The Day I Was BIGFOOT’s Body Guard And I was Forced to Sign The Official Secrets Act

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organised, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

Woodrow Wilson ( American President 1913-1921)

Just another day….

There are times in our lives when we get out of bed in the morning and we expect that today is just going to be another normal day, just like every other day not knowing that by the end of the day, our lives would be forever changed. The 21st April 1994 was just such a day in my life when something so profound happened to me, that it would take decades to unravel itself, and I would finally begin to understand the magnitude of what I had experienced.

The Day I Met Bigfoot 

On the 21st April 1994 I got out of bed like every other day at 6am. I was a serving soldier in the British Army and today I was on body guarding duties which I had been doing 1-2 days a week for the last 5 months. After breakfast I dropped the wife off at work at a GP practice in Gremmendorf in Munster, Germany where she was a nurse. I drove over the road to the main army camp York Barracks and met up with the body guarding teams for the days briefing at 0730hrs. Me and my partner Kev were briefed to pick up a MoD Whitehall Major General from a headquarters building at Joint Head Quarters (JHQ) Rheindahlen and drop him off at Dusseldorf airport.

We picked up a couple of coffee’s for the trip ahead and off we trotted like well trained soldiers that one fine spring morning. We spent the next few hours providing close protection duties for the Major General, picking him up from the headquarters meeting where we then had to listen to his upper class drivel, and his complete disconnection from working class people like me and Kev as he asked us when was the last time we had been to the opera. Me and Kev had looked at each other, both of us with one eyebrow raised, and we knew what we were both thinking at the same time ” What a twat”. We drove him to Dusseldorf airport and dropped him off so he could catch his flight back to London, and then we headed back to camp.

When we had arrived back at the barracks we were expecting the rest of the day off. Kev drove up to the barrier covering the main gate entrance into camp where 2 soldiers were on duty. The barracks had been the location of an IRA drive-by the year before when an IRA 4 man team had driven slowly past the camp and opened up with a machine gun spraying the camp front gate with a full magazine of 30 rounds, miraculously only managing to hit the walls and gate which still beared the hallmark holes of multiple gunshots. Kev pulled out his Army ID card and briskly whisked it past the face of the infantry grunt who was on front gate barrier duty, and as he done so he growled at him to hurry up and open the barrier.

Abzug der britischen Streitkräfte aus Gremmendorf (York Kaserne) und Gievenbeck (Oxford Kaserne)York Barracks, Munster Germany

Kev had a right strop on all the way back from the airport as the Major General had made him carry his briefcase all the way through departures which Kev had insisted was not part of his close protection duties, but the Major General, who was probably the poshest snotty nosed moron I had ever come across insisted, in his high pitched squeaky voice that sounded a lot like Joe Pasquale, ” young man you will carry my briefcase and I will be contacting your Officer in command when I return to London”. So Kev was not a happy bunny. He had been ranting all the way back from the airport in his thick Scottish accent, and as the vehicle we were using did not have a radio, I had to listen to him rambling on, and I did not understand a fricken word of it.

Kev was a Sergeant in the Coldstream Guards and he had only recently returned back to his unit after being kicked out of the SAS. He had been with the SAS for 3 years and he was given the option of leaving the Army altogether, or returning to his unit, but as Kev was army through-and-through, joining up at 16 and being a Army cadet since he was 11, he only ever wanted to be a soldier, so he stayed in and decided to go back to his old unit and soldier on.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Picture of Kev on BG Duty:


I had been working with Kev on close protection for the last 3 months when I wasn’t at my parent unit doing my main job whilst I waited for my transfer to go through. I had been nominated by the Officer Commanding my unit the year before to do a body guarding course as he had allegedly been put on a IRA assassination list for something he had done in Northern Ireland, and he required a driver/chauffeur to take him to and from work. Some of the lads thought he just needed a driver because he was a piss head alcoholic and he didn’t want to get caught out drink driving, but who was I to argue, I got a free body guarding course out of it.

I had completed the 4 week body guarding course that was run by a team of Special Forces and the Military Police with flying colours. For a long while after the course, mostly at inappropriate locations when shopping, such as Aldi, in an attempt to impress zee German vife, I would occasionally run, jump and slide over the bonnet of my car from the passenger side with my hands in the shape of a pretend gun like Starsky and Hutch, until I landed once too often on my head instead of my feet.

andy 1994Picture of me taken in June 1994 when I was 22 years old.

On the first day back to work after the course, I was now a newly qualified body guard and it was now my job to pick up the Officer Commanding our unit from his home and I was looking forward to finding out if he was a piss head or a real target of the IRA. I had already planned to take an inconspicuous route for the 14km drive to work which involved 11km of narrow and winding country roads as there was less likely chance of an ambush on this route.

I had been driving for about 10 minutes and we were about 4 km into the journey and we had just entered into the country road segment when a car came speeding up behind us and stuck to my bumper driving very aggressively. The car had 3 men in it and they were trying to overtake at every opportunity, even on parts of the road that common sense dictated that they shouldn’t have been trying to in an attempt to get ahead of us. I assumed at first that they must be some Germans who were late for work. I started to speed up a little to prevent them overtaking and then I also noticed from the rear view mirror that one of the men had also wound down his rear window and it looked like he had something in his hand. All of this had happened within seconds. As a newly qualified body guard on my first day on the job, I was probably a bit over zealous to say the least, but my training kicked in as this situation indicated that this was a scenario that I needed to get out of quickly, it was what I had been trained to do.

bmw sportThe BMW 325 Coupe – Tuned to Perfection

I could not let them drive past us in case they had weapons and if it was the IRA that had come to kill my OC, the best option was to move sharpish, so I put my foot down in my BMW 325 6 cylinder sport that had been tuned to perfection attempting to lose them on the winding and narrow country lanes. I was also an experienced driver as I had also done numerous driving courses with the Military Police, and even though it may have appeared that I was driving like Michael Schumacker at speeds of over 100mph around narrow country roads, overtaking at will when I could, in an attempt to lose these dipshits, and at times it may have also sounded like I was breaking the sound barrier when the exhaust popped as I dropped down the gears to take hairpin bends at high speeds as the engine backfired, it was professional driving of the highest order, or so I thought.

However, when I looked over to the Officer Commanding, he was holding on for dear life with one hand on the handle above the passenger door, and his feet on the dashboard to keep himself in his seat as we were flying through the country lanes. For the next 10 minutes until we got to our camp, I was hammering it through narrow country lanes, having to do handbrake turns on hair pin bends and all sorts. It must of been one hell of a white knuckle roller coaster ride for the OC, but to me, it was kinda how I used to drive anyway when I was on my own, as I sometimes believed I should of been RAF fighter pilot, not a soldier.

The car following us attempted to stay with us throughout the chase which to me only confirmed my decision to continue to drive at high speeds to get out of the situation, but they really struggled to keep up with my driving.  They only eventually peeled off when we had reached red traffic lights when we had got to a junction near to the camp, and they turned right instead of going towards the camp, and the guy in the back seat attempted to throw an empty can of coke at us, not quite a machine gun, but it could of been. I looked at the OC and he thankfully had his eyes closed, so he didn’t see that the threat was not actually a threat at all, and he had endured the ride of his life for nothing.

I was assured in myself that I had taken all the correct measures to protect the OC in this situation, even if it was just some dipshit Germans who had probably targeted us as they recognised that we were soldiers, which did occasionally happen, as we were occupying their country after all. When we arrived inside the camp, the OC still had his legs on the dashboard, and he was still holding on for dear life. I was a little worried about what he would say, so I got out of the car and walked round to the passenger side to open the door for him and I said ” Got you to work all safe and sound, Sir” and for good measure, I threw in a salute, for good luck, for me, not for him. I thought I had done a damm good job ensuring his safety, but the poor guy had tears coming out of his eyes, he was speechless, couldn’t put two words together, and I could of swore I heard him whimpering as he exited the vehicle. He then walked into the HQ building wobbling a wee bit from side to side like a penguin. I thought to myself, I knew it, he’s a piss head, and I couldn’t wait to tell the lads.

I parked the car and went into my work office and I had only just made myself a coffee when I heard the Sergeant Major screaming down the corridor ” Lewis, where are you you fucking lunatic, get in my office, NOW”.

It didn’t take a genius to work out what this could be about….

The OC had phoned up the Sergeant Major after he had composed himself and told him that from now on, he will drive himself to and from work and he would rather be assassinated by the IRA than get in a car with me ever again. So from that point on, I was unemployed as a bodyguard for the next couple of months until I managed to get the gig with the HQ Munster Army Garrison that was assigned to do close protection picking up and driving senior Army Officers to meetings across Western Germany, and that’s how I met Kev and eventually got partnered with him. A mad crazy Scotsman and a loony sheep shagger. We made a cracking team, most of the time.

Once the grunt had opened the barrier Kev wheel spinned away from the front gate and he drove straight to the armory so we could sign in our weapons. I was already thinking about picking up some dinner and going down the outdoor pool to spend the afternoon swimming, sunbathing and oggling topless German girls until the wife finished work, and we would then walk the dog along the canal like we did every evening after work. Kev then drove to our office to hand in the car keys but as we drove towards the office we could see our Officer Commanding Major Lipton standing outside waiting for us. We got out of the car and Kev is thinking that Officer Twat-face has already phoned up and complained, but he hadn’t. Major Lipton informs us that we have one more pick up and drop off to do. Me and Kev looked at each other and he starts ffff’ing and blinding under his breath trying to be careful that Lipton doesn’t hear him, but he fails miserably.

We go into the briefing room.

Major Lipton’s Brief:  A plane had had to make an emergency landing in a airport 30 minutes south of Munster and we had to pick up a British Army Officer and drive him to his destination in Holland. Major Lipton had already laid out the map and told us that it shouldn’t take too long. There was a 30 minute drive to the airport, and only another 45 minute drive to the drop off destination in Holland, and all going well, we would be back to have a early knock off by 3pm. This curve ball had seriously disrupted my plans but I could still get back for a couple of hours by the pool, but it made Kev even worse. On the way back to the armory he sounded more Swahili than Scottish, cursing non-stop. We signed out our 9mm browning pistols with 2 magazines each and Kev decided that we shouldn’t take any assault rifles. I hoped we wouldn’t need them.

Kev decided to drive there and I would drive back. We got there pretty fast as Kev was still fuming but he had managed to calm down a wee bit after we stopped for petrol and I bought him an ice cream which stopped him from moaning,  ‘fucking this – fucking that’ for all of 3 minutes.

Me and the other guys in the close protection duties team had a little competition going on who could get Kev to talk about why he had got kicked out of the SAS, but it was impossible to get anything out of him. I did mention the once, jokingly, in front all of the  BG teams, and it was only the once before we all done some sparring sessions and close-quarter-combat that Kev was in charge of, ‘ that he had been seen once too often in the showers where he had kept bending down to pick up his soap‘. A couple of black eyes and several bruised ribs later, I decided it was not a good idea to wind him up about his homosexual tendencies. 

So today I tried to quiz him on why he got booted from the SAS, probably more of an attempt to shut him up than anything else. I explained how I had been recruited to join the SAS after the Gulf War in 1991 when I was stationed in Paderborn, Germany.  I was asked to look after a Regimental Sergeant Major from the SAS who was this short fat scary looking bloke about 55 years old with a big belly that did not look anything like what you would imagine an SAS soldier to look like. I spent 2 weeks driving him where he needed to go, eating lunch and dinner with him and even hanging out having beers in the evening. In 1991, the SAS were not that well known at all, that only came many years later with the publicity hype from ex-members who wrote a number of books. He would go into detail with me about what the SAS did, what you had to do to get in and the type of work he had been involved with over his 25 year career. I was 19 years old, I was the youngest in my unit of 60 guys and I did not have much confidence in myself, so when he said to me after a week discussing all things SAS after dinner one night, so Andy, why do you think I am telling you all of this, do you want to join the SAS or what, I nearly fell off my chair. Not only was I the youngest in my unit, I was also probably the skinniest, and I did not think for one moment that I had the prerequisite skills to join the SAS, unless they wanted to use me as a lock pick.

What he had said stunned me completely, and I think I muttered ” okay then” not quite believing that he had asked me to join the SAS. He told me that the type of work I would be selected for would most likely be involved in carrying out terrorist attacks and assassinations against the IRA who we were currently in a war with over in Ireland, and this sounded fantastic to my 19 year old self. He told me that the SAS would carry out a terrorist attack, and it would be blamed on someone else, or the SAS would go and do a drive-by or assassinate someone and the IRA or UVF would get blamed for it, it was all part of the dirty war in Ireland and it had all sounded terrific. I spent a lot of time with this fat SAS dude being indoctrinated into Special Forces methods and tactics and I was so excited about being involved in this type of work. Since we had come back from the Gulf War, day-to-day work life had become really boring and monotonous with no real soldiering. I had been in the Army 18 months by this time and I longed to be involved in exciting and dangerous operations so this opportunity was almost unbelievable for me. Before he left to go back to the UK, he gave me a detailed plan of what training I needed to do before I started the 6 month course for the SAS.

andy gulfAge 19 – Somewhere southwest of Iraq -March 1991

After 3 months where I had been doing all the extra training on top of the normal day-to-day army training, on 11th September 1991 I went on a pub crawl and after only 2 small bottles of beer, just after leaving the first pub, I jumped off a wall going from the bar to another which was about 4 foot high, and my right leg snapped in 5 places and my ankle was severely dislocated. A case of really bad luck at the worst time that it could have come as it ended all hope that I had of joining the SAS, and as I am telling all this to Kev, I am hoping he would open up on what he had done to get thrown out of the SAS, but he was not having any of it, but it most definitely had something to do with his anger issues as he told me to shut up you nosey welsh sheep shagging bastard more than once.

When we arrived at the airfield we were directed to small terminal at the far end of one of the runways. Kev pulls up outside the terminal building and I go in looking for our passenger. The building is empty apart from the reception area and I go over and say in my best German ” Urrrr, I am zee here, to pick up zeee British army officer” to which the receptionist said in exceptional English, ” No, problem, he is in the waiting area, one moment”.

IBR-1648311 - © - Hans Blossey/imageBROKERDortmund Airport:

I go and stand by the doors of the building in which I had entered feeling a little sheepish to wait for our pick up. After a few minutes, I see this person, or to put it correctly, this giant of a figure is walking over. He must have been well over 7 feet tall, he is dressed in black trousers, black shoes, black jumper, black gloves and a long black mack, and he is also wearing a big black hat with a rim around it. As he gets closer, I couldn’t help notice the size of his feet which were enormous. In an effort to not look at them, I couldn’t stop fricken staring at them until he came much closer, because I then noticed that his face was extremely white, like an albino I think I had seen on  the X-Files, and he also had incredibly piercing green eyes. I was expecting to meet an army officer, and this guy was nothing like any army officer I had ever seen. I must have been stood there gawping at him, chin probably bouncing off the floor, because as he walks up to me he says ‘you must be Sgt Kevin McClean’, then walks right past me. I kept eye contact and I turned and pointed outside towards the car where Kev was, and he trundled off outside with his big fuck off clown feet.

One thing was very clear, this was the strangest looking Army Officer that I had ever seen…

A week earlier I had bumped into Jack Brennan in Munster city centre. Jack was 71 years old and had been in 11 Commando during World War 2. After the war his entire unit had been recruited by the American Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner of the CIA where he had spent 5 years fighting in Cambodia and Vietnam, some 20 odd years before the Vietnam war which was one of the many secret wars the Americans had fought that had been unknown to the public at the time. In 1947 the OSS became the CIA and Jack had then worked for the CIA for over 40 years.

I had met Jack when I went into an Army hospital at BMH Iserlohn on the 8th February 1993, a day before my 21st birthday. I had gone into hospital to have the 18 inches of plates and 20 screws removed from my right leg that had been put in to secure it together after I broke it in 1991. An orthopedic surgeon had told me that all the extra training I had been doing to join the SAS, running an extra 15 miles in the evening with a 55lb rucksack, on top of the 10 mile runs we did as normal PT in the mornings had most likely created tiny little stress fractures in the fibula and tibia of my right leg, then when I jumped off a 4 foot wall, the tiny stress fractures under the impact of the jump had caused my fibula and tibia to snap in multiple places.


After 18 months the plates and screws had to come out so I went into hospital to have them removed. When I got to the hospital I was given an officers 2 man room to myself, but after about an hour this old guy is ushered into the room and he is given the other bed, he had apparently had a small stroke. We have dinner and we start chatting where he tells me that he was in 11 Commando during the war which fascinated me completely, so I quizzed on the war and what he had done. We chatted for ages and it started getting late into the night, just before lights off, and I asked him what he done after the war. He tells me about being recruited into the OSS and then working for the CIA. I hear him say CIA, and I’m thinking, seriously.  So I ask him what his job had been, to which he tells me that he had rose to become a Divisional Intelligence Officer with the CIA, a senior position, but he mostly spent his career managing large scale assassination teams. I ask how large, thinking, 4 – 6, 8 – 10, to which he replies “oh, there must have been well over a thousand”. At that point, a nurse comes in and says its lights off now gentleman, goodnight, and she switches off the light.

I’m lying opposite a guy who I have not long met who has just told me he ran assassination teams for the CIA. Its gone very dark in our room and I start to rack my brain thinking if I have ever done anything to upset any Americans. I can’t think of any, and then I hear him say in a sinister voice ” Good night, Andy”. I think to myself, I really hope he is taking the piss. I go to sleep regardless.

The next morning I go in for the operation and the plates and screws are removed. I then spend the next 2 days with Jack in our room and I am picking his brain on everything that he has done, and this guy had done all sorts of amazing things. He was involved in the coup d’tat in Iran in 1953 in which the CIA and MI6 had overthrown the Iranian government, where he had ran the assassination teams, and many other coup’s. He had led an amazing life and after spending 2 days with him, he said to me, Andy, we could do with someone like yourself in the Agency. I thought, hmmm, déjà vu , I’ve had this before.

I explain to Jack that I’ve just had plates removed from my leg and it would take a while to recover, and he said we can wait for you to go through rehab and you can think about joining in around a years time. He explains to me the training program to become a CIA operative and it is 6 months with continuation training on top of that, but as he is telling me this, my inner voice, my intuition is screaming ” Do not join the CIA“. However much he tried to talk me into joining at no point did I become interested. I would have had to leave the Army and then move to America. I was planning on getting married in a few months time to someone I completely and utterly loved with every atom of my being, and my future was with her, not moving to America to become a James fricken Bond. All I could see in my future at that time was my wife and me, being in the Army and having children, a lifestyle I had come to really enjoy, however glamorous Jack made out the CIA to appear, it was just not in my plans, so I thanked Jack for the offer and I left hospital with his card and numbers that he gave me if I ever changed my mind.

My mind didn’t change as once I had left hospital, I told the future wife about Jack and we never discussed him again, until that is he started to turn up every few months or so in random places when I was on my own. I didn’t realise it so much back then but these random coincidences weren’t actually coincidences at all. The CIA were monitoring me for recruitment, which I would only realise many years later the techniques he used when I watched the film The Spy Game with Robert Redford. Jack would just appear here and there in random places and we would go for a coffee and he would ask me how my rehab was going, how work was, and he would be constantly building rapport with me, being very friendly, despite me insisting that I was not interested in joining the CIA.

munster tcMunster City Centre, Germany.

So a week before Bigfoot, I am mooching along in Munster city centre and I bump into Jack. We mooch along chatting, Jack stating that it was a ‘great surprise to see me‘ and he invites me for a coffee. We find a nice posh German coffee shop just off the main high street where I used to walk the dog on Saturday mornings to collect bread rolls for breakfast until a few weeks previously, I had been walking poochy, and for a joke, I had shaved a big Nazi swastika on his head the previous evening (after I had promoted him to Sergeant by shaving 3 stripes on his arm) not knowing that it was actually illegal in Germany to display the swastika, even on a dog’s head, and as I was walking him down Munster High Street, it was like Moses parting the red sea as shoppers gasped in astonishment with everyone it appeared pointing right at me. I hadn’t shown my face in that part of town since.

buster1Sgt Buster looking dapper in shades and wearing a hat covering the big fuck off swastika on his head.

Jack ordered some coffee’s and we sat down near the window. We soon got through the small talk and Jack diverted the conversation to what he had come to talk about. He mentioned that if I did not fancy becoming a CIA Field Operative, as he could perceive my hesitation in joining, that I could always become a desk bound CIA Analyst if my leg injury prevented me from joining. (I had at this point almost returned to full training but I didn’t tell Jack about this). He explained how important these analyst roles were and what type of work I could be involved with. It all sounded really interesting but I still had that inner voice speaking to me ” Not the CIA Andy, not the CIA” so I never once gave the impression that I was interested in joining, probably the opposite, but this did not deter Jack as I went on to have random coincidences with him for many years after in several different countries.

Before I left the coffee shop Jack had instigated small talk whilst we were waiting for the bill to arrive and he had told me that he had flew into an airport south of Munster, and he had been to see one of his sons who was also in the British Army in Germany, and then he had gone to Holland for a few days. This came to the forefront of my mind as I walked behind Bigfoot. As we got to the car Kev ushered Bigfoot into the back of the car for the journey to Holland, and I started to wonder if this has got anything to do with Jack. Was this a test of some sort, and would I pass it.

As Kev starts the car Bigfoot gives me a piece of paper with directions for the drop off and the size of his fingers were huge beneath his black gloves which gave me the jeepers creepers. Kev drives out of the airport and we stop at some traffic lights which are on red. Kev reaches down and attempts to pull up the handbrake, but as he is doing so, Bigfoot says ” Do you mind, that’s my foot” in an accent that was definitely not British. Bigfoot was so tall with long dangly legs that he couldn’t sit straight on the back seat of the car so he had had to put one of his clown feet between the front seats, and because his feet were about twice the size of normal feet, when Kev reached down to grab the handbrake he had mistakenly grabbed his foot. I looked at Kev and he catches my glance and we started to crack up, that was until Bigfoot bellowed from the backseat “DRIVE” as the traffic light had turned green.

We drove in silence for the next 30 minutes or so, with me only speaking to give Kev directions. We drove out into the countryside in Holland which was well away from any built up areas. The last instruction on the map was to turn down a dirt road and Bigfoot then decided to provide the directions. We drove for a couple of miles more which was through a national park and we reached a line of trees with a 5ft hedge in front. Bigfoot instructed Kev to stop for one moment. He pulled out some device and pressed a button and the hedge starting moving from left to right, parallel from the ground. This was weird, I had never seen a remote controlled hedge before that was also some kind of gate. Kev glanced at me, with his eyebrows almost touching the roof of the car, with a ‘what the feck is going on here’ kinda look. Once the hedge was fully open, Bigfoot guided Kev to follow the road on the other side of the hedge, which he did for about 2 miles until we reached this huge estate which was surrounded by huge pine tree’s, where there was an old castle with amazing gothic architecture, nothing like I had seen before with turrets all along the front of it. It must of been at least 50 feet high and the entire building was obscured by trees at the front, sides and to the rear. There was also a huge wooden front door, about 15 feet high. When we arrived at the front entrance, Kev slows down and stops the car. We exit the vehicle to help Clownfeet out. I open the door and he gets out, all 7 feet plus of him, and he stands up straight to stretch, and then at that moment, a big gust of wind came out of nowhere and blew his hat clean off his head and onto the steps leading up to the big front door.

Me and Kev look at Bigfoot at exactly the same time and it was impossible not to notice that Bigfoot was bald, completely white skinned and he had a badly deformed head which was at least twice the normal size, or even bigger. I look at Kev who was looking right at me, and I knew that he was thinking the exact same thing as me ” What the fuck is that?”.

        The shape of Bigfoot’s head:
skull 7

Bigfoot looked at both of us with a long, leering look that seemed to last much longer than it did with his piercing green eyes, and I sensed that Bigfoot was really angry. He then turned and started to walk over to pick up his hat, taking huge strides as he done so. Kev looked at me as if he was going to say something, when Bigfoot turned towards us whilst he was walking and said ” Gentlemen, why don’t you both come inside“. Kev looked at me, and glanced with his eyes towards the car, then back to me, then back to the car. I knew what he was thinking, but I couldn’t move, my feet were glued to the ground. I look to see where Bigfoot is and he has almost reached his hat. Kev now starts glancing at me, then the car, his eyes darting back and forth 3 to 4 times in quick succession, but now he has a contorted facial expression, and he is also bending his head towards the car as well. I still couldn’t move. Bigfoot has by now reached his hat and starts to bend down and Kev says in a not so subtle manner, “Lewy, get in the fucking car” so that’s what I did after my feet had miraculously unglued themselves from the concrete. I start to get into the car, trying to not make it so obvious that I was at this point shitting a brick with the sight of his huge looking slaphead and his extremely strange appearance, when Kev shouts over to Bigfoot in a really calm and clear voice ‘Ok Sir, that’s us all done here, were late for our next job, see you now‘ and with that, his foot was on the accelerator and we were outta there.

We had got about 50 yards with Kev’s foot firmly on the gas and I looked behind us and I notice that Kev has drawn his 9mm pistol from his underarm holster with his right hand and rested it on his lap. I think about drawing mine, but I had to concentrate really hard on an anxious fart that had suddenly started to brew, hoping that I didn’t follow through.  Bigfoot remained stood there on the steps of his castle, arms folded, looking at us with his big bald deformed head with his pale white skin and his big fuck off clown feet and long fingers. Kev is also now in a bit of a panic, he’s looking very rattled as he says, ‘did you see that, what was that, what the fuuuuuuuck, I do not like this Lewy’. He keeps driving, constantly checking the mirror as if expecting Bigfoot to come hurdling after us. I start to think ahead and hope the gate/hedge thing opens as I was not certain at all what the hell was going on. I relayed my concern to Kev and he agreed, the hedge better open or were driving through it. We got to the hedge and it opened remotely without any bother. Kev keeps driving for another mile or so and we stop when we reach a T-junction. We get out to check that nobody is following us and Kev gets into a standing shooting stance with 2 hands on his pistol using the roof of the car as leverage aiming in the direction where we had come from. I go to the boot of the car looking for the emergency bog roll, but luckily, I don’t need it. We stick around for a few minutes, nothing happens, so we decide to just get the feck out of there. Kev reholsters his pistol and I get in the drivers seat as it was my turn to drive back to camp. I am aware that my adrenaline is still pumping on overdrive, my heart is racing and my senses are on full alert. I could of literally heard a flea fart from 100 meters away. That thing had set off my flight or fight response in a very unexpected manner….

On the way back, once we had started to clam down a bit from our little shock, we attempted to make sense of what had just happened. It was like something from the X-Files. There was Bigfoot’s big deformed head, his pale white skin, big clown feet and his giant size. We were in some sort of befuddlement, still not quite believing what we had just experienced, when Kev came out and said in his thick Glaswegian accent “That wee fucker, is one deformed spastic, man“. ( 1994 was not a time of political correctness).

We had so many questions running through our heads. We couldn’t work out how Bigfoot was supposed to be a British Army Officer which is what we had been told. We discussed this and then came to the conclusion that he might have been a dutch officer, but it was still the strangest looking dude we had both seen. We chatted for a while and then I drove the rest of the way back to camp in silence as we both contemplated what had happened. I thought to myself, if this was Jack’s idea of a test, I didn’t care if I had passed or not, I was just glad that I had not shit my pants….


When we got back to camp we signed in our weapons and I drove to the office where Major Lipton was pacing around outside. I parked up and he asked us to come into his office. Once inside, he introduces us to a Captain from legal services who wants to speak to us. Lipton leaves the room. The Captain who never gave his name informed us that the last 3 hours of our lives were now to be considered TOP SECRET. He informed us that we had to sign The Official Secrets Act and we were to never mention picking up the Army Officer, we had never met him, we had never been to Holland, seen the castle, the drop off location, and that we must erase the last 3 hours. If we ever discussed or spoke of this, we WOULD be jailed for up to 20 years. He stated that we had been assigned the job by mistake, and that it should have been allocated to another unit.  Me and Kev looked at each other, and Kev just shrugged his shoulders, as if to say, what else could we do. He showed us where to sign and reiterated not to discuss anything from the last 3 hours. Kev signed first and I then followed suit, then we left. We go outside and Major Lipton is standing in the doorway and he says, see you tomorrow lads. I got into my own car, waved to Kev with my middle finger, then drove to the garage, picked up a sandwich then went to the local outdoor pool wondering what a weird day I had. I then spent the next 2 hours down the pool as planned, until it was time to go home when the wife finished work.

I was dying to tell the wife when I got in, but I had just signed the Official Secrets Act. I could tell the wife everything, but what could I do. I went home after swimming some lengths and we had some tea, all the while I was dying to tell her what had happened. After tea we took poochy for his walk down towards the canal and we had been walking along for a while and I must of been distracted by the days events, and I was also thinking repetitively, should I tell her/shouldn’t I tell her, and at the precise moment that I had decided that I should tell her, a shiny silver ovoid egg shaped UFO appeared out of nowhere about 200 feet away. We stopped walking and we looked up at it, and after about 20 seconds it just disappeared into thin air, like a ghost. I looked at the missus and thought to myself, Christ Almighty, I think I was just given a message to keep my mouth shut. Instead of talking about Bigfoot, we discussed what had happened, amazed that we had just seen a UFO, however sinister and malevolent it appeared to me.

That evening I lay in bed going through the days events and how this day had been one of the strangest days of my life. I knew from that moment onwards, I would perceive life and the universe in all together different way from what I had done only 18 hours earlier…


The wife never found out about Bigfoot, or the UFO connection to that days events, as what I had experienced that day troubled me enough, that I did not consider it necessary to burden another person with what was a disturbing series of events. Over the next 2 decades the same looking UFO appeared many times which always reminded me that it would probably be best not to discuss Bigfoot, until I reached a point in time when I realised that keeping quiet was not the solution.

The day after I met Bigfoot I went to work for another day of close protection work and Major Lipton told me I was not needed that day. I did not see or hear off Kev again until 20 years later when he contacted me out of the blue on facebook. A week after the incident, I discovered that Kev had been posted back to the UK with some urgency where he spent the next 4 years training recruits.

In 1995 I became a whistleblower where I passed sensitive and classified information to UK national newspapers concerning the experimental vaccines that was effecting thousands of soldiers that had served in the Gulf War, and the ensuing cover up by the MoD. ( I covered this in a previous blog ‘When Injustice Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty’). I think I may have took this course of action after I had been forced to sign the Official Secrets Act, and I was not going to be gagged again.

In 1996 I left the military and worked for a Veterans charity campaigning for Gulf War Veterans. However, the short time I spent with Bigfoot would play on my mind for years afterwards. With the passage of time I developed an urge to work it all out, like a mathematical equation, to make sense of what I had actually experienced. I was in desperate need of some rational answers for a long time. I also discovered some 20 years later, that Kev too had also been on a similar journey, as it had also plagued him as much as it had plagued me.

gulfThe black urine I had lasted 4 weeks, not 4 years which was a mistake made by the journalist and there was no blood and other symptoms were representative of what many other Gulf Veterans were experiencing in order to inform the public.  The black urine I had incidentally may have been associated to an experience I had with a UFO several months after meeting Bigfoot. We was however intent on taking control of parliament with tens of thousands of soldiers, possibly over a million (see previous blog – when Injustice Becomes Law ….)

The Search For Truth

The truth can never be told to people, you can never tell someone the truth, people will not believe you, real truth cannot be told, it must be realised ~ Max Igan

After I left the military I gained in interest in alternative and revisionist history, Egyptology, earth mysteries, spiritualism and many other esoteric subjects as I searched for some meaning of the unforgettable day I met Bigfoot. I started college in 1998 and I spent hours upon hours in the libraries but there was never any relevant information there that I was looking for. The books on history were meaningless as I had worked out by then that so much of our history had been mostly fabricated. The only relevant information that I came across was either by authors who published books on alternative history or on the internet, but at that time there wasn’t that much information online.

In 2002 I made a remarkable discovery that started to pave the way in solving the puzzle when I came across the subject matter of elongated skulls. There were pictures on the internet which looked very similar to Bigfoot with the elongated skull, or deformed spastic head as Kev had called him. It was being suggested that these Beings with large elongated skulls had existed all over Europe, and well known historians and archaeologists were starting to publish their research online.

skulls 1

skulls 2Elongated skulls discovered in Bavaria. I couldn’t help but think of the Bavarian Illuminati of the 1770’s…

skulls 3


The more I studied the subject, the more I started to come to the conclusion that another species similar to humans had indeed existed all over Europe, and also over much of the rest of the planet. (Skulls)


In 2003 I had started a degree course at Bangor University and a puzzling concern that I came across was that none of the university professors or lecturers that I met knew anything about elongated skulls. If they didn’t know anything about it, then there appeared that there must be a cover up in place, and if so, why was it being hidden by our governments and not included in any college and university educational institutions.

From what I later learnt, there were people in governments who did know the truth, and they had known about their existence for centuries, but why was there such a monumental cover up? I kept digging, not literally….

Other countries in Europe where elongated skulls had been found so far:skulls 4

The Egyptian Bloodline Of Elongated Skulls

In 2005 my research led me to Akhenaten the Egyptian Pharaoh and the Egyptian bloodlines who also had elongated skulls which had been depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphs in Egypt.

It then wasn’t such a big leap of faith due to my experience of Bigfoot, to think the unimaginable. Had these people survived, were they existing in secret, and were they all like Bigfoot living in castles miles away from towns or cities, well away from the public gaze, and they could had been living in the shadows for centuries.

It was also quite possible I theorised that what if they had also bred with humans at some point in our history. What would the result be?

Note: From 1996 since I had left the military as a whistleblower I had experienced excessive day-to-day police harassment and it was no different during the period that I was researching Bigfoot. During the Egyptian research phase which lasted about 2 years, I bought myself an Indiana Jones hat to suit the scene of being harassed by Nazi’s as I also went in search of the Arc of the Covenant, the Holy Grail and Hitler’s moustache. 

Jesus Christ’s Bloodline – The Da Vinci Code

In 2006 I read The Da Vinci Code which was about how the Vatican had been hunting down and killing the descendants of Jesus Christ who had children. ( Film synopsis in 2 mins here)

In his book Dan Brown had theorised that Jesus Christ had a number of children and his bloodline had survived, and the Vatican had spent centuries hunting down and attempting to eliminate Jesus’s bloodline. (This theory had first been introduced in 1982 in the book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail).  I then started to connect the obvious dots:  What if Bigfoot’s bloodline had also survived, and was there evidence of other species of hominids that had also survived. I started to look into this as a possible research viability.

The Giants 

Over the next couple of years evidence started to emerge online about a species of human looking hominids who were giant in proportion to us humans, they were literally – giants.

Again and again it appeared that there was a large scale cover up which appeared to have started with the Smithsonian Institute in the late 1800’s to deceive the public about the existence of these giants and other species of hominids that were also being found all over the planet.  (here).

The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history. ~ George Orwell

A Working Hypothesis 

At this stage a number of common questions had started to emerge that formed a working hypothesis:

  1. Had there been a battle of the species going on for a number of centuries between varying hominid species, a kind of Darwinian ‘survival of the fittest’ which was being kept secret as there was clearly evidence of other species.
  2. Did we, homo sapiens win this battle.
  3. If we didn’t win, then who did, and which species was it.
  4. Where is this other species because there is supposed to be only one left, us.

Was it plausible to think that we were being deceived about the existence of these other species because human beings had lost the battle of the hominids, and we were being controlled by this hidden race.

History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon. ~ Napolean Bonaparte

The Great Deception

The research that was being unearthed clearly pointed to a colossus deception, and I had so many questions that needed answering:

What if the governments had decided to include the historical and archaeological evidence, i.e. skeletons of these other species in our educational institutions 100 years ago, that have been hidden away by organisations such as the Smithsonian Institute. We would have obviously as inquiring intelligent human beings began to question all there was to know about all the other species whose skeletons have been found, their cultures and their history. This would then invariably lead to us collectively question the historical record, and we would have asked the question;

  • ‘Had another race of beings survived, and were they the race that had won some war for domination in the past,  and we lost that battle.
  •  Was this the reason the evidence of giants and elongated skulls had been concealed.

As the evidence and knowledge of the other species that have lived on this planet, and possibly still living here [Bigfoot] has been hidden away and concealed, we have never really had the opportunity to question the historical narratives we have been presented with over the last century. The same old historical paradigms are presented via the educational systems and on TV programs which only contain a fraction of the truth.

Therefore, as it is only very recently that information has emerged into the public domain about other species of hominids who had elongated skulls that were not human in origin, as well as other species such as giants that existed at the same time, we have therefore not had the opportunity to question the historical narratives and records because the evidence of other species has been hidden away and concealed for so long.

We are only now beginning to question if  humans were the only survivors of the hominid wars, which is what we have been made to believe for centuries.

History is written by the victors. ~ Winston Churchill

homo 1

Elongated Skulls by Brien Foerster

A Warning By A Former American President

At the beginning of this blog there is a quote by Woodrow Wilson, a former American President between 1913 – 1921.

woodrow wilson

The Crazy Scotsman

In 2014 Kev got in contact with me via Facebook and it was great to hear off him. The first thing we discussed was obviously Bigfoot. We talked and talked about what the last 20 years had been like for us both. I brought him up to date on my research on Bigfoot, and my attempt to understand what had happened to us, where I had got to with it, and he did likewise, and unbelievably, we had pretty much reached the same conclusions. He told me that he had also experienced regular appearances of an ovoid shape UFO over the last 20 years as well which had really freaked him out, so much so, that he had gone for counselling sessions,  and he had almost ended up strangling the psychologist, which didn’t surprise me at all.

Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past~ George Orwell

The World Bank Whistleblower

Kev’s research had recently led him to a whistleblower Karen Hudes who had worked at the World Bank who had started to speak out in 2014 about a species of hominids with elongated skulls who she said were in control of the banks and governments, and she called them – homo capensis, and this was the reason why Kev had set up a facebook account to look for me.

(Edit 9th August 2021: Original below video was somehow removed from this blog, as have other videos. The below video was added today 09/08/21 – -27th October 2021 THIS VIDEO WAS AGAIN DELETED so another has been added 27 Oct 2021)
If the above video is deleted try this link which will show search results:

I started to now think the unthinkable, it wasn’t just a hypothesis anymore was it, were we being controlled and manipulated by the victors of the battle of the hominid wars, and according to this whistleblower, they had been hiding in the shadows for a long time….

We had come a big step closer to solving the puzzle, and I wondered if more of Bigfoot’s relatives would be discovered alive any time soon.

Then Kev sent me this photo with the caption:

borisHiding in plain sight.

World Leading Expert On Elongated Skulls

Brien Foester states that it is very concerning that we do not get taught anything about the history of humanity in our educational institutions. The first few elongated skulls were found in the 1920’s (then concealed) which contradicted the Darwinian model of evolution which if this had been taught, we would have a very different understanding of evolution. The Darwinian model is still unfortunately taught in the educational systems.

DNA Test on Elongated Skulls – Non-Human DNA

Earlier this year in 2019 Brien Foerster conducted DNA tests on skulls from Peru in which he concluded that they were not homo sapiens at all, they were another kind of hominoid that was genetically different to us.

Were they of an alien origin or inter-dimensional beings….

The evidence that started to be revealed this year began to look like we may have found the victor of the battle of the species, and they were not human at all, which we assumed could also have been related to Bigfoot.

We felt that we were getting much closer to the truth, and more and more experts were now researching this subject, which was also being broadcast on TV:

DNA TESTS Proves These Elongated Skulls ARE NOT HUMAN

It was now impossible to ignore the DNA evidence and what the experts were saying. Aliens or inter-dimensional beings had been living amongst humans, but from our experience with Bigfoot, they were also still around. What we couldn’t understand was how the whole of humanity had been deceived, and for so long, and why more people were not talking about it.

The Descendants Of The Elongated Skulls And The Vatican

After I had seen Bigfoot in 1994, and if I hadn’t of signed the Official Secrets Act, and if I would of had a beer with my mates back then 25 years ago when I got home that day, and I had told them that I had seen an alien looking human with a big massive elongated head, they would have laughed at me and thought that I was joking or I had been smoking some wacky backy. If I then had explained after doing some research that these beings had been described in various religious documents, in many different recorded histories and cultures from every continent on the planet, and that they had been termed as the ‘nephilim‘ (1) and that they had inter-bred with human beings which had produced a hybrid hominoid, part alien/part human, they would have probably thought that the Mad Welshman had gone completely bonkers.

If I could have then somehow managed to keep their attention for long enough, and they hadn’t phoned for the men in white coats, and I suggested that I had met people from the intelligence community and from different secret societies who believed that a race of elongated skull beings existed in secret, as well as a half nephilim/half human hybrids were in command of the Vatican, and that the elongated skulls of previous Pope’s of this nephilim (2) race had been found buried underneath the Vatican, my christian friends would have most likely nailed me to a cross.

Fortunately for me I didn’t have that conversation, although it has all turned out to be true…

So much information has been revealed in the last 6 months that I can now recount my version of events and tell my story with some confidence without being dragged off by the men in white coats, although I doubt that will stop North Wales Police from attempting to do so, again. ( Tut tut).

The Nephilim 

The nephilim have been invariably described in ancient texts from around the world as being the offspring of the “sons of God” (elongated skulls) and the “daughters of men” (homo sapiens) which literally translates to mean that they are the hybrid offspring of the fallen angels (elongated skull beings) and that of homo sapiens (us).

The elongated skull pure bloods are described in the bible as being fallen angels (The Watchers) and also as the sons of god, and we homo sapiens are described as the sons of man and daughters of men.

Bible Verses from Genesis:

Genesis 6:4: The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.

Genesis 6:1-6: Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God (bene Elohim) saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose.

I have come to the understanding that the direct experience that Kev and I had was not with a hybrid nephilim, but possibly one of the pure bloods that still survive as it still had all the physical characteristics and features; i.e. big fuck off head, clown feet, pale skin, long fingers and was a right ugly mother fucker….(There is estimated to be over 10,000 elongated skull beings living on this planet, and from my experience, they are not beings of ‘love’ who have developed Christ Consciousness, quite the opposite, which is why I nearly shit my pants.

The One Ruling Bloodline

The elongated skull beings produced offspring, and this offspring, the nephilim have been interbreeding for centuries to keep their bloodlines intact, which is what we know that royal families and the aristocracy across Europe and much of the rest of the world have been doing for centuries. (That’s why they are so damm fricken ugly, and bat shit crazy). (Psychopathic families).

Over the last millennia the shape of the skull of the nephilim hybrids which was once elongated and up to 50% bigger than our (homo sapiens) normal skulls has vastly reduced in size, most likely as a result of breeding with specific human bloodlines, although it does have some significant differences to the homo sapien skull shape which we will come to later. The nephilim hybrid interbreeding within their own bloodlines was based on instructions that were passed down from biblical texts, and the mythological story of the 200 fallen Watchers. (See herehere)

The Royal Families of Europe are direct descendants from Egypt (Elongated Skulls)

More facts on the ancient British royal Egyptian bloodline:

How The Media Portrays Non-human Elongated Skulls That have Belonged to Royal Bloodlines and The Aristocracy

We now know that many of the skulls from particular royal families and the aristocracy that have been unearthed all across the world show that these ‘people‘ have had large elongated skulls. However, what invariably happens when an old elongated skull of a royal family member or aristocracy is found, (if it is not hidden away) is that the media always claims that it has been deformed artificially, when we now know from DNA testing that has been done this year that another species of hominids that was not human did actually exist that had elongated skulls.

mail skullI bet this aristocrat regrets inbreeding – Not much of a looker is she:

Where’s The Evidence That They Live Amongst US

Is there any evidence of any aristocratic bloodlines, royal families, bankers and world leaders who have skull shape’s which appear different from homo sapiens that could have evolved from the race of the nephilim.

This is only one very SMALL aspect to the hypothesis of surviving bloodlines of the nephilim that we will present in this blog, and it is not an area we have extensively researched so far, although there are now a lot of people including many scientists who are investigating this, but they will not publicly speak out or publish their research for obvious reasons.

One of the oldest and most powerful Secret Societies the ‘Skull & Bones’ have been harbouring secrets for a very long time:skull and cross boes

The theory of the surviving bloodlines of the elongated skulls which are not human can be easily dismissed as a conspiracy theory, as the picture below cannot in itself prove anything. What is required is the DNA from these people which would provide the proof of a connection to the race of the elongated skulls, the nephilim, and it is doubtful they would co-operate. Could you imagine the sensational news headlines if they did:

“Aliens Have Taken Over The World…. They Have Been Behind All Wars….”

We should note that it was only this year that the DNA of elongated skulls was tested, and in time, geneticists will conduct further tests and studies on the global population and it is this evidence which will eventually prove the hypothesis, hopefully in the next decade or so. Until that time, the below picture will present a hypothesis only, NOT a conspiracy theory, although as Mulder & Skully would say:

” The Truth is Out There”

skulls blog picShimon Peres is a former Prime Minister. Jacob Rothchild belongs to the worlds most wealthiest family.

An rather excellent analysis by Timothy Alberino (The Alberino Analysis – Elongated Skulls: Episode I)

Video –Vatican Secret Archives: The History of Humanity Locked Away

Gaia TV Broadcast – Mysterious Elongated Skull Race & The Purpose of The Pyramids – 26th September 2019

I started writing this blog on the 23rd September 2019, writing for a couple of hours per day. Today is the 28th September.

I had breakfast this morning and I switch on the computer and the youtube channel ‘universe inside you‘ has a  notification from yesterday titled – Mysterious Elongated Skull Race & The Purpose of The Pyramids.  I watch the program in eager anticipation and unbelievably, they cover a lot of the same research that I have included in this blog which is mind boggling. I have even copied a couple of their gaia video clips earlier this week from previous clips they published and edited them to condense the information into under 4 minute clips for this blog. But yesterday, they went full throttle…..

Universe Inside You program aired on youtube 27th September 2019: (EDIT: 27th October 2021 – Video was removed from youtube)


Lecture by Brien Forester – Elongated Skulls Of The Ancients: Full Lecture

The above program Mysterious Elongated Skull Race & The Purpose of The Pyramids covers some of the main points that I have already included so far, but the direction that I was taking this blog is completely different….

In the program experts such as David ‘shill’ Wilcock state this elongated skull race came from another planet such as Mars. Myself, Kev and many other people we have spoken to, as well as the documented evidence suggests that these elongated skull races came from another dimension(s), just as is stated in many biblical texts and historical accounts from many different cultures across the planet spanning millennia, although were not discounting it 100%. Just as millions of people have seen ghosts that appear, then disappear, it’s clearly possible that ‘spiritual beings’ can therefore manifest into the physical realm from other dimensions, then unmanifest.

It should also be taken into account that the above video clip ignores the many ancient texts which suggest that the nephilim and The Watchers who are described in The Book of Enoch as being fallen angels, or the ‘sons of God’. ( A cautionary tale of dark forces, Lucifer).

The term the sons of God I believe should not be confused with Jesus Christ and other higher vibrational avatars or beings of love and compassion, evolved spiritual beings. In many ancient texts, the nephilim have been described as spiritual beings who reside in lower vibrational dimensions, and only through the application of black magic rituals were they able to manifest into physical bodies in the physical realm.

It is believed and understood that knowledge that was applied after the year 1580AD as a result of the work done by Sir John Dee and Edward Kelly into the occult sciences and black magik texts such as The Keys of Solomon, resulted in black magic rituals being conducted by the British aristocracy to assist and manifest into this dimension lower vibrational spiritual beings who would be considered as demonic, of being dark forces, but also having human looking appearances.

From 4 minutes 50 seconds….

The Media Spin

The possibility exists that these elongated skull beings could have come from Mars, but we should also consider that they have come from another dimension. The media spin that the likes of David Wilcock are now promulgating is designed it appears to make the average person perceive these beings as coming from another planet, so we may then perceive them as being the “Sons of God”, and we may then put them on a pedestal.

The Fake Invasion Theory

It was Ronald Reagan who stated in 1987:

“I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”

There have been many whistleblowers who have stated that there would be a fake alien invasion, or that UFO’s would land on the Whitehouse lawn or at the Vatican. We would suggest that people be weary as the aim of the nephilim would be to be worshipped by the human race as they are master manipulators. They would also roll out all their high tech UFO’s that weren’t built on other planets, but in Area 51 and other military underground bases.

Trey Smith Documentary on the Nephilim Is Very Enlightening And Also Entertaining

Over the last quarter of a century Kev and I have engaged ourselves in a monumental search for truth from the day we met Bigfoot, and in 2015 I found a lot of the relevant information on the nephilim from Trey Smith, who looks like Ed Sheeran’s long lost American half brother. The below documentary by Trey on the nephilim is very interesting as he covers most aspects of the history as well as the occult, and also the demonic side of where fallen angels may have come from. Its also a very entertaining watch.

The Nephilim Oligarchs – The Controllers

For over a thousand years there have existed fables, myths and legends of the descendants of Jesus Christ, an actual bloodline of noble families that existed on this earth that were born to serve humanity. This is what Dan Brown wrote about in The Da Vinci Code and what other writers such as Sir Laurence Gardner covers in Bloodline of the Holy Grail and Genesis of the Grail Kings, and also Micheal Baigent in The Holy Blood Holy Grail.

These were times when humanity (homo sapiens) thrived and these noble families held sway in this physical realm. What most people do not realise is that these families existed on earth until the late 1800’s. The reason we do not know about them, is the same reason we don’t know about elongated skull beings and the giants. History was re-written to tell a different story, and the people behind this mass deception were the victors that re-wrote history in their favour.

In our current era of evolution, it appears we have a Satanic Luciferian bloodline that has fought and gained control over the rest of humanity since the 18th century. Over the next decade, they will most likely be rolled out as a heroic alien hybrid race that has existed on this planet for millennia (via an alien invasion/visitation scenario) but has had to remain hidden because of some unbelievable untruths which will engross those that fall for the deception. The Externalisation of the Heirarchy has been in the planning for over a century.

But this of course, is all just my perspective….

For 1000 Years Homo Sapiens Thrived 

We can see the monumental achievement of homo sapiens from the great cities that homo sapiens designed and built in the last 1000 years around the world, especially in Europe. Until the last century, homo sapiens erected some of the finest cities with the most astonishing buildings with magnificent architecture, which modern day architects could not replicate even if their lives depended on it. You don’t see elongated skull statues anywhere, only that of homo sapiens.

For one reason or another, we have completely lost the ability to build cities and structures like these.  Evidence is also coming to light that these cities had free atmospheric energy and were far more advanced than what was decided we should understand about our history, from those that took control of them in the 19th century.  One only has look at these cities with a new perspective, with ‘new eyes’ to begin to see that they were far more advanced than what we have been made to believe when our history was re-written and fabricated.


History clearly shows us that evidence of our past advanced culture has been expunged from established history. There was an advanced world wide civilisation of homo sapiens which appears to have originated in modern day Russia, which was formerly known as Tartaria, or Grand Tartary, that existed up until the late 1800’s, and even into the 1900’s. What is remarkable about Tartaria is that its entire history has been completely removed from all of the history books, and knowledge of it only came about when the Russian President Vladimir Putin was photographed with a map of Grand Tartary.

tartaria 1

An on-going hypothesis we are working on is to attempt to establish why Tartaria was expunged from the history books. It is being theorised that there was a mud flood in the 19th century, and there were also orchestrated plagues that wiped out large numbers of the population that has not been documented in the history books either which enabled the victors to re-write history in their favour, and re-educate our ancestors.

The war of the hominids is still ongoing and it appears that homo sapiens are losing this war….


A Presentation On How The Masses Could Have Been Deceived For Centuries Via The Education System

Earlier this year Robert from the youtube channel Observation Deck broadcast an exceptional show in which he provides a very interesting hypothesis on how a worldwide deception could have been manufactured way before our great-ancestors had been born to conceal that more than one species had existed on this planet, and how we had been turned into the slave race of the victors of the battle of the hominids.

Observation Deck – One World; Two Species; Tartarian DNA …We Were Never Alone

Additional Information

  1. Everything is a Lie
  2. NATO: The Human Mutilation Cover Up & Update
  3. Nephilim – The Story of Satan
  4. History is a Lie
  5. Our Psychopathic Society
  6. Europa The Last Battle


How Deep is the Lie – Max Igan

Disclaimer: 29th Dec 2018 J.M

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