” The Streisand Effect is when an effort to suppress information inadvertently causes an increase in attention to the information “



There is one type of person that the majority of police officers despise more than anyone else in our society, and no, I am not referring to paedophiles or other sexual predators, they are used to them as they work alongside so many of them, the people that they hate the most are people who expose how the police service truly operates and how repressive policies such as ‘Covert Black Operations’ are enacted by secretive police units against non-violent and law abiding members of the public where there objective in most instances is to completely destroy every aspect of a persons life, where even resorting to murder is never ruled out, and the individuals that they target are sometimes people like me, a former whistleblower, high profile activist and investigative journalist who has been exposing the illegal operations and activities of the police and intelligence agencies in articles, websites, documentaries, video’s and blogs just like this.


The Police Rapist And Murderer

We have all heard by now of Wayne Cousins the police officer who was nicknamed ‘The Rapist’ by his colleagues who gave the police an ever increasing bad reputation because he went and done exactly what his nickname said he was and he kidnapped marketing manager Sarah Everard, raped her, murdered her and then set fire to her, which did not surprise any of his colleagues as he was a known sociopathic sexual predator.

Police officers can accept the criticism that has been levelled at them after this brutal murder because the police service attracts so many psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists with criminal records for sexual assault, battery, theft, drug dealing, child abuse and every other crime under the sun, but this blog is not only dangerous for me to write in the times that we now live in where telling the truth is considered to be a revolutionary act, but also very alarming for the police service itself because it exposes how police forces across the country are waging an illegal war on its citizens that comes straight out of the instruction manual of the Communist East German Secret Police, the Stasi.

I have been subjected to this unlawful, torturous and covert form of police brutality for over 25 years and as a result I have therefore been schooled in the majority of their insidious methods and tactics as I studied the police like ‘Lab Rats’ for over a quarter of a century, documenting exactly how they operate, so I know from first hand experience how they conduct this war on its citizenry, which the majority of the population know very little about it, and it is carried out by the worst imaginable people in our society.


Research Study: 4.5% of the UK general population are categorised as being psychopaths. Males are twice as likely to be psychopaths than females. The Police Force is in the list of Top 10 professions that attracts the most psychopaths. Middle to senior ranking police officers (managers) within the police will have 4 times the prevalence of psychopathy (over 17.9%).  No scientific studies have been published which determines the percentage of a police force that is psychopathic, although we are aware that the Home Office and British intelligence has carried out these studies which remain CLASSIFIED. As one third of the prison population is psychopathic, it would be interesting to know if the percentage of  police officers within North Wales Police who are psychopathic is higher or lower than the percentage of the prison population. What is noteworthy is that so many police officers do have actual criminal records and every government investigation into any police force always discovers institutional corruption. If there is an abnormal level of psychopathy within the police service as a whole this would also explain why police complaints are increasing each year and (2015 report) the national police complaint bodies in the UK have been rebranded 3 times in over 20 years after being acknowledged as being ‘not fit for purpose,’ changing its name on average every 7 years from the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) then to what we have now, the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) as the public continually loses faith in their ability to investigate complaints. The government then just rebrands the organisation each time and changes the name. A research paper from New York State also details that when normal people with good intentions without psychopathy join the police, they start to exhibit sociopathic traits after just 3 years which increases in severity the longer they stay in the police. The research that has not been carried out is the prevalence of psychopathy in police officers who are managers or senior officers who belong to an ‘all male Secret Society’ who have all made secret blood oaths who worship that bad dude from the bible, Lucifer, who are brainwashed into a ‘Luciferian Doctrine’ and philosophy that resembles a Religious Cult, but it is suspected to be very very very high. ( I detail this in my next blog).


A lot of morally minded good people join the Freemasons which was established as a benevolent brotherhood but it was famously infiltrated by the ‘Illuminati’ and their philosophy was distorted and manipulated into a Luciferian Dark Agenda, especially the upper high levels. I like many others support any persons right to join such organisations, but the problem is that due to the oaths that they take, the good eggs cover up for the wrong un’s and the psychopaths that are attracted to such organisations. Surely that has to change, which can only come from within.

I Was Warned…

In 1997, a year after I had left the military I had a meeting with the solicitor Mark McGhee and a senior partner from a law firm in Manchester to discuss taking legal action against North Wales Police due to a vast array of Stasi-esque ‘Covert Harassment and Intimidation Operations’ that I was experiencing because I was campaigning for Iraq War Veterans and I was warned that North Wales had a very extensive paedophile ring which involved Secret Societies and dozens, if not hundreds of police officers and people in positions of authority across all government agencies, including politicians, which I would later discover for myself. I was told that North Wales Police had become a force unto themselves and that they had gone ‘off the charts’ and I was advised against taking legal action against them unless I wanted to wear a bullet proof vest for the rest of my life.


North Wales Police has 1,500 police officers, 170 special constables and 180 PCSO’s which totals 1,850 ( taken from figures in 2021). The average percentage of the population who are psychopathic/sociopathic is 4.5% so statistically 83 police officers with NWP would be psychopathic. However, we know from published research that the police service is NO:7 in the Top 10 professions that attracts psychopaths and sociopaths like a magnet, and at least 17.9%+ of police managers are categorised as psychopathic. Our research group has made calculations which has taken considerable time to formulate estimates that overall 21.5% of police officers, SC and PCSO’s with NWP would score within the range from the  Hare Psychopathy Checklist to determine psychopathy which would result in 397 police officers, special constables and PCSO’s as being categorised as being psychopathic/sociopathic. The percentage figures nationally are really disturbing. There has been urgent requirement for a long time now for mandatory advanced testing protocols to test for psychopathy for anyone pursuing employment in public office, especially the Police, and the CIA is currently the forerunner of pioneering such technology. (A film everyone should watch). (Case study). (The best book on psychopaths – Puzzling People by Thomas Sheridan).

The Line of Duty and Child Abuse

Some 15 years later the BBC drama Line Of Duty (Season 3) was loosely based on the child sexual abuse scandals in North Wales which had resulted in the biggest ever child abuse inquiry in the UK which cost £13.7 million pounds, and I say loosely because in 2012 I was part of a project with other activists that submitted accurate storylines and scripts to film production companies which included the BBC and Sky TV based on our investigations at the time on what was considered to be the biggest paedophile ring that had been exposed, not just in the UK, but in Europe.

child abuse nw

News Report from 2013 by Channel 4 who state incorrect figures and number of victims.

‘Most psychopaths are not violent’

The Child Abuse Cover Up

In 2012 amid claims of an industrial scale cover up of mass child sexual abuse by a very organised paedophile ring in North Wales Prime Minister David Cameron ordered 2 further inquiries into child sexual abuse in North Wales as the £13.7 million public inquiry was deemed to be a cover up as the remit of the public inquiry only allowed 70 child abuse victims to give evidence when there were over 1000 victims that came forward who gave statements, and 23 of those witnesses mysteriously committed suicide.

In total over 650 paedophiles were identified and over 200 prominent VIP’s were given super-injunctions to prevent the press from releasing their names to the public and less than a dozen were ever charged. In 2021, former Intelligence Officers have disclosed that the number of paedophiles within this organisation has reached over 900 in North Wales and as paedophiles are like crack addicts, they need ‘their fix at least several times a week‘ which is resulting in hundreds of children, mainly from the care system in North Wales are being used as sex slaves and are being raped every single week. What are detectives and the police doing, apart from continuing to cover it up? 

In addition to the Care Home child abuse epidemic, 140,000 under 18’s vanish across the country each year, that’s 383 per day. This has to be declared as a NATIONAL EMERGENCY


Former Police Detective John Wedger reveals extent of child sex abuse in an interview by James English – (Video) watch the first 4-5 mins at least. Statement by former British Intelligence Officer (here). Since the 1950’s the percentage of the population who are paedophiles has remained at 2% but somehow so many of them end up in positions of authority. (This could be the result of Jeffrey Epstein type blackmail operations which will be discussed in detail in Part 2 of this blog series),

This news report is from 2012 after the Prime Minister David Cameron launched 2 further inquiries into the North Wales child abuse epidemic as the £13.7 million Waterhouse Public Inquiry was an institutional cover up. Mainstream news tends to always relate child abuse as being in the ‘past’ suggesting that the widespread cover ups has resulted in all of the paedophiles now not engaging in their instinctual paedophile behaviours, and have stopped offending, when the reality is the opposite, and the paedophile ring in North Wales has expanded.


High Profile Activist

I have been a very prolific and a high profile political activist for a long time now, starting out initially in 1996-97 as a whistleblower, then laying low for 11 years until I became an adviser to former Special Forces Officer Capt Eric May the Commanding Officer of Ghost Troop in August 2008 until his assassination in 2014. The main objective of Ghost Troop was to prevent major terrorist attacks being carried out by the CIA/MI6 and MOSSAD.

I then became a political activist from 2010 mostly operating in the shadows with other activists working on hundreds of projects such as with Ghost Troop where we exposed that in our professional opinion and experience as ex-military Veterans, intelligence officers and special forces, it was our own governments Intelligence Agencies who were behind all of the major terrorist attacks which enabled our governments to create new laws to expend billions of pounds of tax payers money to turn the police into a militarised force to fight the ‘War on Terror’ which created the Dystopian Police Surveillance State we now find ourselves living in that the Ruling Classes have been planning for over 100 years, but the most rewarding projects I was involved with led to the former Prime Minister Teresa May when she was Home Secretary to order a Public Inquiry into Covert Political Policing Operations, first with Operation Herne in 2013, then the Public Inquiry into Special Branch Undercover Covert Operations in 2014 to cover the period from 1968 – 2008 in which Special Branch had infiltrated over 1000 political groups. I submitted my own partial application to give evidence at the Public Inquiry in 2014 as the national committee I was on for Iraq War Veterans between 1996-97 had also been infiltrated by Special Branch and Military Intelligence whose agenda was to cover up the amount of Iraq War Veterans from the 1991 conflict that were dying from experimental vaccines. I wont be submitting a full application with all of the evidence I wish to give until 2023-24 as I have been advised it could be bad for my health.

bike into the fray

Front page newspaper article from 1996.

In my previous blog on this site from the 6th March 2020 – The Truth About Covid-19: … I detailed how I had first warned of a world wide pandemic in 2015 and also, why it would happen. I also showed how I had warned NWP that a bio-terrorism incident would happen in an email to them 11 months before the ‘Wuhan Lab Incident’ and I forewarned North Wales Police to not allow their police officers to be given experimental vaccines to protect them after such an incident, which considering the latest Pfizer document dump of information on the vaccines, I have proven to be extremely accurate. I also provided details on the USA Global Bio-Weapon Labs Program which finally went viral 4 months ago and also how Russia could potentially invade Europe, which they did, 2 years after I suggested that they would.


Targeted Activist

As a ‘targeted activist‘ one of my objectives was to expose all of the illegal police harassment that I was experiencing which was being orchestrated from Rhyl Police Station and how the police conduct an illegal war against its own citizens as I had been spied upon and terrorised ever since I left the Army in 1996 after I had exposed how tens of thousands of Iraq War Veterans had been injured and killed by being forced to have experimental vaccines prior to the Gulf War in 1991, and I, like many other activists, we had rejoiced with glee, excitement and delight in 2014 that the Gestapo would be eventually investigated by a public inquiry where thousands of people who had been targeted would be given the opportunity to give evidence against zee Nazi’s.

However, the glee and enthusiasm I had back in 2014 has long worn off as I have been subjected to a vast increase in intimidation, harassment and illegal covert operations since I applied to give evidence against the Gestapo in which their aim is to wear me down psychologically and emotionally which I actually suggested would happen in my blog in 2017 (The 3 Amigo’s). However, the priority objective of North Wales Police ever since I became whistleblower has always been to have me detained and locked up for life at a Mental Asylum which is a common side effect from being a successful activist, and when that agenda started to fail, they switched their goals to attempt to covertly assassinate me, which I will come to shortly, although I will cover this subject in precise detail in Part 3 of this series of blogs on ‘assassination programs in the UK’.

What Do You Do When The Secret Police Want You Dead?

Special Branch are the FBI equivalent in the UK

James Davis Member of Parliament Seeks Advice for Witness Protection For Me

In 2015 I had a meeting with James Davies MP who then wrote to the Home Office to inform them of the increased harassment I was experiencing from the police just because I had applied to give evidence against North Wales Police (Special Branch) in 2014 at the Public Inquiry in London into Covert Operations and he requested advice on whether the Home Office could offer me Witness Protection. The Home Office refused and I was politely asked to defend myself from a multi-million pound tax payer funded police organisation which appeared to have more than its fair share of psychopaths within its ranks who acted not so dissimilar to how you would expect the Italian Mafia to operate, which is probably why I recorded and logged over 15,000 incidents of harassment.

In a previous blog – Conspiracy of Silence I detailed how I forced the Police Commissioner, former high ranking 33 Degree Freemason Winston Roddick to stand down from his job in March 2016, where I jokingly referred to him as the ‘Head of a Terrorist Organisation’.

james davies mp letter to ho

Continual Attempts to Wear Me Down

At the time that James Davies wrote to the Home Office I was kind of thankful really that I was only mainly experiencing the illegal and covert psychological warfare tactics like sophisticated stalking operations and other wide ranging psychological operations (PsyOps) which were meant to wear me down as well as attempting to entice me to attack the stalkers (overt surveillance) and perpetrators so I could be arrested and even detained in a Psychiatric Facility, the same tactics that zee Nazi’s used in the 1930’s which was called Jew-Baiting which was used to lock up Jewish people in concentration camps, and they weren’t actually trying to have a proper go at killing me again like in 2006 (and many other times thereafter) after I had exposed that it wasn’t Al Qaeda that was behind the London bombings on 7th July 2005, but our own Intelligence Agencies and the local Gestapo had arranged a cycling accident for me 6 months after the 7/7 attacks in February 2006 in which I was extremely lucky to survive, which was also only a few days after I had signed a statement of complaint against North Wales Police with Sgt Helen Madeley where I had detailed 10 years of harassment by NWP which was never followed up or investigated after I came out of hospital, despite my continual attempts of trying to do so.


Arranged Accident

As of result of the arranged accident which I will provide a full detailed analysis of this assassination attempt in the following parts of this blog series, I spent 5 weeks in hospital with a broken hip and as I had also been poisoned prior to the accident I had developed thyrotoxicosis (an overactive thyroid which was so off the charts the doctors had never seen such high levels before in someone still alive) and it was incredible because so many people from surgeons to anaesthetists were trying very hard to convince me to have an operation to fix together my broken hip which had snapped quite badly which would have killed me due to my thyroid levels being so high, and if it wasn’t for the ‘Angel Sister of Ward 5’ who briefed me throughout the first 2 weeks that I was in hospital that if I had the operation, the anaesthetic would kill me.

4.5% of the population of the UK (67 million) are either psychopathic or sociopathic (psychopaths are born, sociopaths are made) which equates to over 3 million psychopaths/sociopaths in the UK who despite popular belief, the vast majority are not murdering lunatics or violent at all. The UK prison population only accounts for approximately just 30,000 psychopaths/sociopaths and unlike the military, the police do not complete psychological screening to weed them out, they actively encourage people with these personality disorders to join the rank and file, because without them, the corrupt and criminally minded Ruling Classes would have been dragged out their homes and charged for crimes against humanity by morally upright police officers decades ago. 

However, this did not stop the surgeon and the hospital management from sending 3 different anaesthetists who tried to get me to sign the forms for the operation, even suggesting that although my heart might stop, they would bring me back to life and I would end up in ICU and that I would be ok, despite them trembling and sweating like a Catholic Priest in a children’s playground when they were telling me this.



The surgeon even phoned my mother and attempted to coerce her into giving her permission so I could be operated on as the surgeon was stating that I was not in my right mind to make a decision due to the thyrotoxicosis and the morphine I was on, but she refused as she knew what the outcome would be, all thanks to the ‘Angel of Ward 5’ and if it wasn’t for her, I’d be long gone.

skelWhat I would have looked like in hospital if the Gestapo had their way, but I was just chilling and slowly recovering, trying to add some meat to my bones, as I was seriously underweight.


North Wales Police – The Granny Killers

In 2007 my mother became ill after I made an appointment to see Chris Ruane MP to pursue the police harassment that I was experiencing and I was warned by undercover police officers to NOT report the harassment to Chris Ruane MP who would have contacted the Home Office. 

I ignored the threats I received and I went to see Chris Ruane MP and shortly after, a serial killing undercover police operative was sent to my mothers home on false pretences using cloned number plates on a Welsh Water works van and he entered her home and spread a chemical compound over kitchen appliances which led to her contracting a severe chest infection, which then advanced into pneumonia which she did not fully recover from, which then led to her death several months later which I will detail in a blog later this year.

I reported this incident to North Wales Police over the phone on the day it happened, the cloned plates, the plain clothes operative and I even spoke to Welsh Water who supported my assertions that someone was masquerading as a Welsh Water employee. NWP refused to investigate this incident and they even lost the police report from their system, which wasn’t the first time that this had happened. (Its not just the Russians that poison people and Covert Police Units can’t just shoot everyone that’s being targeted , that’s soooo 1970’s).

In 2008, 2 months after my mothers death, I again made an appointment to see Chris Ruane MP and I was approached again by an undercover operative on Rhyl promenade who warned me ” You know what we can do if you go and see your MP” as it appeared that they were insinuating that they could/would kill other family members if I went to see Chris Ruane MP and I attempted to expose North Wales Police long term harassment campaign against me. I contacted NWP control room straight away and reported this which can be seen on the below police report, and I went to see Chris Ruane MP regardless, and nobody died.

Note: At my mother’s funeral the vicar that done the eulogy said that my mum liked nothing better than sitting in front of the TV with her remote control watching murder mysteries trying to work out ‘who done it‘. These were the words that I had given to the vicar in reference to my own mother’s death for the congregation to get a sense of what had actually happened at the hands of a sadistic serial killing police officer because I couldn’t inform people what had actually happened because my entire family would have been crapping themselves every time I criticised the Gestapo on facebook in case they were ‘next’. I could have also received a lot of pressure to step away from political activism and human rights work as well being pressured to ‘leave zee Gestapo alone’ from family members, so it was an easy decision to keep this information restricted. (There will be people who fully support the police who will refute this version of events, of course).

2 months after my mothers death in July 2008, an undercover police officer was again threatening to take out a family member.


(Did North Wales Police deploy tactics against me that are used against terrorists – Video)

National Security

I eventually came out of hospital on the 11th March 2006 after spending 5 weeks having to remain lying down in a bed whilst my hip repaired itself without any assistance from the hospital staff as I had to refuse the hip operation as my thyroid levels were still very high even 3 weeks after being in hospital with my thyroid being treated. I received no help from the surgeon, physio’s or other staff for my badly broken hip until 10 days before I left hospital, and I even had to tie my broken left leg to my right leg with an elastic physio-band I borrowed to keep it straight so that it would heal in the correct position, which it never properly did.

I also discovered 2 months later when I went to have a bone density scan that because I had been poisoned months before the arranged cycling accident, certain bone minerals had been slowly extracted from my bones which made them extremely brittle and if I’d had the hip operation they would not have been able to insert screws and plates as the bone would have just cracked in multiple places and this would have caused a lot of long term problems which could have resulted in me losing my leg. ( I do have this medical report but can’t find it to show the details but will provide it for Part 3). I then required treatment for years after to strengthen my bones as a result of being poisoned which was instigated by Rhyl Police Officers who used 2 police informants I shall call Steve and Rich whom I had known from Rhyl High School.

I came out of hospital weighing the same weight that I was when I was 9 years old at 8 and a half stone and in a wheelchair looking like death warmed up and the police harassment had resumed without skipping a beat the very day I left hospital, but I managed to regain my health and increase my weight quite quickly with gruelling re-hab weight training sessions 3 times a day and I was up to 14 and a half stone and fighting fit within 10 months.


Me aged 9 years old.

It was therefore a little comforting that the psychological operations (PsyOps) such as the continuous stalking operations that I was experiencing in which the Gestapo would try very hard to activate my fight or flight response so I would ‘attack’ zee stalkers to get me arrested and detained, so it wasn’t as bad as the police going full Gestapo on me by trying to kill me, so when I had gone to see James Davies MP in December 2015 and he had written to the Home Office enquiring about Witness Protection, the psychological harassment was quite an improvement from them actually trying to have me murdered, but in reality, I required Witness Protection because of what the Gestapo had done to me and what they kept threatening and trying to do to me, but more importantly, due to the alarming evidence I am intending to give to the Public Inquiry into Covert Undercover Policing Operations in London.


My solicitor has even suggested that I could even be prevented from giving evidence just as the Hillsborough Justice Campaigners have been prevented from doing on the grounds of National Security as Special Branch notoriously thwarted their campaign for justice for over 20 years with illegal wire tapping, harassment, burglary and even placing listening devices in campaigners homes including Kenny Dalglish’s house, and if this information ever came out at the Public Inquiry, (and much more) the government were very concerned that the Liverpudlians would burn down every police station in Liverpool, so they refused the Hillsborough Justice Group permission to give evidence at the Public Inquiry on the grounds of National Security, which I may also be subject to, unless the Gestapo and their accomplices are successful in killing me of course, which would most likely prevent me from turning up, but I would give it a go anyways. ( I have made several videos in case this scenario becomes a reality).



Did Rhyl Police Also Have My Family Under Surveillance?

I also had family members spied on just like the Hillsborough campaigners, monitored and psychologically profiled after I left the military as a whistleblower and then when I became a political activist and campaigner and the Gestapo do this for various reasons such as to prevent your political activism or social justice work from succeeding. They would also do this if you are taking legal action or making complaints against the police and you attempt to achieve justice for police wrong-doing.

The objective of the police in regards to legal action would be to stop you proceeding and from making them accountable for their actions and if they discover from surveillance that family members hold negative opinions about you, they don’t agree with your political activism, or they vote for different political parties than you do, or maybe they drink and drive and a sting operation could be launched to blackmail them to work for the Gestapo, or family members who have the IQ of a flip flop and have no idea how the police really operates could also be easily co-opted, those that are scared of authority, or even family members could even be approached and told that you have become radicalised online by extremists and that you are in danger of doing something illegal or being arrested and the police need assistance to get family members to talk to you, to try and manipulate you, or even gaslight you and try and change your political beliefs. The Stasi have literally hundreds of ways in which they can harass a target although the preferred method of the East German Stasi was to make their targets go insane from repeated psychological operations so they could just lock them up in Mental Asylums.


(Article) ( Full Details of Stasi Program in Western Countries )

The police can also use many different scenario’s to ‘turn’ family members on the pretext of ‘helping’ you when the agenda is actually malevolent and it is intended to isolate you from family and friends to cause psychological distress, especially when they approach your entire circle of friends, work colleagues, neighbours etc without each of them knowing that they have all been approached and they are sworn to secrecy as they are told that you are under investigation and its an open live investigation and speaking about it to others would result in a prison sentence for them. The East German Stasi had a program called Zersetzung and they would approach virtually everyone the target knows as well as using their police informant network within the community to character assassinate the target by getting them to spread continuous rumours and lies throughout the community about the targeted individual to cause the target psychological deterioration, and also, in the hope that they commit suicide, and this is happening to thousands of people across the UK as you read this.

Must Watch Oscar Winning Film on the East German Stasi which in my view, Rhyl Police were just as bad, or even worse. (Full film).

The Gestapo have so many ways to approach the targeted individuals circle of friends its frightening, but I have learnt that the protocol of harassment from the outset is to first subject the target to repeated daily stalking operations (overt surveillance) in order to break down the target psychologically and a lot of these stalking operations is not just about following a target, the objective is to cause paranoia in the target by using a tactic called ‘gang-stalking’ where a group of 5 or so people would continually be in the same environment as the target 24/7, and this sets off alarms bells within the target that activates the part of the brain that deals with threats (you feel like your being hunted) and this then causes increased stress and hypervigilance, which also increases anxiety, and this causes psychological decomposition. ( Harassment via social media and other online platforms is also seriously sophisticated as exposed by Edward Snowden with the Gambits for Deception Files which can cause a lot of psychological damage over time). The former BBC investigative journalist Tony Gosling interviewed former police officer PC Tony Roach last year who exposed corruption in Cardiff who had these tactics deployed against him and he didn’t last more then 6 months before ending up requiring psychiatric medication with his mental health in tatters. The tactics that the police use could last for years to deteriorate the target and when they succeed in achieving that, the police already have the surveillance data and profiling of the targets circle of friends and family to orchestrate follow on stages/layers of harassment which I have been exposing since 2012. In my case, from 1996 to around 2005 I was subjected to continuous stalking operations on a daily basis to psychologically wear me down, to create stress, hypervigilance, paranoia and anxiety, and it was only after around 8 years of these tactics did the Gestapo start to approach people I knew well and they asked them if they had seen any changes in my personality, which they then tried to suggest was mental illness, NOT the obvious effects of being stalked day in/day out for 8 years and other PsyOps. Most people will last less than 6 months before exhibiting symptoms, with PC Tony Roach being a good example. I am in my 27th year and I am considered a hardened Veteran of police harassment although the Queenie wont be giving me any medals any time soon…



In my own case, the police were trying very hard to have me detained at a Psychiatric Hospital from 2001 onwards because they thought I would crack under the pressure of intense covert operations (Black Op’s) and family members may have been approached between the years 2001 – 2012 by Rhyl Police Officers and other government agencies with an unlawful letter from my GP (letter copy further down) stating that I had paranoid schizophrenia (which I did not have) in order to persuade family members that the authorities were concerned for me because I was mentally ill, and they required family members to help them because of my mental health disorder, which of course, I did not have.


It appears that being spied on by the Police State and the numerous attempts to murder me has led me from being the War Hero of the family, to becoming the black sheep as I sought justice for Iraq War Veterans.


The possibility also existed for the police to manipulate this scenario to use family members to have me sectioned under the Mental Health Act because the police couldn’t just section a well known political activist like myself without people asking questions, so the Gestapo and their allies (dodgy psychiatrists) could theoretically manipulate family members to do that, although in my case I doubt family members were used for this, but the police did eventually try and have me sectioned many times, which I’ll explain in a little bit….

From 2009 – 2011 two police informants even faked having cancer to prevent me from publishing a website which would have exposed a catalogue of police informants, including themselves. This tactic I believe is called ‘The Empathy Trap.

As I was also briefing everyone including family members at every possible opportunity from 1996 onwards of the police harassment that I was experiencing in which I explained that I thought it was hilarious as I had used NLP to work wonders rewiring my brain to overcome the police brutality and my ‘symptoms’ did not therefore fit the paranoid schizophrenia model that the Police were going around telling people that I had as I was thoroughly enjoying the harassment (paranoid people are scared of being followed, I loved it) so I am not fully aware of how effective the Police were in convincing people that I was mentally ill, but it appears that it did not work as they had planned and I have been given statements by people that were approached by zee Gestapo which I will be using to give evidence at the Public Inquiry. ( I do not know how many family members were approached, but some were).

Over the last 27 years, I have never been to see a doctor for any symptoms associated to police harassment or Covert Black Op’s (PsyOps). Did I suffer, of course, as anyone would, but I kind of enjoyed it because with my philosophy on life, there is no growth in life without it. (Video)


I have spent a lot of time speaking with other activists who were targeted and the easy way to know which family members were approached by the Gestapo who succumb to their lies and manipulation is to discover which family members were going around telling the truth to other people over the last 20+ years about the extreme levels of police brutality I was experiencing, and which family members were going around telling people that I was paranoid, that I had PTSD and that they were worried about me and that I needed help (also excluding the fact that I had become a well known political activist which was causing various government agencies many problems). The latter were obviously singing off the same song sheet as the Police and they had obviously fallen for the police/authorities manipulations and agenda.


The local authorities can also place individuals on BLACKLISTS to spread malicious rumours to blacken their name. Local Police Units can also do this by using their police informant network to spread lies and this happened to me many times which I exposed in 2019 when I received an email that NWP had sent to the local council. Character assassination is very common towards activists. (Article – Jane Clift)

The police also needed family members onside with their narratives that I was mentally unwell because as the police objective was to detain me at a Mental Asylum, they required people to spread around the community narratives which would suit their aims so the public wouldn’t raise an eyebrow if I was detained if and when I succumb to the ‘Covert Black Op’s’. The failure of the Police to detain me was the result of me enjoying the harassment too much like a deranged lunatic and I was never psychologically really worn down by their ‘Covert Black Op’s’. I therefore never fitted the profile of a paranoid schizo that they thought the harassment would lead to if I ever mentioned to health care professionals if I had developed high levels of stress and symptoms from the Covert Black Op’s and that I was being ‘followed’ (paranoia) which is what my dodgy GP had illegally put on my medical records. I only ever experienced burn-out from committing myself to so many projects to expose the ‘Psychopathic Police State’, paedophile rings and many others projects.

So as suggested above, family members who may have been recruited and manipulated by zee Nazi’s are easy to identify because they they would have been my biggest critic and suggesting that I was mentally unwell and generating lots of negativity about me rather than telling people of all the harassment that I was experiencing, that I was a successful activist, the attempts to injure and kill me etc and that’s especially true if they are connected to any bad eggs in the Freemasons as I have a very long history of being involved in investigating and exposing paedophile rings in North Wales and in the UK that involved Freemasons which I will cover in Part 2 of this blog series.


Another reason the police recruit family members of an activist is in order to isolate the Target and cut them off from family by destroying the family unit and tearing the family apart (another typical East German Communist Police Tactics) because if the target becomes isolated, just as the Korean Prisoner of War Research had shown back in the 1970’s, solitary confinement conditions leads to high degree’s of stress and anxiety and as the objective is to cause mental collapse in an individual, this tactic is essential, so infiltrating families is a must for the Gestapo which has been highlighted by Stephen Lawrence’s mother Baroness Doreen Lawrence (and many others) and former Special Branch Sergeant Peter Francis who are both giving evidence at the same Public Inquiry that I am.

(In my next blog I will detail how the Police and Intelligence Agencies are tracking children from an early age and once identified as left leaning threats to the Ruling Class structure, they can be targeted in a variety of ways and it is essential that all parents keep their children away from social media platforms and only permit limited use of online technology as the Ruling Class Intelligence Agency Infrastructure targets children with very sophisticated programs that 99% of adults would not be able to identify. (Video).

In this channel 4 investigation (above video) they detail how the police were spying on family members back in the 1970’s in order to disrupt a campaign for justice for Blair Peach and how they had his partner under surveillance for over 20 years as she attempted to make the police accountable for their actions, which in this case, a police officer had killed her partner. The police were obviously monitoring the family because they were attempting to undermine their campaign for justice, by whatever means necessary. 

In my own case, I have been making complaints against North Wales Police for over 22 years as I attempted to pursue justice for Iraq War Veterans who were injured and killed from being forced to have experimental vaccines and I then attempted to hold NWP accountable for subjecting me to extreme levels of police brutality, harassment and torture, ‘just because I campaigned‘, so its no surprise that I was targeted to such an extreme degree and family members were also put under surveillance by the Stasi-Police State. (I may publish a blog on this NWP surveillance operation and detail all of their tactics later this year, early next year in which I will also detail the court cases I started which could have cost the government and ‘Big Pharma’ billions of pounds).

This is an article from The Guardian, link below – 11th May 2022


(Article Here) & (Book Here)

So its quite clear, the police have been using these tactics for well over 50 years and once you become knowledgeable through decades of experience on the subject, you come to the conclusion that there is really only one major Organised Crime Group in the UK, and that is the Police, and they are very serious, really really serious…


The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA)

In 2011 I was involved with a project to expose the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) whose remit was to not only take down Britain’s 400 Mr Big drug dealing gangsters, but their organisational mandate was to take control of over 85% of the British illegal narcotics trade.

SOCA placed the 400 Mr Big’s in the UK under surveillance and then when they had enough evidence, they were arrested and if they didn’t agree to work for the police, they were jailed. (This policy derived from Detective Chief Inspector Ray Mallon who was lauded by Tony Blair in the 1990’s when he was Prime Minister for his attitude on drugs, but he was described by his chief constable, Barry Shaw as “a liar at the centre of an empire of evil”.)


It was SOCA’s predecessor the National Crime Agency (NCA) that ran a wide ranging surveillance operation in my local area from 2005 in attempts to take control of the majority of the lucrative Class A drugs trade placing hundreds of listening devices in homes, premises and vehicles and the dealers that couldn’t be flipped to work for the police were jailed, (they didn’t catch all of them and cannabis cultivation and dealing is a different ball game to Class A narcotics as anyone can grow and sell cannabis) and SOCA succeeded the NCA in their operations in my region when they came into force in April 2006. London gangster Big Dave Courtney has a thing or two to say about modern day drug dealers…his opinion, not mine.

(All the top criminals will have a cop they are talking to all the time).

(In this book former undercover copper Ronnie Howard explains how in the 1980’s all of the major drug dealers in Liverpool signed up as informants so they could deal drugs with the authorisation of the police – Book)

In another project I was involved in with shining a light on the narcotics trade we exposed how CIA rendition planes were flying from America with tonnes of cocaine on board and that they would stop over and refuel in the UK using up to 30 different airports where they would be greeted by the very serious, seriously serious, the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) where the CIA would then off load up to 3 tonnes of cocaine to SOCA who would then distribute the cocaine through their network of police agencies and units among the Mr Big’s that had decided that is was better for their lifestyle and freedom to work for the police than working freelance. ( CIA Flight database here)

By analysing the CIA planes database it shows how the CIA brought the cocaine into the UK into different airports several times a week using their fleet of jets to distribute their cargo via ‘British Police Agencies’, then they would fly on to Iraq and Afghanistan to pick up prisoners that the SAS had captured, transport the prisoners to Guantanamo Bay (and other places) then onto America to pick up the cocaine then back to the UK and Europe repeating this weekly. (One of our project members, a photo-journalist was killed in 2011 after working undercover monitoring the CIA planes coming into Manchester airport to distribute the cocaine).


This next link details how the police set up the operations to traffick drugs and money laundering in the UK as they got caught doing it and evidence was given in court which revealed their illegal drug trafficking and money laundering, and it was former SAS soldier Ben ‘Squeaky’ Griffin who exposed the link between CIA rendition planes and torture as he was part of a JSOC Team in Iraq, and the operations between British Special Forces (SAS) and the CIA in Iraq (assassination programs) was eventually exposed through a solicitor I was working with in 2011/12 which I aluded to in my Conspiracy of Silence blog.


(Article Here)

The SAS in Columbia

I think most people are aware these days of an SAS Squadron going over to Columbia when Pablo Escobar was at the height of his ‘Rein of Terror‘ although not many people are aware that it was the SAS that was primarily involved in his death, which I found out after spending a few weeks with some of the crew that had been in Columbia back in the 1990’s. 

Through the Netflix series Narco’s and other documentaries it is widely known that Pablo Escobar co-ordinated a vast terrorist campaign against the Columbian elites, although Pablo himself was loved by his people for his generosity towards the working classes as the corrupt elites kept the population dirt poor and Pablo wanted to reverse this trend by removing certain elite families via his ‘Reign of Terror and Assassinations.’ These Columbian elites became very worried as so many people were being assassinated and blown up that they requested assistance from the British Government, so a gaggle of spooks from MI6 and a Squadron from the SAS packed their bags in the late 1980’s and headed off for Columbia to take down Mr Pablo.

sas columbia

The initial primary objective was to protect the Columbian elites by removing Pablo Escobar and his narco-terrorist network and to also take control of the cartels who were producing the cocaine, not because our government wanted to reduce the amount of cocaine coming into the US, the UK and Europe etc, but because they wanted control of the entire cocaine trade and the vast profits it produced, which many investigations by hundreds of people have since gone on to detail. (Cocaine economics and the supply chain: The Cartels control the supply and flow of cocaine much like OPEC controls the supply of oil and the Cartels receive between 35-40% of the profit, 1.5 – 2% goes to the farmers and 60% goes to wholesalers and retailers supplying the drugs, many of whom directly working for the Gestapo). (The BCCI scandal)

sas 4

By the time the SAS started to reduce its capacity in Columbia in the mid-1990’s all of the main Cartels were working for MI6 (which the CIA took control of thereafter) as they had taken so many casualties from the operations that the SAS were conducting which has been detailed by numerous journalists and authors. These days the NCA, Special Forces, the CIA and the DEA only target the small to mid-level cartels that carry out their own narcotic enterprises free from government interference as the main cartels are still working for and and being directed by Intelligence Agencies.

Now You Know, Or Do You?

So if you live in the UK and you know of any drug dealers or you yourself purchase cocaine or other drugs for weekend recreational activities, now you may be a little more familiar with how Intelligence Agencies attempt to control the global narcotics trade, just don’t call your dealer a snitch, because not all of the dealers lower down the chain are and they kinda don’t like that terminology, they are ‘Recreational Pharmaceutical Representatives‘ ( I say of course in jest) dealing drugs on behalf of the UK Police, MI6 and the CIA which is orchestrated by the Ruling Class Elites who flood our communities with drugs which causes vast increases in crimes such as burglaries, violence and thefts which causes all sorts of socio-economic problems which degenerates our communities and standards of living.

Many neuro-scientists have also pointed out that as frequent cocaine use damages certain parts of the brain this has a fragmenting effect upon human consciousness and overall spiritual enlightenment which habitual drug taking prevents people from achieving as habitual cocaine use can cause so much damage which will therefore effect the overall level that human consciousness can reach in those individuals, but that’s a little too esoteric for this blog, but may explain an aspect of the Luciferian Agenda for those that are aware of what it is, and why they are flooding communities with cocaine and promoting a drug culture, rather than a natural psychedelic culture which expands our understanding and experience of consciousness, which is not harmful to our brains or bodies or even habit forming.


The IRA Were Switched On To The Reality of The Drugs Trade

The IRA seriously disliked drug dealers in their communities because English police officers controlled the policing in Northern Ireland (just like they do in Wales) and they were shipping in so much drugs in attempts to quiet down and placate the rebels using police informants who were distributing the drugs for the police, just as the CIA had done in America by getting the black communities hooked firstly on heroin from the 1960’s, and then crack cocaine from the 1980’s all in their attempts to prevent black people from campaigning and protesting to obtain their unalienable human and civil rights. As the above picture insert shows, the aim of the Intelligence Agencies was to ‘flood communities with drugs in an effort to drug an entire generation, and the reason they did it was to disorient, sedate and de-politicize a generationand this is what the IRA understood.

Do you think it’s any different for working class white people in Wales, England, Scotland or anywhere else? The UK has the highest levels of crack addiction in Europe.

(When ex-British Soldiers met the IRA) (And Video here)


Are The SAS Operating On Our Streets Up and Down The Country?

However, there is one ‘small’ aspect of the ‘War on Drugs’ that most people will be unaware of and that is the role of the SAS operating on our streets up and down the country, although some former gangsters who were targeted by the SAS masquerading under ‘Plausible Deniability’ as ‘ex-SAS soldiers‘ have started to discuss what happened to them, although at present it remains a bit of an urban myth. 

There have been rumours for quite a while that regular SAS soldiers were seconded to 23 & 21 SAS who were then involved in assisting organisations like SOCA to control the rogue elements within the drugs trade (those that would not work for SOCA, NCA etc….).


This was NOT a drill, the SAS were monitoring drug dealers in an operation in Manchester and when dealers were being gunned down by the SAS, it was reported on the News that it involved rival gangs, the same methods that the SAS used in Northern Ireland.


SOCA Gets Closed Down

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) was eventually disbanded in 2013 as the legal firm Leigh Day which was also representing me brought a case against SOCA for compiling an assassination kill list of people which was prepared by civilians working for SOCA (intelligence officers) for NATO and the USA Military. (Civilians do the same job for NWP). I may pen a blog on some of these projects that I was involved in later this year but as a political activist working on sensitive projects I could only notify people closest to me in case anything happened and many of the projects that I was involved with as a ‘former political activist‘ still cannot be discussed. (At the bottom of this blog there is a video I produced which details how the UK parliament passed into law last year an assassination policy which allows over a dozen government agencies to assassinate British citizens. If this isn’t fascism on a par with the Nazi’s, I don’t know what is).



Illegal Drugs Should Be Made Legal and Accessible (Video)

Recreational and illegal drugs such as cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy etc should be made legal like what has happened in Portugal where drugs were decriminalised for personal consumption which would remove the need for the police involvement in wide scale national drug dealing which would also remove the problems that are generated from Organised Crime Groups who are involved in the illegal narcotics trade where the majority of the OCG’s will be working for and with the police (the upper levels). Passing new laws to decriminalise all drugs would revolutionise crime and disorder in this country, but the issue is that the drugs trade is very very profitable for a small handful of Ruling Class families.(Article).

The drugs trade is also a classic divide and conquer strategy although the primary element is the war on consciousness, to prevent the masses from individually and collectively pursuing higher states of consciousness through spiritual practices which would result in the downfall of the sub-human psychopaths that control our societies, the intra-species predators.

(Video) (The Immortality Key by Brian Muraresku)

However, politicians, intelligence agencies and the police in the UK have strategically used the ‘War on Drugs’ in part to turn over a million people into police informants for their Stasi-Police State who can be used in the same manner that the Stasi used informants in East Germany in all sorts of spying and covert and harassment operations that we hear about with ‘Gang Stalking’ and the targeting of activists and other threats to the status quo. They could also be used as a covert proxy paramilitary force that can be used to do the bidding of the police, and obviously, to assist in the control of approximately 85%+ of the drugs trade in the UK, the distribution and the dumbing down, sedation and disorientation of generations of people.

There’s a saying that suggests that the fake ‘War on Drugs’ armed the police, and the fake ‘War on Terror’ militarised the police as the Ruling Classes agenda has always been swayed towards a Dystopian Police State which George Orwell only knew too well when he published his book 1984 in 1948. (Documentary – How To Make Money Selling Drugs).

The illegal drugs trade is very profitable for those that control it at the very top just as when the British East India Trading Company flooded China with opium in the 1840’s which made addicts out of hundreds of millions of people which made a very small number of British and American families very rich, who then became very influential, who are also controlling the current global trade in narcotics.


The book – Drugs as Weapons Against Us meticulously details how a group of opium-trafficking families came to form an American oligarchy and eventually achieved global dominance. This oligarchy helped fund the Nazi regime and then saved thousands of Nazis to work with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). (Book by John Potash). ( This is a shortened version of the book which I HIGHLY recommend in video format). (Back UP Copy Here which is also posted below)

Drugs As A Weapon Against Us (The Video) The Most Important Documentary You Can Watch On The Drugs Trade

Drugs as Weapons Against Us tells how scores of undercover U.S. Intelligence agents used drugs in the targeting of leftist leaders from SDS to the Black Panthers, Young Lords, Latin Kings, and the Occupy Movement. It also tells how they particularly targeted leftist musicians, including John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Tupac Shakur to promote drugs while later murdering them when they started sobering up and taking on more leftist activism. This award winning documentary is a much watch…


Did The Home Office (MI5) Attempt to Entrap Me And Other Witnesses?

On 20th October 2015 the Home Office “accidentally” sent me and some other witnesses an email which showed all the email addresses of all the other witnesses who had applied to give evidence at the Public Inquiry into Special Branch Covert Operations which included the email addresses of undercover police officers which could have been used to reveal their identities. I seen this mistake by the Home Office straight away and I respected that the undercover officers were willing to give evidence so their identities should be protected, but it appeared that someone at the Home Office was up to something. 7 hours after I received the email, the Home Office contacted me again stating that if I had copied the email addresses of the other witnesses, and/or had forwarded them on, I could be imprisoned for up to 5 years, have my assets frozen, fined etc…..


As I hadn’t copied the email addresses or attempted to pass them on, I did not receive a knock at the door by the local police, but I suspect that if I had done, the Gestapo would have been round in a flash as I have covered in a previous blog The 3 Amigo’s how my PC was being cloned for years. I instead phoned my contact at The Guardian Newspaper who published the following article:


A good example of an innocent family who was placed under surveillance by zee Nazi’s (Article Here) (Website here)


BBC Drama On British Spy Cops To Be Shown In June 2022 – Sherwood

This below trailer is for a television drama which in part details the Under Cover Policing Inquiry in the UK that I intend to give evidence at which is being aired in June 2022 with an all star cast. The drama is loosely based on a true story in which the writer James Graham fictionalises a sub-plot of how his home town was infiltrated by a Special Branch under cover operative in the 1980’s to glean intelligence during the miners strike, but who then decided to leave Special Branch and stay in the community. I wont drop any spoilers but an interesting aspect to this story that was reported years ago is that some under cover Special Branch operatives who were sent to spy on non-violent law abiding activists actually found a more meaningful purpose to their lives being involved in activism attempting to improve society than their sociopathic job in the police, and a few of them went ‘solo’ and actually stopped reporting intelligence back to Special Branch, their wages were then stopped and they became activists…



Due to this monumental fuck up of operatives going ‘Hans Solo’, Special Branch changed their criteria for recruiting applicants to join Undercover Political Policing Units making it mandatory that applicants were married to reduce the probability that operatives would have a change of heart, and a change of career.

From around 2005 with the increased roll out of technology it is much easier for the Police State to gather intelligence on targets rather than inserting undercover officers and Political Policing Units started to receive vast increases of tax payers money to recruit informants inside political groups which was partly exposed by Tilly Gifford back in 2009.

I have personally been speaking with various producers for several years who have all stated that my 20+ years of political policing is what you would expect in East Germany by the infamous Secret Police the Stasi in the 1980’s, not what you expect in the UK, and fingers crossed, we may have a workable script in the near future although my life of being targeted to an extreme degree would have to be watered down considerably to make it onto television or the big screen. The direction I am going in would be a kind of mish-mash of North Wales Police crossed with the East German Stasi on steroids and I am leaning towards creating a new genre of a black comedy psychological thriller horror action flick, with a sprinkle of Benny Hill, if that is at all possible…


The Friday Night Club Of Police Informants….

A year after I came out of hospital after Rhyl Police Officers had tried to have me killed, from 2007 -2009 I would spend Friday nights with 3 police informants having a few beers who the Gestapo had sent my way (keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer) to see what they could try and do to me who I eventually exposed on FB back in 2010 when I got bored with them which included a former disgraced police officer and these scumbags did conspire to have me killed numerous times from 2007 – 2009 but it was very easy to dodge the hypothetical bullets that they were lining up for me and it was a lot of good fun, so it doesn’t really count when retards are trying to knock you off, but the constant stalking operations and other psychological tactics can be very sophisticated and they are orchestrated to be continuous to create maximum stress 24/7 by triggering the fight or flight mechanism by making you feel like prey, like you are being hunted, and the Political Policing Units have over 100 years of experience of carrying out these type of operations, and over time, these tactics will wear down over 99% of people that are targeted as the objective is to keep the target in very high states of stress (which can lead to high anxiety) and to also keep the target isolated and boxed in, which they do if one is not mindful of how to look after oneself and the failure to prioritise mental health. ( I will publish a blog on these informants in 2023).


Later this year I will be overseeing a webinar series for people around the world who are being targeted by zee Nazi’s…..


The Tactics of Psychological Warfare by the Gestapo

A really good example of the unlawful tactics that the police use against activists were portrayed in the film Seberg in 2019 starring Kristen Stewart in probably her best performance to date in which she portrayed the Hollywood actress Jean Seberg who became involved with the civil rights movement in America in the late 1960’s by providing funding to different groups such as Native American school groups and to civil rights groups and she was systematically targeted with techniques to harass, intimidate, defame, discredit and destroy her.

(Full Film Here)

Jean Seberg, due to her empathic nature of wanting to help other people, her love for her fellow human beings and her willingness to make society a better place, she had her life destroyed by the FBI and the ‘Dark Souls’ in that organisation who belong to Secret Societies who worship Lucifer, you know, that dude who is mentioned a little bit in the Bible as a wrong un, Satan’s retarded son.

Jean Seberg later died some years later in very suspicious circumstances and as she was also still providing funding to different civil rights groups, many experts believe that she was covertly assassinated. (Article).


In 2012 I co-authored a website which detailed how the FBI and the East German Secret Police the Stasi started using similar covert and illegal tactics against its own citizens at exactly the same time in 1953, which Special Branch had been doing for decades before in the UK and it appeared in our opinion that these police agencies were working together at the highest levels to repress their citizens which is very apparent today post-covid-19 and the implementation of a Global Government, Global Intelligence Agency & Police Force, digital ID etc. The Stasi on steroids.


Going Undercover After Big Brother

The reason that I started upon the path I am now on is due to the systematic harassment by NWP Special Branch and Rhyl Gestapo that I experienced ‘after’ I resigned from campaigning for Iraq War Veterans in October 1997 as I had no further intention of becoming involved in politics, but it appears that the Gestapo targeted me as a pre-emptive measure, just in case I did. ( I had also turned down numerous offers to work for government agencies since 1993).

From November 2000 I attempted to mediate with North Wales Police via Chris Ruane MP in attempts to stop their psychopathic harassment as I wasn’t doing anything as I was in college doing a course to go onto university to study business, but because I’d been profiled as a successful activist when I campaigned for Iraq Veterans, even being invited to 10 Downing Street, NWP had categorised me as a ‘subversive‘ or even a radical revolutionary, and they believed that they had the upper hand and they could hammer me and grind me down via continuous illegal ‘Covert Black Op’s’ and they believed that they would eventually be able to deviously have me sectioned under the Mental Health Act, because they were the experts at ‘Psychological Warfare’ after all, with some NWP officers even going over to Langley, Virginia USA to train with the CIA for several months, and I was just some ex-soldier from a council estate that had watched too many Rambo films, and I would never survive the onslaught.

davidDavid v Goliath 

By 2012, my new GP Dr Arora who is a good man and great doctor and human being discovered a suspicious and unlawful diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia on my medical records which was put there unlawfully by my previous GP Dr Landon from 2001 – 2012 (he retired in 2012) and as NWP had failed on thousands of occasions to have me detained at the local Mental Asylum by attempting to get me to violently react to being continuously stalked by them, which they could then state that I was paranoid because it was on my medical records and that I was not being stalked at all, but I had a mental disorder (paranoid schizophrenia) they then started falsifying police reports from 2008 – 2018 and my attempts to mediate didn’t go anywhere via Chris Ruane MP as I have shown that he was also conspiring with the Gestapo to have me sectioned which I covered in my blog Conspiracy of Silence. 


So in September 2012 after my new GP discovered the false diagnosis, I put a Project Team together to go undercover and the objective was to investigate and expose how the Police State were detaining people in psychiatric hospitals because we knew it was bad, and there has been a long history of this happening since at least the 1860’s when mental asylums first came into being, and also because they had been trying to illegally detain me since 2001 which I had been documenting, but also to other activists that I was working with, but we didn’t yet know how prevalent it really was.

This investigation has been a long drawn out process which is still an ongoing live investigation with other activists also doing their own investigations in which we have also uncovered some other very unsavoury and illegal operations which will be published in the near future. This blog (Part 1) is being published now as a safety precaution before subsequent parts are published and in the meantime attempts will be made to call for an investigation and an inquiry and I will be presenting this information to my Member of Parliament, the Police Commissionaire and the Police and Crime Panel, not that they will do anything. (Who police’s the police…..the police of course).

In 1993 I turned down a promising career with the CIA where I was offered fast-track promotion from Field Agent to Chief of Station within 10 years which I documented in a previous blog. I was also offered a career with MI5 and other Alphabet Agencies which I turned down which I will detail in Part 3 of this series.


Denis Lehane is an award-winning journalist. In 1984, he refused to work undercover for the CIA and MI5 who, in revenge, spread rumours that he was insane, an alcoholic and a serial rapist who had tried to murder his two girlfriends. Certified insane in London and later in Dublin, he was put away in an asylum for life. (Book here).

North Wales Police Try To Have Me Detained, Drugged and Tortured

Just like the American actress Jean Seberg, I was hammered with psychological operations from 1996 onwards whilst I was campaigning for Iraq War Veterans and even more surprisingly as I have stated is that it continued after I stopped campaigning, but I found ways to enjoy the psychological challenge that it presented to me even though it was extremely difficult at times as it involved life changing circumstances, but I was growing and expanding because of it, which to me was the critical element of human evolution/consciousness and spiritual growth.

9 out of 10 people who experience psychological deterioration from being targeted by Covert Black Op’s will be completely unaware that they are being targeted due to the sophisticated covert nature of Black Ops.

However, I realised a very long time ago that they were not going to stop harassing me for a lot of reasons that took many years to fathom out why, which I will detail in Part 3, but it was mainly because I had been such an outspoken critic of the government as a national publicist and a committee member when I was campaigning in which MI5 had even tried to recruit me via Lt Col Ian Hill, which I rebutted and actually had published in the Independent Newspaper by Ian Birrell a well known journalist in 1997.


For a future blog I will detail how I have been investigating for over 20 years how the police have not only been recruiting psychics from the Christian Spiritualist movement for over a century which is very hush hush, but also how they target the morally inclined and politically focused Souls with psychic abilities among the population, just like the Cathars were systematically targeted ( as well as the witch trials etc) whilst recruiting the psychics with sociopathic traits for their covert operations against activists to maintain the status quo. We all know that story of the psychic medium who could heal people who was an outstanding political activist and freedom fighter – Jesus of Nazareth. (Article).

I had obviously been singled out as a ‘bad egg’ by the establishment because I wouldn’t work for them, preferring instead to work against them as a human rights activist and it appears that over the years the actions towards me from so many people in different government agencies in so many instances appeared to be driven not just by immoral intentions and plain old corrupt people with sociopathic tendencies, at times it appeared strangely Satanic in a way, although I could never put my finger on exactly what it was until years later, so it was an easy decision to accept the spiritual calling when it came to me after a night in which I was training with psychic mediums in the local spiritualist church to walk the path that I am now on, doing this type of investigative journalism work.

I Was Mentally Deteriorating……Or Was I?

On the 26th July 2018 after so many failed attempts to get me unlawfully sectioned under the Mental Health Act, the Gestapo turned up to my house with a psychiatrist and a social worker because I had been feeding false intelligence back through to North Wales Police that I was mentally deteriorating from their ‘Covert Black Op’s‘ and that I was ripe for being detained, and as that had been their objective since at least October 2000 when I first made serious complaints against NWP in which I had given details to Chris Ruane MP to contact the Home Office, I had given them a hook with a very large enticing maggot on it, and only time would tell if the daft buggers would chomp on it. I didn’t have to wait long….

psych team july 2018This photo is of the Gestapo and the Psychiatric Detention Team leaving my driveway after they realised I was perfectly fine, but it took them some time to work out what exactly had happened…

ET Phone Home, Come Rescue Little Andy

I wont go into all of the details in this blog of how I managed to feed back into the loop so much false intelligence, I’ll leave it for another time but one of the little things I would do was wear my Mo Salah wig, which was a big afro wig that I wore on match days to watch Liverpool as my lucky charm, ( and yes, my wig wearing got them into the FA Cup final and the Champions League final, seriously… ) and because I had people living near to me who the police had approached and told them whatever they needed to in order to get them onside, whether that was I was a danger to the public, I was under investigation and all sorts of crap to convince them, so I wont refer to them as snitches because in most cases they were lied to and as it was unethical practice by the police, I do have some sympathy for them, so I will only refer to them as Gestapo collaborators, so anyways, I would put this wig on when I knew that they would be watching and I would walk to the end of my drive way doing a slow funny walk looking up at the sky, I would hold up my index finger, and in a squeaky voice I would say, ” ET phone home – Andy phone home, come rescue little Andy ” then I would go back inside the house whilst doing my best nut job impression trying not to piss myself laughing, knowing full well that the Gestapo collaborators were watching me and that they would pass this information straight back to the Gestapo.

In 2016 after the Home Office acknowledged to James Davies MP that they would not provide me with Witness Protection, a surveillance operation was launched to monitor people the police had approached who they recruited to use as instruments of harassment against me and it is obviously illegal to harass witnesses to a Public Inquiry which can lead to a 5 year prison sentence.
(No narco-distributors who may have been involved in petty harassment have been monitored during this surveillance operation as if there had been any involvement by the odd one or two, it was only marginally petty, water under the bridge, which did not concern me). 
I unfortunately cannot provide in-depth details of this entire operation in this blog, but will do another time, but suffice to say, my own personal interest involved who was orchestrating the harassment, did it involve public servants and therefore did it constitute misconduct in public office.


One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

So, after one of these One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest impressions I done at around 11am on the 26th July 2018 whilst wearing my Mo Salah wig doing my best ‘ET phone home, Andy phone home, come rescue little Andy’ bit of acting, I had also emailed North Wales Police several days earlier on the 23rd July 2018 asking that the police officer who had been allocated 3 of my complaints would there be a possibility of having the complaints investigated because they were dragging their heels, and this has a lot more meaning than you would expect which you will come to learn pretty soon. The police officer dealing with these complaints was Sgt Alex Smith. (I ended up submitting a total of 28 complaints)


I submitted serious complaints in May 2018 against North Wales Police and I was expecting NWP to try and section me straight away (they had tried to kill me in 2006 with the arranged cycling accident) but they wouldn’t even investigate my complaints as I had been preparing myself, and it appears that NWP were either ignorant, or they were unaware of the nickname that another agency had given me many years earlier – “The Matador”.

On the 25th July 2018, the day before the Gestapo turned up with the psychiatrist and social worker to detain me at the local nut house and have me drugged, and not in a good way as in ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ for weeks, months and possibly years, Sgt Alex Smith replied to my email:

smith8So the next morning, the 26th July, as Sgt Alex Smith was free on the 26th and the 27th July 2018 between 0800 – 1500hrs I replied to Sgt Alex Smith at 0851hrs and stated that we should meet at my home address the next day at around 2pm (1400hrs) Friday 27th July 2018. The reason I did not meet with Sgt Alex Smith the previous week was because I’d had a really busy schedule and I knew that if I made arrangements with Sgt Alex Smith to give a police statement on decades of police harassment, the Gestapo would try and detain me, and I had preparations to make.


The complaint I am referring to was in relation to police officers submitting falsified police reports in attempts to get me unlawfully detained, a serious complaint, which they continued to do as detailed in my Conspiracy of Silence blog.

However, just over 2 hours after I had sent this email to Sgt Alex Smith at 0851hrs, I done my comical ET Phone Home Impression at around 11am for those that would be watching nearby so they would pass this ‘intelligence’ regarding my mental state to the police, and this is why 2 police officers were sent to my home an hour later at 12 midday to discuss ‘other’ previous complaints I had made weeks earlier.

Ever since I had made complaints against the Gestapo going back to 2014, police officers can only come to my home by contacting me first so they couldn’t just turn up and then submit falsified police reports stating that I was mentally unstable to try and get me sectioned, which I was used to as this had been happening since 2008 after I had gone to see Chris Ruane MP and I complained of police harassment, (detailed in my Conspiracy of Silence blog) shortly after my mother had died and I had received serious threats by undercover police officers, but it appears that the police broke protocol and they had come to visit me, just to see if I was still wearing that bloody wig, and I had actually gone potty.

So, as I was speaking to the 2 police officers at my front door, I noticed that they had their body-cameras switched on and a police officer was in a patrol car outside my home about 15 feet away holding an iPad, and this police officer who was observing the conversation from their iPad which was connected to the police officers body-cameras I later discovered weeks after was Sgt Alex Smith, and oh boy, you will not believe what happened after…

The Dodgy Doctor – General Practitioner (GP)

I have explained above and in previous blogs how my former GP Dr Landon went into my medical records in 2001 and done something he never usually done which was also illegal, he added to my medical records that I had paranoid schizophrenia which remained on my records from 2001- 2012 without my knowledge (he also wrote to the police informing them of this new diagnosis that I did not have, and he wasn’t even qualified to make such a diagnosis (see Conspiracy of Silence blog).

As the Gestapo had been subjecting me to continuous harassment since 1996 and my first complaint of police harassment for Chris Ruane MP to pursue was in September 2000, several years after I had resigned from campaigning for Iraq Veterans (letter below) it appears that the Gestapo never thought I would last more than a year or so of Covert Black Op’s like most people whom they illegally target (such as PC Tony Roach) so their expectation was to have me detained, sectioned, drugged and locked up for life because I was trying to make the police accountable for their actions, which is probably why Dr Landon added the unlawful diagnosis onto my medical records a few months after I contacted Chris Ruane MP which would have assisted the police as they had drawn up plans to detain me, but the Gestapo had a big surprise coming because they didn’t count on me being a bit of a ‘Tough Loon To Crack’ and there attempts to have me detained continuously failed.


NLP Techniques Are Great For Gestapo Harassment

For the majority of the last 20+ years I always enjoyed the Gestapo harassment because as I had learned so many NLP tricks I had wired myself neurologically to thoroughly enjoy the harassment and my nervous system had been programmed to produce dopamine when I was harassed, so their tactics had the opposite effect, but the Gestapo thought they were working because I was passing back so much false intelligence back through to them which included my method acting working a treat (ET Phone Hooooooome……..).

Note: In the early days of using NLP programming techniques to rewire my brain and my nervous system responses to police harassment, I anchored NLP techniques so not only would I produce the happy feel good chemical dopamine, but also that I would become sexually aroused whenever I was getting harassed, just to see if it would work, and it did, and it worked too good.
After a few months of using NLP techniques with sexual arousal anchors, whenever I got harassed my brain produced dopamine but I also started to get an erection. At first I thought it was amusing until I went to Morrisons one day and I seen a male police officer buying a sandwich for his dinner and I got a right boner, which obviously wasn’t good. And that’s what started to happen all of the time even to the most mundane things like hearing a police siren, seeing the police helicopter fly overhead and on one occasion, even an old overweight 60 year old paramedic that looked like shrek. At that point, I realised I had over done the NLP programming and I then spent 6 months working with an expert to neurologically rewire my brain back to normal, but occasionally, even years later, even just like last week, I was cycling on the prom and the police helicopter flew past and ping, I got a boner that lasted for 5 miles, so I would recommend that peeps be very responsible when using NLP techniques.

Anyways, the unlawful diagnosis by my former, now retired GP Dr Landon did remain on police records up until 2019 when I was last in contact with the Gestapo when I was submitting a long list of complaints, so it could still be on their database, which wouldn’t surprise me. (I also described in my Conspiracy of Silence blog how police officers had been falsifying police reports from 2008 – 2018 in order to have me detained).

Dr Landon

dr landon rhylMy personal opinion of Dr Landon formerly of Kings House Surgery on Wellington Road, Rhyl, is that he was trying to be good man and a good Christian and it appears that he was lied to by police officers, possibly Special Branch who provided false intelligence on why he should unlawfully categorise me as having paranoid schizophrenia when he knew I did not have any psychiatric illnesses although he must have known he was acting unlawfully as he also sent letters to the police telling them of the diagnosis he wasn’t qualified to give in order that the Gestapo could put it on their database and use it to try and get me illegally detained. Doctors up and down the country are doing the exact same thing which is resulting in thousands of people being illegally detained in psychiatric hospitals. This is Great Britain, NOT the Soviet Fucking Union and I will be requesting an investigation and an inquiry but there will be probably more chance of seeing the Pope riding Sherger down my local High Street, naked, than an investigation being launched.  I explained in a previous blog Conspiracy of Silence that it would have been Dr Landon that was involved with the Police and a Community Mental Health Team that tried unsuccessfully to have me detained in 2011 when I was making complaints of covert and illegal harassment operations in which police officers falsified reports. (Video)


Zee Plan To Section Me – 26th July 2018

So, on the day I do my ET phone home impression wearing a wig I’d also made arrangements with Sgt Alex Smith earlier that morning to discuss a serious complaint against the police the following day at my home address (27th July 2018 at 2pm) and that was the real reason that there was 2 police officers at my front door at 12pm midday and Sgt Alex Smith was sitting in a patrol car outside my home as I’d been wearing a wig doing funny impressions and they thought that with the ‘false intelligence’ I passed back through to NWP of me going nutty outside my home wearing a wig, it was the perfect opportunity to have me detained.

During this period in 2018 as my life started to resemble the Hollywood film ‘The Matrix’ as Agent Smith tried every illegal action to get me detained, drugged and even possibly murdered, I started to believe the unthinkable, was I the Anomaly (Video).

I also later discovered that Sgt Alex Smith had been trained to detect mental health problems in people in order to have them evaluated and detained, and they had come to my home to monitor me via an iPad that was linked to the policer officers body-camera’s who were at my front door ( I wasn’t wearing my wig this time or doing ET phone home impressions) and it was Sgt Alex Smith who requested that a psychiatrist and a social worker should come to my home escorted by the police as part of a Psychiatric Detention Team in order to have me sectioned under the Mental Health Act, and they duly turned up a couple of hours later.


That’s Misconduct in Public Office Sgt Alex Smith

Sgt Alex Smith had been assigned by NWP Professional Standards Department to investigate one of my complaints and they were going to be taking a police statement from me regarding serious police misconduct going back to at least September 2000 the following day at 2pm, but it appears that NWP decided rather than take the statement from me, they wanted me sectioned under the Mental Health Act instead, and that is misconduct in public office.

They Were Torturing People

As I have explained, my GP Dr Landon had placed an unlawful and false psychiatric diagnosis onto my medical records from 2001 -2012 without my knowledge which was removed by my new GP in 2012 when he took over from Dr Landon after he retired and an investigation was launched, but what really shocked local people was when several wards at the local Ablett Psychiatric Unit at Glan Clwyd Hospital was closed down in 2015 because so many patients were being so badly treated, it was considered as torture, and it made big news.

ablett 2


I Wasn’t Exaggerating, Patients Were Being Routinely Tortured

Back in 2012 when I first discovered what my GP Dr Landon had done by placing a false and unlawful diagnosis on my medical records of paranoid schizophrenia which benefitted the Gestapo as so many police officers had been instructed to falsify police reports about me since at least 2008 in attempts to get me sectioned at the Ablett Psychiatric Unit, a lot of people thought that I was exaggerating when I said the Gestapo were trying to get me detained, drugged and tortured with the intent of keeping me locked up for life because I was exposing ‘Covert and Illegal Harassment Operations‘ and I was attempting to have North Wales Police investigated, but I really wasn’t, it was actually happening to a lot of people, and it is known as the ‘Political Abuse of Psychiatry’.


However, my ex-wife who is a qualified Mental Health Nurse and her friends had worked at the Ablett Psychiatric Unit so I knew how bad it was and that the police were targeting people to get them detained in just the same manner as what happened in Germany under the Nazi’s and in Russia under communism. My local police were literally detaining people and having them drugged and tortured, especially if you were a political activist, making serious complaints against the police or other government agencies, exposing corruption and also people who were reporting paedophile Secret Society members to the police, and in many instances which I will explain in my next blog, detaining people just in case they could be a threat to the ‘system’ in years to come, a form of futuristic Minority Report policy of pre-emptively detaining people which is currently starting to happen in other countries using Artificial Intelligence.

Obviously, there were people who were suffering from mental health conditions that were also being detained and not every person in the psychiatric units were people that the police had placed in these institutions, but what we do know is that there have been thousands of people who had been illegally detained by the police and there has to be a full Public Inquiry.

In 2015 more evidence started coming to light showing that people were being illegally detained at the Ablett Hospital and the drugging and torture was being conducted on a regular basis and from 2001 to 2015 and if I had been successfully worn down by all of the harassment and I had complained of police harassment detailing the tactics being used on me as a former National Committee member for Iraq War Veterans where there was an ongoing cover up as thousands of soldiers had died from experimental vaccines, or I had even reacted to the harassment by lashing out and I had been arrested, I would of been detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, drugged and tortured at the Ablett Psychiatric Unit and what is even more alarming is that so many staff working on the wards were involved in the institutional abuse, i.e. torture.

ablett 3


An Incompetent Psychiatrist, Morally Bankrupt, A Paid Agent, Had He Been Blackmailed, Or A Willing Accomplice?

On the 26th July 2018 the psychiatrist that Sgt Alex Smith and senior officers at North Wales Police had sent to my home after I was monitored by Sgt Alex Smith with the iPad who recommended that I was to be evaluated and detained after I had made the serious complaint against North Wales Police which was also being investigated by Sgt Alex Smith, who was also due to come to my home to take a ‘police statement’ to pursue an investigation, was Dr Stuart Porter who had been the Clinal Director of Psychiatry at the Ablett Psychiatric Unit when it was closed down in 2015. (He was then demoted). 

Lets get these facts straight: the police officer Sgt Alex Smith who was going to be investigating my serious complaints of years of police harassment, was the same officer who came to my home uninvited with 2 other police officers on the same day I had arranged to meet them to give a statement who monitored my behaviour via an iPad, and Sgt Alex Smith recommended that I be sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it appears that zee police did not want to investigate my complaints. I will publish an entire new blog including all the police documentation in the near future.

Dr Stuart Porter had been sent to my home by Sgt Alex Smith in an attempt to section me under the Mental Health Act and I already knew beforehand that if I made any attempt to get NWP to investigate my complaints, NWP would try and section me, so that’s why I wore my Mo Salah wig doing ET phone home impressions to give the police a valid good reason to detain me as Gestapo collaborators were watching me although it was just a bit of method acting, but if you had ever met Dr Stuart Porter, you would know that he is not the kind of person you would ask a favour of to look after your pet dog, hamster or cats if you went out on an evening because you would know that if you came home unexpectedly early, you would find Dr Stuart Porter rogering your pet hamster.

Dr Stuart Porter is working at the Hafod Mental Health Resources Centre in Beechwood Road, Rhyl where he diagnoses and prescribes powerful psychiatric medication for adults and children.

Anyways, the irony is that I wasn’t even wearing a wig and doing my ET Phone Home Impressions when the 2 police officers came round with Sgt Alex Smith who was monitoring my behaviour from the iPad, I was being my normal self (my nickname in the Army was Loose Cannon Lewis at one time, and Crazy Lewis at another time) so there agenda was plain and clear, they wanted me sectioned under the Mental Health Act because I had made a very serious complaint against NWP which was going to be investigated by Sgt Alex Smith, and if Sgt Alex Smith had took a statement from me the following day, the entire illegal and ‘Covert Black Op’s‘ I had experienced in which I had also logged over 18 years (over 15,000+ incidents) would have to be investigated, and then exposed, which would have also opened up the possibility of a multi-million pound compensation claim.

There was also the issue of the falsified reports that police officers had made against me from 2008 – 2018 which would also have to be investigated, especially if they had to investigate the complaints this time which they had covered up when I had the ‘arranged cycling accident’ in 2006 that put me in hospital for 5 weeks, in which it was a miracle that I came out alive, and I was left using a wheelchair for months, and on crutches for years.

After the above attempts to detain me, I had 6 complaints upheld by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) in London in 2019 (as NWP officers had falsified numerous reports) who ordered that NWP carry out an investigation and I was asked to submit evidence to NWP Professional Standards Department. I submitted a 18,000+ word report and over 35 documents as evidence and the NWP Investigation Team (PSD) REFUSED to look at any of my evidence or even read my report because it would have clearly showed how they had waged a war on me for over 18 years because I had the evidence which included their illegal operations of how they detain people across North Wales in Psychiatric Hospitals which would have been exposed. The IOPC recommended as a result of my complaints that all NWP police officers be re-trained so that they could no longer easily submit falsified reports regarding peoples mental health in their attempts to illegally detain people, although I would suggest that nothing much has changed. (See my blog Conspiracy of Silence).

In order for me to challenge the NWP PSD investigation (cover up) that the IOPC had ordered, it would have cost me approximately £40,000 for a Judicial Review (which I did not have) and the Judge could have sided with NWP if they submitted a Public Interest Immunity Certificate and it would have just been covered up at the highest level of the legal process. So the reality is that the Gestapo can totally destroy your life, subject you to over 25 years of unbelievable harassment, attempt to kill you multiple times, but when you complain and you have spent over a decade collecting evidence, if they still fail to kill you, again and again, and you manage to submit evidence, they refuse to acknowledge it, or even read it, and then it would cost £40,000 for a Judicial Review which could then also be covered up by a Public Interest Immunity Certificate at the High Court. I think the system may be a little rigged against the working classes, the whole system is corrupt and it is being run by criminal psychopaths and sociopaths. (PSD corruption Welsh Police). ( Interview 3rd April 2022).

So, the very psychiatrist that had been overseeing the institutional abuse and torture of patients at the Ablett Psychiatric Hospital as the Clinical Director Dr Stuart Porter when it was closed down in 2015 came to my home in an attempt to have me detained at the Ablett Hospital due to numerous police officers submitting falsified reports but he was very surprised to see a former soldier, a high profile campaigner and an ‘investigative fucking journalist’ open the door without wearing a ‘big fuck off afro wig‘ speaking in a funny voice looking up to the sky saying ” ET phone home, Andy phone home and come rescue little Andy ” and the shocked look on his face was hysterical, just like he’d been caught with his pants down with his hands clasped around a hamster.

You could literally see the cogs moving in Dr Stuart Porter’s head as he realised that something had gone terribly wrong and I hadn’t gone mental at all, far from it, and the penny started to drop that he had been passed false information by the police, but the ‘Dopey Retards’ didn’t realise for a long time that he and his Gestapo Colleagues had been stitched up like a kipper, which made a complete change from the thousands of attempts by NWP to stitch me up, considering that I did try to mediate with the Gestapo for 10 fooking years because I couldn’t be arsed putting in the effort to expose a vastly corrupt institution, and it was me that had been covertly passing false intelligence back to the Gestapo all along, doing little stunts like wearing the afro wig, and Sgt Alex Smith and the senior SS Officers at Gestapo HQ thought that they could get away with sending some Storm Troopers with Dr Stuart Porter to section me at the local Mental Asylum where they were used to having people detained, drugged and subjecting them to torture, but I had devised other plans, and I plastered their pictures all over social media, the very same day.



Sgt Alex Smith Failed To Show Up

The following day, the 27th July 2018 Sgt Alex Smith failed to turn up for the meeting I had arranged the previous day to discuss serious complaints of police misconduct at 2pm. It is quite obvious why Sgt Alex Smith failed to turn up, they did not want to take a statement from me as they had done in January 2006 in which North Wales Police then tried to have me killed shortly after (cycling accident) as they did not want to investigate my complaints of serious police harassment, and as they were unable to detain me the previous day, the 26th July 2018, Sgt Alex Smith failed to turn up to take a statement from me.

sgt alex smith 1

The meeting was arranged for the 27th July 2018 at 2pm, not the 26th July which was my mistake in the email. A week after the psychiatrist came to my home I had been told they had come due to PC Lloyd submitting a falsified CID 16 report, and I was fishing for information, and obviously, it had nothing to do with that big fuck afro off wig I had been wearing and I didn’t discover the identity of the officer (Sgt Alex Smith) with the iPad monitoring me from outside my home until weeks later. 2 weeks after the attempt to section me under the Mental Health Act, I was still requesting that my complaints against NWP be investigated in the above email.

I Submitted Complaints Against Sgt Alex Smith and Numerous Other Police Officers

After the fiasco of trying to detain me had failed, I submitted a number of complaints against North Wales Police officers to the Independent Office for Police Conduct and I initially had 6 complaints upheld which mostly related to police officers submitting falsified police reports (CID 16’s) in their attempts to get me sectioned under the Mental Health Act from 2008 – 2018 as described in my blog – Conspiracy of Silence. ( I had also submitted numerous complaints from 3rd April 2018 and in total I had submitted 28 complaints).

iopc 1

The IOPC then ordered a re-investigation by NWP Professional Standards Department in which the NWP PSD investigator Neil McAdam attempted to claim they had not received my report and 35 attachments of evidence from my own 10 year investigation into NWP. When they finally acknowledged that they had received my emails, Neil McAdam would NOT read my report or view the evidence I submitted. The IOPC then even claimed after NWP PSD completed the re-investigation that: ( See below ).

” It is of course preferable that an investigator examines representations and underlying evidence provided by the person who made the complaint “

The IOPC then goes on to state that because Neil McAdam of NWP PSD did not open or view my report and evidence, this did not invalidate the investigation. This is obviously absurd as my evidence proved that numerous police officers had submitted falsified reports from 2008 – 2018 and not only should they have been disciplined, but NWP should have been investigated and an inquiry launched.

Its possible that NWP PSD did not carry out a full investigation and pursued a ‘cover up’ instead was because the government had categorised me as a threat to NATIONAL SECURITY decades earlier when I had been recognised by the government as a leading campaigner that had exposed how British Troops had been given experimental vaccines which had killed thousands, and injured thousands more, and I was also involved in exposing other government corruption and the government misuses National Security legislation to avoid criminal investigations being launched against them, as psychopaths in power tend to do. 

The IOPC also stated that they took the time to examine/read my report and evidence and they duly decided that the reinvestigation had been proportionate and the findings have not been significantly undermined by the fact that Mr McAdam did not open or read my report or evidence. (None of my 18,000+ word report or evidence was used). 

iopc 2

Therefore the 6 complaints that the IOPC had initially upheld against NWP were overturned by the reinvestigation that was carried out by Neil McAdam of NWP PSD who would not view my evidence which I had spent over a decade collecting which proved NWP had tried repeatedly to have me sectioned under the Mental Health Act from 2008 – 2018 in which numerous police officers had not only submitted falsified police reports, some of which is documented in my blog Conspiracy of Silence, but NWP had also falsified reports which could be proven to be false because NWP had actually apologised to me for submitting them when I had discovered their misconduct. 

The only option left open to me after this cover up was for me to spend approximately £40,000 to appeal the IOPC decision and apply for a Judicial Review, which I have explained could also have been covered up at the High Court. 


The One Positive???

The only positive that came from my complaints being reviewed by the IOPC in relation to North Wales Police being caught out in their long term campaign of terrorism against me was that it was discovered that there was a ‘culture‘ at NWP of police officers routinely submitting CID 16’s, (which they stated was precautionary) which has since been reviewed and updated and police officers now have new procedures in place before they can submit forms to the local Community Mental Health Team when claiming that members of the public appear to be mentally unwell and require psychological evaluation.

Whether this will aid political activists or targeted individuals is doubtful in my opinion as from personal experience, if a police force has an agenda to destroy an individual, they will pursue that goal, no matter what it takes, and in Part 3 of this blog series, I will detail how North Wales Police orchestrates an assassination policy across North Wales and with the new parliamentary law that came into effect in March 2021, over a dozen government agencies can now assassinate whoever they want, when they want and how they want. (In 1990, the people of East Germany were so repressed by their Secret Police the Stasi, they burned down police stations and brought down the Berlin Wall. I can’t see this happening in the UK for decades simply because the general population are not courageous enough to take the police and the government to task). (Article).


There Needs To Be Further Investigations Without Delay

As you can comprehend, there is an urgent requirement for a full criminal investigation and numerous inquiries just on the points that I have raised so far, but there is more. From 1997 to 2000 before I separated from my wife who was a qualified mental health nurse, I became aware from her friends and colleagues that the police appeared to be monitoring mental health nurses in an extensive covert surveillance operation around the years 1998 – 2000 when I knew them before I separated from my wife, especially those that were undergoing training at Bangor University because it appeared that the police’s objective was to catch the trainee mental health nurses with class A drugs such as cocaine which could get them kicked off their course at university, unless they decided to work for the Gestapo as informants/collaborators. This is obviously blackmail…


The police would aim to catch them during or after a night out when they would be in possession of drugs (which students do recreationally at university) and they would then recruit them (blackmail them) rather than charge them (loss of career) so they could continue with their mental health nursing course and be used further down the line by the police when they were qualified to detain, diagnose and drug people that the police had targeted to be incarcerated in Psychiatric Hospitals, people just like me, and I know 11 qualified mental health nurses who this happened to whom I have already interviewed which we are currently working with various media outlets to publish this information and several of the nurses have left the country just to be safe.

Do Rhyl Police Think That They Are Communists or Nazi Fascists? 

The Ruling Classes in the UK have been detaining people in Psychiatric Hospitals for political reasons for over 160 years and the Russians in the 1950’s, intrigued by the UK’s repressive methods against its own citizens, they also started using the same practices with a lot more aggression across all communist countries from the 1950’s to the 1980’s with mental health nurses and psychiatrists working for the Secret Police, and it is still happening today in Russia, as it is in Rhyl and across North Wales and the UK, and I too almost ended up as a casualty of this class war, strapped into a straitjacket, dribbling like a maniac, drugged to the eyeballs, but unfortunately for thousands of people in this country, their lives have been destroyed and how many have been killed is anyone’s guess. We require an urgent investigation to get to the truth.

In Russia when they were detaining people throughout the 1960’s to the 1980’s and it has been estimated that over 2 million people were detained.(Article). 

There Are 2 Main Psychiatric Hospitals in North Wales

There are 2 main Psychiatric Hospitals in North Wales, the Ablett Psychiatric Unit at Glan Clwyd and the Hergest Unit in Bangor. What is very concerning from our investigations was that not only was there found to be institutional neglect, abuse and torture of patients at the unit that North Wales Police were trying so hard for over 18 years to get me put away at for a long holiday, The Ablett Psychiatric Unit, but the other main mental health hospital in North Wales, the Hergest Unit in Bangor was also closed down and a major investigation was launched in 2013.

The investigation led to The Holden Report and this report was not released to the public for 8 years because the institutional abuse and torture was so bad, and it appears that as the police had also been responsible for having so many targeted people sectioned, they had to hide it away from the public, and when the report was finally released, so much of the report had sections left out. It was a whitewash. (Article here).



Going Undercover Inside The Ablett Psychiatric Ward

On the 26th July 2018 when the Gestapo came to my home in an attempt to detain me under the Mental Health Act, I knew that this day would come for a very long time so I had made preparations with the ex-military crews that I work with to prepare for such an eventuality. The primary reason that I was doing ET Phone Home impressions and feeding back false intelligence back through the system was to not only entice the Gestapo into achieving their long held objective of detaining me which they had been planning to do since at least 2001 when Dr Landon had unlawfully placed the false paranoid schizophrenia details on my medical records after Chris Ruane MP had written to the Home Secretary Jack Straw, but our main objective was to actually get me detained so that I could go undercover inside the Ablett Psychiatric Unit. 


I had put together a Special Projects Team in 2016 and I brought together some of the best undercover military operatives who had extensive experience of operating in Northern Ireland that I worked with on many projects as well as experienced investigative journalists, and as a team we devised a plan for when that day would come (detaining me).

We knew in 2018 that it was going to be good year because in one of our parallel projects we were producing more work to expose ‘Covert Assassination Programs‘ in the UK that we had originally started back in 2011, and once I submitted a long list of complaints against North Wales Police in 2018, NWP would only have one objective, and that was to detain me, drug me and subject me to torture.

We put a lot of effort into putting together a ‘Action Plan’ attempting to account for every possible scenario and contingency. We also had some staff members inside the Ablett Psychiatric Unit we could rely on and trust and to install covert cameras to monitor the abuse/torture, but whichever way we gamed it, there was always the possibility that I could be detained for longer than the mandatory 4 weeks and we could not control the actions of some very devious staff members and the management, and who they were taking orders from.

a teamOf course I was Murdock.

Psychiatric medications can also be very harmful, even deadly, and especially in my case, as I had submitted complaints against North Wales Police, we didn’t know if they would try and have a go to kill me again and as I was also going to be the star witness against North Wales Police ‘Covert Operations’ at the Public Inquiry in London, we had to have contingencies in place for me to last the full 4 weeks of being detained medication free, but it would only take one dodgy psychiatrist to give me a false diagnosis and some staff members working for the Gestapo to hold me down and I then could of been forcibly injected with medication or even killed. 

I currently have a Freedom of Information request being dealt with that was submitted on the 17th April 2022 to provide details on all of the deaths at the Ablett Psychiatric Hospital and the Hergest Unit over a 23 year period for a follow up blog/article, the 5th time it has been submitted which keeps getting delayed, which may suggest that the findings that we have reached from whistleblowers is that the percentage of people that have died in the Ablett Psychiatric Unit and Hergest Unit in Bangor is far higher than that you would normally expect. Are outspoken people who are critical of government agencies still being dragged into Psychiatric Hospitals in our modern era by police officers in just the same manner to how the Ruling Classes used to subject people to over the last 100 years. We’ll soon find out…..(Modern targets would have been subjected to Stasi like psychological decomposition programs for months, years before being detained). 


Delayed Freedom of Information Request


Delayed, Delayed, Delayed, Delayed.

I didn’t mind the scenario of being forcibly sedated, I think I would have benefitted from the long mental rest that being knocked out for 12 hours entails, but anything other was considered as a major risk, but one that I was personally willing to take as long as we had an Extraction Team in place who could storm the complex and remove me if things started to get a little hairy and I ended up in La La Land and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas territory, or their were definite threats to life coming down the pipeline.

We’d also made other provisions with established investigative journalism organisations who had been fully briefed on our ‘Undercover Operation’ and if I needed to be withdrawn, they would have walked into the Ablett Psychiatric Unit with a solicitor and applied to the local courts and although I may have been able to be extracted that way, we couldn’t guarantee that this would work 100% which is why we also needed a 6-Man Team on permanent standby for this operation.

Our plan was very close to being actioned but the organisations we were collaborating with to expose the actions of North Wales Police of illegally detaining people and to monitor if any abuse and torture was still ongoing inside the Ablett Hospital would not get on board for a variety of reasons, but mainly because it was too dangerous, but it was standard working practice for myself and the people I work with on projects. 

This is why when North Wales Police came to my home with the Psychiatric Detention Team on the 26th July 2018, I did not voluntary go with them whilst wearing my afro wig, holding my finger in the air saying “ET phone home” as I was aware of the law in relation to detaining people under the Mental Health Act. I requested that the ‘Detention Team’ provide the reason for coming to my home which they could not do, so I requested that they provide it in writing to my solicitor who is a leading police brutality expert in the UK which they later also would not do, and they never did, even after an investigation, because it was all based on falsified police reports and false statements. I then exposed their actions from 2018 – 2019 but not to this level of detail that I have in this blog.

Undercover Brother 


The Abuse and Torture Is Still Happening…

After the investigations and an inquiry into the Ablett Hospital and the Hergest Unit in Bangor, psychiatric nurses gave interviews to ITV who told them that the abuse of patients is still ongoing and nothing has changed, and after all, North Wales Police tried to section me based on numerous falsified police reports from more than 8 police officers AFTER the inquiries into how patients were being tortured, abused and neglected at the Psychiatric Hospitals in North Wales with many psychiatric nursing staff telling me that they have had to move out of North Wales to find work.


(The Holden Report – The Bangor Eye)


A Short History of the Infamous North Wales Mental Asylum in Denbigh, North Wales

Denbigh Mental as it was known locally was built in 1848 after a very wealthy Englishman who was part of the Landed Gentry, Joseph Ablett, a cotton manufacturer donated 20 acres of land. The Ruling Classes during those times were employing the working classes in what could be described in many instances as forced labour in their factories in order to survive from a very early age with poor pay and these often brutal working conditions obviously led to some children to later develop mental health issues.

What isn’t surprising is that the wealthy English Ruling Classes such as Joseph Ablett funded a mental asylum in Wales along with donations from Queen Victoria and other royals to build an asylum for the working class Welsh folk where people could literally be dragged off the streets and out of their homes by the police for ridiculous things such as:


Throughout the previous century if campaigners had not fought for better human rights against the barbaric reasons that the Ruling Classes had implemented to detain people in Mental Asylums, people would still be getting sectioned for ridiculous things such as smoking too many fags and knocking one off.

All of the Mental Hospitals in the UK were built by wealthy people and the hospitals were run as private businesses which were very profitable and therefore there was a requirement to keep the patients detained. The history books do show that there have been thousands of people that had spoken out against the Ruling Classes who were seeking better working conditions, organising protests against the wealthy factory owners, better human rights etc who were dragged off the streets and out of their homes by the police and tortured in mental hospitals all over the UK from the 1850’s, and as I have outlined above, it is still an ongoing practice being conducted by the police in the UK today, but I fortunately had a wife who worked as a Psychiatric Nurse from 1997 so I was slightly clued up on how to protect myself from an over-zealous Nazi Fascist Police State.

However, as society has progressed and the working classes campaigned for more rights and as new laws were introduced such as the Human Rights Act, the Fascist Police State couldn’t just detain people for any single reason that they made up, although it was my complaint to the IPOC in 2019 that led to all NWP officers being re-trained although they are probably still falsifying police reports to detain ‘targeted individuals.’

Primarily, the methods that the Gestapo favour are ‘Covert Black Op’s‘ to undermine the mental health of the people that they have ‘identified as threats’ which are similar and as effective that the East German Secret Police the Stasi used although in the UK and other first world countries it has gone up quite a few notches over the last few decades as the rate of technology has increased, and this is where I suggest from my own experiences that the Police State and Political Policing Units are waging a very sophisticated war using the same tactics that the Stasi used, although with the technology that they now have, it’s much easier for repressive fascist regimes to target people in order to have them detained because civilians have no idea how this war is being waged, what methods are being used, and most importantly, how to protect themselves.

(Note 23 Dec 20222: The original video was deleted off a channel on the 23rd December 2022 which used segments from the below video and the original video has also gone and the back up has also been deleted).

In the list of detainable conditions are ” Politics ” and ‘being politically excited‘ and in this day and age, that means political activists who fight for justice can and will be illegally detained by the police and tortured in psychiatric hospitals using unscrupulous tactics.


SGT Alex Smith – The Trans Queen of North Wales Police

So, as I mentioned a wee bit earlier, when I had done my ET phone home impression wearing a big afro wig and I had made arrangements with Sgt Alex Smith to meet me at my home on the 27th July 2018 at 2pm to progress serious complaints I had made against the North Wales Police, on the same day 2 police officers then turn up at my house at midday with Sgt Alex Smith monitoring the conversation via a iPad, and this is what I later on found extremely alarming. Sgt Smith used to be a bloke, but he wasn’t anymore.

WHAT..?……. I hear you say……he WAS a bloke?

Yes, he was once a man but he decided that he did not like having a cock and 2 balls attached to his body so he went off to Thailand to get them chopped off and he became a he/she. Nothing wrong with that at all, people do all sorts of crazy shit like that, but that’s also the point, ‘crazy people’ do shit like that.

pc smith tranny

This Is What I Found Extremely Alarming And Worrying 

Sometime after Sgt Alex Smith came back from Thailand without his tackle and with his new high pitched voice he went on a police course so he would be able to detect which people have mental health issues, (he obviously does not look in any mirrors) and then once he was qualified his educated decisions enabled him or her or whatever it is now wants to be defined as was able to recommend that people be evaluated and detained which is what he/she attempted to do with me after I had submitted a serious complaint which he/she was supposed to investigate, which would have opened a very big can of worms for North Wales Police. So you can see how the system works, can’t you.

The High Pitched Voice Interview, I Nearly Died Watching This


The Crazies Are Locking Up The Normal People

The police hierarchy send mentally unstable police officers, those who think its perfectly logical to chop off their own sausage and testicles on courses so they can train them to evaluate if people should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act, (although its not just trannies and trans-people doing this work). Its absolutely unbelievable that psychologically unstable police officers (and how many of these are actually psychopaths) are actually going out to work everyday and making recommendations that people be evaluated and sectioned by very questionable psychiatrists and when these poor people (targeted individuals) turn up at the local Psychiatric Hospital with nothing wrong with them (or suffering from the effects of Covert Black Op’s being conducted by secretive police units) they get falsely diagnosed, drugged to the eyeballs and half tortured to death for months, even years by members of staff who may also have been recruited or blackmailed by the police to do just that. This is how the system worked in Communist Russia, and how it works currently in Communist China, and in many other countries, but in our ‘democracy’, its called ‘helping people to achieve positive mental health’ or something crazy like that.

Yes, this shit is real….pc smith 2



“Rhyl Police Station’s Most Secretive Unit – The Transvestite Squad”

I can’t guarantee that this information is 100% accurate, maybe just 88%, but I have heard from whistleblowers who are excellent sources from inside North Wales Police HQ in Colwyn Bay that Sgt Alex Smith holds a regular course for a further 20-25 or so male police officers who are also thinking of going off to Thailand to chop off their own cock and bollocks with Chloe, the NWP Diversity Officer, and when these he/she’s have had their dangly bits removed and they have managed to grow themselves some tits, most of them will probably become trained in how to detect mental health problems in members of the public so that they can detain people in Psychiatric Hospitals across North Wales, when the stark reality is that these bunch of retarded ‘daft cunts’ need to be immediately removed from carrying out these types of roles from within NWP. It simply goes without saying.

A Word Of Warning…

From my own personal experience, if you are in the habit of criticising North Wales Police or maybe your an activist, a whistleblower or a campaigner who is exposing something that the ‘Powers That Shouldn’t Be‘ don’t want revealed or your trying to do things to create a better society or you are in the same situation that I was in 1996 and you have been effected by experimental vaccines or you have family members, friends, co-workers or neighbours that have been effected and you are asking too many questions, be very very careful because if you ever see some butch looking police officer walking up to your front door wearing make-up, run like the fucking wind…

tranny2WPC Fanny Haddacock 


Documentary: Psychiatry – An Industry of Death


And Finally

When I left the Military in 1996 I campaigned for thousands of soldiers who had been forced to have experimental vaccines as I had also been effected and I had to leave the Military in order to seek medical treatment as the Army had refused to offer any medical assistance, even threatening me that it would effect my career if I continued to ask questions, so I left.

Over the last 2 years over 40 million people in the UK, over 5 billion globally have had at least one experimental Covid-19 vaccination after the World Health Organisation and our own governments used extensive military grade psychological warfare tactics to induce extreme states of fear into their populations to coerce people into having the experimental vaccines for a virus that governments have even now admitted was very similar to the flu, which coincidentally vanished during Covid. We now know from the recent Pfizer document dumps that these vaccines efficacy was not only very low, but the vaccines have a very very long list of harmful side effects which I warned would happen 11 months before the Wuhan Lab Leak in an email to North Wales Police which I detailed in my previous blog, The Truth About Covid-19……


If there isn’t already, there is going to be millions of pissed off people who will be in the same situation that I was in when I left the Military in 1996 asking too questions about what was in the vaccines as they, or their parents, family members, neighbours and friends succumb to illnesses and disease, and as I have detailed above and in previous blogs, I was left in a very precarious situation for asking too many questions about experimental vaccines and then for campaigning for truth and justice as the Gestapo relentlessly targeted me to an extreme degree for over 25 years.

My path in life has changed over the last 6 months as I shift from being an activist which has been the most eye opening and mind bending experience of my life which I highly recommend that everyone should try at least once, as I have been guided to become involved in anti-child trafficking operations and to also teach other people who will be also navigating the same terrain that I did when I left the military to show people how to overcome the methods and tactics of the Stasi-Fascist Police State, how to develop a positive mindset and how to survive Stasiland when the odds against you look bleak.

The unfortunate reality is that 9 out of 10 people will not be aware that they are under covert psychological attack which can last for months and years without discovering what is happening and when the targeted individual psychologically deteriorates there is the possibility that they could be sectioned under the Mental Health Act by the very organisation that is carrying out the covert harassment, (the police) diagnosed by a dodgy psychiatrist with a mental illness that they do not have, medicated with powerful medication, abused and tortured by psychiatric nursing staff who also could be working for the police in psychiatric hospitals which would most likely also have a long lasting detrimental effect on their long term well being.

I was lucky because I was a whistleblower and I knew I had exposed National Security level information and why I was being targeted, but it took me years of monitoring the police to understand their methods, and my reactions to them, however, most people will not know how they are being targeted as the programs have become ever more sophisticated and the targets usually sufficiently deteriorate and succumb before they learn how to defend themselves.

Another unfortunate and sad reality is that there is a really high disproportionate amount of individuals in the police services who are psychopathic who belong to Secret Societies who are involved in carrying out Covert Black Op’s against civilians who have the opposite character traits to an individual with spiritual inclinations such as a spiritual master like Jesus Christ, who could all therefore be termed as ‘Anti-Christ’s,‘ which when one truly understands the biblical prophecies, it isn’t just one Anti-Christ that we should be concerned about, but millions of the fookers if we are to believe the social scientists as they have calculated that as 4.5% of the global population are psychopathic, this results in over 200 million Anti-Christ’s among us worldwide, where two centuries ago they started to organise themselves into Luciferian Secret Societies and they started to take control of the banking industry and infiltrating governments and all other power structures including the police which was succinctly described in a famous speech by President John F Kennedy in the 1960’s. However, fortunately for the rest of us, this small group of ‘Secret Society Psychopaths’ only accounts for around 1% of the global psychopathic population.

police lodge

Senior Police Officers denied the existence of this Freemason Lodge in Llandudno at the Waterhouse Public Inquiry. ( Fraternity of Police Serial Killers ) (Investigative Journalism series on Police Gangs)

This knowledge can be quite a disturbing realisation unless one is able to see the bigger picture of the collective learning experience we are destined to have as a species in order that we can differentiate between the Yin and Yang, the light and dark and the good and evil dualistic nature of the physical dimension we reside in which we incarnate into as spiritual beings, as Souls, and the psychopathic ‘Dark Souls‘ represent our biggest hurdle collectively if we are to reach the prophesied ‘Golden Age’ as we transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius in which astrologers have stated that this transition could take up to 300 years, but it would obviously be better for all concerned if we were able to create a moral and just society in the next decade or two by defeating the ‘Psychopathic Luciferian Agenda’.

It therefore appears that humanity is in for one hell of an epic battle and it is our individual responsibility to unravel the reason why we incarnated at this precise time of human evolution to reveal our purpose in this lifetime, and to pursue our life’s work, and although the outcome is as of yet unknown, as only the creator really knows whether we will reach a Golden Era or whether we will be locked into a ‘Luciferian Psychopathic Dark Age’ which the ‘Dark Souls’ been planning from within their Secret Societies over the last 150 years, but I know which direction I am pursuing, and for what reasons. (Part 2).

Lets be optimistic, as a species we would be screwed if 25% of the population were psychopaths, thankfully, we only have to deal with 1%. The creator obviously has a plan, and what you have to ask yourself is: Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution.

This blog was initially only going to be a short one but I couldn’t edit it down to just a few thousand words, so thanks for reading and if this blog has interested you, later this year I will be overseeing a webinar series to teach people, activists, whistleblowers and campaigners how to not only survive the Psychopathic Stasi-Police State, but also how to thrive, because I made every mistake that you could make, sometimes repeatedly, so I know what works, and what doesn’t, so keep an eye or an ear to my socials and websites for more information for what will be a 12-15 week course. I would also highly recommend the book Stasiland by Anna Funder if you haven’t come across it already.


A little worrying: From 1865: The Chief of each Lodge has absolute power over the lives of the brethren (Freemasons magazine) (Overthrow of the Tartars)

(Structures of the Satanic Kingdom)


An Anti-Christ’s Morning Routine

The female version (Video) and Thomas Sheridan and John Lash discuss intra-species predators (Psychopaths) MUST WATCH –  (Part 1 –  Video) (Part 2 – Video)


Coming Soon

In Part 2 of this blog series which will be motivated by the harassment and prodding I receive from the local Gestapo, as was this blog, I will detail how the targeting I experienced was orchestrated by the biggest Paedophile Ring that was ever exposed in the UK, the North Wales Peado-Mason Ring who had established specific Freemason Lodges in North Wales just for masons who were paedophiles, and also, Lodges for psychopathic police officers who revel in organised crime, assassinations and drug trafficking  and in subsequent parts thereafter, I will detail how NWP operates an ‘Assassination Program‘ across North Wales and the methods and tactics that they used in attempts to assassinate me on multiple occasions, that’s if I am still alive, as even just this morning at 0800hrs, I was inches away from a ford transit van who steered towards me whilst I was on my bike 200 yards from my home who was driving at least 60 mph, twice the speed limit, who I dodged at the very last second, therefore avoiding serious injury and the possibility of paramedics having to come to my rescue again driving up the road with their sirens blaring and me having to face the embarrassment of watching them get out of their ambulance and whisper to themselves, ” Are you seeing what I am seeing, because that dude has either got a gun in his pocket, or he is very pleased to see us.” 

My Video Series – Assassination Nation – The Licence to Kill Political Activists 

Two years ago I started production on a video series on ‘Assassination Programs’ to pitch to globally recognised streaming services. After over 200 hours of work the project was hacked and my hard drive was destroyed with all 6 episodes that were on it. This below 6 part series was a quick re-make with only a maximum of 10 hours of input.

Part 1

Edit 25th June 2022: When this blog was published on the 22nd May 2022 for some reason it published an older draft version and the up-to-date finished blog disappeared which resulted in over 3,500 missing words, missing pictures and emails and I only became aware of this one week after publication. I have therefore spent one afternoon one day a week attempting to remember what I originally wrote to attempt to restore this blog to its original finished draft.


The Police will not reveal how many male officers have transitioned to become ‘Daft Cunts‘ – (Article Here).



Documentary on Police Officers involved in Assassination Programs Which Also Targeted Free-Thinking Intelligent People




Article here



Get Involved 


Our Psychopathic Society by Max Igan



One of the documentary films I done in 2020 – What Really Happened In Las Vegas – The Royal Mastermind Exposed (June 2020) (Flip & Rip) (Original Video Here)

Copy Here….Video

(Route 91 by Mindy Robinson)

The Next Level May 2022 – Go On, Blow Your Mind (Food for thought)

(Intelligent Design)

The Author of this blog New Years 1993 – Still got his dangly bits

andy the tranny 1993



 ‘The Matador”

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Police Gangs


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    Referring to the Police as Gestapo is helping the powers that be sustain control over society. The term is a sanctioned dialectic to point us all in the wrong direction …… The term should be “Stassi” which is all Bolshevism and Frankfurt school mentality.


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