In 2010 I started to speak out about my experiences of excessive and severe police monitoring, harassment and intimidation I had been experiencing since 1996 as a result of my campaigning activities which exposed how over 53,500 British soldiers had been inoculated with experimental vaccines prior to the Gulf War in 1991. It has left over 10,000 soldiers suffering from a range of devastating illnesses and over 9,000 have also died, of which the government refuses to medically treat the soldiers and acknowledge that they are actually suffering.

In 2012 I co-founded a website http://www.targeted-individuals that described the experiences of ex-soldiers and sought the assistance of my MP to expose the harassment…..but my MP conspired with senior police officers in attempts to have me sectioned under the Mental Health Act, which they failed miserably at doing as I completely exposed the evil doers efforts….

Stasi Torture Tactics:


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