In 2011 I started to speak out about my experiences of excessive and severe police monitoring, harassment and intimidation I had been experiencing since 1996 as a result my campaigning activities which exposed how over 53,500 British soldiers had been inoculated with up to 28 experimental vaccines prior to the Gulf War in 1991. It has left over 10,000 soldiers suffering from a range of devastating illnesses and thousands have also died, of which the government refuses to medically treat the soldiers and acknowledge that they are actually suffering.

In 2012 I had developed a website called targeted individuals that described the experiences of campaigning soldiers and sought the assistance of my MP and other judicial processes to expose the harassment.

From then on I started to experience excruciating headaches on a daily basis which left me unable to walk straight, think clearly, blurred my vision, affected my balance and left me feeling extremely unwell on most days. I also had difficulty functioning and performing the most mundane of daily tasks. The headaches also reduced my ability to work by 99% which effected the new campaign I started to expose excessive police brutality and torture.

During the last 3 years I have seen 7 different consultants at the local hospital who were not able to either locate the source of the headaches or able to provide a diagnosis.

Over the last month I have sought the advice and assistance of a former Military Weapons Expert whose speciality was in electromagnetic microwave weapons. I have since discovered although I cannot provide specific details as I am due to give a statement to various authorities that the source of the headaches was a device that was emitting electromagnetic frequencies from a property close to me which was being operated by the occupant of the property.

Electromagnetic weapons are not a new concept although there use by police forces to silence campaigners and whistleblowers like myself is apparently becoming ever more common. In the 1980’s as the video below demonstrates, such weapons were used against female protesters at Greenham Common in England.

The weapons of 2014 that are being deployed by Police Forces against individuals amounts to torture and a level of criminality most people are unaware of.



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