, but it was an organisational approach towards me as a whistleblower and an activist. I also mentioned that I had been involved with campaigning for ‘experimental vaccines for bio-warfare‘ that had been used secretly on tens of thousands of soldiers.


As a note, I then added that if their was a bio-terrorism attack, which there will be, it will be mandatory that police officers be vaccinated against such biological warfare virus’s and police officers would encounter the same medical ailments that Gulf War Veterans experienced, (and due to the harassment) I would have difficultly assisting police officers if ever they experienced a similar scenario.

I included this paragraph in the email in an attempt to explain that the police have been involved in a long term harassment campaign against me, but police officers would become casualties if ever a bio-terrorism incident occurred as it would become mandatory for them to have vaccines as they are front line emergency services. As I am one of only a small number of people in the country who has experience on taking the government to task on such issues as a former leading campaigner, it was therefore nonsensical to harass someone the police rank and file may need if ever this type of situation arose. I also knew that a bio-terrorism incident was going to happen…..

The Rush For A Coronavirus Vaccine (Experimental)

Good luck to every police officer, and other front line emergency workers who are forced to have these new untested and therefore, experimental vaccines.( Usual suspects)

Complaints Against North Wales Police

On 19th December 2019 the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) upheld 8 of my complaints against North Wales Police ( I already had several upheld) and the IOPC ordered an investigation into why so many police officers submitted false reports from 2008 – 2018 in which the police attempted to have me evaluated and sectioned under the Mental Health Act, even sending a team of police officers and a psychiatrist to my home in July 2018 based on more than half a dozen falsified reports.


For this IOPC investigation I submitted a 15,000 word report and 35 documents on the 10th February 2020, twice, to Neil McAdam the NWP investigator dealing with the investigation, just to make sure he received it. As I had not received an acknowledgement from the investigator, I requested that the NWP Complaints Department look into whether they received it, as the same investigator LOST a serious complaint I had submitted on 3rd April 2018 against numerous police officers, and then a day later my car was vandalised several times and a brick came through my living room window. My complaint was eventually found 7 weeks later. (See previous blog – Conspiracy of Silence).

You can see in this snippet from my ‘Sent Folder’ that I sent 2 emails to Neil McAdam the NWP Complaints investigator on the 10th February 2020.

ferris 77

On the 19th February 2020 Neil McAdam the NWP investigator emailed me stating that he had not received the emails I sent to him on the 10th February, which he clearly had.


It appears that this is a clear and obvious case of being caught with their pants down lying through their teeth, and this is the Police Complaints Department. I am currently having many difficulties submitting the evidence as the investigator keeps claiming that they cannot open the documents I have sent for the investigation when the admin teams have stated that they can. Clearly, delaying tactics………Is someone hoping I could be dragged off to a quarantine centre with COVID-19 in the next few weeks.

Note: I have not had flu since 1989, not had a cold for over 10 years or anything virus related and I have seen not a doctor for over 4 years. I have a resting heart rate of 44, which for my age is exceptional (I am 48). The only medical condition that I have is that I was born with 5 testicles, and due to having to live my life under repressive conditions living like a Buddhist Monk, I have to tuck my balls into my sock when I get up every morning to prevent carpet burns:)


Capt Eric H May – Founder Of Ghost Troop

In 2010 after the outbreak of the swine flu epidemic Eric got in touch with me (I had known Eric since 2007) and he explained that he had been monitoring government exercises that were being conducted by the USA government to test their preparedness and response to biological attacks and outbreaks of epidemics and pandemics. If you have never heard of Capt Eric May, he was the former Special Forces Officer who was very critical of the CIA over the 9/11 attacks and as the legend goes, he was the guy who prevented a US Government Agency from carrying out a nuclear attack on Texas City in 2006. His organisation Ghost Troop consisted of various ex-military and intelligence personnel whose aim was to monitor government exercises, as in many cases these exercises had gone live such as 9/11. The 7/7 attacks in London were another example, allegedly.

Simulation Exercises

This is an email reply (below) that I received from Capt Eric May in May 2011 after I had requested that he cover a Deep State plot I informed him of to assassinate President Obama for CNBC as an independent journalist. (Capt May).


Capt Eric May explained to me that it appeared that the swine flu pandemic in 2009 had been a co-ordinated exercise between various pharmaceutical organisations, the WHO and the CDC as well as our OUR governments to test the response of an outbreak of the flu in order to brainwash the populace into having a flu vaccine that contained pathogens that would slowly kill off those that had it. Fortunately, the vast majority of the population seen the scam and nobody believed it. ( Hoax ). (The swine flu hoax of 1976).

The concerns that Eric raised were that he thought that the New World Order would run another multi-faceted exercise (like 9/11) to usher in a far more totalitarian police state using a biological weapons attack. After 9/11 our governments implemented draconian surveillance legislation and Eric believed the governments would go “all Bolshevik” and then round up all the activists and dissidents under the guise that they had been infected with a biological agent as well as reducing the overall population. They would then secure them in concentration camps. It sounded interesting, but extremely far fetched, but when I done some research on the swine flu from 2009 it did seem plausible. I wondered though, how easy would it be to brainwash an entire country, or even, an entire planet for the New World Order to get away with such a deception.

Capt Eric May was assassinated in 2014.

It is very easy to induce humiliation in somebody if you can force them to say something that they know is not true. If you want to induce shame into a community, you make everyone in the community say something that everybody in that community knows is not true, and yet they all act if it is true. Humiliation is the end result, submission is the goal” ~ Richard Grannon

This link above keeps disappearing so here it is:

Communist Propaganda And 1984

(Disinformation Warfare and the $1.4 TRILLION Budget)

I keep An Eye on the WHO

So from 2011 I began to keep an eye on the World Health Organisations (WHO) reports into pandemic preparedness exercises which they co-ordinated with various governments and agencies. ( The Level 4 Bio-Warfare facility in China is a designated WHO research lab). ( The USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the big pharma industry have had their hand in many of the outbreaks of what appear to be weaponized viruses).

One of my facebook cover photo’s from 27th November 2015; a Prophetic Warning of Things to Come?


Another facebook cover photo I posted in July 2016 showing the map from the film 12 Monkeys (1995) which details the locations of the spread of the virus.


In the summer of 2018 I came into possession of one such document from the WHO in which it outlined an ‘simulation exercise’ which involved a leak of a virus from a top security facility in Asia which would then spread and become a pandemic. I sensed then and there that this was an exercise that could then GO LIVE as it had all the hallmarks.

I Prophetically Warn North Wales Police Of Bio-Terrorism Incident To Come

This is why I then warned North Wales Police that there was going to be a bio-terrorism incident in my email dated 19th January 2019 and that the police should not have any vaccines to protect them from bio-warfare agents, as from my experience and knowledge of bio-warfare vaccines, this would be bad for their health.

In 2010, Bill Ryan Spoke To A Whistleblower Who Attended a Meeting In London With Leading Secret Society Members

In 2010 Bill Ryan published a video with Chinese subtitles for people living in China as a warning for them which stated that he had spoken to a whistleblower who told him that “China would catch a cold” which would infect Chinese/Asian people, and spread globally.

(Full Video here) (Back Up)

The Exercise Drill – Wuhan China 18th September 2019

On the 18th September 2019 the Chinese Government ran an exercise at Wuhan airport for airport customs which simulated a response for a coronavirus strain. Out of all the pathogens that could have been used for an exercise drill such as ebola or smallpox, the Chinese authorities selected coronavirus.

Actual photo from the Chinese governments exercise drill at Wuhan airport 18th September 2019

wuhan drill

Translated Chinese document of the actual exercise: (Here)

This customs exercise at Wuhan airport was held 30 days before the Wuhan Military Games that was being held on the 18th October 2019 which was the same day as Event 201 was being held in New York, which was a ‘simulation exercise’ which included various different agencies to test their preparedness and response to effectively deal with a coronavirus pandemic. 

Shortly before the Wuhan incident and people started to drop like flies from 1st December 2019 there were draconian new laws passed in China which decreed that anyone could be jailed for 15 years for spreading rumours in relation to any government narrative of any type of incident, and the death sentence for purposely spreading  disinformation regarding such a disease that was about to inflict the Chinese nation.


The John Hopkins Centre for Health Security is the organisation that was co-ordinating Event 201, a high level pandemic exercise just 6 weeks before the first cases of coronavirus appeared in Wuhan, China.

The John Hopkins Centre has several BSL-3 Facilities ( bio-safety level) which are used to isolate dangerous biological agents in an enclosed laboratory facility and they admit they do dual use. Dual use means, they first develop the offensive biological warfare agent and then they develop the supposed vaccine. Johns Hopkins University is the biggest recipient of research grants from federal agencies, including the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation and Department of Defense. It has also received millions of dollars in research grants from the Gates Foundation. In 2016, Johns Hopkins spent more than $2 billion on research projects, leading all U.S. universities in research spending for the 38th year in a row.

This is a video I published on Youtube on the day the first person reported having coronavirus on 1st December 2019 (reported weeks later) which is a video on government anti-terror drills that went LIVE ( Video here).

Wuhan, China – 1st December 2019

On 1st December 2019, the Chinese Communist Party started a compulsory vaccine program and the region where it was first rolled out was in Hubei province which has a population of 58 million. The virus appears to have then started in the city of Wuhan (which is in Hubei province)  which has a population of 11 million and then spread nationwide. (Video).(Website). ( 1918 flu pandemic that killed over 50 million caused by vaccines).

china vaccine

Was the virus injected into the population via the compulsory vaccine program?

The First Case of COVID-19

What is the date and location that we currently know of when a person became infected with coronavirus in China. It was Wuhan on the 1st December 2019.

coronvirus 1

(Whistleblower Video)


Is it a co-incidence that on the day that the new compulsory mass vaccination program started on 1st December 2019 is the same day that the first case of coronavirus was detected?

Below video keeps getting deleted so here is the link for the full show –
Sulphur Dioxide levels above Wuhan –  Video

Scientists Warn About Coronavirus Vaccines

In the above video Del Bigtree outlines the Chinese mandatory vaccination program and how scientists warned that inoculating the populace with coronavirus vaccines would lead to illness and possible deaths from such vaccines.

I think that you would agree that one of the main points Del Bigtree raises is that once the populace has been inoculated with a coronavirus vaccine, if they then came into contact with coronavirus, ( possibly released from a Bio-Weapons Laboratory in Wuhan or another location ) the body would become hypersensitive to the virus and this would make them far more sick than they would of been.

Therefore the questions are:

1). What vaccines were given to the Chinese people and did they have a coronavirus vaccine?

2). Was a virus released in Wuhan where a level 4 Bio-Weapons Laboratory is? ( One of only 2 in all of China).

Various Scientists Discover a HIV Mutation In The Coronavirus With 4 Proteins That Were Altered to Infect Chinese People ONLY

coronavirus 2

Controlling The Narrative

Above Video disappeared off internet completely

Chinese Military Report

On the 26th January the Chinese military published a report on the coronavirus strain (later removed) which stated that the virus had been deliberately modified to effect ethnic chinese people only, and the Chinese military have stated that they were ‘attacked’, or was this part of the exercise that went live similar to Event 201?


Was A Modified Bio-Weapon Released in Wuhan With 4 HIV Inserts To Reduce The Population (China is Overcrowded Theory)

From the outset there has been speculation and rumours that the coronavirus was a bio-weapon virus that was accidentally or deliberately released from the level 4 bio-weapons facility in Wuhan, or from other means. However, as has been acknowledged that the Chinese government introduced mass vaccinations on the Chinese populace, and the first case of coronvirus was around the same day it appears to point directly at the vaccines. However, Indian scientists discovered that the virus had 4 HIV inserts which modified the virus to specifically target ‘ethnic chinese people and asians‘ but this paper was removed quite quickly.

The 58 million populace of Wuhan and Hubei province were vaccinated from the 1st December 2019. Were they all then exposed to a modified coronavirus, or just a few million. 

(Wuhan was also saturated with 5G Technology – (Video)

 Dr Francis Boyle – Bio-Weapons Whistleblower
(Evidence starting to emerge that the coronavirus originated in the USA)

Dr Boyle Keeps Quiet About USA Scientists With Diplomatic Cover Transporting Weapons Grade Bio-Warfare Agents To The Pentagon’s 25 Bio Warfare Laboratories

Dr Francis Boyle has stated in all of his interviews over the last month that the coronavirus was leaked from a level 4 Bio-Weapons facility in Wuhan. However he makes no mention of the work of investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva who exposed the Pentagons Bio-Warfare program in 2018 which has 25 Bio-Weapons Facilities, some of which are close to the Chinese border. No mention has also been made to this recent article which has excellent credibility.

dodFor the article by Dilyana Gaytandzhieva. (See (here).

Dr Francis Boyle also does not mention that USA scientists are using diplomatic cover to transport pathogens around the world for the Pentagons CLASSIFED Bio-Warfare Program.( See Here). Dr Boyle is insisting that the coronavirus was leaked from a Wuhan lab and it was engineered with 4 HIV inserts making it much more lethal than a normal coronavirus. However, the facts appear to show that the coronavirus was engineered to TARGET ethnic Chinese/Asians, which Dr Boyle has not discussed in any of his interviews which is creating a bit of panic. He also does not mention any other probable causes of the virus such as the mandatory Chinese vaccine program or a possible coronavirus vaccine that was given to the Chinese.

If researchers wish to follow the path of any potential spread of the virus or any “mutation(s)”, they may want to start looking at the ‘USA diplomatic plane fleet’, just as researchers were able to track the CIA global cocaine trade by acquiring the routes of CIA rendition planes, and then setting up a website database. ( In Lies We Trust).

Video 4:54 – Here

The Gulf War 1991

I also have experience of the dissemination of bio-warfare agents. During the first Iraq War in 1991, over a million of UK and USA troops were inoculated with various vaccines, some of them to protect against bio-warfare agents (which fortunately for me, I didn’t have any of the known toxic ones).

Incredulously, MoD bio-warfare teams were seen releasing ‘aerosol biological agents‘ upwind from where troops were located which would then flow downwind and infect the troops to test the efficacy of the vaccines. As a national committee member of an Iraq Veterans organisation I actually took statements from soldiers who were involved in this program (infecting the troops) and also soldiers who witnessed this happening and those that were affected which I used towards a High Court legal challenge against the MoD. ( It is estimated that several hundred thousand soldiers later developed various auto-immune related illness with up to 100,000 deaths, mostly Americans).

World War  1 Soldiers Vaccinated with up to 16 vaccines which started the Spanish flu that killed over 50 Million.

Kim Iverson ( 13th March 2020)

Quote by Kim:

For the few of you who say I shouldn’t cover this or “peddle conspiracy theories” let me ask you this, do you think I should censor what three nation’s leaders are claiming? Do you feel it’s better to ignore these leaders and not report what they are saying? I don’t agree with that. If three nations are making a claim, it’s unwise to ignore it and brush it off. Just because you don’t agree with the theory doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be heard. I’m firmly against censorship and expect my audience to be open minded enough to hear someone out no matter how crazy the theory may sound”.

Past Scientific Research Into a Coronavirus Vaccine

It was also known from scientific research in 2006 that a coronavirus vaccine would make people more susceptible to the virus. If the populace were then intentionally exposed to a genetically modified version of the coronavirus with HIV inserts which made it more contagious and deadly, which then specifically targeted the genetic make-up of Chinese/Asian people after the vaccine program, then the results could be what we are seeing in Wuhan, Hubei province and possibly other parts of China, in particular with tens of thousands, and possibly hundreds of thousands of deaths (via the alternative media) and why the main stream media along with the WHO and the CDC are glossing over it.

China is also in complete lock down, with over 700 million people still being forced to stay indoors, or, have they realised that they were under attack by their own government and they are choosing to stay indoors to stay alive, or is there another reason? Whatever the case, very little information is coming out of China with a total population of 1.4 billion. ( A good example of a Totalitarian Police State in lock down).

However, there is still not one mention of the Chinese compulsory vaccine program in the mainstream media. 

One thing is certain, this was not a common cold that mutated from animals.

Wuhan Quarantine

In the 1990’s I spent a week in quarantine where I was given a room to myself where I had to stay put and I was not allowed contact with anyone else. I didn’t have a TV or radio, any magazines or anything and the only reason I had not escaped was because I was in a wheelchair with a severely broken leg. The question therefore is why have the Chinese government been quarantining people in beds right next to each other which would spread contamination.


I am personally in touch with people on the ground in Wuhan and other parts of China and there are lots of reports of disease and death. These residents however are heard shouting ‘fake’ at the government. What this means is not yet fully known. (Video).

This is the opposite of how you are supposed to quarantine people. Quarantine = Isolation. Does this then suggest that the Chinese government had created different categories of quarantine stations and the above station were for people effected by vaccines, which therefore could lend credence to the theory that the compulsory vaccine contained the pathogens that started the disease.

However there have been people being locked up in secure isolation units with many people being forcibly dragged out of their homes into these facilities. China has been carrying out this sort of practice against outspoken journalists and activists for decades which has got far worse in the last 5 years. Were the Chinese Communists using the coronavirus as a cover to lock up and kill activists?

wuhan 1

China’s Economic Meltdown From COVID-19

The coronavirus has had a devastating effect on the Chinese economy, and in particular the Chinese people, (as opposed to the Chinese government) as the Chinese economy consists of 85% of small businesses which employ 80% of China’s population, with most of them expected to run out of cash within three months, and a third expect the cash to be all gone within a month.

china 4

The economic virus has not even started yet, and it appears it is going to effect billions of people. No doubt, the big winners will again be the globalist banksters and corporate fat cats who will swallow up a vast percentage of the small businesses that start to fail in China (and other countries) therefore transferring a substantial percentage of wealth towards the 1%. The big losers will be the Chinese people. The full effect globally is yet to be seen…


FTSE at lowest level since recession in 2008. Will the banksters push the stock markets down to pre-1929 levels
South Korea this week announced that they would be initially spending 25 BILLION to counter COVID-19  (Video)

The Communist Killing Machine

Does Communist China have form when it comes to eliminating their own people. Of course they do…..

Our Respected, Much Loved and Honourable Oligarchical Generational Bloodline Leaders 

Does our western leaders have any form on using bio-warfare to kill more people than even Chairman Mao. Of course they do. Over 100 million Native American Indians were killed using bio-warfare from the late 1700’s. (Video).

Have our leaders continued to use biological germ-warfare against the British, American and European populations, of course they have. 


The above article may now provide clarification for those that have been to Norwich and wondered what a strange bunch of people they are….(link). (Also see below in Additional Information – Pentagon Bio-Warfare Program).

Is The Coronavirus and Vaccine Program Being Used As A Method Of DePopulation 

To understand the present predicament of population control, not only in China, but also over the rest of the world and how the oligarchical 1% Elites, those old generational bloodline families that run the financial system along with our governments with their marxist/capitalist ideology and dark occult practices, can we expect that they would want to reduce the population. (They wouldn’t do that……….would they?).

(This is important)

Will Virus Outbreaks And Compulsory Vaccines Be The New World Orders Method for Population Reduction

From the 13th Century the use of germ warfare to reduce populations has been deployed many times by those that call themselves elites, those that belong to secret societies that worship the dark forces. However, the history books do not tell the complete story of the pandemics that wiped out countless countries and continents. As Napolean said “History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon”

Did you learn about this in school, and before you ask, No, they are NOT Jewish bones, and did vaccines cause this?

The Police State Lockdown

What we are experiencing now with the coronavirus is the beginning of the virus outbreaks (even if they are just government statistics and propaganda) which will ultimately lock each country down into complete totalitarian police states similar to China.

(A Must Read on ID-2020)


(ID-2020 and the Gates Foundation – Micro-chipping)

As ISIS has been exposed over the last few years as being a creation of the USA and Israeli governments, it appears quite clear that the new enemy will be virus outbreaks and this old method will be rolled out time and again which will literally plague us (pun intended) until we as a species (the 99%) stand up and collectively decide that enough is enough and we take the appropriate actions. We do not require leaders that are willing to kill and eliminate us in the millions, or even billions in order to secure their lust for power and control over us as a species.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era

The Smoking Gun

Boris Johnson states that 1% of the 80% of the British population that will become infected with coronavirus will die. ( Better hurry up and have that vaccine ready). However, we all know that Bojo the Clown has a complete inability to tell the truth and his words are mere fear mongering. He has also announced that people who wished to stay at home and self isolate could apply for Statuary Sick Pay from day one, which appears to be the ‘smoking gun‘ everyone was looking for.

With the fear programming and hype coming from the mass media surrounding COVID-19, it appears that it’s not only a question of people who in the unlikely event that they contract COVID-19 that will take 2-3 weeks off work to self isolate, but the media driven hysteria and the fear people will feel if they get the normal common cold will give them the opportunity to take a few weeks off work and receive payment for it, without actually having to be tested for COVID-19.

If the Prime Minister is telling the nation that if you get cold-like symptoms, you have permission to take a few weeks off work, and claim payment for it, who wouldn’t do that in this fear driven hyped-up ‘state of emergency‘. Also, with the deathly warnings around contracting COVID-19, people will not want to go to work anyway in case they catch it and ………. DIE. The reality is that people who claim the Statuary Sick Pay will most likely go towards the COVID-19 statistics.

(Swine Flu falsified statistics). (Covid-19 falsified statistics and how the COVID-19 PCR Test Kit does not work).

Does anyone else see the psychological operation here?

Self Isolation Could Collapse The Economy

Has anyone thought of the consequences of several million people taking weeks off work and the effect on the economy, because Bojo the Clown hasn’t ( or is there another agenda at play). And if this same scenario is repeated across Europe and the planet, the global economy will crash, far worse than in 2008, and even the great depression of 1929. Banks will again crash and the New World Order could finally implement the cashless society they have been incrementally working towards achieving over the last couple of decades. Think about it…….if economies again collapse, and their is a recession, wealth is again snatched from the masses into the hands of the 1%. Its the 1% that get richer and more powerful.

Maybe, just maybe, this COVID-19 is all part of a grand illusion to create hysteria and mass panic to achieve a particular set of objectives.

The Fear- (Click)

Holy Shit Batman, The Media is Saying COVID-19 has Mutated (COVID-666??)

As of the 4th March 2020, the media are propagandising with some astounding virology that COVID-19 has mutated. Next week, it will have mutated 27 times and will be 3000% more contagious, I guarantee you.



The Prime Minister Bojo the Clown Authorises A £46 Million Package For NEW FRICKEN VACCINES

I think by now you will be aware where all this was heading…….

President Trump goes much further and allocates $8.3 BILLION.


UK Government (and others) To Introduce NEW LAWS To Counter False Coronavirus Claims – Similar To China (Controlling the Narrative)

The UK government is to also introduce new laws ‘that counter’ the governments FEAR driven narrative surrounding coronavirus, mainly for social media. I suspect then that the Prime Minister and most of his government, the mainstream media, big pharma executives and TV News media personalities will all be in jail by the end of the month. (GREAT NEWS).


If it looks like communist propaganda, smells like communist propaganda, then it is fricken communist propaganda…

The End of Days, Or A New Age

Take a look around you, and imagine in 5 – 10 years that 1 in 3 of the people you know could have been killed by either a disease that was designed and released for population control, (or other nefarious agenda’s) or by a vaccine that you were forced to have because a virus was released during a corporate run EXERCISE. How does that feel to you? How does that sound? Are you happy about that?

Although it sounds far fetched and even fear mongering to a degree, that is allegedly the plan of the New World Order, and they have stated it time and again that is what they are going to do. (Have you not heard of the Georgia Guidestones). (Noahide Laws).

A Bolshevik Revolution On A Global Scale

In 1917, the bolshevik revolution was financed by a very tiny elite group of banksters who wanted control over the Russian people and landmass. It is not only my own opinion, but that of many learned scholars that the same clandestine secret group of people is about to launch their final moves on the Grand Chessboard for total global control of the human race. This group of oligarchs account for less than 1% of the 1% of the global population. They are literally the tiny few…..

alex solz

The Red Terror

The communist bolshevik Red Terror killed over 66 million Russians from 1917. The implementation of Communism over Eastern Europe and Asia by this tiny elite killed in total over 150 million, and their end game is not yet complete. We are living in the end game scenario, (the next decade) and from my understanding, the tools with which they aim to complete their final moves are the use of virus’s,(real or imagined) vaccines, full spectrum surveillance including 5G, economic collapse, wars and just like the Holodomor that killed over 10 million people, starvation.

Police Forces Have Been Given Extra Powers To Detain People Who Sneeze and Cough Or Suspected Of Being Near Someone With The Common Cold

In the last month police forces in the UK, Europe the USA and much of the rest of the world have been given extra powers to detain people suspected of having been in contact with someone who has the common cold (COVID-19). ( They should be detaining politicians, banksters and big pharma executives).

That could literally mean anyone can be detained by the government, but I guarantee that if this coronavirus develops to anywhere near as it did in China, (which is very very very doubtful) the people that will be taken away to quarantine camps (more known as concentration camps or internment camps) will be people like me who are critical of the police surveillance state, political activists and journalists and all those that pose a potential threat to the system, all those that have been FLAGGED and identified by Artificial Intelligence algorithms from the mass data collection that the global surveillance apparatus has collated over the last 15-20 years. This is what is being reported that has happened in China, with political dissidents being dragged away into quarantine camps and if they weren’t ill when they got there, they would no doubt end up ill pretty quickly. This is what always happens in a communist style takeover. It happened in Russia after 1917, then across Eastern Europe and Asia from the 1940’s and 1950’s. They round up all those that are critical of the mentally unhinged psychopathic forces that have taken over the governments.

However, these days, governments cannot just take people away and force them into concentration camps in the western world, they require a reason, and what a brilliant reason this coronavirus gives the marxist/capitalists of the New World Order. How long COVID-19 will last is anyone’s guess, but expect it to become an ‘endemic’ problem.

We Have To Fight Back

The only way we as a species can aim for freedom against this tyrannical system of control that has been implemented by the tiny amount of human predators over the masses of humanity is through awareness of the means in which the game is being played, (to psychopaths, it is a game) what is at stake, and that every single person has to raise their game, and fight the fight of their lives, or we will lose, and millions, even billions could eventually die. Those that do not die, those too scared to speak out now will probably wish they had died by the time the communist style totalitarian police state has been ushered in.

They fought back against tyranny in the Ukraine…….and they won.

(The Square)

The Police

Over the last year in France, the French Police have started to side with the yellow vest protesters, which is a very significant development. The French government ( the Banksters) this week banned all indoor gatherings above 5,000 people due to coronavirus.


How long before they ban outdoor gatherings in what is starting to look like a very modern French revolution where the government will be overthrown. Does this development concern the global central bankers and the New Word Order. You bet it does, and the coronavirus will certainly help the government to reduce the yellow vest protests, not ONLY in France, but globally. Even firefighters are now battling with the police……Armies of Nurses are surely next.

There are also huge protests that are still ongoing in Hong Kong against COMMUNIST RULE, despite the coronavirus, and it is very easy to come to the realisation that these protests are a major threat against the NEW WORLD ORDERS implementation of technocratic communism over the rest of the planet.

hong kong

Europe Defender 2020

Last year the USA planned the largest military exercise in over 25 years to prepare and plan for a possible invasion of Europe by the Russian military, or an attack on Russia. This exercise involves 18 European countries and by the time this military exercise begins next month in April 2020, Europe and the USA and around 60% – 80% of the planet will be in lock down due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

It is reasonable to speculate from what we now know about COVID-19 is that China may have been attacked with a bio-weapon on the 1st December 2019. On 2nd January 2020 the USA then killed the head of the Iranian military by dropping a missile on his head. If this hypothesis is correct, then the USA has attacked 2 countries in the space of almost 1 month.(Video).

Since then, COVID-19 started to spread globally from Wuhan (real or imagined by the media) but the WHO refused multiple times to adhere to their own procedures by issuing a pandemic alert, which has then resulted in the biggest lock down in the modern era. You have to ask the question, ‘have a small group of people planned this sequence of events which started with the John Hopkins Exercise?‘.


As previously stated, on the 18th October 2019 the John Hopkins Centre for Health Control commenced a pandemic exercise called Event 201 which simulated a pandemic of coronavirus. 6 weeks later the Wuhan incident occurred, then the attack on Iran’s most senior military commander. Is it all a coincidence? 

I think we will find out next month if any more coincidences fall nicely into place on the Grand Chessboard and there is a full invasion of Iran, and what the response will be from the other major players, Russia and China. Fortunately for the Globalist 1% Elites, all of the Western World will be locked down, with many countries subjected to a state of emergency. Indoor and outdoor gatherings will also be banned for over 1000 people and if such an invasion of Iran was on the cards, we would not be permitted to protest due to the ‘late response’ by the WHO in reacting to the epidemic/pandemic in December last year which could have quite easily been vastly reduced in scale as they did in Taiwan with the correct public safety advice.

Whatever the sequence of events that have led to where we are currently at, we need to be aware of what pieces on the chessboard are being moved into place so we can prepare ourselves, and also, to make others aware of what could potentially develop.


The Hyper-Inflated Super Bubble Of Debt

There are multiple theories surrounding COVID-19. The ‘Iran invasion theory and World War 3‘ is only one of them, and hopefully this theory based on the outlined sequence of events is way off target and is incorrect, and the actual reason behind all of these co-incidences is the theory discussed by Gregory Mannarino, which is a global financial crash and a reset towards a cashless society, or a combination of some or all of the discussed points.

Only Iran Left On That List

However, Iran has been on that George W Bush ‘Axis of Evil‘ list since 2002, and it is the last country left before Israel can implement The Greater Israel Project ( See No:2 in additional information).

The New World Order Police Puppets

There is no doubt that the New World Order is attempting to completely lock down each and every country into communist surveillance police states in order to maintain their hegemony over the rest of us, and we the people are rejecting it, and the police everywhere have a very important role in either the success of a global revolution, of the people, by the people, for the people, or a global criminal lock down, as they will be the puppets that enforce it.

The Police 

Police officers all around the world have sworn an oath to protect the public, NOT the banksters or the New World Order.

In Russia after 1917 the secret police the Cheka rounded up and then set about eliminating tens of millions of people who were considered a threat to the new communist regime. When a virus spreads across the world, (communism) the people that have to deal with forced detainments are the police, and I doubt very much that the police yet realise that they will be one of the first groups of public sector workers that it would be made mandatory that they be given vaccines to protect them from whatever virus that has been released, if one has been released at all.

From 1996-97 when I was a member of a national committee of an Iraq Veterans organisation we received phone calls everyday from families of Veterans that had died as a result of receiving vaccines that was supposed to protect them for biological warfare virus’s. I went on to campaign for these guys which I have covered in previous blogs where I organised protests and instigated legal proceedings in the High Court against the MoD.

I don’t think that police officers have had the foresight to understand that they too will be guinea pigs in an experiment when a bio-warfare agent reaches these shores.

They do not yet have the understanding that they too are expendable by the New World Order.

The police are at these times more than ever required to adhere to the Oath they swore when they decided to serve the public.

Now is the time for each and every police officer to move away from the darkness……    and move towards the Light.


Have You Noticed That The Problem of Jeffrey Epstein and the World Wide Paedophile Club Has Disappeared Since COVID-19

The one thing we will all be aware of is that the FBI investigation into high level paedophile rings possibly involving thousands of people from within governments around the world and from international finance is now not being covered by the media.

Convenient, co-incidence or part of the plan?

Back up link:

Additional Information

  1. 5G and Coronavirus – Dana Ashlie (BANNED)
  2. Av-9 – Pentagon Bio-warfare Program
  3. The Djinn and Greater Israel – The Seat of Power
  4. The CIA, Hollywood and Bio-terrorism
  5. Dana Ashlie – 5G Towers in Wuhan 
  6. Report
  7. Blog –Jon Rappoport
  8. Journalist Jennifer Zeng
  9. The toxicity of Vaccines

What’s Really Going On

Yuri Bezmenov- Subversive Tactics

Nobody Is Looking At This

Back up link:—5G:8

The End Game

The Final Solution

Marxist Capitalism Coming To A City Near You

The Government Sets Up Home Testing Teams

Around the country COVID-19 testing teams are going to peoples homes to conduct tests. In the below newspaper story, there are no reported cases of COVID-19 in Lanarkshire, but there still sending teams around to test people anyway. The RT-PCR COVID-19 testing kits are less than 25% accurate. In China, the police rounded up dissidents, journalists and activists, possibly with false positives for COVID-19.

testing team

Coronavirus Effective Treatment

Marik’s retrospective before-after clinical study showed that giving patients IV vitamin C with hydrocortisone and vitamin B1 for two days reduced mortality from 40% to 8.5%. The precise protocol used was 200 mg of thiamine every 12 hours, 1,500 mg of ascorbic acid every six hours, and 50 mg of hydrocortisone every six hours. Importantly, the treatment has no side effects and is inexpensive, readily available and simple to administer.
According to Marik, vitamin C and corticosteroids have a synergistic effect which is part of why his combo protocol is so effective. Still, simply using high-dose IV vitamin C exclusively has been shown to improve survival in patients with sepsis and acute respiratory failure, reducing mortality from 46% to 30%. (Cured)

Disclaimer: DOC-CN-09-BN-876-JYD-89 – 29/12/2018(JM)



  1. Hi Andy, I;m connecting with more and more TI’s to fight crime and the perp criminals until victory is achieved as it was in East Germany in 1991 (and in the former zersetzung state German regime in 1945 and ……). I am also looking for personal accounts from Tis of crimes and the perp criminals who committed those crimes for publication at …. Best, Buck Williams (only took about 4 hours over 2 days to post this post ….. the perps, long story)


  2. Interesting blog you have here, It’s going to take me a week or more to get through it all, thanks for the info!


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